Sunday, January 25, 2009

TwiceToddlers at the Oakland Zoo

Last Saturday, my family went to The Oakland Zoo. The weather was just wonderful. It was so good that I spotted more pregnant women, twins and triplets than I have ever seen. I would stop and talk to the parents with twins and say, "It must be twins day!" and I would get the same question posed to me.

The Oakland Zoo, by far, has to be the best zoo in Northern California. The grounds look like a park. Well, actually the zoo is built in a park, up in the Oakland Hills.

My twins, Mommy and Daddy, were able to see Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Meerkats, Giraffe's, Monkey's and Otter's. Yeah, Otter's, in a zoo, not aquarium. Oh, and in the petting zoo, my twins were able to pet Goat's and see the Sheep. The Sheep were lying in a grassy area outside the stables.

Then, when my twins began to get semi tired, we left the zoo and went to this new area where the kids can get on a Carousel and a Car ride. The rides were similar to those on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
Here are some photos of my twins at the Zoo and on the rides outside the zoo.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Are You Looking for Organic Baby Skin Care Products?

When my twins were infants, I remember looking online for companies that made and sold organic baby skincare and hair products. I have to say, the search for organic baby care products was easy. But, I was looking for companies who actually used the products they made and sold.

Since my twins were born, I have used several companies that make organic products. But, it was not until summer 2008 that I found a company I will be using from here on out.

This company is called Nature's Baby Organics which is located in Southern California. Nature's Baby Organics was created by Adena Surabian. Adena, like you and me, was concerned about the chemically based products being put on her children's skin. Adena's first daughter seemed to have harsh allergic reactions to store bought baby products, even baby sunscreens.

After some thought, Adena decided to turn to nature for ways to keep her children's skin from coming into contact with unnatural chemical compounds. Like other Mom's, Adena could only purchase, and use, store bought baby products that were on the market. These baby products not only had a perfume scent, but a medicine smell as well. Honestly, who wants this type of product on a sweet babies skin?

Before her decision to create organic baby skincare and hair products, Adena was the owner of an online child safety store. This means she knew the trends of what Mommy's were looking for which made her research easy. Within the 2 years it took to research and develop her skincare and hair products, her second daughter was born and she had severe Eczema.

This is when creating skincare and hair products, only found in nature, became Adena's driving force. No longer would chemically based, store bought skincare and hair products for babies, be applied to her children's delicate skin.

Adena's story is every mother's story. When I read her story and saw the line of products she manufacturer's and sells, I knew they were for my twins as well.

Since finding Nature's Baby Organics online, I have been using the Shampoo & Body Wash. This is the very best shampoo and body wash I have ever found for my twins. The main ingredients are Organic Aloe, Comfrey, Calendula & Chamomile. This shampoo and body wash comes in Vanilla-Tangerine Scent or Lavender-Chamomile Scent. I always purchase the latter. The best thing about these scents are, they do not harm baby and are not perfumy at all.

Another product I always purchase for my twins very soft skin is the Organic & Preservative Free Diaper Cream. This cream is made with the main ingredients of Organic Sunflower, Cocoa Butter, & Castor Seed Oil and is fragrance free. Once you put this on your baby or toddlers bottom, you will wonder where this has been all this time? When it comes to powdering your baby or toddlers bottom, chest, back, feet or under arms, the Silky Dusting Powder made with Organic Aloe, Chamomile & Calendula and comes in a Rose Chamomile Scent. The Silky Dusting Powder is also made 100% talc free and absorbs oils and moisture.

These are only three products I recommend to all the concerned Mommy's out there. I say only three because there are more lovely skincare products for baby, and if you like, parent too.

When it comes time for your baby, or toddler, to turn in for the night, there is nothing better to calm them down that spray a light mist of the Aromatherapy Calming Spray on babies sheets and/or pillow. The calming spray is made with Organic Aloe, Calendula & Lavender for that calming feeling to begin. It also comes in a Lovely Lavender Scent which, as most of us know, lavender is a soothing herb for babies, toddlers and adults alike.
This is another organic product I do use on my twins sheets and pillows right before bedtime. It takes no less than 20 minutes before they are sleeping like little babies.

There are other great organic products to purchase. Just take a look the website, or if you live in the Los Angeles area, or where ever you live, just type in your zip code the find the store closest to you for your purchase of organic skincare and hair products for your baby or toddler.

Friday, January 16, 2009

TwiceToddlers and The Miracle

The miracle you may say. Oh yeah, and let me tell you why. For once, since in my twins little lives, they actually obeyed Mommy and fell asleep for their one, that is right, one afternoon nap. Not once did I have to go into their room and threaten to take away something from them. There was also no reason for Mommy to discipline them.

Oh, sure I heard them talking for a little bit. This is always the case, each and every day. But today was different and I think I know why. Tomorrow, Daddy and Mommy are taking our twins to the zoo. They will love this zoo because there are Lions and Tigers, not Bears, but other cool animals there they want to see.

Anyway, here is a photo of them sleeping, on their own. No Mommy intervention required here!

Yes, God still provides miracles....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

TwiceToddlers and The Queen Bed

Since the beginning of 2009, my twins have taken in upon themselves to wake up around midnight or 1AM, wailing and wanting to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. Well, from the title of this blog, you can see we sleep in a queen bed. If you know what a queen bed looks like, it is semi long and not very wide. So, with four bodies in the bed, it gets crapped.

So, my DH has decided to check out King beds. On Monday or was it Tuesday, we all went out looking at King sized beds. Now, our room is quite small and therefore we would have to remove some furniture.

This plan of action does not sit well with Mommy at all. I do not want to enable my twins in this venture. They have their own beds and need to sleep in them.

Yesterday, I read this article from Parententing about seperation anxiety in toddlers and preschool aged kids. In the article, it talked about 3 and 4 year olds wanting to snuggle next to their Mommy and Daddy. The article said kids this age just want to have confirmation their Mommy and Daddy will not leave.

Well, whatever this thing is, I will have no part of it. If my twins want a happy Mommy, and not cranky, this sharing of Mommy and Daddy's bed will just have to stop.


Since Daddy told our twins to stay in their own beds (Tuesday), they have not made their way, as much, to our bed. Let's see how long this lasts. Just keep them in your prayers that they will obey Mommy and Daddy.

God Bless...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seeing the Everyday

Over the Christmas season of 2008, I began reading this awesome book called, "Seeing the Everyday". This book is an 8x10 paperbound book which holds inside it many familiar stories or poetry in the prosaic. These familiar stories are about growing up in loving homes when families who created a warm and cozy enviroment.

There is this one story I read that reminded me of me growing up. The story was about coming home from school and smelling cookies baking at the front door. Oh, I remember my Mom always having fresh baked cookies or breads cooling on the kitchen counter when my sister and I would come home from school. Those smells and memories are still very vivid in my mind.

The stories in this book are heartwarming and take you back to a childhood that faded too fast. These stories will bring tears to your eyes and soul and they also lift your spirits. Everbody has a story to share and this is the best place to do it.

If you are interested, like I was, in this book, you can go to their website: Seeing the Everyday and order a copy. If you, like me want to share your childhood or adult stories, the editors are accepting those too.

TwiceToddlers, like little Parrots

My twins are so funny these days. When Daddy or Mommy are driving and we are at a stop light, if it turns green and the person in front of us has not gone yet, we say, "Come on Dude." Now, our twins are saying, "Come of Dude." It is the funniest thing to hear.

Oh, our twins little voices are so sweet, when they are not fussy, whiny or being mean to each other.

Let's see, I also have my twins saying this funny word I think I made up years ago, like back in high school. The word is "Okums Dokums", for okie dokie.... I will have to record my twins saying this and put it up here for you to listen. Twin "B" says it the cutiest, with Twin "A" following.

The older my twins get, the more they are beginning to understand and retain. I hear them talking to each other and one twin will say, "Don't do that" or Stop doing that". It is as if they know when one twin is doing something wrong or hurtful. My twins also, at times but not often, play nicely with each other. This is more true when they are in daycare. My twins seems to 'stick together' when not at home. This is one good trait of having twins.

I just love seeing my twins grow in their mental capacity and knowledge of things I had no idea they even knew. They must be learning from watching Mommy, Daddy, daycare providers and their educational shows which they like very much.

God Bless growing TwiceToddlers

Saturday, January 10, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Daycare

Since the beginning of this new year, my twins and I have begun praying before their daycare days. Well, it seems to be working. As if I had any doubts!

Twin "B" loves when I ask if she wants me to pray. Twin "B" loves it when I ask if she wants Mommy to pray because she shakes her head, Yes, and holds out her hand for me to take, along with Twin "A". The, we close our eyes and I saw a prayer about their time with their friends and how Mommy will be back to pick them up soon.

From the reports I get, as soon as I leave, my twins are fine and no more tears. That is what I was shooting for,no more tears or hysteria.

Yes, seperation anxiety still, at times, exists with my twins. My Mom says this is the age when it happens.

God Bless my sweet TwiceToddlers

Sunday, January 4, 2009

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There, how easy can that be to lose weight? When you take Proactol, you will soon be on the right track to looking, and feeling, the way you want to be.

TwiceToddlers at Auntie JuJu's Birthday Party

Tonight, we went over to Auntie JuJu's home to celebrate her belated birthday. Last week, she was sick, so we held the birthday off until tonight.

My goodness, every time we go see Auntie JuJu, my twins just have to play with the kitty toys. When they can, my twins try and take the kitty toys home with them. But tonight, we caught them holding so many toys in their arms, we had to say, "No, the toys stay here for the kitties."

Whenever we come to Auntie JuJu's home, the kitties scatter to the four winds. It is the funniest thing to see.

Anyway, our twins helped Auntie JuJu blow out her candles as this is something they like to do for every one's birthday. They began blowing out candles for my birthday last year, they their own birthday, Daddy's and now Auntie JuJu's.

My twins love going places, but coming home is a whole different ball game. Let's not even go there...

God Bless!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

TwiceToddlers, GG and Leenie

Last night, GG and Leenie came over to my home. Well, all I can say is, the twins had so much fun with GG. My twins were not normal at all. They were singing and dancing and jumping all over GG. Leenie had to take Twin "B" down off GG's back as she was sitting down at the breakfast table.

Oh goodness, I was just so amazed to see my twins actually interacting with my Gramma. It only took three years for them to come around to GG and spend time with her. I know it made GG happy to finally see them come around to her as well.

We all had a good time. My DH's parents came over for a while to see GG and talk to her. My DH's Dad watched football in the family room with Uncle Mike, while my DH's Mom talked to my Gramma, Leenie and myself in the living room.

In the living room is where Twin's "A and E" were so hyper, dancing and singing, "Give me Little Kiss"

I had so much fun and it made my heart leap to see my sweet twins loving my Gramma. My Gramma had a lot of fun singing and playing with her twin Great Grand

My Gramma had so much fun singing and playing with her Great Twin Girl Grandchildren.

God Bless

Thursday, January 1, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Manners

Over the past couple of months, one of my twins, Twin "A", has began saying, "Sorry Mommy", if she happens to step on my toes or hurts me in playtime. It is the funniest thing because I do not think I taught her this. Although, she does here me tell her and her sister sorry when I hurt them in play or bump them hard.

I just love hearing it, "Sorry Mommy". Twin "A" says it like she knows what it means and that is the neatest thing.

Twin "B" is beginning to say this as well and it just to funny to hear them say this. I am sure they know what it means, right?

Anyway, it seems they are slowly learning manners.

Right on TwiceToddlers!!