Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Park for Twins

So yesterday, May 30th, I took my girls to the park.

I had to get them, and me, out of the house if only for an hour.

We walked to the park and we just played on the big green grass area away from the swings and other things.

It was actually nice. They ran or walked away from me, but it was easy to catch up with them and the park was kinda empty.

Just remember, this is not aways recommended to do with twins. Especially if you are alone. If you can, please get someone to help you. I never have anyone to help me. I wish I did.

But, what I want is never granted. It is nice to want. But help is never within my reach.

So, just have fun with your twins, even if it is for a little bit at a time in your park.

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