Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TwiceToddlers Going to Cousin Ryan's Birthday Tonight

Yesterday was my twins male cousins birthday. His birthday is being celebrated tonight though. I will not be attending because this is the last night of my bible study on I and II Peter.

My twins are so excited. They love 'birfdays'. Especially their own and can not wait until Fall so we can celebrate their birfday again. Speaking of their 5th birfday, they are now saying they want to go to "Chubby Cheese" instead of Disneyland. Well, I have not even told them yet about Disneyland because they would talk about going to Disneyland until their actual birfday.

So, as the girls are celebrating this cousin's birthday, I will be wrapping up the my I and II Peter bible study which was amazing. I had no idea how wise and insightful Peter was. He speaks to all our insecurities and how we should have no fear and trust in the Lord.

"Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel" is now Ready for Purchase

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This was always a fun movie to watch when I was the age my kids are today. This is a great movie to add to your movie library and play over and over again.

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TwiceToddlers and Coloring Easter Eggs

So, on Monday, my twins come home from preschool saying they needed four hard boiled eggs for Easter, a piece. Since I had never boiled eggs before, I went online to eHow, and looked up how to hard boil eggs. As it turns out, there are more than one way to hard boil eggs. I was just looking for a way that would be easy and not crack my eggs. The directions I used to hard boil my eggs, is in the link above, and oh yeah, for a first timer hard boiling eggs, this is the best way to do any hard boiling of eggs.

Hard boiling my eggs took me fifteen minutes and I had no cracks. Now that I know how easy it is to hard boil eggs, I will do it more often and make more Egg Salad Sandwiches.

With the eggs hardened, I placed them, four for Twin "A" and four for Twin "B", in plastic bags. Hopefully, my twins are having fun painting their eggs for Easter. It is a good thing their preschool has a lot of teacher's aides.

TwiceToddlers Mom Suggests Buying Diapers Online!

If you have an infant(s) or toddler(s) in diapers, and you are not always able to get out of your home, then the next best thing to do is buy your diapers, wipes and even formula online. This could not be anymore easier. All you have to do is, shop, point, click and buy.

Right now,
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Amazon's wipes, also being on sale right now, sell the same brands above. The prices are amazing, it would be sad if you missed out on such a great deal.

When it comes to formula, Amazon sells Earth's Best (which I used for my twins), Similac (which I used for my twins), Happy Bellies, Enfamil and this list goes on.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

TwiceToddlers Bubble Bath

My twins love taking baths. Even though they are four years old, they prefer taking baths to showers. For one reason, they do not like getting their head wet and the other, they think they stay warmer in the bath water.

Since they like taking baths, I have been using this bubble bath called Nature's Baby Organics Bubble Bath. It is made from organic ingredients and has Gentle Moisturizing Bubbles, with either a Lovely Lavender or a Gentle Moisturizing Bubbles, Tangy Tangerine. I prefer the smell of lavender because it calms my twins down. Especially when they are getting ready for bed.

If you are looking for natural or organic baby products for your babies gentle skin, using any Nature's Baby Organics products is what I still use and would only use. There are many other products I use from Nature's Baby Organics such as the Shampoo & Body Wash, Lavender Chamomile, the Silky Dusting Powder, Fragrance Free (which I keep out of reach from my twins), the Diaper Ointment, Fragrance-Free (which is the very best around) and the Ah-Choo! Chest Rub, Eucalyptus (for stuffy noses and coughing-which I also keep out of reach from my twins and tell them not to touch).

Then, when I am on vacation, I make sure I have the small 4 piece travel kit which comes in lavender or vanilla tangerine scents.

With all the name brand and "tried" baby products in stores, have you really looked to see what is in those products? I did and when my twins were still in my belly, I decided to look online for natural or organic baby products for the skin. I may use these products forever because they smell so good and my twins have never complained about the products.

Looking for Reviews on Health Insurance Companies?

If you either want to look at the reviews from Health Insurance Reviewer or write your own health insurance reviews online, you can. I bet you never knew that was an actual website for reading or writing health insurance company reviews did you?

At the Health Insurance Reviewer website, a health insurance purchaser can now read reviews from health insurance companies all over America. These health insurance companies go from Aetna to World Insurance. There are already some good and not so good reviews on how these health insurance companies treat the individual or families they insure. On these reviews, the person or person(s) who write their reviews do not hold back either. They are either happy or not so happy with the health insurance company they were with or still are with.

Along with looking for insurance companies by name, you can also look for insurance companies by state which could make it easier for the insurance purchaser. If and when you decide to write a review, you do not have to use your real name either. Instead, the reviewer can use a nickname for their protection.

TwiceToddlers and Their Love for the Boo Boo Buddy

Oh goodness, I wonder when their need for these Boo Boo Buddies will ever cease to exist. Honestly, they want them for everything and anything. Take for instance a simple scratch. A scratch, barely noticeable to your eyes, is noticeable to my twins. I have to walk up to them and bring my eyes down to their scratch which is definitely not a cut.

My twins, they do not even know how to ask for something yet, unless they are whining about it. What they do is make up an excuse, over anything, just to get their Boo Boo Buddy. I look at them in the face and say, "If you want something, like your Boo Boo Buddy, all you have to do is ask. There is no need to whine about it or make up a story to get your Boo Boo Buddy.

Every day and every night, all they do is walk around our home or outdoors with their Boo Boo Buddy. They do not go to school with them, thank goodness. But, when they are home, more likely than not, they have a Boo Boo Buddy either in their hands or in their vicinity.

TwiceToddlers "Rub it and Walk"

When I was a little girl and even in high school, my Dad would always tell me to "Rub it and Walk" if I had fallen and injured myself either running in a race or playing some sort of game. Now, with my twins, I and telling them to also "Rub it and Walk". My twins fall usually from their bicycle as they make turns or fall from their swings in the backyard or from, you guessed it, running. They never--stop--running..

Anyway, instead of always giving them a Boo Boo Buddy, a bag full of ice or band aid, I tell them to "Rub it and Walk".

It is so cute, I was in my bedroom where my twins are eating dinner and watching a Disney movie and Twin "A" said, "Rub it and Walk, this is what Papa used to say to Mommy when she was little." I just had to laugh to myself.

I do hope they learn to rub their boo boo's from now on instead of always asking for a Band Aid or Boo Boo Buddy. Especially if there is no blood on the surface of their "wound". My twins, they think even a scratch is worthy of a Band Aid or Boo Boo Buddy.

My twins, they are character's indeed.

This Can Often be an Overlooked Gem

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TwiceToddlers and the Charter School

Since my twins were infants, I had asked this charter school down the street from me when I could send in my application. It was not until this February that I was able to send in my twins application for admission.

Well, this month, on March 17th, both my hubby, myself and my twins went down to the school and with a class full of parents, waited to hear our names drawn from this basket. Well, you would think that with both my twins trying to get into this school at least one would be accepted. I mean, we had a two out of one shot of being accepted, but no, with this lottery system, not even ONE of my twins names was drawn.

It made me sick to my stomach. I wanted to cry, I was so livid. I mean, now I will have to register my twins at this elementary school my husband went to in kindergarten.

A week later, if I am not mistaken, we received a letter from this charter school showing our twins both at 21 our of 30 in the waiting list. Well, how sweet is that. I wonder if my twins will ever get in now. Honestly, how on earth did we get to 21 out of 30 on the waiting list?

Before we drove to this school, my hubby asked if we wanted to pray. I just said, "Thy Will be done Lord" and I guess this was His Will. He knows more than I do about this school and what is best for my twins at this time. Needless to say, I am still livid, but am willing to live with what the Lord has in store for my twins education, even in kindergarten in the Fall of 2010.

TwiceToddlers Love to Play Outdoors

Yesterday when my twins woke up from their nap, it was nice outdoors. Well, for a while at least. For probably 45 minutes, the weather was a bit warm and my girls were able to play on their bikes and bring out all their stuffed animals.

My twins, even at four, still love their stuffed animals. They are so precious. I mean, when they are outdoors, they will bring out not only their stuffed animals, but their blankets and pillows with them. They will either bring all their "tools" on the driveway or their fort which is attached to their swingset and slide.

I am so glad they know how to keep themselves entertained and they do such a fine job too. Like I said in a precious post, I am sure, it is nice my girls have each other. I wonder what it must be like for an only child. How sad that they have no playmate they can play with on a daily basis. Having even one sibling is better than none at all.

TwiceToddlers Playing with Apple Shaped Learning Toy and Finally Napping

Okay, so last night, one of their freinds Mom's emailed me asking if their friend, who is a boy, could come over today, until 2:45. I got back to her via Yahoo saying yes and also giving her my cell number, just in case she I was not only yet.

Well, I never received an email or call. It seems we both have issues staying in contact, even with all this technology today, we are jus not able to connect. So, thank goodness I did not let my twins know their friend,who is a boy, was coming over today. If I had, on my, they would have had a meltdown over him not showing up. This is a great reason to NEVER tell your toddler ANYTHING before it happens. I mean, it is wise to just wait up until the second something is to happen or someone is coming over. Otherwise, toddlers will talk about the event or person until it happens or they see that person or persons.

Anyway, my twins were playing with this toy Nana and Papa got them for Christmas two years ago. It is shaped like a red apple with a green stem on it. Now, there are two of these toys but only one was in the house. They were actually playing with this toy. I was shocked and amazed because this means they will begin playing with the Leapster Nana and Papa got their for their birthday's next year. As it is, they rarely, if ever, play with it right now.

Anyway, right now, my twins are napping and this is a good thing. It gives Mommy a break and it allows them to have the energy to stay up tonight and watch the three cartoons they like to watch On Demand cable.

My twins, they certainly do have a lot of energy, but I am glad because it shows me they are just that, toddlers that need to be entertained almost 24/7. If they were not like this, I would be wondering why. I praise God for their health and wellbeing.

Go Busy TwiceToddlers!

Spring has Sprung in Branson, Missouri!

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If this is not enough for you, Branson offers their guests their 14th annual Branson Tri-Lakes Building and Home Show. This could always give guests an idea into how they might want to add to or fix up their home or office. Then, there is Branson's NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball Tournament. If you are a basketball fan, this will be something you do not want to miss out on. Now, if you have a boat and love the outdoors, you will have to go to Branson’s Best Boat and Recreation Show. Even if you do not live in Branson, you can see what style and model of new and improved boats are on the market for those who might be looking for a new boat and accessories.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Playdates

On Tuesday's, after ballet class, my twins and Mommy, have our play dates. Every other week, our ballet class friends come to my home and then every other week, we go to our friends home. Our girls play either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather, eat some lunch, play some more and the Mommy's chit chat about what is happening in our lives. Or play date time usually lasts between two and three hours. Believe me, this is all the time we need to play. After three hours, they natives become restless.

My twins love play dates and so do I. Even though my twins have each other, which is great, it is always nice to have more friends and play dates.

Speaking of siblings, I always wondered what it must be like for those children who have no sibling to play with. They must lead a very lonely life. I remember, back in the 70's, up until my sister was born, I was alone for the first four years of my life. I loved it when my sister came along and I finally had a playmate. Of course, it took a while for me to actually play with my sister, but I had a playmate nonetheless. I am so blessed to have my sister and to have my twin girls, who have each other. It is just wonderful seeing them play, or fight, together (which is what siblings do) inside our home or outside playing.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

When Upscale Restaurant Eqipment is Important

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

TwiceToddlers at Park with Daddy

When our twins woke up from their afternoon nap, Daddy took them to one of our local parks. I think they were out for two hours. The sun is beginning to set now, I think they left two hours ago. Well, my twins, they are so full of energy and they always need to get out of the house. I am sure they had lots of fun with Daddy.

After the park, they went to pick up some pizza for our dining pleasure tonight.

It is nice that the weather is finally good enough for us to all get out of our home. I was able to open all our windows today and let not only fresh air in, but we were able to hear the birdies singing and doing what they do on such a lovely day.

Go Spring!

TwiceToddlers, Mommy and Friends at Round Valley Regional Park

On Thursday, my twins, myself, their friends Miriam and Stephen and their Mommy Carolyn, all went to this awesome park called Round Valley Regional Park in a nearby city. This is a state park which looks like it sits on some private property as there are some abandoned farms, farming equipment and some grazing cows up in the hills as well. Visitors can use the trails for walking, hiking and horse back riding as well. There is a stream which runs through parts of the park and lots of regional flowers and our state flower, the California Poppy, as well.

I had a great time as did my twins. It was such a nice day and I love have always loved nature, being outdoors and seeing what the Lord has in store for His children on such a lovely sunny, bright and welcoming day.

Here are some photos I too of our excursion on Thursday. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TwiceToddlers and The Nice Evening

When my twins woke up from their nap, well, it certainly was a nice evening. Twin "A" wanted to stay in and watch "The Fox and the Hound". I turned it on for a while, then said, "The weather is really nice outside, let's go outdoors instead?" I had to prod her to get off her "tush" and go play outside. After a while, Twin "B" got up from her nap, I gave her some water and three marshmallows like her sister, Twin "A", and they both went outdoors and played in the nice weather with the big sidewalk chalk, where they made their version of a rainbow, their "big wheels", bicycles and played with their dollies.

Then, I made them a PB sandwich for dinner and gave them a little apple juice pouch with a little sweet carrot.

As they were playing outdoors, I was washing out laundry and watching them play on the driveway. We have a very long driveway with a fence at the end. So, they play in this area and safely ride their bikes on our home property. While I was washing the laundry, I was also preparing my indoor greenhouses with seeds of vegetables and flowers. I need to get some more seeds to plant for Spring and Summer.

Then, Daddy came home and they all went to the gym. At the gym tonight, they colored on some coloring pages and brought them home to me to see.

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TwiceToddlers and Daddy at the Gym

Yeah, my twins are so happy to go with Daddy to the gym. They love the gym because there are some fun toys to play with and a toddler like gym in the daycare room. Plus, they get to see Daddy working out through one of the window and they can watch children's movies.

Along with going to the gym with Daddy, they usually go someplace else after the gym like the grocery store. They usually go to Raley's. My twins love Raley's because they have a toy car cart for my girls to sit in. They usually get the blue toy car card. They think that is cool.

If they do not go to the grocery store after the gym, they will go pick up some dinner. Tonight, I think they are going to Chili's to use a gift card my Mom and Dad gave us for Valentine's Day. Oh yummy, I love Chili's.

TwiceToddlers and Dance Class Today

Well, it seems both my twins now like dance class. Twin "A" and Twin "B" love showing me their new moves. Today at dance class, they showed Mommy again how they do their dance step on these four colored soft steps. They begin in the middle, cross one of their feet over the other and do their little dance move.

It is just adorable and then they take a bow. I love it. Right now, they do not know the name of each dance step they are doing, but I think one of them is Adagio. My twins do know what Adagio is because they watch Little Einsteins and in that show, they always start Rocket moving with Adagio, then Allegro.

Anyway, it looks like my twins are really having a good time dancing now. Well, things with them change rather quickly, I mean they are toddlers for one thing. They change their mind like the wind changes direction.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

TwiceToddlers Fell Asleep Fast Tonight

It truly is a miracle. Yes, my twins actually fell asleep in no time at all tonight. Usually, after Daddy, then Mommy, say our prayers over our girls, then they individually sing to us, then ask us questions and finally whisper in our ears, they talk and talk and talk as if it is not their bedtime.

Usually, Daddy or Mommy, have to go into their room and tell them to be quite and sleep. We usually do this two or three times before they finally fall alseep.

But tonight, amazingly, they fell asleep, without incident. They just fell alseep. I loved it and wish they would do this every night.

TwiceToddlers Showing Mommy and Daddy their Dance Moves

My twins have been taking dance class since January. They are only now, finally, showing Mommy and Daddy their dance moves they learn each week in class. I love it. They look so cute as they do their feet moves, twists and jumping up in the air.

Can you tell I do not know the names of each of these moves?

Anyway, I am finally seeing my twins enjoying showing me what they are learning in dance class each week. I just love seeing them dance too. They will be having a recital in May which I am looking forward to. I will have to purchase two costumes for them to wear, which I am sure they will look just adorable in.

Tomorrow is dance class, so I will see what else they have learned.

Go TwiceBabies..!!

Having Personalized Gifts is Always Fun

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Take for instance ink stamps. Remember how they could, at one time, but purchased by using melted wax? Now, they can purchased in a sticker or ink stamp form. Today's
personalized ink stamps are available in 28 designs and four letter-only designs as well. The purchaser of a personalized ink stamp can choose from 20 designs which come with a two color ink cartridge or 8 designs which come with one ink cartridge. With these personalized ink stamps, they allow for the individual to add their address, home or business, to the outer ring of the design and change the inside design when they see it necessary. These ink stamps can be placed at the top of an envelope or bottom of stationery.

This can all be done at a reasonable cost to the purchaser. This comes in handy when, and if, an individual or business move. An ink stamp can be purchased for $39 and the ink stamp insert only can be purchased for $20.

If you are looking for another type of personal gift for a family member or friend, it is time to consider a
Mint Bath Towel Wrap. A Mint Bath Towel Wrap will put a smile any one's face, especially if you have a family member or friend heading off the college or giving as a birthday gift. For any of these special occasions, these Mint Bath Towel Wraps can be personalized with a name or monogram and also come in a personalized duffel bag. These are wonderful for those warm summer months too. They slip in easily and slip out just as fast. These Mint Bath Towel Wraps come in a variety of colors such as Purple, Chocolate, Pink and a Pink Wrap with a Cheetah stripping. Each of these Mint Bath Towel Wraps are made from polyester which allows them to last longer than terry cloth. The polyester material is also softer than terry cloth.

A Mint Bath Towel Wrap is available for Children in 18 inches in length and 22 to 26 inches for the waist. A Mint Bath Towel Wrap is available for Tweens in 23 inches in length and waists of 26 to 32 inches. The Mint Bath Towel Wrap for Adults are 26 inches in length and waists of 30 to 36 inches. The bath wraps for Adults are $30, the Tweens are $29 and the Children are $28.

Finally, another excellent personalized gift would be a
Personalized Platter. Today's personalized platter are trendy and come in a variety of colors and designs. These personalized platters are made in a 10" x 14" melamine material, are BPA free and dishwasher safe. It is important to know that these platters are not meant for microwave use by any means.

These platters can be personalized for an individuals name or their monogram in 14 designs. Along with the designs available to a purchaser, there is a selection of fonts to look at and choose from. If any one of these platters is a gift for children, there is also a collection made for children.

Prices for these platters are all the same at $36.00 each. Now, because these platters are custom designed, the shipping time to receive your order will be somewhere between 10 - 14 business days. This time period should be taken into consideration when planning on such a purchase.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today, all day long, is my Mom's 60th Birthday. I made her a rhinestone tank top reading: NANA OF TWIN GIRLS, made her a homemade birthday card and hopefully, soon, she will receive her birthday flowers(Gerber Daisies).

Too bad we were not able to be there for her birthday...But, before my sister and my kids were born, 10 years ago, my DH and I surprised my Mom by driving to SoCal for my Mom's 50th birthday party...






Friday, March 12, 2010

TwiceToddlers are Dressing Mommy

Since Wednesday, my twins have decided to dress Mommy. That is, they are picking out a top, or blouse, for Mommy to wear. One of my twins will open my closet door, look at the tops which hang in my closet, take it out and say, "Here, wear this." If it is going to be a short sleeve shirt or top, I say, "No, not right now. Pick something with longer sleeves." So, they put it back and look for something with long or longer sleeves for me to wear.

Twin "B" loves blue. This Wednesday, she picked out her favorite top for me to wear. It is one by Roxy, which is a teal blue, 3/4 length sleeves and a hoodie. Twin "B" has always loved this color and always wants me to wear this top.

Yesterday, Twin "A" picked out a blue shirt for me to wear also. That too was 3/4 length and today, they picked out a summer 3/4 length top I wear which is red and white striped with blue trimming around the sleeves, neckline and blue string which can be made into a bow tie.

Silly girls....I do call them my little "Fashionista's"..and they are...

Precious TwiceToddlers....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mommy Buys Some Gold

I was on eBay a couple days ago, looking for no particular item, when I saw that people are selling coins online. Some coins are fake, while others are real. Some gold coins, as I was informed about, are gold plated and well, to me, not worth it to purchase.

So, as I kept looking through the section on gold coins for sell, I found one seller on the East Coast, who actually sells real, uncirculated gold coins. The bid on these coins, more than 10, was under $20. As I kept scrolling down the page for these coins, I read they were in fact real coins, which I could, some day use, if necessary. Each coin is worth a nice amount too.

For some time now, I had been talking and thinking about purchasing some gold coins. I can't wait to see them and hold them. I have never owned gold coins before. Since it looks like the dollar is losing its value, owning gold will be not only a good investment, but necessary to buy and sell...

I might purchase some more down the road, but right now, it will be nice to own even a little bit of gold, which never loses it value.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TwiceToddlers Ask a Lot of Questions

My twins, TwiceToddler "A" and TwiceToddler "B", ask lot of questions. Here are some of the questions they ask about:

  • "How do you spell...."
  • "How does he spell his name?"
  • "How does she spell her name?"

The above questions are asked by TwiceToddler "B" to Mommy and Daddy. Mainly to Mommy on a daily basis. She is just so curious about how a girl or boy spells their name and especially curious how objects are spelled. TwiceToddler"B", right now, things things are either "boy" or "girl". When she gets older, I will tell her that electronic components are put together with male and female parts. That is, there are male and female parts for any and all electronic objects. I used to work at a big name computer store in the 1990's and I sold the accessories. When I sold these accessories, there were things such as printer cable's and USB cable's which came in either 'male' or 'female' options. Hmm..what does this sound like? Looks like the electronic world is the same as the human world. Let's see, an outlet is a 'female' component and one end of a cord to plug into the wall, is the 'male' part. Interesting yes, logical...absolutely....

But I digress.....

Other questions my TwiceToddlers ask are:

  • What is it this color?
  • How old is he/she?
  • Is it 10 minutes, 100 minutes?
  • How do you sing that?
  • How much longer?
  • When will we get there?
  • Is it over yet?
  • What song it that?

And the questions go on and on and they certainly ask a lot of questions. This must be a sign of intelligence....right???

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hawaii Personal Injury Law Firm

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TwiceToddlers Mom loves Peet's Coffee

Sunday, after church, all four of us went to Raley's to get some more groceries and I got a delicious Peet's Coffee with a shot of Raspberry, some whip on top with raspberry sauce on top. Along with my delicious iced, not hot, cup of coffee, I purchased a Peet's Coffee & Tea Diner style mug. I love it. Well, I have always liked cups or mugs from whatever coffee place I drink at.

Let's see, I have a coffee mug from Panama Bay Co. in downtown Livermore, a Starbucks (3 actually) mugs and (2 travel mugs) and now my Peet's Coffee & Tea Diner Mug. On my receipt, the mug was shown as a Diner Mug. My mug is a medium brown color with black or dark brown writing. I like it too. It sits nicely on my table and holds plenty of coffee too.

No, I have not had any tea in this Diner Mug yet. I might...or might not.

Can you tell I am happy to happy to have this mug? I have been eyeing it since December. Yeah! I finally purchased it..

TwiceToddlers Learning to Spell Their Name

Ever since my twins began preschool last August, they have started learning to spell their names. Well, this week, my twins are now learning to not only spell their first names, but their last names too.

Since last week though, Twin "A" has not been wanting to write her name the right way. She sees how Mommy or Daddy are writing her name, and we even put our hand over her hand, right hand, to show her how her name should feel we are writing her name with her. Anyway, she does not seem to understand how the first letter of her name needs to begin at an angle, and end at a point, at the top. For a while, she had been making the first letter rounded, but now, Mommy and Daddy are showing her the correct way to write the first letter of her name.

Twin "A" is not doing it correctly. I wonder, if she too could be left handed. But, what are the odds of my twins both being left-handed? Also, I know, she is only in preschool, but this is the best time to she her how to write her name, before she enters kindergarten next August.

Twin "B", on the other hand, is writing her name much better now that she is writing more with her left hand, and not right hand. Mommy, on the other hand is having a not so easy time helping her write, since I am right handed.

So, it looks like Mommy and Daddy will just have to continue working with Twin "A" until she begins to understand that her first letter, in her first name, needs to be pointy, not rounded.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quence Your Thirst with Fiji Water

One of the most vital and important sources for any human is water. Water, allows us to live and thrive. Water, is indeed, our source of life and abundance. That is why it is important for anyone to have on hand fresh, clean and clear water. This water can be in their home, in their garage or place of business.

More than any other liquid substance on this planet, water, in it's freshest and purest form, is what will sustain us through the cold, warm and hot months we go through annually.

With that said, Fiji water is the most fresh, clear and purest water available to thirsty people, all around. Fiji water can be purchased in grocery stores, high end specialty stores and now online. The Fiji water company wants people to know how vital water is and especially how fresh, clear and pure water is to all people alike.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Ballet Class Today

Well, I forgot to bring my camera today. Oh well, my twins really do like their dance class, even if one of my twins obey their dance instructor. It really irritates me when Twin "B" does not obey. I keep telling her, Twin "B", Mommy and Daddy pay for these dance classes. We need to you do what your instructor says, otherwise not only will you get no sticker, you will be in the naughty chair. Honestly, I do not think Twin "B" cares, but I do. And, Twin "A" tells Mommy and Daddy what sister did or did not do in class.

This summer, our twins will not be taking dance anyway. Instead, they will be learning to swim. Oh yes, they need to learn to swim so if asked to a swim party, they will not drown, among other things. I took swim lessons at age 7, I think and then I was able to swim all the time. My twins are not really fans of getting their faces wet, but learning to swim requires getting their faces wet.

Well, next week, I will remember to bring my camera and take photos/video of them doing their newest moves..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Reasons Why You Should Buy iHerb Supplements

When I first decided to purchase supplements online, my sister told me about iHerb. So, I investigated by going to their website to see what they had to offer. Well, I was amazed at the supplements and other products they sell to their loyal and brand new clients.

The supplements and products they offer range from 0-9 and A through Z. In the products ranging from 0-9, iHerb sells 5-HTP, which are made by NOW Foods, Jarrow Formulas, Doctor's Best, Natural Orgins and many more. These 5-HTP supplements can be purchased as veggie capsules,L-Tryptophan Powder, help with anxiety, stress and are made from amino acids.

Along with 5-HTP, iHerb sells these supplements which I use and have proven to work.
For years, I have used Bach Original Flower Essences, Impatiens, 20 ml (0.7 fl oz). As you can see in the name Impatiens, this product calms me down and give me patients where I might not have any. This product comes in liquid form and all you have to do is fill up the dropper, one time, and pour it into a glass of water or juice. I prefer fresh, non tap, water.

I also swallow Source Naturals, Alka Balance, 120 Tablets. If you are anything like me and like to eat acidic foods, then this is the supplement for you. It will promote your health and it will maintain your bodies alkalinity. Finally, I also use iHerb's Alba Botanica, Clear Enzyme Deodorant Stick, Lavender, 2 oz (55 g). This deodorant contains no aluminum, no preservatives, it is crystal clear and is long lasting and is hypo allergenic. I have been using this deodorant since 2006 and I know it is helping because I no longer am sick. I mean, do you really want an aluminum based product under your arms? Since when has aluminum ever belonged on your skin?

Finally, iHerb is an excellent supplement and more company to do business with. Along with selling organic supplements and more, they can your order shipped to you ground at a flat rate of $4.00 for orders under $40, FREE for orders over $40, 2nd Day:Flat $6.00 (Free $120.00) Next Day Saver:Flat $12.00 (Free $240.00) and all these prices are domestic.

The best reason to sign up at iHerb is, every time you place an order, you get a discount on that order. But, when you sign up right now, with this code: MON419,you will get $5 off your first order. How awesome is that!! But, you can not forget to use the above code, or you will not get $5 off your first order.

So, take care of yourself and don't forget to sign up at iHerb and take even better care of yourself, like I do.

TwiceToddlers are Still Napping

Oh, it is nice when my girls sleep like I would like them to. My twins, they are up all day talking, playing and yes, fighting with each other about this and that. The only time they are not arguing and talking is when they are napping or down for the evening.

Even today, I still love watching my twins as they nap or sleep for the evening. They look so peaceful and like little Angels. Of course, they are resting their minds and their bodies...oh, and they give Mommy a little break too.

My twins, they think they are the only ones who take naps..I have to remind them that their preschool friends also take naps, especially their (boy) friends J and C. Oh yes, my twins, at 4 years old, have (boy)friends. Well, the boys to outnumber the girls in their class. There are only 5 girls and I think 20 boys..

But I am getting off topic. Yes, I to write often about my twins taking naps. Well, that is because it is wonderful when they actually are quite and doing what Mommy asks. In fact, it is a miracle.

Politics, Prophecy and The Supernatural by L.A. Marzulli

I have recently completed reading this book. It is an easy read and if you think those mythical books you read in junior high and high school were just myths, well, you have another thing coming.

In high school, I was not a fan of learning about mythology, but when I read this book Politics, Prophecy and The Supernatural , I learned more than I had ever intended. In fact, these myths are real. These gods, are real, and do exist in the heavens and on earth. Of course, these gods are not any god I worship and therefore, they mean nothing personally to me.

But, these gods are real and do play a role in our lives. In fact, they are still worshiped today by those in our and other governments. This is an eye opener, indeed and if you want to learn more about the names of these gods or demons, this book lays it our for you.

The author, L.A. Marzulli, is an ordained minister and goes through Israel's Chronology beginning in 2000 B.C. and ending in A.D. 2002, for this book he wrote. L.A. Marzulli uses many sources for this book, including the Holy Bible and varies online sources.

The one thing which really caught my eye and attention in his book was when he wrote about Epidemic drug use predicted in Revelation. L.A. writes about sorceries and how they are also referred to as Pharmakia. Now, I have known about this for a long time and I am still not amazed today by what Big Pharma is doing to human beings worldwide by making and pushing these drugs on us, whether we need these drugs or not.

In one chapter, L.A. writes about Azazel. Azazel is a demon in which I first heard of when watching a movie with Denzel Washington called Fallen. I emailed L.A. about this movie, he never returned my email, but I wonder if he knows about this movie and that Azazel is in this film.

Finally, this is a must read book if you want to learn more about how Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural are all intertwined since the beginning of time.