Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Twicebabies and Mommy Go Shopping

Today, Carter's was having a sale on their Spring clothing. There were some Spring dresses I wanted to purchase for my girls with some money NanaPapa gave us for Valentine's Day.

Well, the dresses I actually wanted were no longer there, of course, but I did get two pink dresses wth white polka dots, a brown sash attached to the waistline and three tiers of material flowing down the dresses. I also got my girls two white sweaters because the dresses are sleeveless.

Oh, by the way, I allowed my girls to walk without their leashes today or sitting in their stroller.

They loved it, of course.

From the Carter's store, I drove to Penney's to look for some more Spring clothes with a gift card from my aunt. I found cute dreses, but none of them matched in the size I wanted. I may got back and get some shoes instead.

Well, since I found nothing at Penney's, I decided to let my twins play in the mall childrens play area for a while. While there, I met two Mommies, one with a little girl and her newborn son and her friend with her little boy and she is carrying twin girls.

After a while, I decided it was time to leave and Mommy went to a party store to get my girls two balloons each. When in the store, all my girls could say was, "Balloons, Balloons, Balloons", until they got their ballons.

As I have stated before, my twins love adnausium.

We had a very nice morning, will try and "repeat" this again in the near future.

God Bless!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My TwiceBabies and Mommy Take a Walk

This early afternoon, my twins and I walked, without leases on, to my new neighors home at the corner of our street.

I have made some chocolate chip cookies and chocolate truffles for her, her husband and her sister. They are new to NorCal and they have 8 month old twins (boy/girl).

I think I will invite them to attend my church one time to see if they like it. They used to attend the same style of church in their home states before moving out west.

Anyway, we are all suppposed to go to the park when my girls wake up from their naps.

I think I will walk them on their stroller, otherwise, it will take us a day and a half to get to our park that is only 5-8 minutes from our home.

God Bless!

Friday, February 15, 2008

TwiceBabies at the Park

Today, Friday, my twins and I, Mommy, met our friends at our local park at 10:30 this morning. We has a very nice time playing with their friends. It is always nice to get out of the house when the weather is cooperating, even if we still have to semi bundle up!

Let's see, my girls, and Mommy, went down the Big Kids slide several times and my girls climbed up the triangle rope thingy where they like to touch 'the ball' at the top. It is so cute watching them reach for that ball.

I had made a PB&J for myself in hope of sharing it with my girls and only Twin "A" wanted to have some. She actually was eating the pieces I broke of from my whole sandwich. This is amazing because Twin "A" hates, I mean, hates it when anything is 'halfed'.

Go figure!

Anyway, after an hour and a half, we left all left the park and went our seperate ways.

Before our park meeting today, one of our park buddies called me and was unable to make it, but asked if I could watch her daughter for about three hours while she worked. So, I said sure I would and when I got home from the park and was getting my girls out my friend drove up at the perfect time and was able to drop off her daughter so she could go to work for a while.

For the next three hours, my girls played with their 'girlfriend' in our family room. They played with their LeapFrog table toy, Sit n Spin, Stacking toys and other stuff. After an hour, my girls were tired and had to take a nap, so I put them and my friends daughter down for a nap.

But, my friends daughter was not ready for nap and wanted Mommy, which was understandable. Since she was not sleeping, I walked her out of my girls room to let them nap and we played in the family room until her Mommy came to pick her up.

Around 4:50, I decided to take my twins for a small walk around the block and we stopped to talk to our neighbor across the street, went on our way and would stop, then start again, then stop, then start again. My girls were semi running, then walking, semi running,then walking. It was getting tiresome, for me, so I had to keep them on a short leash, literally.

When we finally came around the corner near out home, at this one home, Twin "A" began touching each stone that was stacked upon each other. When I saw Twin "A" touching each stone, all I could think of was "Monk". You know, from the TV show Monk on USA. I said, great, Mommy has a little Monk on her hands!

That was the end of our day, a walk around the block.

Then, Daddy came home and they ran to Daddy and that is all she wrote!

TwiceBaby "B" and Water Bottles

On Wednesday this week, Twin "B" would go to the box of water bottles in our utility room and take them out one, two or three at a time and place them on our kitchen counter. You see, she sees what Mommy and Daddy to all the time. We take the amount of water bottles we need, at our fingertips, and place them on our kitchen counter. So, whenever we purchase a box of 24 or more bottles of water, she, like clockwork, takes whatever she can hold in her arms and places them on our countertop. It is so cute to see. This is what Twin "B" did last Sunday on our kitchen floor and this is what she did today on our countertop. She is a corker indeed!

My TwiceBabies and Sommersaults

For the past three to four months, my twins have been doing sommersaults. They absolutely love it. I showed them how to do one and they have been doing them ever since. Maybe when they learn to take direction and slow down, I will sign them up for a tumbling class when they are three or four years old in the summertime. Hopefully they will want to sign up and do something like this.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. My twins had a nice day because they got a new baby doll from Mommy and Daddy and some other items they love a lot. Here, they are dressed in a cute Pink Waffle Valentine's Day Dress from Old Navy, given to my girls my their Nana. My twins are looking on with glee at their gifts.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It is so windy today!

I had planned on taking my twins for a walk this afternoon once they woke up from their nap, but it looks like the weather is taking a nasty turn for the worse.

Too bad, the skies look clear and it is not too cool outside.
But, what do you do? Should I have my twins blown away into the wind or the street?

I shall pass on the walk today.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

God Bless!

Local MS Meeting in my City and My TwiceBabies

Last week as I was reading my local newspaper, I found in the classifed area a meeting for MS patients in my city. Now, last year I did see these ads, but like I still am today (a little bit), I was in denial of the symptoms of this disease going through my brain and spine.

Anyway, after seeing the ad once again, I decided to call the woman who heads up these meetings in my city. I left her a message and she called me back some time in the evening. We talked for a long time and I told her I would like to come to the meeting at this particular diner restaurant in my city.

So this morning, I bathed my twins, took my shower, went to the ATM to get some money out and drove to the diner for a meet and greet. The people of this group in my city were only 5, plus the head of the group and myself. That would make a total of 7 people today. Myself and one more person were new to this meeting. I am sure there are others who have MS in my city but like me are in denial of it. I mean, who really wants to admit they have a disease they can not explain and are now taking very expensive drug therapies to keep them alive?

Anyway, I will more likely than not go to another meeting. It would be nice to have a meeting at one of the members homes so my twins can run around because they do not like sitting still. They are only 2!! Full of engery!

God Bless Everyone!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are Chemtrails over your skies making you sick?

These chemtrails are sprayed all over California and America. Look up in the sky and you will see what I am talking about. Do these jets make a sound? Can you tell me why they are silent? Because they do not want you to see or hear them harming you and all our food supply down below.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mum's Fury at MMR Jab Claim

Mum's fury at MMR jab claim

By Kristina Santus
A campaign group has rubbished new claims there is no connection between the MMR jab and autism.

Jackie Fletcher, founder of Jabs support group for vaccine-damaged children, says the results of the latest study are misleading.The mum-of-three from Golborne, said: "It's appalling how the Department of Health (DoH) has sprung to its conclusions. They have not compared like-with-like which proves nothing. "The children in the original study had regressive autism, bowel problems and had suffered an adverse reaction to the MMR – nothing like the group used in this latest study."The new report refutes earlier work by Dr Andrew Wakefield who suggested there was a link between the triple vaccine and autism in a 1998 paper.In the recent study researchers studied blood samples from 240 children aged 10 to 12, to see if the MMR jab had caused an abnormal immune response that could have triggered autism.The said increased antibody levels would have indicated such a response, but in the three groups studied – children with autism, those without and those with special educational needs – no difference was found.Jackie, whose 16 year-old son Robert developed autism and epilepsy weeks after his MMR jab at 10 months, said: "Why would we expect there to be a difference? What is to say that autism is caused by antibodies?"Mrs Fletcher claimed such reports are brought out by the DoH for "political reasons" and added: "They have had the data which this report is based on for four years.

f it was that important why would they sit on it for that long? It's not just a coincidence it is also the anniversary of Dr Wakefield's report."Dr Wakefield's research, which was published in medical journal, The Lancet, landed him before the General Medical Council, along with co-authors, John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch, accused of serious professional misconduct in relation to the study. The hearing is on-going.Following his report, take-up for the triple vaccine plummeted, resulting in an increase in measles. The situation has now reversed after a series of denials by the government.Jackie said: "We asked the government to do a study on 1,200 children whose lives had dramatically changed shortly after having the vaccine, but they said 'bring your science and we'll do it'."The latest study is deceitful and misrepresents the situation.

It doesn't help a new parent make a decision about their child."

The full article contains 416 words and appears in Wigan Evening Post newspaper.

Last Updated: 07 February 2008 9:12 AM

Yup, this is what our oh so lovely government's do, deny, deny and more denial. Their aim is to damage all citizens anyway, shape or form. Can you honestly believe any goverment offical, especially scientists and doctors on the government's payroll? I would hope not.
Mom of Twin Girls

My TwiceBabies Meet New Twin Babies On The Block

Because today was another beautiful and acceptable day to be outdoors for a walk, I took my girls for another walk around our neighborhood.

This time, as we were walking down our sidewalk, we walked across the street to our neighbors home first to say "Hello" and let our neighbors see how big Twins "A and B" are getting. From there, we kept on walking down the sidewalk and as we made our way to the end of the sidewalk corner, Twins "A and B" saw a baby from across the street. My girls were waving at the babies and we decided to look both ways and then cross the street to see the baby.

When we got over to the home, there were infact two babies. They were fraternal boy/girl twins. They were 8 months old and like my twins were born premature weighing only 3 lbs and 8 ounces.

The twins were adorable and the twins Mommy and Daddy were renting this home until they are ready to move to a different city. I told them where I lived and that they could come over whenever she needs to get out of the house.

Pretty soon, my twins were getting bored so I gave the couple my name and they gave me theirs and we said goodbye.

From there, we contiuned our walk, and would stop, look up in the sky, look at birdies, listen to doggies barking and then move on. When we got to the other corner of the sidewalk, we continued down the straight of the sidewalk and when we almost reached the other sidwalk corner, our other friend came out and wanted to see the girls on their leashes looking so cute.

So, we crossed the street, our neighbor got to see the girls and we went into her home so my girls could see her doggy. We stayed for only a while because her clock chimed 5'oClock and the sun was beginning to set. We said, "Bye, Bye" and walked on home.

The walk was fun today and we got to meet our twin neighbors! Yeah!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Trying To Get Your Toddlers To Drink Water

Getting you toddlers to drink water is not always easy as I am finding out. This is because I usually give them, in their sippy cups, half water/half AJ or White Grape Juice.

Since my twins were 10 months old, I began giving the half and half in their sippy cups I have being doing this ever since. Although, sometimes I will give them more water than juice.

A while back, I was given this link to a water bottle topper that I have yet to purchase. I could not remember where the email was for one thing and two I thought it could be purchased at Walgreens. I went to my local Walgreens last week and they do not carry this water bottle topper.

So, just right now, I went through some emails in this one folder I have and lo and behold, I found the water bottle topper email.

And now, I am sharing it with you!

2 Pack Spill Proof Water Spouts by Gerber

Not a bad price for a two pack.

God Bless!!

Daddy Taught Our Twins a New Phrase

The phrase is real cute and they actually say it.

Daddy,while trying to get out girls to sleep two nights ago, had our girls saying, "Daddy Rocks", "Mommy Rocks", "Our Cats Name Rocks", "Sissy Rocks".

That is so cute and they really say it, with a twist thought.

Because they are two and now know how to say the word "NO" all the time and for everything, now they say this new phrase with the word "No" in front of it.

"No Daddy Rocks", "No Mommy Rocks", "No Our Cats Name Rocks" and "No Sissy Rocks".

It is cute hearing them say new words and phrases. Daddy is usually the one getting them to say some new phrase too.

Today's walk with Our TwiceBabies

Today was another nice day for a walk. It is about time we got some nice walking weather. This time, we took a different route and Daddy came along with us. In fact, Daddy walked our girls while Mommy got to take photos of them and watching them stop, look, try and pick up stuf, stop, look, try and pick up stuff and look at a baby who was walking the other direction.
Whenever our twins see a baby, we have to stop and let our girls admire the other baby or babies. I wonder when this "baby" facination will end? LOL
Anyway, here are some photos and a short movie of our outing today.
God Bless!

Dates with Mommy and Daddy Day

Today, because it was so nice, we decided to resume our "Date Time" with Mommy and Daddy.

If you are a parent of twins and are looking for ways to spend special time with your twins on an individual basis, then Date Time with Mommy or Daddy, is the perfect way to bond with each twin, individually.

When Twin "B" was 16 months old, I could sense she needed some individual time with Mommy and or Daddy. So, on March 27, 2007, I began doing Date Time or Night with Mommy and or Daddy. Since then, it has been a big hit with the girls.

Although, when either one of us leaves, at first, the baby left at home will cry and cry for Mommy or Daddy. But when the other twin goes someplace with Mommy or Daddy, everything is alright.

It is funny, when my twins are apart, they still say, "Sissy, Sissy", but they really enjoy the one on one time alone with Mommy or Daddy. There is no competition for our affection and this is a plus, I know, in both of my twins.

Today, Twin "A" went with Daddy to a home he is getting listed and they did a walk through together. Twin "B" and Mommy with to Old Navy and I found the cutest outfit for Spring. I got this beige/cream animal print sweater, a beige tank for under the sweater and a dark brown pair of shorts. I can't wait to wear it. Oh, and I got Twins "A and B" a Spring/Summer looking 2T T-Shirt to go with these dark brown pants they already have.

One thing I deal with, all the time, it competing for my love. My twins probably think Mommy loves one twin more that the other, but this is not the case. Babies and humans in general are just selfish and they always want Mommy and or Daddy all to themselves.

But, if you can find a way to seperate your twins for an hour or two, please do it, they will thank you for the time alone and you will be happy you are getting to know each of your twins on an individual basis.

God Bless!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Walking with My TwiceBabies-On Their Leashes!

Oh, yeah, the weather in my city was really nice in the late afternoon so I decided to take my girls for a walk. They love their teddy bear and puppy dog leashes and I rarely take them for walks because I despise cold weather in the winter time.

But today with the weather so nice, I took them for a walk around out block and they had a blast. They would stop and look in at the birds and airplanes going by. A Choo Choo was going past our home so I pointed out the Choo Choo to them. After the Choo Choo had moved on past our street, we kept walking and seeing other walkers. The other walkers commented on how cute my girls were and not once commented on my girls being on a leash.

I am assuming they could understand why I walk with them on a leash. For saftey reasons...Duh!

Anyway, if the weather is like this tomorrow, I will walk with them again. We all need the exercise and to see the outside now that winter is hopefully leaving and spring is just around the corner.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My TwiceBabies Love Their Kitty

Almost everynight, my twins still get up for a diaper change. This only because we have yet to take away their evening sippy cup of water or milk.

When they get up, they have to always see their kitty cat. During the daytime, their kitty cat hides from them, usually under one of our couches.

But at night, when our twins get a diaper change, our kitty cat and our twins, play with each other for probably ten minutes and our twins just love petting her and saying her name and showing Mommy where our kitty cats food is our kitcken.

My girls love cats and everytime they see a cat on their favorite DVD or TV, they make this adorble sound telling Momy and Daddy they see a kitty cat.

Do or did your babies or toddler's have any cute noises like this? It is just too cute.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Does Having Patience and Twins Go Hand in Hand?

Well, let me start off my saying, NO. We are human and having patience is learned, not taught, in my opinion. Patience is something my husband, parents, sister and my friends pray for, for me that is. I, on the otherhand, am not a fan of praying for patience because I know if I pray for it, God will test me to see why I am not being a patience Mommy and good example to my girls.

Once I earnstly pray and seek patience from the Lord, I know I will have to act on it. Is this a good thing in the whole scheme of things? Do you ever wish you had a bucket full of patience to give out to your children, toddlers or not, or even your adult family members?

I remember once I prayed for patience and all I got was more frustrated. In fact, I recall my level of anger rising. How is this possible? I really want to have patience, in fact I think it is a good thing to possess patience. Being short all the time just causes stress and a boat load of anxiety and the Lord does not want us being anxious for anything.

God is in control and "God is still on the Throne and Prayer Changes things"-from Dr. Noah Hutchings radio show.

You see, I know this, and yet, it is difficult for me to act upon the knowledge I know is in my mind and heart.

Who knew being a parent of two, precious and fun loving, two year and three month old twins could be so life altering? God did. He answered this prayer for me more likely than not before I was even born. He knew I would be the only one in my family able to take care of my girls, strong willed or not. He also knew that because I profess Him as my Lord and Savior, I would have to rely on Him and Him alone.

The only question I have for myself now, is, why am I not doing what should come so naturally to me, praying. Praying to my Lord and Savior for guidance, peace and patience above all. It is not as if I do not want or seek all these things, it is because I am human first and my flesh always seems to get in the way of my relationship with my first love.

I know, if I want a better relationship with my darling twins, I first need a strong relationship, once again, with my Savior.

So, there you have it, this is what I need to do in order to have patience, Pray. Pray all the time and pray with thanksgiving to my Lord who died on the cross for my daily sins and ungrateful heart.

Patience, it is much needed in today's world.
Patience, it can only come from the One who created me.
Without patience and a kind spirit, I will be in despair and this is not something I want or need.

God Bless everyone!

Our TwiceBabies areTwo Years and Three Months Today

Wow, we have made it to two years and three months with our twin girls.

It is such an uphill battle being a parent, let alone a parent to two strong willed twin girls who fight over everything, even if it is the exact same toy or whatever. The fight and kick and scream and pull hair.

Oh, and Twin "A" has a preference for colors. Yes, if Daddy or Mommy give her sister, Twin "B" a certain color of sippy cup, she throws a tantrum and will not take the one color of sippy cup offered to her. Nope, she will fall down on the ground until she gets her way or until Daddy or Mommy walk away.

My goodness, it is amazing that two years and three months have gone by this quickly. It still seems like only yesterday they came home from the NICU. Everytime I look at photos of them on my slideshow in the NICU incubators, I wonder, how in the world did they get so big, so fast?

I can't wait for spring/summer to come around so they can go outside all day long and hopefully get potty trained...

Monday, February 4, 2008

My TwiceBabies and Hi-5!

We have Comcast Cable and with Comcast Cable is a section for KIDS. Under this section are videos from the Discovery Kids Show Hi-5.

Well, my twicebabies just began watching it last week and the LOVE it. I think too much.But, they only like two of the shows. Especially when the cast is a bit younger.

Both my girls will stand up and raise their arms like they too are dancing with Curtis, Karla, Shaun, Jennifer and Kimee. It is just too cute.




Sunday, February 3, 2008

Date Night with my Hubby Man

Tonight, my hubby and I were able to go out on a date.

Wow, it is a rareity, but when it happens, it feels good to get out of the house.

One of my hubby's sisters and her husband came over to watch Twins "A and B" for two hours. Their cousins also came over to play with them. Their cousins are a whole generation a part from them as they are in their twenties now.

My hubby and I ate at a local Italian Restaurant close to our home that we like to eat at. They have good service, a wide selection of entree's to choose from on their menu and two big screen TV's in the upstairs portion of the restaurant.

Then, after dinner,we did some grocery shopping and came home.

I love being able to get out of my home because it gives be a breather and a bit of sanity.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


What an awesome song and video.

Ron Paul is a Virus (lyrics)

by Alexander Paul Morris

How'd you like a leader that knows economics
And wants to take out all the pork belly pirates
So he can get rid of income taxes
And help hardworking people rebuild their stashes
After the private Fed's left them for dead... another Fed bubble

Ron Paul is a virus - Ron Paul is a virus
Once you hear his message you're infected by it.
If FOX is so convinced he's a lunatic
Why are they afraid to let us hear his shtick?

How'd you like a leader who's all laissez-faire
Or a doctor who knows all about healthcare
Someone who knows the history of war
And that policing the world will only end in an uproar

Ron Paul is a virus - Ron Paul is a virus
Once you hear his message you're infected by it.
If FOX is so convinced he's a lunatic
Why are they afraid to let us hear his shtick?

Republican or democrat don't matter to me,
Just one who won't forget civil liberty,
A leader to revive our humanity,
And remind us that we're still the land of the free.

Ron Paul is a virus - Ron Paul is a virus
Once you hear his message you're infected by it.
If you're wondering why the media's so afraid,
google it if you're ready for change.



Friday, February 1, 2008

My TwiceBabies and Cereal

This morning, for the first time, I decided to pour a little bit of cereal and a very little bit of milk into one of their toddlers bowls. The one I used has the three Disney Princesses on the inside.
Anyway, they had a blast and here are some photos and videos to show you how much fun they had.