Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TwiceGirlies and First Day of Summer Vacation

Today is the first day of my TwiceGirlies Summer vacation. Well, it seems more like Spring still than the beginning of Summer. All this morning it has been overcasty,breezy then real windy. My Buzzy Bee flag is whipping all around on my front porch and the flag my parents gave me at the beginning of Spring is twisted around my backyard porch awning.

Do my twins care if it is breezy or windy outside, no, not a bit. They have their "camping" tent set up on the grass in the backyard and having a blast. Mommy wants them to dress warm and they like to dress for Summer weather....all year long...

I do hope the weather gets warmer some time this week. I can not wait to dress is shorts and tanks again. I am not, nor will ever been, a fan of weather below 71 degrees, especially with wind whipping all around.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Final Days of Kindergarten: Monday thru Friday

So, this is indeed my twins last week of school, kindergarten! Oh goodness, this year went by so fast, I can hardly believe it. My twins learned so much this year. When I was a kindergartner in the 70s, I do not recall ever having to "learn" anything. All I did was play indoors with colored blocks, sit on a colored carpet and who knows what else. I played outdoors in the kindergarten playground too.

My twins, on the other hand, had to learn all their letters, numbers at least up to 100, write a sentence (yeah a sentence), learn about colors, shapes (which they learned about at home and pre school), learned to take direction from their teacher, learn about a variety of animals through song, went on two field trips and a school carnival too.

For this final week of school, my twins went to school and left school early. They watched two movies, played some board games and on their last day of school will have a PARTY!!

Oh wow, it is sad to see my twins growing up, right before my eyes. Yes, I am the sentimental type. I mean, how can a Mother not be.

TwiceGirlies at Auntie Leenie's Home Last Weekend

Last weekend Daddy, Mommy and Twins went to Auntie Leenie's home so Daddy could attend a Comic Book Convention. Uncle Mike went with Daddy to see what was available that Daddy would like. While Daddy and Uncle Mike were at the Comic Convention, Mommy, Auntie Leenie and Twins playing in the backyard. We played with the doggies and the new golf sets Leenie got for the Twins from a local grocery store.
My twins love playing in Leenie's backyard, especially with the doggies and around the pond. The best thing about my Aunt's backyard is, well everything. It is a little piece of paradise, sitting on a mountain top in the Silicon Valley. It has taken my Aunt and her husband years to make their backyard into what it is today.

While at my Aunt's home, my twins also helped her make dinner. My twins love being in the kitchen baking or cooking. The photos I took in my Aunt's kitchen were out of focus, but they are still cute.

Besides the cooking photos, the rest of the photos I took are amazing! I love them and the setting. I really like taking photos with my twins outside, in nature. That way, I get to showcase not only my twins, but the beauty around them that the Lord has made.

TwiceGirlies Mom Tries The BRYTON PICK

A couple weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago, I was sent some floss to try out. This floss is really different. The look, the feel and especially the design. I have never seen this type of floss before, much less heard of it. With this floss, it is reusable up to 30 days, it is soft, with flexible edges and is thin. Yes, this floss is thin enough to fit in a purse, wallet or shirt/pants pocket.

If a child or adult wear braces, this is the best floss. With this floss, it will not begin to rip apart. This is amazing and will, more likely than not, replace the "old fashioned" floss. This is something that should have been invented decades ago.

This new dental floss comes in a variety of colors, will protect against tooth decay and gum inflammation too. This most important thing is removing food from your teeth. This can be used all day, everyday and will become part of your daily tooth cleaning routine.

To learn more about this BrytonPick, check it our here.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Owning a Business Requires All Sorts of Answering Services

Owning a business, big or small, will eventually require an order taking service. When anyone wants to place an order, over the phone or online, there needs to be a person taking that order. In order to receive top of the line service for your company, it requires the use of  top of the line answering service equipment.

When it comes to using a call center service this is just as important as using an order taking service. Streamlining calls coming into a single industry will allow clients to be on hold for less. This means a person working for a call center will know what the caller is requesting and will be able to answer their question more efficiently. This in turn reduces the call waiting time as well.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TwiceGirlies Ballet Class Today

My TwiceGirlies had ballet class today with their friends and they were doing an amazing job! I was not in the room with them as they were dancing, but in an adjoining room. While in the adjoining room, I could hear them actually obeying their instructor and it sounded like they were have a lot of fun today.

Their ballet class ends in a couple of weeks and their dance recital will be around that time as well. Oh, today I had my twins try on their costume and my goodness, they look like Summer. This is also the title of their ballet recital.

These are the first photos I of my twins in our backyard wearing their adorable costumes. When I first saw these costumes, which was today, I just fell in love with them. They were totally worth the price I paid for them.

Well, the server is rejecting the photos, probably because they were from my cell phone. I will have to take digital camera photos..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TwiceGirlie "B", Mommy and Behind The Scenes

This morning as I began watching the television show "Behind The Scenes" on TBN, TwiceGirlie "B" sat down next to me. Paul Crouch and Matthew Crouch were talking to an ex-Muslim Afshin Javid about his conversion from being a Muslim to Christianity.

At one part, where Twin "B" was listening to Afshin speak about the power of Jesus and the power in the name of  Jesus and this made an impact on her day. I say this because when I was in the kitchen washing dishes and putting dishes away, I could here Twin "B" in the family room saying this to Twin "A", "Jesus has power and there is power in the Name of Jesus."

I was in the kitchen, still cleaning dishes and putting them away, and was smiling from ear to ear. Twin "B" was actually paying attention to the show and what Afshin was talking about. I was very impressed with my sweet, little girl.

As the evening rolled around, after dinnertime, I could here Twin "B" again, talking about the Name of Jesus to her sister and when I put them down to bed and was praying over my twins as I do every night, I asked Twin "B", "What was it about Jesus you learned today on the television with Mommy"? She looked at me and said, "There is Power in the Name of Jesus." I said, "Yes! You got that right Twin "B"!" and I smiled with a proud smile on my face.

I will have to show Twin "A" this video too and see how she responds to what Afshin talked about in his finding Jesus is "The Way, The Truth and The Life".

Monday, May 2, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Final Days of Kindergarten

**I have finally found another name for my TwiceBabies and TwiceToddlers: TwiceGirlies. Yeah, Daddy, Mommy and our Twins use this word. So, it is only natural I use this word now for all my blog articles going fourth.**

May has a lot to offer this month, there is Mother's Day, my Sister's Birthday and the end of Kindergarten for my twins. Wow, that is a lot of activities. Along with the three activities above, my church, Calvary Chapel Tracy will be having photographs taken with Mother and Child (ren) at our church. Oh, I can not wait for this. How fun for my twins and Mommy. I will have to find something nice to wear before that day comes.

Today, my twins were excited to come back to school, from their week home for Easter (Spring) Break. Everyday they had off from school, they well Twin "A" more than Twin "B" kept asking, "Do we have school tomorrow"? I mean, everyday they would ask. I kept telling them, "No, you do not have school at all this week, it is Easter Break. You will go back to school in such and such days."

Finally, they are back at school and in their final month of Kindergarten.  My goodness, I can not believe they are moving up a grade. My babies are not babies anymore. They have grown up so fast. Sometimes I wish I could go back to when they were born and hold them more than I did.

I love my twins so much and watching them grow up, right before my eyes is a blessing, indeed. I thank the Lord everyday for my twins, for them being healthy and having tons of energy too. This summer should be fun! I can not wait for it to begin..

Drinking Fresh Coffee Requires Owning a Coffee Grinder

Fresh coffee is the best coffee to drink. When I mean fresh, I mean coffee that is ground the morning, or day, an individual will drink it. The best thing about fresh coffee is, the flavors are still locked into the coffee beans. Once the coffee is purchased, already ground, those flavors are released. This is where coffee grinders 
come in. Owning a coffee grinder is one of the best small appliances a coffee lover can own.

There are over twenty makes and models of home coffee grinders to look at and choose from.  The coffee grinder home brands are Ascaso, Compak, Elekra and several others. Depending on what power, style, motor, weight or capacity you seek, along with price range, simply look at whatever model you like on this website. These coffee grinders are an excellent investment to insure you, your family and guests drink the very freshest coffee.

Just as home owner's wants fresh coffee, so to do clients at coffee shops and other places of business. When purchasing coffee from a coffee shop, their commercial coffee grinders can usually be seen next to their coffee or espresso makers. Some commercial coffee grinder brands include a Bunn, GrindMaster, Macap and many more.

These style coffee grinders are more powerful than home grinders and allow a coffee business to add two types of coffee's to a front loading hopper. Depending on which style coffee grinder purchased, hoppers can hold 6 lbs. of regular, decaf or speciality beans.

For any and all coffee lovers, this is the best small appliance to own. When fresh coffee is desired by coffee drinkers everywhere, nothing says fresh coffee more than hearing a coffee grinder being used in a home or business.