Thursday, December 24, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mom and the Snickerdoodle Incident(s)

I love Snicker doodle cookies. I only make them at Christmastime. This year, it took me not one, not two but three attempts at making these delicious cookies. A couple years ago, for a Christmas gift, the whole Hopkins family received a recipe book of all the homemade foods and desserts my Gramma and other family members make. In this recipe book are my Gramma's Snicker doodle Cookies. This recipe calls for one cup of shortening. I have never been a fan of shortening.

Well, I used it anyway. Did you know that shortening expires? Well, it does and boy did it make my first batch of Snicker doodle cookies taste disgusting. So, there went my first batch of Snicker doodle cookies, in the trash. So, for my second batch of Snicker doodle cookies, I decided not to use shortening and one cup of butter instead. Well, with that batch, I again let it "harden" in the refrigerator overnight. Did you know that shortening allows for the cookie dough to "harden"? Well, it does. The shortening actually has a purpose when baking. The next morning when I woke up, I turned on the oven and went to my refrigerator and took out the cookie dough. I moved off the plastic I have covering the dough, it looked kind of funny. In fact, it felt soft and fluffy. This is not how sugar cookie dough is supposed to feel. So, with a little frustration, I turned on the water at my kitchen sink and poured the dough down the sink drain. As it turns out, butter does not work as shortening is supposed to. That is when I took out the Nestle Sugar Cookie Dough my DH purchased for me two days earlier. So, here I go, attempting my third, and final round of Snicker doodle cookies.

On my final round of Snicker doodle Sugar Cookie's, I rolled them into tiny balls, the rolled them in the sugar/cinnamon mixture and placed then on the greased cookie sheets on my counter. Once the cookie sheets had nine to twelve cookie dough balls on them, I placed the cookie sheets in the oven. With anticipation, I waited to see if they would spread like they were supposed to in the oven.

Well, lo and behold, my third and final attempt at baking my Snicker doodle cookies was a success! Yeah...TwiceToddlers Mommy finally got it right.!!

Now, I will give some to my neighbors and bring some to the Christmas Eve dinner tonight..

Merry Christmas to all those "third time" bakers....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

TwiceToddlers, Food Dye and Christmas Cookies

Tonight, after we ate dinner, I decided to frost sugar shaped cookies with my twins. I had already made the white frosting and just needed to add the green and red food dye, to individual bowls of white frosting. Once I did this, I had my twins take off their nice, pretty dresses and put on an Old Navy T instead. This ON T is what we use for crafts which are messy. Did I say messy?

Oh yes, food dye, especially green and red, are very messy and could possibly stain, forever. So, having my twins change into something for crafts, was a good thing. The one thing I did not do, which would have been good, was to place to cookies on the cookie sheet.

What did I do instead? I took the cookies off the cookie sheet, placed four cookies in front of my twins, a different colored bowl of frosting next to them with a spoon and showed them how to put the frosting on the cookies.

The frosting and all the color, was so seemed that last year when we did this, when they were 3, it was not as messy. This year, the colored frosting got all over my white breakfast table. It is a good thing the table was easily cleanable.

But, like the Mommy I am, I freaked out...just a little. Only because I could see the colored frosting getting all over my carpet, the chair and walls. Oh, the sprinkles, of all kinds, were finding their way on the floor as well.

As my twins were doing their cutest to frost and sprinkle their cookies, I was able to take some photos of them. They did look so cute and actually had fun...

Just remember, if you attempt this at home, make sure you have a cleaning eraser (which can be purchased 2 for a 1 at the Dollar Store). They work wonders in cleaning up colorful and sticky messes.

After we frosted the cookies and Mommy cleaned up the mess, my twins went into the family room and watched The Upside down Show. I followed them in their and asked them, "Did you have fun frosting the cookies, even though Mommy kinda freaked out?" They both said, "Yes we did."

Merry Christmas my family, friends and TBM blog readers...

Merry Christmas 2009 and Happy Cookie Making...

TwiceBabies Mom and PayPerPost

I have been, off and on, writing blog articles for PayPerPost. Well, for the first time in about a year, I go back to their website and see they have done an upgrade of sorts. So, even though my email address was still valid with PPP, I had to add my full name again and re-submit my blog address.

With all this complete, I still have to confirm my blog, this blog, is mine. I have been asked to copy and paste this sentence, "Why can't the confining upgrade grade the disorder?", into my blog post.

So, here is the above sentence and now I have to go back to PPP and claim this post and confirm this indeed my blog. Here's to hoping to making a little money again through PPP. They are a fun company to write for.

TwiceToddlers and Christmas Cookies

This afternoon, or tomorrow, my twins and Mommy (that is me), plan to take some cookies over to our neighbors across the street from us. This will be the first time we do this together. Well, actually it will be my first time giving cookies to my neighbors since moving to this home a couple years ago.

Don't you just love giving! I love giving, that is, when I am not forced to give from some other entity. Giving should always be from the heart, without any strings attached.

I hope my neighbors will enjoy their Christmas cookies and have a Merry Christmas this year.

My twins and Mommy made sugar Christmas cookies with the shapes of Christmas, then we frosted them and put sprinkles on them. I made snicker doodles, banana (pecan) breads and magic cookies bars (my favorite).

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas the 2009 and Have a Happy and safe 2010 New Year!

TwiceToddlers and their Last Day of School in 2009

Today is my twins last day of school for 2009, I think. I know they have no more school after today. From looking at their December calendar on the back of their folder, it looks like they will not go back to school until January. Wow, what will Mommy do with them all day long?

Well, I have printed out some crafts to, hopefully ( and I stress the word hopefully), keep them occupied over the next week. If the weather is not extremely cold or rainy, I will have to let the go outside. They can play on their bikes, which was their birthday gift, play in their sand box and climb and play on their swing set with slide and play house.

Goodness, a week is a long time to be off of school. Daddy and Mommy will have to take them someplace to get out of the house. There is the cool Christmas park off the 5 freeway close to our home. We might have to take them there. They have fake snow and rides for the kids. The snow, if the weather cooperates, will be available until April, if I am not mistaken.

God Bless and have a Happy New Year!! 2010, here we come!!

TwiceToddlers and their Playdate

Oh, my twins had so much fun with their friends yesterday. It has been a long, long, long time since my girls have played with their friends from church. I mean, my girls see their friends every Sunday, but with school and so many other activities taking place in the Mommies lives, it is not easy for us to "connect".

Yesterday, my pastor's wife, with her kids, and our friend from church, and her kids, all came to my home. All our kids played in the house for a while, but because the weather was amazing, the boys wanted to go outside to play. Once the boys went outside, the girls followed. It was so nice seeing them all play together. All the kids were of different ages, 4-6 years old.

While the kids were outside playing, the Mommies, myself included, were inside talking, catching up on our lives and getting ready for our Christmas Play for Christmas Eve. We were looking at all the costumes for each of the children: Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, Shepherds and Angels. The Shepherd's each needed a Lamb, so I contributed the 6 I have for the play.

It was just a very nice time spending with my friend's. It is nice having a Mommy Play Date too. I love being able to talk to Mommies, I know, who are my age. LOL

God Bless and Merry Christmas!!

TwiceToddlers at their First School Play

A couple of weeks ago, my twins were in their first school play. It was a Christmas play called "A Disney Christmas". The play was real cute and had all the Disney characters in the beginning. Each student was dressed as a character. My twins were dressed as Tinkerbell. They looked just adorable with their costumes on and their hair in a bun, like Tink.

Now, this was my twins first play and they were non too happy. In fact, when they saw all the people in the audience, and could not see Mommy or Daddy, they began to cry. First, Twin "B" began to cry. They cutest thing is, while she was crying, she continued to do the motions with her teacher and classmates. I was laughing and sad for her at the same time. It was just precious.

At the end of the play, Twin "A" began to cry. I think this is because she saw Mommy and wanted to come down to me. Again, it was just precious, seeing only my twins crying because they did not like all the people watching them and then not being able to go see Mommy and Daddy.

Here is a small video of their first stage apearance. Actually, this is just sweet Twin "B" being the little trouper that she is. I could not get any video of Twin "A". In fact, Twin "A" was comforting Twin "B" since she was standing next to her.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

With Bidazzled Bids, You are always a Winner!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

TwiceToddler Mommy uses RoC RETINAL CORREXION Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

Over the past serveral weeks, I have been trying out this new facial product for wrinkles at home. It is called RoC RETINAL CORREXION WRINKLE CREAM. I am part of this company called BuzzAgent. I am one of their agents so to speak.

Anyway, this wrinkle cream is amazing. It actually works. I can feel my skin tighten and the wrinkles on my forehead, cheeks and in my eye area are deminishing.

I gave a sample to my sister in law and one to my friend from church. I also gave away all the coupons which were given to me. Hopefully they are being used as this is a great product and it does not require a prescription either.

Friday, December 18, 2009

TwiceToddlers go see The Princess and the Frog

My 4 year old twins, myself and my hubby went to see this movie tonight. I had no idea it was going to be like this. I mean, since when did a movie trailer ever show what a film is really about? As soon as I heard the French accents, I knew the movie was set in Louisiana and there would be voodoo in it. I was not a happy camper and, well, I should have left. My twins were not sitting still, moving around and thank goodness the theatre only had about 35 people in it.

I was disgusted with the whole premise of the film. I did not like seeing the 'shadow people=demons' on the walls and in the air. In a way, the movie reminded me of Aladdin, but for some reason, Aladdin did not scare me in this way. I think it was because Robin Williams was the voice of the Genie. Prince Neveen did look like Aladdin, but He did not sound like him at all though. I wonder who Prince Neveen was created to look like.

No, the movie was not cute at all. I am only glad my twins were under five and will hopefully forget about this movie. Twin "A" did not like it and Twin "B" was not really paying attention. She kept talking to me and telling her she loved me and was kissing me. I think she was doing this to turn away from the movie. I do know the movie was too loud for them.

This was not a good Disney movie at all. I will give it a BIG THUMBS DOWN!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TwiceToddlers and The Scissor Incident

On November 30, my twins and Mommy were completing their homework. For almost every homework assignment, they are learning to cut with scissors. On this day, after completing their homework, Mommy had not put the scissors away as I was hoping to do some more things with scissors.
Well, my twins had, Twin "B", to be more specific, decided to play with the scissors and cut her hair. Before I realized what she had done, I just saw the scissors in her and her sister's hands.
Looking closer, I said to Twin "B", "Are those bangs?" Well, they were and they just looked adorable on her. I had planned, in the past, to actually cut short bangs for my twins, but thought they would curl up. Well, as it turns out, the bangs are not curling up at all. In fact, both my twins look just precious with bangs. The bangs keep their hair out of their face as well. I love the bangs and will have to continue cutting the bangs to keep them short.
My twins have a friend from Sunday School who has bangs and as soon as they saw how cute they looked in the mirror, they said, "M***** has bangs." And I said, "Yes, she does"
God Bless my precious twins with their knowledge, health, growth and energy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

TwiceToddlers Chit Chatting

My twins, also known as TwiceToddlers, have the cutest, at times, conversations. Right now, I was listening to them, before they began fighting, talking about their 'boyfriends' in preschool.

Yes, my twins have three little boys they like in preschool. I am in one room and I hear them chit chatting about their boyfriends meeting their barbie dolls, Cinderella and Ariel. These are their bath time Disney dolls. Yes, they were taking a bath before one of my twins hit the other with the Disney barbie doll.

This is how my day always is. One twin hits the other and the only time they retreat, is when they are SLEEPIN!!

Anyway, it is the cutest thing hearing them bring their 'boyfriend's" names into their bath/playtime. Even if their bath time is cut short due to their everyday fighting.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TwiceToddler Twins and Our Gardener's

My twins love watching our gardener's. My twins never get to see our gardener's because they are in preschool, but today, being a holiday, my twins are running back and forth throughout my home, watching the gardener's blow the leaves away, trim our hedges and mow our front and backyard lawns.

Right now, my twins are running from the back of my home to the front and saying, "Hi and Bye" to the gardener's. It is so cute....

My twins are saying, "The noise is too loud! (leaf blower), but they still stand, watching the gardner blow the leaves away. My twins say, "The leaves are all gone, but Mommy says, "The leaves are still falling from the trees and we will have plenty to jump into next week or when we get a new gust of wind to blow them down".

Even now, more leaves are falling from our backyard tree. I am sure there will be plenty of leaves to jump into my the weekend.

My twins, they used to be afraid of the gardener's, now, they run from the front of our home, to the back, looking at the gardener's do their thing.

Silly TwiceToddlers..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

TwiceToddlers 4th Birthday Party

My twins just turned 4 years old, well, at the beginning of November that is. For their birthday, they received a lot of gifts from family and friends. It is hard to believe my twins are already four years old. I still see them as preemies and learning to take care of two preemie twin babies with tiny tummies and wanting to eat and sleep every two to three hours.
Now, my twins are talking, running, not walking and talking and talking all the time. Did I say talking? Oh goodness, this is all they do is talk, along with never getting along with each other.
But I digress.....
For my twins 4th birthday, they received so many awesome are just some of them in pictures above.

Friday, October 23, 2009

TwiceToddler "B" Sick Last Night

Around 3:15 AM, my little princess, Twin "B", was coughing and hacking away. Then, she threw up. I was still in my sleepy mode and thought she has threw up water. When I went to get a wet towel and water, I found she had thrown up food, well, it was red.

My sweetie pie, she was crying and did not feel well. The throw up was on our sheets and my right PJs sleeve. I told her, "this is good, this means you are getting better and getting rid of all the phlem in your lungs."

Twin "B" has no fever or is warm, she has been coughing, off and on, for a month now. Oh, and I have also stopped giving her any milk because the milk causes the coughing to continue.

Mommy and Daddy and Twin "A" just pray for her to heal and get better soon. I mean, we are heading into the long, cold and oh so boring winter months ahead. I would rather Twin "B" be healed now, so as to not remain sick going into the winter months.

God Bless

Friday, October 2, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mommy Loves iHerb!

These days, people are looking for natural health products. These natural health products are easily accessible through supplements or liquid form. This company, iHerb, has been in business since 1997 in the Southern California San Gabriel Valley. The iHerb company actually has a 48,000 square foot warehouse where all their products are shipped from.

My sister introduced me to iHerb in 2002 and I have been purchasing my supplements from them ever since. The products I purchase on a regular basis are Bach's Essential Flower Oil Impatiens, Enzymatic Therapy Acid Free Digestive Formula, Source Naturals Alka Balance and Now Foods Super Colostrum supplements.

The Bach's Essential Flower Oil Impatiens is one I recommend for any Mom of especially small children. If you are looking to increase your patients, one or two drops of impatiens in a cup, glass or bottle of water will work wonders.

So, when you decide to order some new supplements online, this is the best company to order your supplements from. I have a widget on the right side of my blog.

Stay Safe and Healthy, Purchase iHerb Supplements.

TwiceToddlers and High Heels

Oh goodness, my twins love "pretend play" high heels. Twin "A", in particular, loves prancing around the house and outdoor in her high heels. Twin "A" puts on her tiara, tutu and heels. She looks just adorable and calls herself a "princes".

Twin "B", on the other hand, does not like wearing her tiara, but does slip into her tutu and high heels.

Both my twins begin their day in their high heels and then move to their tutu. The funny thing is, I only purchased these items for them, they have decided to play with them, on their own.

And oh,they are just adorable wearing these pretend play items.

TwiceToddlers and Sharing Day

Last week, at preschool, my twins began sharing something from home. Each week, my twins learn a new letter of the alphabet. Last week, Friday, they learned the letter "B". So, that Friday, they had to bring something for sharing and all I could find around our home was their Baby Doll or Teddy "Bear". So, I told them to share their Baby Doll. They loved sharing their Baby Doll and love their sharing day.

Today, they shared something with the letter "G". So, my DH and I searched and searched for something around the home which began with this letter. We could think of nothing, them Mommy (me), looked online for "objects that begin with "G"". I found several in fact. The one I used was "glove". We actually have two different gloves in our home, dress up gloves in fact.

Twin "A" took the pink princess gloves and Twin "B" took the blue Cinderella gloves. Oh, my twins had a great time sharing their gloves with their teachers and friends.

Monday, September 28, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Their New Musical Instruments

So, Daddy goes to Costco one day and sees this cute Instrument Set. He purchases it, brings it home and the set sits in our utility room for a week. We had not given it to our twins yet. This is because we already know they would fight over it. They fight over everything.

Alright, so now we are in the new week, beginning at Sunday. After church, Daddy took Twin "B" to Costco to get us some AAA batteries and happened to stop by the toy aisle. While in the toy aisle, Daddy picked up another Instrument Set. Daddy said because they were a good price, we could afford to have two sets.

While Daddy and Twin "B" were at Costco, Twin "A" and Mommy went to get some lunch at Wendy's. That is all we did, nothing real special, just pick up lunch for the twins.

When Daddy and Twin "B" arrived back at home, Twin "B" was holding the new Instrument Set so I went to the garage and retrieved the other New Instrument Set, never opened.

After their nap, or rest, Mommy and Daddy opened the Instrument Sets and ever since then, they have been going crazy with the drum, maracas and other instruments I can not name right now.

I do like these toys 1) because they are real instruments and 2) hopefully it will take them away from the TV.

God Bless instruments for children...

Monday, September 21, 2009

There is no need for Babies to be Colicky anymore

Natural remedies are always the best way to ease a baby, especially a newborns under developed stomach. With many babies, those born early or not, their little stomachs might not be ready to digest milk, from Mommy or formula. This is when baby bloating becomes a problem and why all Mothers should have on hand, Colic Calm Gripe Water. This gripe water naturally reduces gas and reflux. The Gripe Water from the Colic Calm company is homeopathic, which means it is all natural, and will ease any discomfort for any babies little, developing stomachs.

Along with gas which gives any baby reason to be fussy, is reflux. It is true, reflux in babies happens just like in adults. The reflux baby feels, also known as, GERD, is when contents from a babies stomach comes back up into their esophagus where babies will spit up and cough. Some, but not all babies around the ages of 1 to 4 months might experience GERD. As babies grow, around the ages of 6 to 12 months, the GERD they experience will subside.

As uncomfortable as baby gas and GERD is, this is temporary and will correct itself a babies stomach begins to grow and develop with age. Once a babies stomach muscles begin to develop, the pain of gas and GERD will lessen. It is always nice though, to have Colic Gripe Water on hand. It is must for any Mom to keep with her in the car, diaper bag and baby nursery.

TwiceToddlers at Micke Grove Park

**Forgive me for not writing on my blog lately, I have been busy on other assignments.**

Yesterday, Daddy, Mommy and our twins went to Micke Grove Park. We had intended to go to Pixie Woods but they were closed for the Winter Season. Well, if yesterday was an indication of the winter weather, they should have been open. Pixie Woods would have made lots of money indeed with the very nice weather.

So, instead of going to Pixie Woods, we drove to Lodi and went to Micke Grove instead. At the Micke Grove Park, instead of going to the zoo, we played at that amusement park for kids. Our twins had so much fun. They went on the mini train ride, mingo-round I(merry go round), a cool roller coaster for small children and other small rides for kids.

I think we stayed there for two or three hours.

So, just in case you live in our near Stockton, do not waste your time driving to Pixie Woods ,they are closed for the WINTER season. Micke Grove Park, on the other hand is open year round.


Now, after our Micke Grove outing, we went to Trader Joe's. Mommy had to get some more food stuffs. The only thing I forgot, which I really needed was the small waters!! I get the ones which come in a large pack surrounded my plastic. They cost $7.99 and are usually at the front of the store. Oh, I will see if my Aunt can purchase two for me and I will pay her for them. Anyway, I got some more wheat thins, (TJ style), fruit, drinks, soaps, JoJos cookies and other yummy stuff. While at TJ's, the girls were asked to look for JoJo, the TJs mascot. Well, TwiceToddler "B" found JoJo, up on top of the egg cooler. So, for their reward, both my twins got a balloon and lopipop. Oh, TwiceToddler "B" was so proud of herself and so was TwiceToddler "A"when she found JoJo too.

Well, have a blessed day everyone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TwiceToddlers and the CHP

Today, my twins and their preschool class were able to see and hear a saftey talk from one of our local CHP officers. They got a sticker, Yo-Yo and fan. Too bad my twins could not see Papa in his CHP uniform before Papa retired..a day before they were born.

My twins love preschool now. They had a crush on one of their classmates, Dillon. They talk about him all the time. It is so cute. When my twins like or dislike something or someone, they are fixated on him/her or an object for a long time.

Silly TwiceToddlers...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mom and Educational Tools

It's that time of year again! You guessed it: School is Back! This means the streets, malls and movie theatres will once again be empty until 3PM. With the kids back in school or entering school for the first time, parents will need to purchase some learning materials for their child or children.

Right now is the best time to order school supplies online because there are some excellent sales! There is a 60% clearance sale on a huge selection of school items right now. There is no time to waste. These items go fast, especially for toddlers and or preschoolers.

Finally, there is a learning company and website that caters to homeschoolers, anyone in public or private school or entering school school for the first time. If you have not heard of this company before, it is time to check them out and learn just about anything!

TwiceToddlers First Day of Preschool

Monday, my twins were not able to attend preschool because TwiceToddler "B" was getting over a bad fever. Her fever lasted almost 5 days. Anyway, today, Wednesday, my twins were finally able to start their **official** first day of preschool. As you can see above, Mommy and Daddy dropped them off. This was a one time thing as Daddy has to work, Mommy works at home.
My twins do not attend preschool all day. This is fine for me because what can a preschooler actually learn at almost 4 years old. My twins already know their ABC's, 123's, colors, shapes, animals, etc. They learned this on Comcast OnDemand BabyBoost section. Since my twins were 18 months old they have been learning at home.
The only real reason I have my twins in preschool is to teach them discipline in school and take direction from their teachers. I am so happy my twins are going to this Christian preschool though. This is where I wanted them to go since they were infants.

TwiceToddler "B" No Chicken Pox

As it turns out, TwiceToddler "B" had an allergic reaction to Amoxicillian. The Amoxicillian she had to take to get rid of an ear ache. It was not chicken pox. Thank goodness. From all the 'red dots' all over her body and face, you would think she had chicken pox, but she had no scabs or itchiness. I had chicken pox as a child, age 7 I think, and I remember the scarbs and itchiness.

TwiceToddler "B" was not itching or fussy. The only thing she had was a high fever. The fever began in SoCal towards the end of our vacation with NanaPapa. When Daddy came down to pick us up, the next morning we had to take TwiceToddler "B" to an urgent clinic. These urgent clinics are a joke. Especially if you have health insurance which you are not able to use. My health insurance is through HealthNet (Hill Physicians Group). Now, because this clinic did not contract with Hill Physicians, I was not able to USE MY INSURANCE CARD! What a joke! Tell me, what the heck am I paying this monthly payment for if I am not able to use this insurance at any clinic, anywhere in my state!! Look, I am not even going to go into why I am anti this new health care plan. If I have to go through what I had to on vacation, I can only imagine it being worse under this new health care plan. God Help Us all!

But I digress..Twice Toddler "B" did not have chicken pox, but was allergic to amoxicillian. That was, more or less, a relief as my twins were supposed to begin Pre-K this week. In fact, they missed the first day, Monday, so Daddy and Mommy could make sure her fever, which reared its ugly head again, was gone.

On Sunday evening, Daddy took Twice Toddler "B" to the ER with a very high fever and body heat. The doctor gave her something different than Amox to bring her fever down and get rid of the low lying ear ache. Yeah, the ear ache was still bothering her and that caused her fever.

Well, all I can say is, I am glad she did not have chicken pox. Yeah~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TwiceToddler "B" has Chicken Pox

Oh yes, yesterday, August 3, 2009, I began to see tiny red dots appear on her body. I first started seeing them on her arms, then stomach, the legs, back and now face. At first, I was not sure what it was. To me, it looked more like a rash. In fact, the red dots were not really bad at all yesterday.

Because I was not sure what it was, yet, I prayed for her and that the red dots, or rash, would go away. This morning, I looked at TwiceToddler "B" and the red dots had increased in numbers and some began to clump together.

That is when I thought they might be chicken pox. So, I called my twins doctor around 9ish and spoke to the nurse. She asked what they looked like and how many TwiceTodder "B" had. That is when she said it sounds like chicken pox. This could last two weeks and then TwiceToddller "A" would get chicken pox next.

So, I called my daycare provider and told her we would not be going today and not until the pox are gone. Then, I called my twins preschool and let then know about the chicken pox as well. So, we might not be attending preschool until last August/early September.

For now, I am rubbing Calamine lotion and Benedryl lotion on TwiceToddler "B". I just hope it does not get any worse. She did have the chicken pox vaccine. This vaccine though, does not prevent from getting chicken pox and this is what irritates me the most. This is why I have vaccinations.

I am just glad they will be getting chicken pox now as toddlers, and not as seven, eight, nine or ten year olds. They can miss the first month of preschool and they will recover nicely from any work missed.

My Two Cents: This is why I will never, ever get the flu vacccine again. I always got the flu, right after taking that vaccine. If you are pregnant, DO NOT take the flu vax, full of mercury..

God Bless....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mom Reading on Vacation

Last month, my twins and I went on vacation to see Nana, Papa, Auntie, Uncle, three boy cousins, Great Auntie and GG. On this two week vacation, I was asked to read this cool book about twins called "Chicken Soup for the Soul Twins and More". This book talks about the birth of twins, the trials twins and tripelts have gone through from the beginning of their birth to the end of one of their lives.

One story I read could have mimicked my story. In one of these stories, the twins mother conceived her twins in June 2005 and were born prematurely, at thirty four weeks. Even though we were three months apart in conception, our twins were both born prematurely and stayed in the NICU until our twins reached a safe weight to leave the hospital. Also, this sweet mother was displaced from her home in New Orleans, I do not live in her city and did not have to relocate when pregnant with my twins. This real story was, almost, like a mirror image of my own.

Another story I really loved was about the potty training of triplets. Although I have twins, I know what this mother was going through in the potty training process. I too had more than one potty for my twins training. Instead of stickers, I used M&Ms to bribe my girls to go potty in their potty, not their diaper. I also had my girls drinking liquids all day long.

This is a fun and sentimental book for mothers and fathers of twins, triplets, adult twins or adult triplets. This book is packed with amazing stories of how God is still in control and on the Throne. Even when it seems like all hope is gone, God is there to get us through the rough patches. Even for twins and triplets.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

TwiceToddlers in Southern Califonia

For two weeks my twins and I visited Nana, Papa, Auntie, Uncle, 3 boy cousins, GG and Great Auntie. Going down in July is not the best time of the year to be down there anymore. Especially in the valley. Even though I was not in Downtown L.A., there is a definite heat island affect in the San Gabriel Valley. Sadly, we stayed indoors more often than I had anticipated.

Whenever my twins wanted to go outside, we usually went out at or around 4PM. This was the perfect time for my twins to play in the pool, jump in the pool, play on the swing without sun getting in their eyes.

The majority of our time was playing indoors and watching television. One day we went to my sister's home and hung out there. She lives at the beach where it rarely gets over 80 degrees. On the day we visited my sister and my nephews, we went to this beach area that has no waves and was quite empty. It was fun time for my twins. They were playing in the water with all their cousins on a boogeyboard and playing in the sand.

At night, my twins were not easy, at all to get down. They are not to keen on being away from their home and normal routine. Even with Mommy in the same bedroom with they. For ten nights, Mommy, Papa and Nana had to hear their crying and fussiness. This part of my vacation was unexciting and all around sad. I wanted to cry, hearing them constantly cry.

Anyway, we got through with their crying and were tired the next day. As the new day broke, my twins woke of and were happy a punch. Go figure!

On two days of our vacation, Nana, Mommy, A&E went to Chick-fil-A. This fastfood restaurant is Christian owned and they play Christian music. They also sell "real" chicken products and have a nice, clean playarea for small kids. My twins loved playing in the playarea.

Oh, my sister's friend's daughter had her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and my twins were invited to that. Well, my twins LOVED Chuck E. Cheese. There were so many rides and things for them to do there. They got to take a photo with Chuck E. Cheese and eat yummy pizza.

All I have to say is, two weeks is enough with my twins. Especially when they are so far away from home. Here is some wishful thinking for you: It would be nice if at age 4.5 years old (next summer), my twins were actually able to sleep soundly at NanaPapa's home. Yeah, that would be a good thing. This is something to pray for.

Monday, July 6, 2009

TwiceToddlers Call Mommy "Mommica"

My twins, they are so cute. Well, that is a given, they are my babies.

Anyway, only recently did I teach my twins Daddy and Mommy's first name. Now, they call Mommy "Mommica". They think this cute and say it all the time now. Actually, I think it is cute too. I mean, how would they even know to think of this morphing Mommy and my first name into one?

It is just so my twin toddlers. They are always doing something like this.

Just wanted to share this cute new thing my twins are saying.

God Bless,

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TwiceToddlers Napping...What a Sweet Sound...

My twins are so precious. They are even more precious when they are napping or down for bedtime. Even now at this age, Daddy and Mommy still like to peek into their room and watch them sleeping. Now, when they are infants, we would peek into their nursery to see if they were breathing, but now, it is just be see how precious they still look....sleeping..

While they are sleeping: there is no running around the house, no falling down, no running into each other, no crying because of boo boo's (from running into each other), no fighting with each other, no crying, no this and no that. It is a sweet, sweet sound in Mommy's ears (taken from the song "I love you Lord and I lift my voice" (not in a mocking way mind you). It will be sad when the nap time routine is no longer needed. Well, since I am Mommy, I guess I get to decide when the naps will end.

I better go into their room and take some photos before they wake up...

God Bless Twice Toddlers and Nap time..

TwiceToddlers Reading Picture Books

My twins have these picture books they received from they baby doctor on their 2nd birthday. These books are usually kept in my truck so they have something to read or look at. Well, I have their toddler Bible and a book for colors and seasosns, from Nana, in the truck as well.

This book though shows pictures of a kitty, fruit, a coat, a goat, a boy and other items. Well, my twins took these books out of the truck today, after daycare, and Twin "B" sat down on the carpet in their bedroom and began "reading" the book to her sister, Twin "A". She began by saying,"Once upon a time..." and then pointed to the purple grapes, purple bicycle, then turned the page to say there was a pink flower and a girl wearing a pink dress. Whenever she did not know what something was, or what color it was, Twin "B" looked to Mommy for help.

Oh, I just love how my twins minds work. Sometimese, I have no idea where they learn certain words or phrases like "Once upon a time...." I do not think I have every read them anything to do with this phrase before. I am assuming they pick this stuff up from daycare.

After Twin "B" "read" to Twin "A", Twin "A" went to go get her book to read to her sister. Well, Twin "B" would not let Twin "A" read her book as she kept talking and pointing to the pictures. This made Twin "A" mad and annoyed. Twin "B" tends to do this a lot.

Anyway, it was naptime, so they both had to go to bed. They are finally sleeping right now.

Praise God for naptime...and daycare....

TwiceToddlers and Dressing Themselves

My twicetoddlers, A&E, have been dressing themselves for probably four to five months now. Oh and how they love it. The only way they will dress themselves is when they wear dresses or they sleepwear. It seems to be harder for them to dress themselves with shirts and shorts.

It is especially easy for them to dress with dresses that have no buttons or ties in the back. They are so proud of themselves. Twin A and mostly Twin B say, "Look at me Mom, look!" So I look at them and clap my hands. They get a big smile on their faces.

Dressing themsevles is a big deal, just like when they became daytime potty trained. That was a big deal for all of us. For one, they finally learned how to "use the potty" and two, they saved Mommy and Daddy on potty training diapers.

The only bad thing about them "doing it themselves" is, this means they are getting older. They are becoming more independent. This is a good thing, but it is a catch-22 if you know what I mean.

I just praise God for healthy and active twicebabies. They are my miracle twicebabies and my prayer answered. That, I do not take for granted. Just like my health. I do not take my health for granted either.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

TwiceToddlers and LearningThings Products

So, this website is very big. They have so much to look at, and purchase, I am finding new products all the time. Learning Things has got the best Pre School learning products around. Not only do they sell awesome learning products, their prices are amazing as well.

Their products and prices are what any stay at home parent or homeschooling parent needs to know about. Actually, Learning Things products are geared towards any parent who wants their children to have fun learning, while not having to pay an enormous about for these learning products.

Can you tell I am excited about finding this company? If you have a blog or website, you too can not only sign up for their affiliate program, you can begin buying your young ones awesome learning tools as well.

Learning Things is a one stop shop for all things learning!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Their "War Wounds"

My twins, you gotta love them, talk to each other, about their "war wounds". Well, they are actually their boo boo's, but they look at them, point to them and talk about them. It is the funniest thing. They say, "They will go away and everyone get's boo boo's"

Then, my twins ask for a colorful bandage I get at the dollar store. Or, I let them use a Boo Boo Buddy, but only if the boo boo is big enough and worthy of the Boo Boo Buddy. I tell them Mommy get's boo boo's too, but I do not use a bandage or Boo Boo Buddy. They ask why and I tell them my boo boo will heal faster if I do not cover it up.

Oh, twice toddlers is twice the fun.....and twice the boo boo's...or "war wounds".

Saturday, June 20, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mommy and Daddy's 11th Anniversary

Today was our 11th Wedding Anniversary. Yeah us and praise you Lord for being one of the three cords holding our marriage together. Our marriage would be nothing without you precious Lord Jesus.

For our celebration, we had one of our baby sitters come over and take our twins out for the morning and part of the afternoon. While our twins were having fun with their baby sitter, we went to a near by city so my DH could take photos of a home he is selling. The home was cute, one story, small backyard, nice three door garage and wonderful entryway. I loved the master with big bath and walk in closet.

After the photos were taken, we drive to the somewhat new Old Navy and Kohl's. Well, today was the $2 tank top sale. I forgot it was today! Well, let me tell you something...the line inside the ON store must have been a half mile long. This was with all the registers open too. Anyway, we purchase for ON 4th of July T's. The ones for our twins reads "Miss Indepen Dent". Don't you just love it??!! I purchased 3 tanks for me and a green polo with a white floral design in the bottom right of the shirt. I, not my DH, must have stood in line for 15-20 minutes.

Was it worth betcha...

From ON, we walked over to Kohl's. There were some really cute dresses and jewelery I wanted to get. But, we were pressed for time and we went to Chili's for an early lunch. Don't you just love Chili's? They always have a great menu and I like how they change it up every now and then.

After we ate our lunch, we drove home. Once home, we rested for a while and I got ready for the 1st Annual Woman's Tea at Good Shepherd Community Church Tracy. There was going to be a special guest speaker, Carol Wolaver. She is also known as "The Pottery Lady". She is a pastor's wife in Northridge and speaks/creates from clay, about the Lord and how He is the Potter and we are the Clay. Her testimony and total presentation is just something every woman has to see. Carol aslo sell her pottery in The Pottery Store after the presentation.

All in all, I had a wonderful anniversary day and evening.

God Bless....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Their Toddler Friends

After the gym, Mommy had to drive to their daycare providers home to pick up Twin "B"s pink "star" blanket. She reminded me it has stars on it. After picking up the pink "star" blanket, Mommy drove over to her friend's home to see if she and her children were home.

Yeah, she was home. So we got out of the truck, Mommy said, "Hello" several times and her friend came to the door and let Mommy and her twins in. My twins love my girlfriends youngest son as he is a little bit younger than my girls. In fact, he just had his birthday at the end of last month.

So, we visited at my girlfriends home for a while, Twin "A" ran head on into her friend, who is the same height, and got a big Boo Boo on her forehead. We got Twin "A" a baggie of ice and I put some on. The bruise will be there for a while, but hey, this is what happens when kids play and run around.

After a while, we left because my girlfriends other son had to go to Kindergarten, but can over my home for a while so our kids could play in the backyard together. They played with the water table my girls have and we played with this cool bubble maker my twins got for their 1st birthday.

Finally, the fun ended because my girlfriend and her DH were going to go to lunch together. He had just returned home from his early shift at work.

I had fun, my twins had fun and I my girlfriends son had fun too. We need to do this more often. Indeed.

TwiceToddlers and The Gym

This morning we went to the gym. Mommy had a good workout, as always. I really like going to the gym and wish we would have joined when our twins were still infants. Anyway, today, Mommy had a good workout. I like building my arm muscles, leg muscles and doing stomach crunches on this bench my gym has.

When it was time to leave, I picked up my girls, went to our car them realized I did not have Twin "B"s sweater. So, we went back in, pick it up and on the way out, both my twins went running like a bat out of H E LL. That is when a UPS truck was driving up the parking lot. It is a good thing he turn instead of going straight. My twins would have been under the wheels of the UPS truck.

Oh yeah, my twins never listen to me when I tell them to NOT run. They act like wild children or feral children and think they are mortal or indestructible. I do not know how many times I have to tell them, to their face, looking at me in the eye, to stay close to Mommy and not run away from me.

It is enough to make Mommy have a heart attack.

I just found awesome Deals on School and Homeschool Curriculum

A couple days ago, I was looking for McGuffey Readers for my twins. I had heard about them from listening to Dr. Noah Hutchings radio program. So, I began searching around, online, for the best deals. I am not one to spend full price if I can get something for half the retail cost.

That is when I came upon Learning Things: The Education Store website. This website is a one stop shop for all things, including The McGuffey Readers, that you can imagine. There is no need to look anywhere else for learning or teaching materials.

The Learning Things company offers learning material from Preschool, K-12 Grades, Bible and Religions, Character Development and so much more. You can even learn a foreign language with the Learning Things products.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TwiceToddlers, Chocolate Milk Shake and a Nap

Today, after daycare, my twins requested a chocolate milk shake. So, we went to Starbucks and I got a Java Chip for me, two chocy milk shakes and some Madelines Mini Cakes. We sat in front of the tiny water fountain for a while, took some camera phone photos of them, got in the car and Mommy went through the In N Out drive thru to get me a Animal Style Cheeseburger, no fries, no drink.

When got home, I put my twins down for a nap, which they are still doing right now. I love when they take long naps, it makes for a happier baby, indeed. Plus, they HATE it when Mommy or Daddy wakes them up.

Tonight, my TwiceBabies will probably want to go to the gym with Daddy..That is if he is not tired from work..

There has never been a better time for a new watch than right now

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It is never unfashionable to wear a watch because someone, somwhere will want to know what time it is. If you are wearing a watch, it makes it that much eaiser for you to tell that person the time.

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Best of Time happens to be an independent dealer of new and pre-owned Rolex watches. They are able to leave out manufacturer pricing, the middle man, and give greater discounts to their clients. Another thing is, Best of Time receives their Rolex watches in specific quanties and allows for a very low markup. This means their clients will always have the best and lowest prices.

TwiceToddlers Mommy Needs to Color Her Hair Again

Oh goodness, I think the last time I colored my hair was in February. I am looking at my hair and seeing how fast it has grown out. My hairdresser did such an excellent job, it only now has begun to show signs of needing to be touched up, or re colored. As long as I decide to color my hair, I will go to my current hair stylist. She really knows the true color of my hair and knows how to make it the color I want without my hair looking ORANGE.

Yes, next week, I think I will email her and let her know it is time to get my hair touched up to look the same way it did in February. Hopefully the new color will last until the end of September when I will be going to my 20th!!! high school reunion in SoCal.

Wow, how time flies by fast.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Day Care

Tomorrow and until August, my twins will be going to their other daycare provider on Tuesdays. This is because the sisters my twins play with will be at my daycare providers home on this day until their school, and my twins preschool, begins in August.

Oh, my twins really do not like change, they especially do NOT like being away from Mommy. So, tomorrow, I might have to not remind them of where they are going. I mean, they love playing with their friends and all, but hearing the words come out of my mouth that they will not be home with Mommy starts Twin "B", more than Twin "A", into her crying mode.

Now, this behavior happens on again...and off again....on again.....and off again...I am figuring out that toddlers are wishy washy at best. And, they make you out to be a liar ever time....

Anyway, once I drop them off and I leave the house, they will are always fine They begin playing outside, playing on the swing set and other outdoor activities my daycare provider has for my girls and my girls friends.

TwiceToddlers and the Nana Kisses

My Mom, Nana to my twins, does this silly thing with her mouth where she makes this clicking sound in our ears. She used to do this to my sister and me when we were kids. Last time my twins saw Nana, she must have done it to them too. It makes us all laugh.

Anyway, two weeks ago, I began doing the clicking noise in my twins ears while I am putting them down for the evening. They love it!! I tell them this is what Nana does. So, after I make the clicking sound in their ear, then they do it to me. We do this three to four times and then stop for the night.

My twins will tell me, "Nana does this" and I shake my head and say, "Yes she does." It is a lot of fun and my twins just love it.

TwiceToddlers Love Mommy

When my hubby got home from work tonight, we ate the remaining tri tip we had from Sunday. We had the Chipotle Tri Tip and WOW!! was it hot. It seemed to get hotter in only one day too.

My hubby and I finished dinner well before our twins did, of course. They rarely, if ever eat all their meal. They are not big fans or eating anything really. They are so very picky and drives Mommy, and Daddy, crazy.

Anyway, we were out of the Hawaiian sweet rolls, so I said I would go out to Costco and get some more. So, while at Costco, I got some more Hawaiian sweet rolls, more Orowheat bread, sourdough, MacNCheese, SunChips, wash clothes for cleaning around the house and some more coffee filters.

After my Costco run, I went to Bath and Body Works because I received my gift card from MyPoints today. If you want to earn points, with or without spending money, email me so I can sign you up. I have been with MyPoints since 1999 and then 2007. I had forgetten my email address I used when I worked for EllieMae and had to re register. TMI, I know...

While at Bath and Body Works, I purchased some more body wash and a lot of small $1.00 items I like and some $2.50 items too. I was still looking around for other items when Daddy calls me and says Twicetoddler "A" is crying for me. So, I talked to her and said I would come home right now.

I get home and both my twins are mauling me. They are rarely like this, especially both of them. Twicetoddler "A" was crying, she was scolded for probably hitting her sister. Twicetoddler "B" was grabbing my legs and wanting me to hold her too. I get inside, sit down on the couch and Twicetoddler "A" wraps her arms around my neck, while Twicetoddler "B" is crying and saying, "Don't take all Mommy"!!

Oh goodness, it is a madhouse as always...usually, only one twin fights over me. Twicetoddler "A" and I have a nighttime routine where I pick her up in my arms and carry her to her bed at night. She loves that. Twicetoddler "B" wants Daddy to pick her up the same way Mommy does to her sister and carry her to her bed.

TwiceToddlers and Bible Trivia

Yesterday, I went to the dollar store to look for some gifts for my twins friends birthday party. He is turning 4 and wanted to get him at least one or two or three gifts he could open and play with...until they is with all dollar store toys, right?

While there, I found, in the toy aisle, some Bible Triva cards. The cards come in three boxes. Each box has a different activity for children. In the first box, it is Bible Trivia 36 questions like, "Jesus rose from the dead in how many days?", "Who had a coat of many colors?", "Who was in the belly of the whale?", "Who parted the Red Sea?" and other questions like these. In the other box of cards are 36 Bible Heroes from Moses, David, Daniel, Gabriel the ArcAngel, Jonah, Esther and other Bible Heroes. Finally, there is a 32 Bible Go Fish game where children have to shuffle the deck and deal 5 cards face down to each player and then play the Go Fish game like normal. This is a game my twins will probably play when they are 4 years old. Right now, they would not understand.

You know, the dollar stores, at least mine, sells a lot of Christian based products for children. That is pretty cool. A lot of the things they have for children which are Christian based are good and last a while too. LOL

TwiceToddlers and Mommy Day

Before we shoved off to the gym, I called Nana and sang, "Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary......HHHAAAPPYY Anniversary", to her. My Dad had already gone to work so he could not hear me singing. I always call my family on their birthday's or anniversaries and sing to them. I think I began doing that is high school. Oh, it is my Mom and Dad's 41st Wedding Anniversary. They could not have stayed married this long without the love of Jesus in their relationship.

Today my twins stayed home with me because we changed the day from Monday to Thursday for a birthday party for one of their friends. So, today, Mommy went to the gym with her twins and only worked out for about an hour. I am really working on my arms and legs right now. In fact, I am beginning to use free weights again. Only 5 pounds though. I hold the weights and it brings me back to when A&E were still infants. I held the 3 pound weights and wow, they weigh hardly nothing. This is the weight my twins were when they were born. Well, 3.8 and 3.13, respectively.

After the gym, we came home, I took my shower and the girls watched Yo Gabba Gabba!!! They love that show, all the songs and characters. I like it because it is teaching them to be nice, play nice and keep trying..

Sweet Smelling Perfumes are my Favorite

If and when I ever go out to purchase a perfume, it will more likely than not, be a sweet smelling perfume. The scent can not be too sweet though. The scents like like the most are something with a fruity scent or any herb which would have a sweet smell to it.

A lot of companies, and celebrities, are now creating sweet smelling perfumes which is perfect. Not that I am any fan of hers, but I like J. Lo's Glow, in the pink bottle. This is sweet smelling perfume which is not too overwhelming.

So, the next time someone wants to get me a gift of perfume, it should have a sweet smelling scent to it.

Talk Perfume

Saturday, June 13, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Cousins at Monterey Bay Acquarium

After our pit stop off the Pacheco Pass and visiting Casa de Fruita, we drove to Monterey. It was an easy drive, as always. There is hardly, if ever, any traffic going the way we did. Once in Monterey, we made our way to the aquarium and found no parking close by. So, we had to drive up a little ways and, of course, pay a hefty parking fee.

The fee to enter the acquarium is hefty as well. Honestly, children 3 thru 12 should not have to pay $17.95, especially for toddlers. They are still learning things and definitely have short attention spans. Plus, they get tired, which leads to fussiness.

But, with the prices aside, the MBA has changed a lot, on the inside that is. They now have this whole new, and awesome area for children. It is all hands on and so much fun. I think it is called the Splash Zone and I loved it. My twins and their cousins loved it too.

The last time I was at the MBA was probably in 2000 or before then. Anyway, it never looked like it does now or allowed me to have so much fun with my twins and nephews. The way we went, it was so crowded as I am sure it always is.

Here are some photos of us at the MBA. My hubby and I will definitely have to bring our twins back again. Even with the atrocious enterance fee. And, yes, I know, the money does go towards feeding the animals...

TwiceToddlers, Cousins and Family at Casa de Fruita

On Saturday, we left our home in the not so early AM, heading for Monterey. Instead of going the long and usually ever so slow East Bay/Bay Area freeways, we took a somewhat faster drive instead.This drive we took allowed us to stop at Casa de Fruita. This is a great place to stop mind you. It has something for everyone. Casa de Wine, Casa de Deli, Casa de General Store, Casa de this and Casa de that.

The best thing about going to Casa de Fruita is the train ride, merry go round and other fun things to do when, of course, you have children.My twins and nephews loved the merry go round. We were not able to go on the train ride with my nephews due to lack of time. My Aunt, who lives in the Bay Area was able to meet us at Casa de Fruita though. Her hubby, my uncle, had to work a very important weekend with his company and was not able to attend. But, my Aunt had a great time. She was able to see her nephews, take photos of them and hold her littlest nephew, who is almost two years old.

Here are some photos of our Casa de Fruita excursion, pit stop, to Monterery.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

TwiceToddlers and their Cousins

At the end of May, my sister, her hubby and my nephews all drove up to NorCal to meet one of their friends at a very popular camping ground. They stayed and camped there for a couple days, then drove down to see me, my hubby and my sister twin neices.

Oh, we had so much fun. It is a shame we live such a far distance from each other. We ate dinner at my home, played in my big backyard, played in the pool, played indoors and just had a great time all around.Because my home is not able to hold more than 5 people, my sister's family stayed in a nearby hotel for two nights.

On Friday, my sister and I went shopping at my cities outlet mall. My sister just had her birthday the week before she arrived at my home. So, I bought her something she wanted for the summer.I loved just seeing my sister. She was like a sight for sore eyes. That is what happens with distance between the two of us.

Here are some photos of my twins and nephews playing in my backyard, watching a show in my home and listening to Auntie read them a story.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mom is eHow of the Day

Oh this is so exciting. My article on how to make a smoothie, was the eHow of the Day. That is great news as I have been writing for eHow for a while now. Here is my article below. Please read and rate it too.

How to Make a Smoothie

Saturday, May 23, 2009

TwiceToddlers say, "Yes Am Are"

Whenever I ask one, or both, my twins a question, they now say, "Yes Am Are". They are still, of course learning to speak English, so knowing the right word to use in a sentence is something they are still learning.

Every time Twin "A" or Twin "B" respond to my question saying, "Yes Am Are", I have to laugh out loud. It is just too funny to hear them speak in an improper way.

I am not willing to correct them yet. They will eventually learn the right way to talk (LOL). I mean, they are only 3.6 years old. And, their faces and voices are just so precious when they say "Yes Am Are".

Praise God for my Precious "Yes Am Are" Twins...

TwiceToddlers Out With Daddy and Mommy; Individually

Ever since my twins were a year old, we began to take our twins out individually. It concerned me that Twin "B" thought she might not be getting individual attention she needed. So, Daddy and Mommy decided to take each twin out individually.

Now, at 3.6 years old, they still love going out individually with Daddy and Mommy. Today, we did just that, Daddy took Twin "A" to check out at some homes in a nearby home and then went to Kohl's. While at Kohl's, Twin "A" saw a dress she liked with cherries all over it.

Meanwhile, Twin "B" and Mommy stayed in our city where Mommy took Twin "B" to PetSmart to look at the kitties for adoption. We stayed there for probably 20 minutes, then went next door to Party City to get Twin "B" and Twin "A" a blue metallic balloon (which is already down on the ground) BOO!!!. From the Party City store, Mommy and Twin "B" went downtown to Barista's Coffee where Mommy got a Blended Chocolate Coffee (decaf), a banana and a delicious cheese cake muffin. Oh so yummy!

From the coffee shop, we walked down to the Farmer's Market where Mommy purchased some cherries, two apricots and three big and fresh cookies.

Then Daddy called and said what he was doing with Twin "A" and that Daddy got some lunch for our twins. That is when Twin "B" and Mommy made our way back to the car and drove home for some lunch.

It was a very busy day indeed. Our twins loved it though. They love spending individual time alone with either Mommy or Daddy.

God Bless Mommy's and Daddy's~~!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Coffee Dates with Mom

My twins just love coffee. Well, they love chocky milk shakes more than anything. So, when Mommy goes to get a blended coffee downtown, they want as many sips as possible. This week, I have taken my twins downtown with me three times. In these three times, I have purchase three, caffeine free blended coffees for us to drink. Along with this blended coffee, I get them a banana to eat and a pear for Mommy.

Then, we sit in the coffee house and we have a nice time together. Nana and Papa got them an Apple shaped learning toy for Christmas last year. I have them bring that in with them so they can stay a bit occupied in the coffee shop.

Silly TwiceToddlers...

Friday, May 15, 2009

TwiceToddlers and a Busy Weekend Ahead

We are going to be busy this weekend. My twins will be going to two, that is two, birthday parties this weekend. Wow, you gotta love busy weekends. This means my twins will, more likely than not, take a nap and at the end of the day, just lie down on their beds and not wake up until the next day.

That is good though, I guess. This is supposed to be a HOT weekend too. In the 90's!! Wow, it's a good thing one of the parties is outdoors and playing in a pool...The heat should also make my twins fall asleep faster too. Heat always tends to make anyone sleepy.

Well, have a blessed weekend and stay cool.....

God Bless...

TwiceToddlers and Ms. Spider's Sunnypatch

For Christmas last year, my Aunt Janice, my twins Great Aunt Janice, gave them the Ms. Spider's Sunny patch book series. Well, I read them half of one of the books and have not read anymore since. I think the books, at this time, might be to wordy for them.

Then, one day as I was channel surfing, I came to the cartoon channel Noggin and what do you know, there is a cartoon series on Ms. Spider's Sunny patch book series. I found this channel, and cartoon, two weeks ago and my twins, and Mommy, just love it.

Mommy loves the cartoon series because it teaches manners, how telling the truth is important and just being kind to one another is a good thing. I also like how each insect takes of human characteristics, so to speak. Also, they bugs and spiders use "buggy" or "bugs" in place of baby or a person's name. It is just adorable. Each spider, butterfly, worm, ant or any other insect takes after human characteristics that is. The insects themselves are not equal to humans by any means.

This is a great book and cartoon series and something I can watch with my twins without having to turn the channel for fear of retraining their minds; unlike some other popular cartoon channels I know.

Praise God and Thanks Great Auntie Janice..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

TwiceToddlers are Napping

Yeah, I got my twins to nap without any discipline. They were actually sleepy and listened to Mommy for once. Yes, it is very rare for my twins to do what Mommy, so kindly, asks them to do. I have two very, very strong willed girls on my hands.

But it is always nice when Mommy can relax and well, just relax...

Go Mommy, Go Mommy, Go Mommy, Go, Go...

TwiceToddlers and a New Lunch

Today for lunch, Mommy ate her delicious chicken salad with dried cranberries and blueberries with a delicious raspberry dressing and tomatoes. Along with Mommy eating such a yummy lunch, I also warm up some chicken (from Costco-frozen) in the oven for about 8 minutes.

For my twins, I gave them about 4-5 small pieces of chicken, two baby carrots and tiny slices of apple. As per usually, my twins turn up their noses to anything new. Well, Mommy would have none of that and I told them, "This is chicken, it is real chicken, unlike those Mickey Mouse nuggets you like to eat. And, you love baby carrots and apples. You will eat all of this food. It is good for you and will help you grow strong and you will have good vision too."

Well, I certainly got two of myself when it comes to eating. Well, Twin "B" actually ate everything, I had to coax her a little, but Twin "A", oh goodness, she had to be constantly told this is what you are eating for lunch and you will like it."

My twins are not fans of real, healthy foods. Although, Mommy does all she can to get them on the right path.

God Help Me with Finding Better Foods for my Twins..

TwiceToddlers say, "I'm are doing..."

Whenever I ask my twins something, it does not matter what it is, they always reply back saying, "I'm are eating or I'm are chewing or I'm are cleaning up.." It just makes me laugh out loud to hear them speak this way.

They are doing their best to learn the right way to speak and at times, I let them just speak the wrong way because it sounds so funny and cute at the same time.

Honestly, I have no idea where they even learned to speak the wrong way. Well, it could have been from their friends in daycare I suppose.

Anyway, just wanted to share this little bit of funny with my readers...

Have a blessed day...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't You Just Love Receiving a Gift?

Well, with summer approaching, receiving or giving a towel wrap gift is fun and also useful. Towel wraps are fun to use and are easy to step into and out of in no time. They also come on various attractive colors and designs. These type of towels never go out of style and will wow the person who receives one.

Another fun gift item is stickers. Kids just love stickers so why not give them Die-Cut Stickers. With Die-Cut Stickers, they can see their name written on them in up to 62 picture designs. There is always a reason for stickers. Stickers are shared, put on cards, placed on mirrors and anywhere a sticker, well, can stick.

Oh, and another fun gift to give and receive are wrap koozies. A personalized or monogramed Koozie can be added to almost anything. Take for instance a coffee tumbler, a Koozie can be wrapped around a hot cup of coffee and so much more. They are fun, will be a great gift for teachers, parents, friends and they will be something to talk about. Your friends will wonder where you got the Koozie and you can tell them.

All these make fun and exciting gifts for the family and friends in your life. It is always fun to gift or receive gifts.

Friday, May 8, 2009

TwiceToddlers Make Mother's Day Gifts

On Monday, my twins made me a pretty Mother's Day Card with a butterfly on the front with glued pieces of pink, yellow and green paper mache over the butterfly. I have them in the glass doors of my hutch so I can look at those everyday.

Today, at my other daycare provider, my twins painted Happy Mother's Day (well not really) on a terra cota pot with other various colors. Then, they placed a flower in each pot.

Oh, how sweet....I love gifts like these. They are always keepers.

Happy Mother's Day all you Mother's out there..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

TwiceToddlers Water Their Seeds

When we arrived back home from our walk, I asked if the girls wanted to water their seeds. They said, "Yes". So, we went to the backyard where I added more water to their water table and had then dip their watering canbuckets into the water table.

Then, we walked, three times, to the front of our home and they watered the seeds along the fence line. I certainly home these seeds grow. More for my twins and not me. I want to see their faces when they see what they were able to grow.

Once the watering was done, Mommy closed the gate to the back of our home, and we played with bubbles for a while and they put their talking animals on their big wheels and rode around the driveway with them. These are the two talking animals Nana got them for Christmas last year.

TwiceToddlers and Our After Nap Walk

After my twins woke up from their nap this afternoon, I gave them some Disney Animal cookies, gave them their new toy I purchased with a gift card I received from an online survey, had the girls put on their shoes and we went for a walk.

The walk was just around our neighborhood, not too long. The girls wanted to see one of their friends, well their Grammie and Papa's friend, but we knocked on the door and she was not there. So, we walked back across the street and found one of our other friends standing outside with her kids. These neighbors live within walking distance of me and we rarely see each other. So today, when we saw each other it was very nice. We chit chatted a while and we exchanged phone numbers. I will call her tomorrow after my twins wake up from their nap and invite them to come on over to play in our backyard.

My neighbor (I won't use her name) is pregnant with her third child. This walk will probably be refreshing for her and her children can play in a big backyard with a swingset, water table and sand box.

TwiceToddlers and Mommy at McD's

For lunch, my twins wanted Chicken Nuggets and they wanted to play outside. So, I said I would take them to McD's. One of our McD's has an outside play area. Since my twins were semi-good at Costco, they were rewarded with Chicken Nuggets(not real chicken I am sure) and time to play outside.

Once in McD's, they were a bit rowdy and jumping on the railing behind me, but at least they did not run away from my side. So, for lunch I purchased things from their mini menu and a McCafe Mocha(Iced) for me.

I promised my twins they could have some of my coffee if they ate all their nuggets, which they did.

While outside playing, they made some friends, like they usually do when we go places. My twins, they are not shy when it comes to saying, "HI!!!" to people they do not know. Especially Twin "B", she seems is not shy at all.

After our lunch was done, I gave them 5 more mins to play and then we left. Once home, Daddy, who was also home, put them down for their nap. Once they are up, we will probably go for a walk around the block, like yesterday (with our neighbor), and then they can play on their big wheels and water their seeds.

TwiceToddlers and Mommy at Costco

After the gym, my Twice Toddlers and Mommy went to Costco. My main reason for going was to get some more of that Hawaiian Sweet Bread. My twins LOVE this bread. Well, Mommy does too, but who knew they would like this bread.

While entering Costco, my twins and saw one of our friends Mother's, Marla. She just loves my twins and their hair. Well, everyone just loves their hair. I mean, everyone we come into contact with comments on their red, curly hair. They usually say their hair looks like Shirley Temple.

So, I picked up some more Hawaiian Sweet Bread, got them a new Disney top/skirt outfit in pink with Minnie in the center of they top, some more Sun Chips, a variety of cookies and some animal cookies.

We had a good time at Costco and it was busy too. Well, Costco is always busy. When I was leaving, and at my truck, I was having the hardest time getting my twins out of their strap thingy. So, this nice man parked next to me saw I was struggling and offered to help me unstrap my twins, I also let him take Twin "A" out of her chair. I only did this because I looked familiar to me and, he looked nice.

It is always nice to get some honest help when it is needed. It is also a good thing Mommy had a good time at Costco with her Twice Toddlers. Will wonder's ever cease???

TwiceToddlers and Mommy at the Gym

Today, we left the house around 9:00 and drove down the street to the gym. I did 15 min on the ellipse machine, 15 min on the walking machine, 5 reps of 20 for my legs, 5 reps of 20 on my chest and 5 reps of 20 on my stomach. Then, I took a shower. I figure since we are paying for the gym services, why not use their water and electricity too.

Plus, I kept looking in on my twins and it looked like they were having fun with their new friends. They were playing with several large, soft blocks, watching cartoons, a disney movie and playing in the firehouse jumper. Oh, they also colored some coloring pages.

It is a good thing our gym has this daycare, otherwise, Daddy and Mommy would not be able to get back into shape...

Yeah for gyms who have daycare...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TwiceToddlers Watering Their Seeds

After my twins nap, I gave them half a brownie and some a little bottle of chocky milk. Then I said,"Let's go for a walk." So, my twins got on some their sandals or flip flops Nana gave them last summer.

Once their feet were covered, we walked across the street to our neighbors house and talked to them. Then, I asked of our female friend wanted to go on a walk with us. She said, "Sure", and got her sunglasses on too.

Then, we walked around the block, well, Twin "A" more or less jogged, while Twin "B" held Mommies hand. After our walk, we looked across the street, no cars, so I let them run across to our house.

After we got back home, we went into the garage. In the garage, my twins spied a water toy I got them. I opened that toy where they played with it for a while in their water table. Then, Mommy, that is me, suggested they water their seeds in the front of the house. So, we filled the buckets (with a watering can spout) and walked to the front of the house.

Once in front of the house, I showed Twins "A&E" where to water their seeds. It was all along one of our fences. I told them it would take a couple weeks to see if they would begin to grow. We made three trips to the fence and watered those seeds pretty well. It was fun too.

Precious TwiceToddlers...

TwiceToddlers and Kitty Kat Dress, well Gown, actually

Last night, after my twins bath, I had set out a kitty kat gown for them to wear. Well, at first, they, Twin "A" in particular, did not want to wear it. Then, she looked at it and thought it was a dress. I explained to her it was actually a night gown, from Grammie and Papa, from last summer.

Twin "A" had to think it was a dress though. She and Twin "B" love wearing dresses. So, I let them think it was a dress, because, well, a night gown does look like a dress, indeed.

So, tonight when twins A&E go to Grammie and Papa's, they want to wear their 'dresses'.

Silly TwiceToddlers.....

TwiceToddlers Sowing Seeds

After daycare today and once we were home, I let my girls watch one of their BabyBoost shows. Then, I told them I was going out in the front yard and to just watch their show. Well, after their show, they followed me outside and they were watching me throw some seeds in the dirt.

So, I opened the remaining seed pockets I had and placed some flower seeds in their hands. Then, I showed them where to throw them. Well, will all the rain clouds over my home, it looks like the seeds will be covered in the ground pretty soon. If not, my DH will turn on the sprinklers anyway.

I had my girls sew some morning glory and various other flowers against one of our fences. So, time will tell if the seeds actually begin to bring up some pretty flowers.

TwiceToddlers Falling of their Beds

Well, lately, Daddy and Mommy, are not sure if our twins wake up crying hysterically because they fall of their, very low to the ground beds, or they are having bad dreams. I just read an article from BabyCenter, stating around ages 3-4, this is when toddlers begin having bad dreams. These bad dreams could come from watching scary shows, listening to scary books or seeing images in their bedroom at night. Well, for my twins, the latter is what causes them to have bad dreams.

So, last night, late last night, Daddy and Mommy, took our twins for a drive for a while. This seemed to calm them down and get them back to normal. Then, when we got home, Daddy removed a book from the bookshelf which seemed to be the culprit of their fear.

Hopefully, this fear will subside as they get older. It is not fun to go through with them at all. Especially with the way they cry over whatever is scaring them.

God Bless Our TwiceBabies....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TwiceToddlers and The Gym

A couple weeks ago, or was it last week, my DH signed us up at the gym again. It has been three to four years since we have graced the inside of this particular gym. Before our twins, we used to go to this gym at least 4-5 times a week.

This gym is so cool though, no pool, but they do have childcare. Yeah, this is why we joined again. Well, that and our bodies are getting out of shape. Oh, and this gym is right down the street from us. I could sneeze and be right there.

Within the strip mall our gym is located, it is also going to get a mini market. Oh, I am so happy. I can't wait for it to open. I would rather pay a little more for produce and other food products, right down the street from me, than have to drive to a major grocery store a bit farther away.

So anyway, my twins really like going to the gym with Mommy or Daddy because they can play with new friends, watch toons, play with toys in the room and play in this jumping gym for the kids. There is also a restroom in the daycare room so the daycare providers (2), do not have to leave the room.

It is just great. Too bad there is no pool though. That would be a nice added bonus. At least I can wash my hair and take a shower after my workout. Today, after going to the gym, I went to Target and purchased some clear S/C containers which I filled and put in my duffel bag, for the gym.

I will do my best to get to the gym a least 3-4 times a week. I have to tighten up my abs you know..LOL