Friday, January 29, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Hi-5 Chicken

My twins love, what they call, Hi-5 Chicken. We get this chicken, nuggets, from Burger King. They like it because the chicken nuggets look like a crown. But for some reason, they like to call it Hi-5 Chicken, even though it has three prongs on it, and not five.

My twins like to go to Burger King at least twice a week, and only for the Hi-5 Chicken. They do not like french fries and they never finish the drink we purchase for them. So, their lunch or dinner is less than $2.50 combined.

Even though I am not a fan of fast food anymore, my twins still have limited foods they will eat and this is one of the foods they like to eat, so we purchase this for them to satisfy their hunger..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Booster Seats

This month, we finally purchased two booster seats for our twins. They love them and it is just so much easier now for them to get in and get our on their own. These boost seats are also easy to move from one vehicle to another and they are lightweight.

My twins are 4 years and three months old they were so looking forward to getting out of those car seats they no longer could sit in. The latch was becoming too tight around their body and now that they are 4 years old, they can sit "freely" if you will, in their boost seats like their friends their age too.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

TwiceBabies Mom in Church Nursey Today

Today I went to church myself since my twins and Daddy are still recovering from their colds and coughing. So, today, before church, I went to gas up my vehicle, then went to church. Today, I had 5 babies I was watching. I love watching the babies once a month. They are so cute and to keep them occupied or not thinking of Mommy or Daddy, I sing to them.

The songs I sing are the songs my twins love to sing as well. They are, "The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round, "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes", "Where is Thumpkin..." and other songs that allow the babies to move around and stay a little bit occupied, if only for an hour while Daddy and Mommy are in church service.

After church service today, I went to the grocery store, came home and put the groceries away and left for the Children's Ministry Meeting. The Children's Ministry Volunteers, as we are called, got lunch and,played a game and given the new direction for this year.

I had a nice day and a so did Daddy and our twins..

Yeah, tomorrow they are going back to school...Twin "A" misses school, Twin "B", not so much...but at least Twin "B" will be able to see her friends again..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

TwiceToddlers are so Bored

My twins, they are 4 years old and just have so much energy which needs to be released. All they want to do is play. Daddy and Mommy will take them to the mall to go on the Min-Go-Round and play in the arcade, but the rain and cold weather, it seems to keep us indoors.

My twins are just getting so tired of playing inside and I am sure, of watching Disney movies and their cartoon shows they watch on the weekdays. Daddy and Mommy do have two or three games in which they can play as these games are for toddlers. But my twins just will not sit still as many toddlers I am sure.

With days like this, raining off and on and it being chilly, I do read books to them. I just purchased three books for them at the dollar store. Two small Disney books and one Christian book for toddlers too. I did not see any crafts for toddlers to do at the Dollar store, too bad.

My twins do have their Leapster II's which they like. They have a Dora and Diego game cartridge they interchange and they do like playing those games as they are learning more about letters and numbers and taking direction. My twins are in preschool, so they are learning to take direction in preschool and their dance class, but these games are also fun learning games for them. I play to download a book each for them on their Leapster pretty soon.

My twins like to play "Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck...Goose.." The only problem is, they say "Duck, Duck.." too many times and they do not play correctly..that game is a wash for me...

So, as the winter days continue and our time is more indoors that outdoors, my twins continue with their boredom and so does Mommy.

TwiceToddler "B" has an Ear Infection Now

First it was Twin "A" with the ear infection last Sunday, then yesterday afternoon, Twin "B" began telling Mommy her ear hurt inside. So, I put some of that swimmers ear solution in her ear for the morning. Then, if the afternoon, she said her ear still hurt. When she woke up from her nap, I called the doctor, made an appointment and Daddy took her to the doctor while stayed home with Twin "A".

The doctor said her ear was red on the inside and gave Twin "B" the same prescription as her sister. The non Amoxxicillian prescription since last Summer, Twin "B" had an ear infection and we found out quick she was allergic to the medication when she had "red dots" all over her body..

Anyway, this week has just been crazy for us. Our whole house has been sick and Twins A & B have stayed home from preschool because of their coughing, sneezing, and now ear infections.

They will be better by this weekend though and return to school Monday morning..

Don't you just love Winter and all the goodies it brings with it!! NOT

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TwiceToddler "B" and Sleepwalking

This evening, when I got home from bible study and Walmart to bet more Puffs Kleenex, I was in my bedroom for a little bit and I hear one of my twins talking. My twins are in bed, sleeping, so when I heard one of them talking, I had to go in their room and look.

When I walk in their room, I see Twin "B" on her knees, talking at the wall. So, I get down on my knees, tap her on her shoulder and say, "Twin "B", Twin "B", are you alright honey? I turn her around and look her in the eyes and say, "Are you praying sweetie?" Twin "B" looks at me, smiles and hugs me them, as if in a trance, she just gets back into bed. Like nothing ever happened. She just curls up into a ball again and goes right back to sleep.

It was the strangest thing I have ever seen.

This is the first time I have ever seen any of my twins "sleepwalking".

TwiceToddlers have been Sick

Since last Sunday, my TwiceToddlers have been sick. Even with all the supplements and healthy foods I give them to eat; along with making sure they wash their hands, they still became sick. Twin "A" was sick first when her coughing came back, them a fever came upon her. Her fever was a little over 100, but she was not too fussy.

Then, Twin "B" came down with her coughing again and today, this afternoon, the fever came over her. Her fever was also a little bit over 100; Twin "B" too was not fussy, but quite and tired.

Yesterday, my twins had dance class, but only Twin "B" went as she seemed fine yesterday morning. It was not until last night that Twin "B"s cough came back in full force.

Then, this morning, I decided not to take my twins to preschool to expose them to the high winds outside and the crazy rain coming down all over my city. So, today, my twins stayed home and pretty much rested and just drank liquids as they were not hungry at all.

Right now, I am just praying they heal up and are better before Friday so they can go back to preschool and get back to their little toddlers selves...

Friday, January 15, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Finds This Video: The Devils Advocate

This video is a MUST SEE Video for Christians and well, anyone interested to see how the Devil, more likely than not, operates.

Wanted: Part Time Christian

Thursday, January 14, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom shows you How to Report Companies Who Do Not Deliver as Promised

If you have ever purchased products, online or by catalog, and the company did not deliver as promised. There are several consumer companies who will help you either get your product(s) or get your money back.

Contact the company you did business with. Before filing a complaint against the company you made a purchase with, it is best to contact them via telephone or email first. If within a week they do not respond, then it is time to take action and file a complaint either on line or over the phone.

HERE is the rest of my article.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Finds Pen Marks on her Girls

This afternoon, as I was asking my twins to be quite and take their naps, I found "X" marks, in black ink, on my twins faces and hands. At first, I dismissed them because I thought, "No, that could not be pen marks could they?"

Then, when I made my second enterance into my room to ask my girls to be quite and take a nap, I looked closer at Twin "A" and low and behold, she and her sister had pen marks on their faces!

I asked them, "Where did you get the pen from?" Twin "B" said she got the pen from Daddy, it must have fallen from his shirt pocket or something. We never allow our girls to have any sort of pen in their hands.

So, I warmed up a face clothe with soap and water and went back into my room and washed the "X" marks off their faces and hands. They had "X" marks on their forheads, cheeks, chins, noses and in the front and palms of their hands..

Goodness...I am glad their were no pen marks on my bed sheets. Twin "B" could not find the pen knows what happened to it. They both seem to "hide" items they like in their pillowcases these days. I did not find the pen there, so Twin "B" must have thrown it behind the bed.

Oh my goodness...silly girls...I should have taken photos of their faces...

TwiceToddlers Mom shows you How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Growing a vegetable garden can fun and an accomplishment. Being able to watch something grow in front of you is exciting. Even if you do not have a 'green thumb' watching seeds go from nothing to something is amazing.

Purchase vegetable seeds and mini greenhouse. First, go to your local nursery or mass retailer where they sell any array of vegetable seeds and mini greenhouses.

The rest of the article can be read HERE.

TwiceToddlers Mom shows you How to Go to Sleep Without Prescription Drugs

These days, it takes a lot for many people to fall asleep. In fact, there are many commercials about asking your doctor to prescribe you a sleeping aid. The problem with sleeping aids is, they can become additive, even if the label or your doctors says they are not addictive. There are several ways in which you can fall asleep without becoming addicted to a drug or having any side effects.

BREATHE RIGHT STRIPS: For a long time now, these Breathe Rights Strips have been on the market. These little strips will help you sleep better because they open up your nasal passage. They allow you to be congestion free, along with no more snoring. It is never easy to fall asleep with a stuffy nose and runny eyes. Runny eyes usually coincide with a stuffy nose. There is something about the way this product is made, using a particular kind of flexible band, which allows for your each side of nose to lift up. With each side of your nose lifts up, you are now able to sleep better. The snoring is also subside.

SLEEPING SPRAY AND LOTIONS: Another great, and drug free way, of falling asleep faster at night is by using applying aromatherapy spray on your pillow at night. Aromatherapy is a great sleeping aid. You can use between one to three spritz on your pillow and sheets. Along with the spray, rubbing any aromatherapy lotion on your arms and neck will relax you. In no time, probably ten to fifteen minutes, you will fall asleep. It really works and this is a great drug free way of getting to sleep fast. Along with these products shown, you can also try Lavender Oils, Sandalwood Oils, Lavender Chamomile and many more.

HUMIDIFIERS: There are several humidifiers on the market today. There is one humidifier that allows you to sleep better. The one in this photo is not it. But, the Vicks Humidifier, V3500N Cool Mist, will allow for you to fall asleep. It lets out a cool mist, allowing you to breathe better. When you are able to breathe better, you can also sleep better.

LISTENING TO RELAXING MUSIC: If none of the above is a way you would want to fall asleep, how about music? The sounds of nature or classical music are another way to fall asleep. Listening to the sound of rain or thunder will put you to sleep. Having some other white noise (dishwasher, dryer or washer) in use, somewhere in your home, is a good way to fall asleep.

Sleeping these days seems to be one thing many of us lack. If there are better ways to fall asleep, without drugs, any of the above solutions will help you. Drugs are not always the solution, unless you have apnea. If you have sleep apnea, you need to be under a doctor's care.

Monday, January 11, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom MOVIE REVIEW: (500) Days of Summer

Last night, my DH had put on this movie, on Comcast Cable. At first, I thought it was a movie from a TV Channel, not the MOVIES section from Comcast Cable. As it turns out, it was from the MOVIES section.

So, after I found out what movie it was, I was excited to watch it since I had been seeing the ads for weeks now on TV. I came into the movie not from the beginning, so I really had no idea what the film was about. But, as I continued to watch it, I found that the male character, Tom Hansen was at one time, working with his love interest, Summer Finn at a Greeting Card company in Los Angeles, California.

Throughout the (500) days, on the screen, the viewers see Tom and Summer going back and fourth in their relationship. Tom and Summer go to a bar one evening and this guy hits on Summer, with Tom sitting right next to her. Tom is not happy and clocks the guy for his rudeness. After this fight, Summer is mad and Tom.

During the film, Tom and Summer attend a wedding of one of their co-workers. They take the same train to the ceremony seperately. Once in the train, Summer sees Tom and walks up to him and sits next to him on the remainly trip and sits with and dances with him at the wedding.

Tom and Summer see the film, The Graduate, together. Tom enjoys the film and thinks this is what romance is all about. Summer, on the otherhand, disagrees and this sends their relationship into a break-up. Over a film, go figure.

Probably due to the break up, Summer decides to quit working for the greeting card company. Because of the break up, Tom falls into a deep depression and his boss moves him over to the consolations section of greeting card writing. Tom's boss thinks with his depression onset, this will make him a better writer for this niche.

Summer invites Tom to a party where he realizes the party is to celebrate her wedding engagement!! This floors Tom and he abruptly leaves the party. From this time on, Tom is so depressed, he stays in his apartment beginning to look scruffy and leaves only for yucky foods and hard liquor.

Then one day, Tom decides to clean up anAd begin applying for jobs in the field he studied, arcitecture. He applies all over L.A. and is turned down. At the end of the film, he is ready to interview for a job when he meets this woman, also applying for his job, and asks her out for coffee. First, she declines, then she accepts his offer for coffee.

At the end of the film, Tom and Summer meet for the last time, (488 days), at his favorite park in the city where he can see all the building he admires. They chit chat a bit and he wishes Summer well.

**I gave the film a 9 our of 10** I would have given the film a 10 out of 10 if it had not kept going back and fourth in time..I liked that there was not a lot of SKIN shots. In fact, neither Tom or Summer's body parts were shown. That made the movie great. There is no need to always have SKIN scenes in a film. This film was sweet and well written, it was an INDIE Film picked up my FOX Searchlight.

TwiceToddlers Mom Shops iHerb for all your Supplements and Homeopathic Needs

In, I think, 2001, my sister told me about iHerb. They are a supplement company based in Irwindale, Ca. In the San Gabriel Valley, where I grew up. Anyway, iHerb has been in business since 1998 and are still going strong today.

There sell an array of products for your health. If you need something from A-Z, iHerb has it and they sell their products at an unbelievably low price to their clients who keep coming back again and again and again. I am one of their clients who come back over and over again.

Here are some of the products they sell from their distribution warehouse in Irwindale, California:

*Aromatherapy products like: Allspice Oil, Bergamot Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Clove Oil, etc.

*Coconut Oil in Skin Formulas, Softgels from companies like Garden of Life, Now Foods, etc.

*Homeopathy products like: Hyland's, Liddell, Borion, etc.

*Grocery, Food products like: Cake & Muffin Mixes, Cocoa, Coffee, Dried Fruit, Eden Foods, etc.

*iHerb is and should become your one-stop-shop for all things natural.

*iHerb offers fleixible shipping choices with new low rates.

*iHerb offers a no-hassle, money back guarantee on all their products

*iHerb offers a FREE online health encyclopia and so much more.

Instead of reading this article, it is time to check out iHerb, register with iHerb and place your first order with iHerb.

Come on, what are you waiting for...

Monday, January 4, 2010

TwiceToddlers Back in PreSchool

Today was the first day back at school for my twins. It was nice to have them back at school for me and for them, well, they were happy to see their friends, boyfriends, that is and share what they did over Christmas vacation.

When they got home from school, I asked them what they learned and all they could say was, "Nothing, we just played and sang songs." They real learning will begin again on Wednesday as they get back into the swing of things.

I have no idea what I would do if my twin were not in preschool the during the week.