Saturday, January 10, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Daycare

Since the beginning of this new year, my twins and I have begun praying before their daycare days. Well, it seems to be working. As if I had any doubts!

Twin "B" loves when I ask if she wants me to pray. Twin "B" loves it when I ask if she wants Mommy to pray because she shakes her head, Yes, and holds out her hand for me to take, along with Twin "A". The, we close our eyes and I saw a prayer about their time with their friends and how Mommy will be back to pick them up soon.

From the reports I get, as soon as I leave, my twins are fine and no more tears. That is what I was shooting for,no more tears or hysteria.

Yes, seperation anxiety still, at times, exists with my twins. My Mom says this is the age when it happens.

God Bless my sweet TwiceToddlers

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