Thursday, May 31, 2007

Twins and Potty Training

This month, which has been a very loooong month, I have attempted to potty train A&E.

They each have a potty that when they use it, a song will play.

So far, they only stand in the potty. I sit down so they can see what it looks like when you go potty, and I sit them down on their potty. But, at they seem to be uninteresed at this time.

Although, two Sunday's ago, Twin "A" did use the potty, for #2, when she was shown where to sit by her grandma. Daddy and I were out for a while and when we got home, grandma told us what Twin "A" had done. Grandma said Twin "A" had gone #2 on the bathroom floor at first, then grandma moved her to the potty where she finished.

Well, yesterday, after the twins were in their baby pool for a while, they came in and I sat them down on their pottychairs. Twin "B" looked like she had to go #1, so I took off her swinsuit and diaper. At first, she pottied on the floor, then I moved her to the potty where she finished. I had to keep sitting her down though.

When she was finished, a song came on and I showed her what she had done.

At this time, I would not even say they are ready to be diaper free. But, they are learning what it is like to use the potty.

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