Thursday, May 31, 2007

Twins and Potty Training

This month, which has been a very loooong month, I have attempted to potty train A&E.

They each have a potty that when they use it, a song will play.

So far, they only stand in the potty. I sit down so they can see what it looks like when you go potty, and I sit them down on their potty. But, at they seem to be uninteresed at this time.

Although, two Sunday's ago, Twin "A" did use the potty, for #2, when she was shown where to sit by her grandma. Daddy and I were out for a while and when we got home, grandma told us what Twin "A" had done. Grandma said Twin "A" had gone #2 on the bathroom floor at first, then grandma moved her to the potty where she finished.

Well, yesterday, after the twins were in their baby pool for a while, they came in and I sat them down on their pottychairs. Twin "B" looked like she had to go #1, so I took off her swinsuit and diaper. At first, she pottied on the floor, then I moved her to the potty where she finished. I had to keep sitting her down though.

When she was finished, a song came on and I showed her what she had done.

At this time, I would not even say they are ready to be diaper free. But, they are learning what it is like to use the potty.

Twins and Toothbrushes

Over the past month I have begun showing my twins how to use their toothbrushes.

I even put a little bit if orajel toothpaste on the brushes.

Twin "A" likes brushing her teeth, while Twin "B" is not a big fan. Especially with toothpaste on the brush.

While I am brushing my teeth, my twins watch me and I give them their toothbrushes to follow along with me.

I am doing my best to get them to brush their teeth. Maybe when they turn 19 or 20 months they will understand more and will brush their teeth with me.

Big Park for Twins

So yesterday, May 30th, I took my girls to the park.

I had to get them, and me, out of the house if only for an hour.

We walked to the park and we just played on the big green grass area away from the swings and other things.

It was actually nice. They ran or walked away from me, but it was easy to catch up with them and the park was kinda empty.

Just remember, this is not aways recommended to do with twins. Especially if you are alone. If you can, please get someone to help you. I never have anyone to help me. I wish I did.

But, what I want is never granted. It is nice to want. But help is never within my reach.

So, just have fun with your twins, even if it is for a little bit at a time in your park.

Naptime for Twins?

That is right, this is a question.

When do your twins nap?

My twins used to nap 2x a day. Now, I am lucky to get them to nap around 11:30 or 12:00 and sleep for 1.5 hours.

It is no fun when your twins will not nap. I mean, not only do they at least need one nap to rest and grow, but as Mommy, you need a break from them.

Don't you need a break from your twins?

I do.

Do your twins understand the word "NO"?

Well, mine do. They understand it so well, they disobey me when I tell them, "No, do not do this or No, do not do that."

There are so many NO's in my household it is pathetic.

I must have over 50 No No's I hand out everyday to my twins.

I just tell them to get used to it, the No's grow in abundance when you are an adult. I also told them, they minute you leave the womb, there are many No's passed around like candy.

With my handout of No's, I also give them a generous helping in Time Outs these days. Especially when they bite, kick, pull hair and push each other. Oh, let's not forget taking toys away from each other.

Almost 19 Months Old

Right before A&E turn 19 months old, they are learning to pull off their shirts.

BTW, A&E are the first initials of my twins names.

Anyway, yeah, they are learning to pull off their shirts now. I never even asked them to, I guess it is just them seeing the repitition of me taking off and putting on their shirts which finally gave them the idea to say, "Hey, I can do this!"

No, they are not talking yet, thank God!! This is what they might be saying in their heads.

I was so glad they are learning to take off their shirts, now if they will only learn to put on their shirts and shorts too.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Taking Photos of Your Twins

Since my fraternal twin girls were 0 months old, I have been taking photos of them.

Granted when they were between a month and two months old, all I wanted to do was sleep.

So, in the beginning, the photos I wanted to take, never got taken.

You know, like the cute ones with baby laying on her hand with eyes closed.

Never taken.


I was too darn sleepy to do anything. Especially with very little help it made it that much harder for me to capture those sweet moments.

Anyway, if you have not done this yet with your twins, I would suggest you do now.
Not only this, but start folders on your desktop to place the photos in.

This is what I did with my photos:

I began at 0 months to 12 months and in each folder, I had other folders like this: A&E Together, A E Folder and E S Folder, mini movies folder.

So for each month, I did this and with all the photos I took of them throughout that first year, I ended up with 1.4 GB of data that had to by moved to a DVD CD to make sure they were not lost if my computer were to crash.

So, have fun taking photos and remember, you can NEVER go back to when they were infants. Get the photos while you can...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Climbing Twins

Do your twins love to climb on everything?

Well, once they begin to walk (aka run), they will discover the art of the climb.

Yes, indeedy, twins, or babies (children) in general, love to climb.

Let's see, inside our home we have a picture window bench, that is climbed upon, we have two couches, those are climbed upon, we have an ottoman, that too is climbed upon.

Going outside, we have a chaise lounge when open, they climb upon that and if we have our patio chairs away from the table, they try and climb these too.

Ever heard of that saying, Watch them like a Hawk? This is so true.

Having eyes in the back of your head is what being a parent is all about...right? LOL

Twins and Security Blankets

Did or do your twins have a security blanket? If not, way? They are so easy to make and they will walk all over the house with them.

My twins love the ones their Nana, my Mom, made for them at 4 or 5 months, I think.

These blankies have been through water, mud and the edges are bitten through.

My twins love how the edges get crusty and hard.


But, they take them all over the house and outside. Except for when we go out places, they stay home.

I must wash them twice a week.

Oh, and my twins know which one is theirs. Twin A has the GREEN blankie and Twin B has the PINK blankie.

My Mom says children, babies, know their own scent and will not take another childs blanket.

I have found this to be true, about blankies that is.

Twins and their Binkies

At 18, almost 19 months, my twins still use their binkies (pacifiers). Now, some mom's would not allow this or even like this idea.

But if you have to choose between a binkie or thumb, I choose the binkie.

The way I see it, babies need comfort. Twins or not.

Why take away something that gives them security or comfort? If you get the NUK binkies my Gerber that are approved by the dental assoc or something like that, their teeth will or should not be damaged.

There you go. Let you sweet twins just use their binkies. Keep them happy and their teeth from hurting.

Closing.....and....Opening Doors

Do your twins, or at least one twin, like to close and try and open doors or cabinets around your home?

If they are not doing this at 18 months or earlier, they will.

I can not guarantee this, but at the rate my twins do this everyday, yours will to.

They are just fascinated with seeing a door shut. After you tell them to keep it open more than 10 times.

So, get used to hearing doors shut and you becoming a broken record.

The Touching Twins

Since the weather has been warmer these days I have begun to wear shorts and tanks.

Since my twins are so smart and curious, they have begun to touch my arms and legs. They are probably wondering, "What is this Mom" I look at them and say, "This is my skin, like you have skin. This is my leg silly."

It is so awesome watching twins learn and grow together.

New words used by my twins

So, I wrote an blog a while back about my twins having their own language. Well, now, they are using their own words that only they, Mommy and Daddy know about.

The words are DOVA and GOYDA. These words are interchanged on a daily basis and it is so cute.

They point using these words and cry using these words.

They use other words, I just can not recall them right now.

When I recall them, I will let you know.

The Empty Cribs of Twins

Okay, so this just started happening. My twins are throwing all their crib contents on the carpet. They throw blankets, binkies, bottles and toys all around their cribs.

I have no idea why they do this. I suppose because they can.

It drives me crazy.....

They do this at least twice a day.

So, if your twins do this, do not be suprised. Just laugh and put all the contents back in their cribs.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

When Twins Fight

Two days ago, I spoke with someone I really love about how to handle my twins and their constant fighting: kicking, pushing, pulling hair and biting. Well, what this person said was to pick my battles. If they have to learn through this experience, them let them. They will grow out of this and move on to something new that will really be a big deal.

All I had to say to that was, "Alright. If I this fighting has to take place, like a rite of passage, I will let it. At least they are not with other children all the tim." I also said to my friend, "You talk about how they will not have any friends, well how do you know this? If they will grow out of this, them they will have friends, eventually."

So, at this time, I am going to let them have fights and do whatever they do to each other. I am just so tired of sounding like a broken record and I am sure you would to.

Oh yeah, my twins are 18.5 months old.

Sweet Hugs

Today, I was lying on my couch because I am feeling sick and both my twins kept coming up to me to see what was wrong with me. They were so sweet because, well, Twin "B" hit her sister
Twin"A" once and I said, "Love your sister and hug her, no hitting."

So, Twin "B" proceeded to wrap her arms around her sister and love her and began laughing.

It was so sweet, too bad I did not have my camera with me to capture that moment.

Twins in Highchairs, Part II

When I say creative, my hubby stands being me and he makes funny sounds, sings songs and just does funny things behind me to keep them interested in eatin their meal.

If my hubby did not do this, they would not focus and eat...

Twins in Highchairs, Part I

I began putting my twins in their highchairs when they were 6 months old.

At this age, they did not fight or hit each other at all.

No, they were little angels and actully at their food.

Today at 17 months, they scratch each other, touch each other all the time and do not focus on their breakfast, lunch or dinner time.

I have to get creative.

Crib Rebellon with Twins, Part II

So you may be asking me, "When did you take off the bumper pads Monica?"

Glad you asked!

I only removed the bumper pads three weeks ago.

I know, I should have done this early, but they liked them and I had no problem with they climbing out of their cribs.

No, they only climbed on to the bumpers.

Put for saftey sake and removing the chance of them breaking a colar bone for falling, I did remove the bumper pads.

Crib Rebellion with Twins, Part I

Now that my twins are 17.5 months old, they now think it is cute or a way to get Mommy or Daddy's attention by throwing all the contents of their crib onto the carpet below them.

For two weeks, I put up with this and finally I had it and just put away, in the drawers below their crib, the four, yes four blankets I had in their cribs (on all four sides) to keep them warm.

Now, all they have is the security blanket my Mom made them and the crocheted blanket their GG made them.

Oh, and I can not forget their Baby Tad and several other toys and three binkies.

Bath Time with Toddler Twins, Part II

With twin toddlers in the tub, they will begin to throw out their toys and splash water everwhere.

Just make sure you do not have a cup in the tub because they will more likely than not pour out a cup of water on your bathroom floor and mildew could form this way.

Yuck, this is something you do not want.Oh, and take sweet photos of them, put make sure they privates are not in view and if you can, do a close up with them holding a toy or all wet and their hair in a funny do

Bath Time with Toddler Twins, Part I

When my twins were infants, I did not give them tub baths, but instead bird baths on my bathroom counter.

I think I did this until they were 6 months old.

Then when they reached 7 to 9 months, I would bathe them in our tub. At this age, it was easy though because they did not move around much and would NEVER stand up.

Today at 17 months and when they were 12-16 months, they always stand up in the tub. This is not fun for me at all, but if I did not bathe them at the same time it would make my day or evening that much more longer.

Just make sure you NEVER leave their sight when you are bathing twins at the same time and bring the water to their waistline so they can actually have fun in the water and splash in it.

Today's Nap-April 24, 2007-

Okay, so today I did put them down for their nap at 12:15. When my hubby came home, he actually put them down for a nap and now it is 1:41 PST and they are still sleeping.

This is good. They, IMO, do need to sleep more in the afternoon and grow while they sleep.

Plus, they are happier babies when they wake up and are ready to finish out their day.

Also, when they sleep soundly, they do not feel the pain so much of their teeth cutting through.

They are Hugging, Part II

Okay, so this morning Twin "A" did the same thing her sister Twin "B" did. You guessed it, she hit her.

So, just like Twin "B", I placed Twin "A" in her crib for 3 min and she would not keep quite. She likes to carry on and on and on...

So, I took her out of her crib and she hugged her sister, Twin "B" and said she was sorry.

Twin "A" also likes to try and kiss her sister which is just adorable. I am just doing my best to not have an Alpha Twin, which would be Twin "B". If I can intervene and break the cycle now, they will IMO get along better and be much closer

They are Hugging, Part I

Okay, so I am listening to my Mom and giving them a Time Out now. Yes, I recall me saying I would not try this until they were at least 20-24 months, but guess what?

It works!

Even the threat of having a time out sets them straight.

My twins are bright and actually understand what I am saying.

No now, I will actually put them in Crib Time Out or threaten them with it if they do you treat each other kindly.

Today for instance, after Twin "B" was in T/O for 4 minutes, I went of other the 1 min and she did not even care, I took her out of her crib and she hugged her sister, Twin "A" and it was so sweet. I wish I could have taken a snapshot of that moment.

Reduced Naps

This is not just with twins, but all babies.

But, with twins, I will have no rest in the afternoon because this little sweeties are non stop.

I used to love it when they took their afternoon nap. I was able to take a nap if I so choose to.

I am sure Moms with singltons a year or two apart go through the same thing I am going through. But for some reason, I think this is different. At least with singelton's seperated by a year or two, Mommy gets a break the first year.

I guess now, I will have to extend their nap until 1PM. Wear them out as much as I can so I too can have a break. I mean, Mommy needs a break too. Right?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fevers and Throwing Up Twins

When teething occurs, and it is occuring quite often these days, my twins just can not hold down any food. After dinner tonight, Twin "B" threw up not once, but twice, in her crib. I took off her first flat sheet and washed it, then placed her back in her crib to again have her throw up.

My hubby took her out and I removed her throw up ridden flat sheet again.

Poor baby, she was having projectile vomit all over the utility room and on my hubby's clothes. I did not see this happen, only the aftermath.

It is a good thing we have more than one fitted sheet and I know the cause of her throwing up.

You see, her molars are coming in and I guess teething has strange effects on a babies body chemisty.

The first time this happened, with Twin "B", I had no idea why she was throwing up, until I called my Mom.

Twins are funny

In that they, like I stated in one of my previous emails, play off each others personalities.

Take for instance today, Twin "A" has been hugging her sister and loving her so sweetly. It is just so precious to watch and I praise Twin "A" for showing this affection.

Now, also today, Twin "B" began showing her affection towards her sister. It is just darling to watch as they interact in this kind and loving manner.

I hope this continues to grow.

Twins are funny

In that they, like I stated in one of my previous emails, play off each others personalities.

Take for instance today, Twin "A" has been hugging her sister and loving her so sweetly. It is just so precious to watch and I praise Twin "A" for showing this affection.

Now, also today, Twin "B" began showing her affection towards her sister. It is just darling to watch as they interact in this kind and loving manner.

I hope this continues to grow.

Biting no more, now hitting and pushing

It looks like Twin "B" is minding me and Daddy now. I do not see her biting her sister anymore, Twin "A". This is a good thing since the human bite is the worst kind of bite to receive.
But now, Twin "B", along with Twin "A" are hittng and pushing each other. I would prefer this though to biting by far.

Is there jealousy among twins?

From what I see day in and day out, I would say yes. There is either jealousy or competiton going on between my twins at least.

Twin B, when not getting her way or what she wants, will slap her sister, Twin A, push her , take away her toy and yet again, bite her.

But lately, I have been catching Twin B before she attempts to hit, push or bite her twin sister. It is so sad to see this happening and it only seems to happen around Mommy (Me) and Daddy.
Once a week, I have a sitter come over and watch my twins for a couple of hours and I ask her if

Twin B ever bites or pushes Twin A and she says no.

So, now I am thinking this is just Twin B's way of getting my attention. The thing is, we do play with each other and I read to her all the time. She loves to be read to, the same book over and over and over and over again.

I am just wondering, is there really jealousy among twins even at the tender ages of 10-17 months old?

I hope not and if so, I will have to break this cycle because this is not right. Even before my twins were born, I was speaking to them and calling them by their names.
I was also talking about them being sisters and how they will love each other and be best friends forever.

The funny thing about them fighting is, they really do love each other. I will be doing whatever in the house, i.e. laundery, dishes, light cleaning and I hear them laughing, giggling and just playing with each other.

Then, all of a sudden, they begin to fight.

It makes me sad to say the least. I will have to begin praying for them to get along...

Individual Time with Mommy or Daddy

Twins, I am findng out, need individual time with Mommy and Daddy.

Two weeks ago, I brought this up to my hubby about spending quality time with the twins on an individual basis. So, two weeks ago, my hubby took Twin A out and about around town, while I stayed home with Twin B.

It seemed to work because each baby did not even miss each other. There was no fussing or anything. Now, seeing as my twins are fraternal and not identical, this may be the reason for them enjoying their special time with Daddy or Mommy alone. I can not say for sure this is true for all fraternal twins, but with my twin girls, it was like a relief to be seperated from each other even for an hour or two.

I began doing this because I could see in one of my twins she was getting jealous of the other. I did not want this to happen and have it be my fault for this jealousy to come on. So, I decided to seperate them.

This is probably a good way to build self esteem in my twins as well.

Like I said in one of my previous posts, one of my twins loves to sit in my lap or on my legs, while the other twin does not. So, the twin that does not sit on my lap or leg gets jealous. But I do include her in all the activities I do. It is not like I keep them seperated doing play time.

But, I can see in her eyes she thinks I am doing this. And this is hardly the case.

Anyway, having individual time with Daddy and Mommy is a very good strategy with twins, especially fraternal twins, because it allows them to have a fun time without any competiton from their sibling.

Binkies, Blankies and Ba Ba's

My twins love their binkies. And you know what? I am glad they love them. The way I see it, taking away a binkie is much easier than taking away their thumb. And they have not sucked on their thumb as if yet. I
I know some 4 year olds that still suck on their binkies so at 17 months, sucking on a binkie is not that bad. If it makes my twins feel comforted, then so be it. I also think it looks cute.

My twins love their security blankets my Mom (Nana) made them. They walk around the house with them, take them outside, get them all dirty and messy. I do let my twins take them in the truck with them, but not out shopping.
The blankies have also become a comforting item to hold on to and just have around. I like this in my twins. This is normal behavior for many babies, not just twins, of course.
I did just read an article from
Baby Center stating that babies should be weened from their pacifiers at 12 months for one, so they will begin to talk and two, so their teeth will not push forward. Maybe in the nexr month I will do my best to ween my twins off their binkies.

When my twins were 10 months old, I tried to get them off their milk bottles. They would not have it. They did not like the hard tipped sippy cups. But then at 12 months, I found these cool sippy cups with soft straws inserted in them. I believe they are made by
Nuby. These are the very best sippy cups from my POV. But, with teeth comes holes in these sippy cup straws as well. I was only able to find them locally at WalMart and now they no longer carrry these type. But, they can be purchased online too.
Binkies, Blankies and BaBa's all a part of not only being a twin, but being a singleton baby too.

Twins and More Personality Traits

As I watch my twins grow up physically and mentally, I see how they take on each others traits.

Or, like I stated in a previous post, they play off each other.

Today, Twin B does what Twin A usually does, she came and sat on my lap without me coaxing her over to me.

Just out of the blue, she very sweetly, walked to me as I was sitting on a blanket in out backyard and plopped down on my left knee or lap.

I love when Twin B shows her affection towards Mommy because she is seems to lean more towards the independent minded child than her sister, Twin A.

With both my twins, I do show them love and affection every day, but one twin over the other shows her love for me all the time.

Today, I felt special that Twin B wanted to sit on my lap and love Mommy.

And yes, I know there is going to be one twin more independent than the other. I mean, they are seperate human beings for sure.

Twins: Sisters, Best Friends or Both

Ever since my twin girls were in my belly, I would sing to them and let them know they were sisters and would be best friends.

Since they have been out of my belly, they do not even act as if they are sisters or best friends.

Here again is that naive attitude I have chosen to take.

I mean, at 17 months, I find it highly unlikly they even know who each other are right now. All they know is they sleep in the same room at night, they wake up at the same time, they eat at the same table and are forced to play with the same toys!

The concept of being sisters let alone best friends will not be a reality for them I am sure until they are 2.5 or 3 years old.


Well, so far, I have only witnessed one of my twins biting the other twin.

Could this biting trend be from teething or because one twin is mad the other twin has something she wants?

It could be both.

Since I have not teethed since the early seventies, I really can not recal what it feels like to be cutting teeth.

But, I can say with certainty that it must hurt like crazy. I mean, cutting teeth makes you cranky, run a fever, lose your appetite, have diarrea, and makes you want to chew or bite anything and all things you can put your new teeth on; including but not limited to your sister for having a toy you want.

Before I knew what was happening, Twin B had bitten Twin A on the back and left a bite impression on her back without breaking skin. This in turn made Twin A cry big crocodile tears.
When this happens, which is not that often anymore, I take Twin B by both arms, look her in her eyes and say, "Twin B, we do not bite. Biting hurts, do you want to feel a bite on our arm or back? This will stop today." I do this along with flcking Twin B on her cheeck until it stings. She has to know this is unacceptable behavior.

If you do not know, a human bite is the worst bite anyone could ever get. The human mouth of full of vile things that could be transferred into another persons bloodstream and that person could become sick. Especially if the bite were to break skin. Then there could be a cause for alarm because of the types of bacteria and viruses contained in the human mouth. Mayo-Clinic on the human bite.

So, when you catch one or both your twins biting each other, you have to be very serious and take the proper action to nip it in the bud.

Twins and Toys (aka sharing)

I must be a romantic at heart. Well, I know I am and now you do to. I say this because when I see my twins "playing" together, I honestly see them playing nicely and kindly to each other.

Does this really happen you may ask?

It happens, few and far between.

They, like all children their age I am sure, always want the same toy! Why is it this way you may ask? The only thing I can think of is jealousy and being a human being, we all have a selfish nature. We always seem to want what some else has. This is also called coveting.

Wtih babies or twin babies, at this age though, they do not yet have this concept. So, taking away a toy a sibling has or a playmate has is just something that will happen.

This by no means is right, so as Mommy or Daddy, we need to show them this is not nice or right and divert their attention to a different toy.

The funny thing is, in my household, we have two of the same toys in the smaller toys that is, and they still fight over them.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say this is just a good opportunity for us Mommies and Daddies to stretch our parenting skills and show our sweetie pies right from wrong because we are the only ones in society who will teach them this.

We are always our childrens last line of defense for anything. Even when it comes to taking a toy and making sister cry.

Twins in the Park

Okay, so when my twins were between 6 and 10 months old it was easy to take them to the park. This is because they were not walking yet.

At these ages, they were crawling. Now, when I went to the park with them, I would put out a blanket and place them on the blanket with some of their toys. After a while, they would crawl off the blanket and onto the grass. Even at the stage they would crawl like crazy and I had a fun time catching up with them. But, it was not as difficult as is has been for me with them walking.

When you twins begin to walk and you take them to a park, all I have to say is "be prepared".

They will run you ragged and run in two different directions.

Sometimes, I think I am naive or just a dreamer because I honestly thought it would be easy taking my twins to the park and having fun with them. But that is a false reality.
If you even think of taking your twins to the park, please take along a friend or family member. Or, if you do go alone, make sure your park visit is less than 20 minutes.

When I go to the park with just my twins, I put them on the swings for about 5-7 minutes, let them play on the slide, walk around in the swing playplace and then, with them kicking and you guessed it, screaming, I put them back in their stroller and we walk back home.
Remember, you are the Mommy, not them, and you are responsible for their saftey and wellbeing.

Twins in the Tub

Our twins just love bathtime!

They love the bubbles, they love the toys and they love splashing!

When in the tub, the thing they love most is standing up, which is always a "NO NO" and they love throwing all the toys, flled with water, out onto the floor.

Many people tell me to give my twins a bath one at a time. Now if I did this, my day would never begin. Therefore, I give them a bath at the same time.

Oh, and when they are in the tub, this is where they love to talk, talk, talk away. And the smiles are from ear to ear.

I would just recommend if you do give your twins a bath at the same time, you keep the water level right at their waist or belly button and do not leave the bathroom. This is of course just in case one slips and falling on their back or belly or is standing up and happens to fall out of the bathtub.

None of these events have happened to me, but I want to put this out there for obvious reasons.

Kitties and Twins

If you have a kitty kat or kitten, they are a twins best friend. My hubby and I have found this out. Especially when it is time for a midnight diaper change.

You see, this is when our kitty kat is in our computer room, looking out into our backyard. We change our twins diapers and show them where "kitty!" is. Then, we follow our twins into our computer room and we show them how to pet her softly and not to pull her tail.

Kitty loves our twins and loves the affection.

As long as Mommy and Daddy are with the twins, a kitty is alright.

Twins eating....or not

Getting my twins to eat is like pulling teeth...or cutting teeth!

I never thought it would be so difficult to feed little babies. I sit them each on a highchair, put on their bibs and expect to feed them. But do they want to be fed? No. They turn their heads, smile and turn their heads, they kick and scream and they have their arms flailing all over and drop the spoon filled with food. This does not make Mommy a happy camper at all.

Now, I am finally understanding when they are teething, eating is the last thing they want to be doing. Especially when their molars are coming in.

So, sometimes, I just have to make them eat because if I do not, they will yawn more than usual because their little bodies are not getting any nourishment.

I look at them in the eye and say, "Look, you have to eat, you are not even chewing this food, just swallowing it. I need to you swallow this food." So they look at me and know I am serious and I just keep putting the food in their mouth.

Sometimes, being a Mommy of two teething babies who refuse to eat and not all fun and games. You have to let them know you are Mommy and will make them eat for their own good. The more they eat, the less sleepy they will be and will be able to play more.

Mommies are a teething babies last line of defense in staying healthy.

Twin Language

My twins talk all the time. Not so much with words, but with their own 'baby or twin language".
As I am doing things around the house or am watching them play, they go back and fourth with their own little language. When I mean langauge, I mean screeching, screaming or yelling. I guess these all mean the same thing, but to them, they are communicating.

It is the cutest thing to.

Especially when we are going someplace in our SUV, Twin B or A will talk back with Twin A or B. This goes on for the whole ride and it is just adorable.

I can just imagin what they are saying to each other:
Twin B:" Where are we going?"
Twin A:" I have no idea, but we go out a lot more now."
Twin B:"Yeah, I kinda like it too. But I do not like being in that stroller!"
Twin A:" I heard you sister!"
Yeah, I can see my twins talking like that.
Gotta love twins and their own language.

Twin Personalities

I can only speak for my twins, but watching them learn and grow is just a miracle and simply amazing.

As they begin learning new things about being a little human being and making their way in our world, I see them play off each other. Their personalities "switch" quite often.
For example, one day or week, Twin "B" will gab and gab, while Twin "A" will be quite and play by herself. Other times, Twin "A" will push and hit her sister, while Twin "B" will cry and not defend herself.

Sometimes, you would think they were just alike. They love the same DVD's, of course same toys, which they fight over, and they really love our Kitty.

At times though, I really do not see a difference in their personalities. Maybe it is because I am with them day in and day out.

As I take my twins to Mommy groups or my friends homes, it is my friends who really seem to see the difference in their personalities.

When we go to church and put our girls in the nursery, one will cry, seperation anxiety, and the other will look at her as if, "Why are you crying?". Then the next week in the church nursery, they switch and the other twin will have seperation anxiety.

I am beginning to think they plot out their strategies before we reach our desitnation. LOL
Our twins personalities are flourishing and will continue to switch I am sure. Sometimes, one is quite and shy and the other one is loud and very friendly.

Just silly if you ask me.

Preemie Developmental Stages-My Preemies-

Because my girls were born two months early, they were expected to develop, mentally and physically, at least a year behind babies born between 38-40 weeks.
When it came to physically, I would say yes, my twins did develop a little behind "normal" babies. My hubby and I did not even begin showing them tummy time until they were between six and seven months old. I still thought they were so small and weak and I did not want to hurt them.

So, I just waited. Looking back, I do not think waiting until they were six to seven months to show them tummy time was an issue because today, both my girls are walking...and running.
But, when I first began showing them these new skills for growth and development in babies, Twin B was eager to learn, while Twin A was not as interested. In the beginning of tummy time, both twins would cry and cry and fuss all the time. They did not like being on their bellies. Today, they know where their bellies are!

When my hubby and I began showing both twins to sit up, both of them were semi fast learners. I recall sitting them in between our legs to give them some support on both sides. I would say it took them two weeks to begin sitting up on their own.

This is funny, but when both twins began learning to crawl, Daddy and Mommy showed them how it was done. We would crawl beside them and they looked to see how it was done. Well, for some reason, both or twins would crawl backwards! Getting their left knee to work with their right hand in a forward motion was a challange for them as I am sure it is with singleton babies. But finally, after several weeks of trying, Twin A began crawling foward and a week later, Twin B began crawling forward.

This was amazing watching both of them pulling up. Daddy nor Mommy showed them how to do this, they just decided one day to pull up! They pulled up to the couch, to the coffee table and to the ottoman. But before they learned to pull up, they were crawling all over our home and real fast too. It is as if they had never crawled before, well, they had not!
Once Twin A and Twin B learned to crawl and were no longer on their backs day in and day out, there was NO TURNING BACK!! These little babies were on a mission to have fun, to learn and play....finally....The days of them playing under their baby gym were gone and not forgotten.

Preemie Twins are different:Small and so Tender

Twin preemies are special in that when born, they must have extra special care and need to be in a sterile environment.

When my hubby and I, our parents or friends would hold or touch them, we had to always wash our hands and wrists real good in a washroom right near the NICU room.

No way was anyone allowed to even enter the NICU if they did not have a wrist bracelet on stating who they were. Daddy and Mommy always had their wrist bracekelets on. The grandparents had badges on showing they were visitors under our names. In fact, no one could enter the NICU without Scott or myself with them.

Security was very good in the Womens and Childrens wing of the hospital I delivered our twins in.

Buying in Bulk is a big thumbs up

Whenever you are able to get a deal on any baby products such as food, diapers or even clothing, DO IT. Go where ever you have to, Costco, Smart and Final, FoodMax, WalMart or Target. Of the stores I have listed, Costco and Smart and Final have the best deals by far.

Look for free baby stuff online too. The first place I look at is Craigslist. Many times, they have free baby stuff which is a plus for mothers of twins and singletons alike.

If you can avoid it, please do not make big name grocery stores your first stop for buying things such as diapers and bottles. That is like throwing your money away.

ave a blessed day!

Costco is a lifesaver!

Okay, so you have twins. That means you will be changing diapers at most 10 times a day. Now, times that times 2 and you get 20 diapers per day. 100 diapers a week really adds up!

This is where Costco comes in.

Huggies was the brand we would purchase 2 boxes of those for two weeks, along with their Emfamil brand formula.

But, when they were still preemies, they were on this NeoSure formula my Similac which Costco did not sell. Walmart or Target was the place we went for that very, very expensive formula.
Finally, at 9 months old, they were able to get off that formula and drink Enfamil. Going from $14.99 to $7.99 per canister is a big difference.

Today, our twins are 16.5 months old and they area changed no more than 5 times a day.

Thank goodness, it does get easier with time...

Til next time...................

Preemie Twins are different:Pulling up and Walking

So, when our twins began pulling up: to the coffee table, to the otttoman, to the couch, to the picture window, they never stopped.

It seems everything they do is in full force mode.That is, once they learned to sit up, crawl and pull up, they never look back.

In the beginning, their personailties memicked each other. I could not tell one from the other. Often times, their personalties swtich or rub off on the other twin.

Now, our twins are fraterna,lnot identical, but when the public sees our twins, they either assume they are boys, short hair, or because they are dressed alike.

Anyway, it would be have been nice to be more prepared for my twins arrival. It is a shame twins do not come with an owners manuel!

Two weeks after their first birthday, Twin A, began to walk! Out of the blue, there she was walking and loving it. She never went to crawling again. For a time though, because she crawled so fast and loved it, I thought she would never walk. Now, I wish I could have held my breathe.
Four weeks after "Twin A" began walking, "Twin B" began walking. This is kind of how it was with their tummy time, sitting up, crawling and pulling up, one twin would start the process, then the other twin would follow, or, one twin would start, then stop and the other twin would try it out and once the other twin saw what her sister was doing, that twin would start right up again.

Does any of this make sense to you? Like I said, they are constantly switching roles.
Til next time...

Preemie Twins are different:Tummy Time, Sitting and Crawling

Because my twins were born at 32 weeks instead of 38 weeks like my OB wanted, they were a month behind on most of their development.

But, a month behind is a lot better than a year behind. Being a year behind is the standard for most preemies per my OB.

My hubby and I did not even begin to show them how to view the world on their tummy until they were 5 months old. Then, once they got that down pat, we moved to them sitting on their bottoms and seeing the world from our perspective.

Because they were stil so small and oh so chubby wubby, we had to place them in between our legs to keep them upright.

Once they were able to sit on straight without any help, this was at six months mind you, my hubby and I began showing them to crawl. At first, they crawled backwards for the longest time. I would say 2 weeks. So, I would push their legs in a forward motion. Eventually they got the hang of it.

Once they, two weeks apart in their learning style, got the hang of it, there was no stopping them.Talk about an extensive workout, my twins were my free exercise routine, daily

Twice the Feedings, Diaper Changes and Sleeping

Having twins changes everything.

I had romantizim having twins for so long, that when they arrived, it was a complete eye opener to me and my hubby.

Being pregnant was the easy part, bring our twins home to feed, change diapers and put to sleep was a whole different story.

When our girls came home on November 20th, it was right before Thanksgiving. My Gramma from SoCal was up here, my Aunt and Uncle from San Jose were here and my hubbys parents were over at our home. My Mom and Dad had to go back down to SoCal for my nephews birthday and they were coming back up for Christmas.

My hubby and I were so very, very, very tired it was not a pretty sight at all. I was so happy when my parents were here to help in their feeding, diaper and sleeping schedules. Evert 2-4 hours we would switch shifts.

The best thing you can do, if you do not have any family to assist you the first 7 months of your twins coming home is to find a Mother of Twins Club in your city or surrounding town and please, accept the help from your church.

To keep your sanity, all the above I mentioned are a Godsend.

Working at home with Twins

I love my twin girls very much and I need to make a reasonable amount of money working at home.

I have a BA is Social Science and two AA degrees.

Do you think it is even remotely possible for me to find a good job from home with my qualifications?

Not on your life. If you find a respectable business willing to have me work for them from home, let me know.


Pregnant with Twin Girls

When I found out I was pregnant with twin girls, I was very excited to say the least. My Grandma had twins (B/G) in 1954 so, I knew at least one of her granddaughters would be able to have twins.

As long as I could remember, being a little girl, I prayed and prayed that I would be the one to have twin babies in the family.

In 2005 when I found out my hubby and I were [pregnant, with twins, I was over the moon and praising the Lord. Even though I had prayed for ever, I honestly did not think my prayer would be answered. But I guess we are not to question God because He always come through, IN HIS TIME.

At two months, I was showing like a woman at seven months would be showing. My girfriend from church said I must be having twins because she did not begin showing until her seventh month.

Once my hubby and I went in for our offical sonogram, the lady at the sonogram machine asked if I had twins in my family. I said, with a smile in my voice, YES! She then showed us the two seperate sacks and the little babies inside. It was hard to see at first, but the more photos she took , I was able to see clearly.

During my pregnany, I must have drank 32-64 oz of water 2-3x daily to keep me and my twins hydrated and at times. I also ate tons of fruits and ice cream. I loved ice cream like nobody's business. But the one thing I could not stand was garlic and garlic was like my favorite spice or ingredient to any reciepe.

I loved being pregnant! I loved my friends and strangers asking when I was due and what was I having. I loved it when they would touch my belly and say, "You are having Twins? " I guess to them I was not big enough to be carrying twins.

My O/B's were shooting for a 38 week delivery of my twins but my twins would have no of that. On the day I delivered my girls, I was talking to my Mom on the phone and she was asking how I felt. I said fine, but that I felt I had to use the restroom all the time. You see, my OB's did not want me takingI lamaze classes so I had no idea what it would feel like to go into labor or have contractions.

Anyway, when I got of the phone with Mom, my hubby called me from work. He had to work that Saturday. I told him I was not feeling so good and that I was on my knees and against the bed.

He told me to call my doctor right away. So I did, she called back, as she was on call at the hospital, and told me and my hubby to come in at once. Okay, so my hubby came home and we drove to the hospital. I was in so much pain, my contractions were like 3-4 minutes apart. Although, at the time I had no idea they were contractions.

My hubby strolled me into the Maternity Ward where my O/B was sitting at the front desk. She had me weighed, then placed on a gurney. I was then rolled into a room and hooked up to a monitor and given an IV. Then I was given a shot of magnesium to open my twins lungs and to prevent my contractions from coming on too fast.

Since my twins were coming soon and the hospital I was at did not accommodate preemies, I had to be driven by ambulance to a neighboring hosptial that did.
By the way, I was in week 32, so my twins were delivered in the seventh month.
Once at the hospital, the attending O/B said he wanted to wait at least 48 hours. I looked at him and said, "Are you crazy, these babeis are coming today". And, they did. On November 5th at 8:33PM and 8:34PM.

They were in the NICU for two weeks in an incubator, on an oxygen and respirator machine while gaining weight and being cleared for discharge to go home.
Today, my twins are 17 months old and loving Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Nana, Grammie, Poppa and life itself.