Monday, March 4, 2013

Twins and Talking about Dinosaurs in Class

When my twins go home from school today, they always tell me how their day went. I love hearing what happened in school today and what they learned. Today when they got home we were talking about the new "story" they are reading titled "Why Did The Dinosaurs Disappear?" Well, during class when they were discussing and reading about this story, my precious and well equipped twins, told their table partners dinosaurs did not die from a volcano and meteorite. Instead they told their table partners they died for the flood.

Oh Mommy was so proud of them. It is so good to see they are listening to me when I read to them, or they read to me from these books I purchased for them:

Anyway, while my  twins were in class learning about Why Did the Dinosaurs Disappear, they told their friends Dinosaurs, AKA, Leviathan and Behemoth (names from the Bible), died from the flood. I love it and I am doing all I can to instill in them the truth from the Word of God (Absolute Authority) about how and why the Dinosaurs (Leviathan and Behemoth) died.

This CD is fun and talks about God and His Word being the Absolute Authority. My twins did this VBS either last year or the year before. I loved it and so did they. The music is awesome!

I think my twins even told their teach Dinosaurs died on the flood.

I hugged and kissed my twins and told them how proud I was of them and to never be ashamed to tell the truth about the Dinosaurs. They told me a lot of their classmates do not even go to church and if they do, they do not know about how the Dinosaurs really died.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Twins and Their Collections

Do your twins, around the ages of 5 to 7, collect things? If so, you are not alone. Even if you have one twin who likes to collect things this is normal around theses ages. The first time twin "A" began collecting things was at age 5. I knew this was going to happen because I used to collect things and I am not a twin. At age 5, Twin "A" was collecting different sticks in her room. She would put them in one of her baby beds. These sticks would stay in her room for a long time, until she eventually threw them out. Oh, Twin "A" would talk about them all the time and how one stick was for this doll and them she would make a bed out of the sticks for her barbie dolls and stuffed animals.

At age 6 both Twins "A" and "B" were collecting things in out front and back yard. Last year Twin "A" was collecting all sizes of leaves and bringing them in her bedroom, again, for her dolls and stuffed animals. She just loves collecting anything she can bring into her bedroom.These collections do not last that long though because eventually they go into the trash outside or back in the yard.

Right now, Twin "A" collecting flowers that are in the corner of my front yard. There are three colors that have begun to bloom. All three of these colors, Twin "A", has began picking from the bushes. Now, she is making a collection of the flowers in a book. The book is made up of construction paper where Twin "A" tapes each flower on their individual page and them on the next page, she draws a picture of the flowers she has just taped to one page.

This is a collection I can see going on for a while. She said this flower collection will be a birthday gift for Mommy.

I love when she begins collecting simple things like this. When she, and her sister, do this, I know they are exercising their brains and it shows their creative side.

Twins and Playing in Sprinklers

The weather was somewhat nice today, but it was not nice enough to run through the backyard and front yard their tankini's. Daddy said if the temp got to 75 degrees, they could run in the sprinklers.

I think Daddy said this around 3ish. It seemed every minute my twins were asking what the temp was and when could they run in the sprinklers. Oh goodness, it became very annoying. Twin "A" kept coming into the home to see what the temp was. I had to tell her the temp inside really had nothing to do with the temp outside right now. It could be 75 inside and 70 outside. In fact,this is what it was like yesterday.

Then, Twin "B" was sitting on top the swings and over and over again asking what the temp was. When Daddy finally it will not get to 70 degrees today, she came in the house and crawled under her bed..Yeah, under her bed as if this was going to make the temp go higher or I could change the temp some how. When Twin "B" went under her bed, Twin "A" put on her Winter jacket, gloves and scarf. Yeah, they were not happy campers..

I had to tell both Twins "A" and "B" that I do not control the weather and it is in God's hands, as far as I know. Then I looked on my Kindle Fire on the app for the 10 day forecast. Well, it is only going to get to 70 degrees, at most, this weekend to. My twins are so ready for Spring and Summer. Well, they are not alone as I am so tired of this cold weather.

The sun is wonderful I tell my twins, but just because the sun is out does not mean it is warm outside.
If it were up to my twins, they would be in Summer clothes year round.