Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twins without television: Week 4, Day 4

Alright, today is Thursday and tomorrow will be the last day I will write about my twins not watching television. I know, it is interesting reading about my twins not even talking about missing television. Maybe it is because I allow them to watch television Friday after school until Sunday evening. Either way, they do not seem to miss the television during the school week. Sometimes on Friday evenings we will have a Girls Movie Night and they look forward to that. Watching a movie is not television to me, or my girls, but it is Friday remember.

Today is Thursday though and I will talk about Thursday events.

For today's chores when they come home from school, they dust the family room coffee table, piano and fireplace. Then they will complete this weeks homework where they do more math, reading, spelling words, vocabulary and high frequency words.

Again, like the last three days, I will read to them, or they read to me, I will probably give them a Spanish lesson because Monday we did an Italian lesson. I will also read more from the

Oh, I will also have my girls read me some of the book so we can finish this book and begin this book:

My girls are beginning to like reading, it is taking them a while to like it though. I told them this morning that I am reading three books right now. Well I read them on my Kindle Fire and it is just easier to read them this way.

I LOVE this Kindle Fire. It totally rocks. I listen to all my speciality radio on here like The Sons of Liberty. I also play some games on here and download a lot of free books or samples and free games. Oh, and it you want to read your email, you can do it here too.

Alright, tomorrow will be my last day of writing about my twins not watching television. This month writing about them not watching television has been fun, but I will be writing on a different subject, a little bit harder, but will be worth the effort.

Until Friday,


Twins without television: Week 4, Day 3

Yeah, it is Hump Day! Don't you just love Hump Day? Right smack in the middle of the week. I still do not recall that poem about the television being in the home. Now, ever since my twins stopped watching television, their grades have improved. That darn television is such a distraction, no wonder my grades were not good in grade and high school...over **** years ago. Wouldn't you like to know how many years...hahahaha!

So my girlie's are halfway through with their homework packet. Today they do math and reading as always and learn their spelling words, vocabulary and high frequency words.  Before they begin their homework, they do clean the bathroom counter top and mirror. This is their Thursday chores and it only takes them forever when they argue of who will go first. I think next week I will switch my twins chores around. Twin "A" asked about that yesterday and it actually sounds like a good idea.

My cat is distracting me as I am writing. She keeps wanting to go out, them come in, them go out, them come in. My childhood cat did the same thing.Maybe it is an age thing, as they get older and all.

Until Thursday,


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 4, Day 2

Today is Tuesday and it is beautiful outside. Even though it is beautiful, it is chilly. My heat keeps going on, which if fine with me. I really am not a fan of cold weather, never had been. Even when I wear my soft and squishy robe, I am still chilly. But, this has nothing to do with my twins and no television. There is this poem about the television as the new friend in the home,but I can not find it anywhere. I was hoping to post it here, but alas, I can not find it. If you know the name if this poem, please post a comment here.

Well, Tuesday is here and my twins do their homework today as well. Just like the last three weeks, my twins do their assigned homework after doing there chores. Now, I do not give them more than one chore to do around this home and it is something quite easy. On Tuesday's my twins my twins collect the trash around the home and throw it into our big city trash can outside. If my twins were stronger, I would have them take the city trash to the street.

Do you have chores for your children? Now, I am a, or used to be a neat freak, and it was hard for me to give up the chores I normally do. But, I knew I had to teach my twins responsibility and taking care of their things in our home. Once the chores and homework is complete, and if the weather permits, I let them go outside and play in the backyard or ride their bikes/razors.

So, this was their Tuesday.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 4, Day 1

So it is Monday, the first school day of the week. It has now been three weeks, going on four weeks, since my precious twins have NOT watched television. It really is nice, especially when they do not think about it or complain about not watching it. It, that is exactly what the television is, an IT. It sits on my dresser drawn and it sits on the family room. Now, if you are new to reading this blog thread on the progress of my twins NOT watching television, I began this three weeks ago as an experiment. Mommy does allow her twins to watch television from Friday after school to Sunday evening though. This experiment has extended, without complaint and it is making Mommy a happy camper, indeed.

Now, Mommy has not watch television since last June 2012 and the news for over two years. If I get my news , it is from the Internet, or speciality radio talk shows. Also, if you have been reading my blog thread on no television for my twins, you will have learned that I am teaching them some Spanish and Italian from this software called Learn Italian with . I am just teaching my twins these languages for about 30 minutes, as I am learning these languages myself. Right now, my twins are learning some simple words, not really phrases. Mommy also reads to them from these books:. . . If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620
What Your Second Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good Second Grade Education (Core Knowledge Series) and playing this game:  Brain Quest Smart Game (it is FUN to be smart). Now, I do not read and play these all the time, put I am doing all I can to distract them from the television.

I am almost done reading If you Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 and then begin reading  If You Lived In Colonial Times. I love these history books for kids. I am even learning more information about American history that I never learned, or have forgotten. Of course, our history has been and continues to be re-written, sadly, but it seems to be as close to the truth that I will be able to teach my girls, at home.

So, until Tuesday,


Friday, January 25, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 3, Day 5

Yeah, TGIF! Well, it is TGIF for me, not so much for my twins since they will not be watching television all today and probably this weekend. Well, it is supposed to rain, but we have a lot of things to do in the house. We have games to play and well, movies are not really television, so I might allow a couple movies.

Anyway, I was trying to read to them from the "What Your Second Grader Should Know", book and they would not sit still. So, I told them they would get no television Friday or this weekend. Do you think I am too hard on them? I do not think so.

Well, last night I was going to read to them from the history section of this book: American History and Geography. This is just a little section, but would my twins sit still...noooooooo. So, they got their day of television taken away. Oh well, I will do some Spanish and Italian lessons with them and we can play one or two Brain Quest games.

Alright my friends, well have a blessed weekend and stay safe. I will write again on Monday. Yeah, going on week 4!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 3, Day 4

So today is Thursday, just one more day closer to Friday. Today is the last day for their homework this week and their packet is complete. I was not able to read to them from this book. But I am almost done with this book and will start of the is book.

Then, after I read these books, I think I will buy this book next. I am trying to read these books in the proper order. There really is no order since they are written by different authors.
This looks like a good book. I would rather teach these to my girls even before they learn them in school. It can not hurt them to be ahead of their classmates when it comes o American history, right? Anyway, I am still reading this book. This book is really good as I have told you before in last weeks article. This book, to me, is way advanced for any second grader, but there are all subjects in here: Language & Literature (poetry, stories, learning about language, familiar sayings), History & Geography (world history and geography, civilaztions in Asia, Ancient Greece, American History & geography, Our Constitution, The War of 1812, Westward Ho!, et. al.) Visual Arts, Music, Mathematics (working with number to 100), working with numbers to 1,000), money, word problems, et. al, Science (the cycle of life and seasons), the water cycle, insects, the human body, magnetism, simple machines and stories about scientists.)

As you can see, this book (above) is packed with all sorts of goodies for kids to learn, to supplement their in class learning. And, you, like me, do not have to treat this like it is school work at all. So, far, I have read my twins poetry and stories. I also showed them the cycle of life and seasons.

Alright,I will write tomorrow to, but it is the end of the school week and I will allow them to watch television from Friday evening to Sunday evening and them back to no school during the school week.

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Twins Without Television:Week 3, Day 3

Yeah, we made it over the HUMP! It is always nice to make it over the hump, don't you think? Well, today the girls came home from school and we did their assignment for today. If you have been following my articles on my twins no longer watching television during the school week, you will know they have several homework assignments they do each day of the week. They do math and 1 minute reading everyday from their packet.

Aside from the above, I read from their anthology and when time permits, teach them, and myself, Spanish and Italian. I have found that these two languages are similar. This makes learning them at the same time easy.

Now, since my twins have no extra curricular activities right now, it makes learning much easier. As much as I love them doing something outside of school, I really want them focusing in school too.

After they complete their assignments for today, they do their chores and if they miss a day of chores, they combine them.

Alright! I will talk to you tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 3, Day 2

Well today is Tuesday and the girls are back to school. They are at school all day, come home, do their chores and them homework. After homework, sometimes I will do a short Spanish lesson or Italian lesson with them. That is what I did today. We did a small Spanish lesson. After the Spanish lesson, I read from their class anthology which is talking any animals that camouflaged.The stories are cute and my girls are learning to comprehend the stories I read them better.

After their homework, we do other things around the house, usually they do their chores, them set the table, we read or play a game and they take a bath.

Alright, well until tomorrow!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Twins Without Television:Week 3, Day 1

So today is MLK, twins were not in school, but last night my twins had a sleepover at their friends home. They got home around 1ish and we just stayed home the rest of the day. They played outside and I attempted to read to them, that never happened.

Well, since they did not go to school today, guess what Mommy let them guessed it..they watched television. Well, they watched television and played outside. I was not going to allow them to sit in front of the television all day just because it was a day off school.

I do have my girls going to bed earlier now. They really do need the extra sleep since it takes them a while to actually fall asleep. But, when I spray lavender on their pillows and around the room, they tend to fall asleep faster.

Alright then, see you tomorrow,


Sunday, January 20, 2013

TwiceGirlies Going To Sleepover

My twins were finally able to go to a sleepover. They love a sleepover. We took them over tonight and they will stay until the early afternoon. It is rare we do sleepovers, but when they have days off of school, this is the perfect time for them to have fun with their friends.

Tonight my twins and their friends will be sleeping in their sleeping bags under a homemade tent. Oh that should be fun. My goodness, don't you miss these days? Days when you had no responsibilities and could just play with your friends? I think I went to sleepovers until I was 13.

My twins brought over the barbie dolls and their plastic unicorn to play with. They will  have a blast. Tomorrow, hopefully they will be able to play outside when the weather is warm.

Okay, so until next time...


Friday, January 18, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 2, Day 5

Alright! We made it through another week without television (minus the one hiccup!). I love it. It really is nice not seeing my twins sitting in front of the television everyday. I know my  twins are not 'vegging' in front of that "box" everyday. I can tell you this, since I stopped watching the television last June, (of course I am still online) my brain is not mush anymore. I do work online, freelance writer and office help, so I really do need to be online.

Aside from being online, I do listen to the radio(music/talk). But this is not about me, it is about my twins and them not watching the television anymore (well two weeks so far). I figure, as long as I do not bring up the name 'television', they are probably not thinking about it or want to watch it, right? Well I hope so...

I did forget to mention this on yesterday's post. I bought this book for my twins; and began reading some poetry from this book for them. It is a really amazing book. It is an all inclusive book on subjects like Language & Literature, History & Geography, Visual Arts, Music, Mathematics and Science.  

Last night, from this book, I read these Poems: Bed in Summer by Robert Louis Stevenson, Caterpillars by Aileen Fisher, Bee! I'm Expecting You! by Emily Dickinson and Hurt No Living Thing by Christina Rossetti and Harriet Tubman by Eloise Greenfield. After reading these poems to my twins, I stopped because we played Yahtzee! In this Language & Literature section, there are also Stories like The Emperor's New Clothes, The Magic Paintbrush, Beauty and the Beast, How Wendy Met Peter Pan, American Tall Tales like Paul Bunyan, Myths from Ancient Greece like Heroes and Monsters, Gods and Goddesses. In the Learning About Language section students (my twins) will learn about Sentences, Nouns Names a Person, Place or Thing, Singular and Plural Nouns and more.

Oh goodness, I can go on with all the sections and what they cover. I really wanted to get into some science last night, but was not able to. Since today is Friday, it is highly unlikely I will do any 'teaching' from this awesome book, but I can on Monday since they will not be in school for MLK, Jr. Day.

Alright my lovely readers....have an amazing weekend and I will write on Monday!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 2, Day 4

Thursday, we have made it to Thursday, but I have a little secret. My twins have been going to the gym with Daddy as they have since they were a year old. They have friends at the gym, their "Gym Friends" if you will. Anyway, Daddy just confessed something to me this week. Can you guess what it is? You got that right, they are watching television! An hour of television. This is something that never even occurred to me. So, does this mean my twins are still watching television? In my mind, I would like to say, "No". I would never have known my twins were watching television, if Daddy had not told me. This means Daddy's conscience was bothering him and he had to tell me.

So, from where I am sitting, my twins are still not watching television during their school week.Does this still count? Well, it will have to because going to the gym is not something new to them, but they told me because they were feeling guilty.

Well, aside from this "hiccup 2", my twins come home from school and 1) do their chores, 2) homework and 3) we sometimes do some language lessons. Or, we can play a game of Brain Quest or Yahtzee!  Just like last week, my twins still do not ask about watching television or being bored. This is a good thing because, I, Mommy am really doing all I can to "redirect the stream/tide/et al" if you know what I mean.

Alright, so until tomorrow...


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 2, Day 3

Oh yeah, twins have made it over the HUMP without any television viewing. It certainly is nice having my twins come in the backdoor and not hearing them say they want to watch TV. The best thing about not watching television is, my twins brains are not being filled with nonsense. Nonsense would be things that are disrespectful to parents.

Like I wrote about last week, these shows on television today are written where the kids are "ruling" over the parents. These kids in the television shows, popular name kids channels of course, have their writers writing all these lines for some of the actors ages 5-18, maybe, totally backtalking to their television parents.

Now, I am not sure if the shows I used to watch in the 1970s, 1980s and even early 1990s, had kids in the television shows talking like these kids on television do today. Tell me, how is this a good thing for our children and our society when children are no longer respecting their parents?

Yeah, not good at all.

Aside from the disrespectful speech in these "kids" television shows, television drains the brains. I came to this conclusion, well.....last June. I figure, if I can do this, stop watching television, so to can my twins, right?

I was just talking to hubby about this last night.

I said, "Well kids in the early 1900s did not watch television and they did alright."
Then is says, "Were you there?"
"Of course not", I said and "It was probably the best thing that could have happened to those kids back then."

So, this is where I will end today on.....TWINS.....Without Television: Week 2, Day 2

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 2, Day 2

It is now day two of my twins without television and still no questions about, "Can I watch some TV?" They just have not asked about watching that "box", just sitting there in my bedroom or living room. I think because I stopped watching television last June, I have been an example to them that it is not necessary to watch television in order to stay occupied.

There are other things to do besides watching television. Things like read, play games, color, draw, play with dolls. Things like this.

Sure I watched television when I was their age and it is a shame I did. People just become consumed with television and it seems to change our internal thinking. This is especially true when there are so many "brainless" shows being sold to television stations and spit out into the television airways for public consumption.

One thing I am really looking forward to when my twins not watching television is.....learning to be nice to each other. Honestly, I think this is a twin issue, especially when they are this young. They are fighting for  my attention and this becomes a stressor on them and Mommy.

Oh, just keep us in your prayers as my twins continue to NOT watch television and reroute their brains being able to learn good skills, not bad behavior from the television shows they like so much.



Books Vs. TV

Turn Me Off!

Unplug The Signal

Are You Living The American Dream?

The Truth Face of Television

Don't Think

Free Your Mind


Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies

We Are A Brainwashed Generation

Your Brainwashed

Monday, January 14, 2013

Twins Without Television: Week 2, Day 1

So today is day one of the second week without television. This is very nice. Not only is the house calmer, unnecessary noise from the television that is, but I am expecting (praying) for all our attitudes to change. The television seems to create an uneasiness in the home. It is all that background noise I think and of course messages in all the shows that cause stress in the home.

Now, look this is not something to just go "cold turkey" with either. This will take time. Right now, I am allowing my girls to watch television when they get home from school on Friday-Sunday evening. This is what I did last weekend on their 1st week without television.

I am seeing that television is not only a distraction, but a total hindrance towards learning. It is as if all my girls had on their minds was what show they were going to watch and at what time. Look, I have not watched television since June and it is wonderful. Well, I listen to the radio, music and talk shows, but at least I am not wasting time sitting in from on a television learning nothing and being mesmerized by a 30 or 1 hour show.

Oh it would really be nice if my girls would just stop watching television altogether. This is day one of week two. I think as long as I do not bring up the fact they are not watching television, they will not think about it.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Enemy of God, Indeed

I was reading Bradlee Dean's recent article titled, "Enemy of God=enemy of America". It is such a shame America has come this far to think that we are still, today fighting over religion and our religions practices. I am reading this sample book right now titled, "England's Greatest Queens: Elizabeth and Victoria". This book-where I read until the sample ran out-spoke about the Catholic Church and the things King Henry VIII did to annul his "marriages". He seemed to not like the Church and he wanted to "become the church" so he could make up the rules as he saw fit.

Well, this somewhat sounds like today, with the Christian church in America. Not only is this somewhat happening in America, but it is taking away the reason why pilgrims left England in the first place, to flee the persecution of Christians and being forced to serve a religion under the King of England.

The only thing was, when the pilgrims came to America, they were all serving the God of the Holy Bible. They refused to be under the rule of a King who frowned upon non Catholics. As America grew, Christianity became the religion of the land and this has been the religion of America ever since. If you are not aware of this, the colonies, at first carried over their religious persecution, each to its own colony. At the beginning of the America's, the US Constitution, then, was rather novel among the colonies in allowing anyone to practice their (Christian) religion. So, I will replace this paragraph where on my article?

This only became an issue when Communism infiltrated America. How could this be? Who allowed this to happen and why did it happen at all? Well, Bradlee Dean tells us in his column, Enemy of God=enemy of America. Bradlee tells his readers how atheists and humanists are more than willing to 'stir the pot' to change, or remove, altogether a religion (actually Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with Christ) that has been in America since its founding.

It is sad to see how the minority are 'overthrowing' the majority and Christians are allowing this to happen. It is awesome though how there are some groups, especially in my state, SaveCalifornia, who really do want to save California and keep Christianity intact.

If Christians do not know their Christian heritage or why the pilgrims really came to America, then is it any wonder why America is losing its religion (relationship with God)? Slowly, the Christian colleges and universities began taking God out and bring atheism in. How could this happen and why was it allowed to happen?

Indoctrination, oh this is just a little part. With indoctrination comes disobedience and turning America's back on God. Our God who is sovereign and therefore made America sovereign that made America a "shining city on a hill".

All of a sudden, professors in once Christian universities are rewording and taking out altogether Christian doctrine and 'showing students' why 'there is no God' and even our presidents lie to fit an agenda. Well, what do you think these professors and universities are doing? They are mocking God above all and when Jesus comes to retrieve His church, the first word they will, more likely than yout say is, "Oh God, oh God!". Shame, these professors should feel nothing but shame for their behavior and turning college students against the God who created them, in His imagae.

God does not lie, man does and these atheists and humanists will have a heavy price to pay for their disobedience to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Twins without television-1 week-Day 5

Yeah, we made it to Friday (TGIF). Well since the twins had no homework today, guess what the first thing they asked about when they walked into the backdoor? "Can we watch some TV?" Oh, I knew it was going to happen, but was really hoping, deep down, they were not going to ask. Needless to say, they wanted to watch and I gave in.

I mean, I really did not think it would last...forever, but it was good while it lasted. I did give my twins one stipulation though, I said, "The only time you can watch television is on Friday when you get home from school until Sunday evening and then back to the Monday through Thursday routine." I mean, it is still semi not watching television, right?

There is this one show on a popular kids channel my twins like to watch and I watch it sometimes with the twins. Well I watched in on Friday and one of the daughters in this show talks to her Mom, raising her voice and called her Mom, "Woman". I was like, "Girls, you do NOT call Mommy "Woman" this is total disrespect and this is what all these "new" kids shows writers are doing, having the actors speak these lines where they parents are looked down on as nothings and as complete idiots."

This is why I wanted to see if they could go a week without watching television. It did not seem to phase them at all...until Friday when they got  home from school. I really want to keep this going, along with seeing if I can cut down or out altogether their sugar intake. It is always easier said than done.

Keep me in your prayers.

I am their example and since I do not watch television at all anymore, I can be that example. Although, the sugar thing is something I am still struggling with. So yeah, prayer, this will be greatly appreciated.

I will keep this *blog: Twins without television....* going and if I forget to write, remind me..

God Bless...


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Twins without television-1 week-Day 4

It is now day 4 and we are over the hump, even though there was a little hiccup. So today when the twins got home we sat at the dining table as always and begin doing homework. Like the days before, twins have not talked or asked about watching television. This had me beaming knowing they really could not care less if the television was on and they might be missing a show they liked.

After homework, like the days before, they did their chores and then we played a game of Brain Quest. Oh, this is a fun learning game. Well, it is disguised as a game and it is really fun. I mean, I do not even know a lot of the questions in this game, and quite frankly, why would I?


Yeah, this is a fun game and it goes from grade 1 to 6 with five categories :Math, Science, Reading, Arts and The World. I love this game! This was a Christmas gift to the twins from Daddy and we all play together or just The Girls.

Anyway, today the twins did not bring up television at all and that made Mommy a Happy Camper. Now, let me see if the twins will not watch television until at least Friday evening. (Cross my fingers!)


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Twins not watching television: 1 week-Day 3

So now we are at day 3 and it is alright. Twins are not asking about watching television at all. This is great. Let me see how long this lasts today. I have not been talking about television, so they would have no reason to be wants to watch television. Right now, we are doing homework, as we do everyday when they get home from school.

Their teacher gives them some homework assignments to do in a packet. Each day they have about four assignments to complete.Today they are doing vocabulary words, math and reading. After they complete their homework, they will do some simple chores. My sister had made a cool chore chart and placed it on her refrigerator. I liked it and asked her to send it to me. Now, I add chores to it I want the twins to do.

After their chores are/were done, I was letting my twins look, listen and say some Spanish and Italian words. Oh! The language software I am using is Babbel, off my Kindle Fire. It is awesome and free. I am even learning some new words. I am also seeing the similarities in Spanish and Italian words. Interesting...

Okay, so my twins almost got through the full day without wanting to watch the television, but for some reason Twin "A" left the homework table and went to my bedroom and turned on the TV! Of course, Twin "B" came and told Mommy and I had Twin "A" turn off the television right away.

But, this will not happen I will see you tomorrow..



Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Twins without television-1 week-Day 2

It is day 2 of the Twins without television and it is going alright. Not once have my twins complained about not watching television or missing their favorite shows. It is not as if I am keeping them occupied in another way, well I am teaching them to speak some Spanish and Italian words off  my smart phone, but this does not take long.

Along with teaching them some Spanish and Italian words, I am reading to them from these two books:

These two books are keeping my twins occupied and they are actually learning American history, from a child's perspective. These are easy to read books and I am even learning things about America I had forgotten, or was never taught. There are a lot of other books in this series that I intend to purchase once I finish these books.

So, I am looking forward to tomorrow when I will be at the "hump" of this weeks trial in No TV during the school week.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Twins without television-1 week DAY 1

At the beginning of this week I told my twins they would not be watching TV for a week. So, on Sunday, today, my twins did not want TV. So far my twins have not complained about not being able to watch TV. They have their three or four shows they like to watch a lot. On of of the networks they watch shows on, they watch a show from the 1990s that I used to watch.

This show they watch is alright because the kids are not smart alec's and nasty to each other. The kids are not back talking to their parents or friends. This one show I have no problem allowing them to watch.

But the television, during the school week, is far too much and I just can not have it right now. So, this is the first week, yet, first week and first day, where my twins will not be watching TV.