Thursday, July 31, 2008

TwiceBabies at VBS Tonight

Yesterday when I was talking to my friend, with two boys, she asked if I wanted to bring my girls to VBS. I asked what time and she said 6. I said, "6AM!" She said, "Not 6PM." So, I said, "Sure I will bring them by."
After dinner, I packed my girls in our vehicle and drove to Daddy's work to pick up my camera. That was a BIG mistake because they wanted out of the car and after Daddy went back inside to work, they both, syncronized, became screaming and yelling to the top of their lungs! Oh goodness, everyday when Daddy comes home from work, they do the same thing. It is enough to make anyone go loco.
Well, while driving down the street to our church office, I passed a gas station car wash. They calmed them down as they began to say, "No car wash, no car wash." They are not fans of car washes either, well Twin "A" more than Twin "B".
Once at VBS, we sang and danced in the main hall, them went to our designated areas. The toddlers had their own room with their teacher. I stayed with my girls just to make sure they, once again, did not go ballistic.

All in all, they had a great time playing with their friends and learning about Jesus.

Here are some photos of their evening at their first VBS.

TwiceBabies at our Friends Home This Afternoon

This afternoon, my friend from church invited us to her home. She and her boys have come to my home several times before. So, today was the first time at her home. Her home is adorable and she has so many outdoor toys in her backyard. Well, with boys, they usually require more entertainment than girls. Yeah right, in some other parallel world. My girls act like boys and play like boys too.
Anyway, we played outdoors until lunch time. After three or four times of asking my girls to eat their lunch if they wanted to play again and have some cookies, we left. Twin "B" more than "A", is not a fan of eating at all. I have to open her mouth and ask her to bite down on the PB&J and swallow. Oh goodness....toddlers are so difficult!
Well, here are some photos from our afternoon at my twins friends home.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TwiceBabies, Mommy and Friends

Tomorrow morning, I am taking my twins to our friends home. We have never been to her home, but she has been to ours several times. I can't wait to get out of my home and visit with my friend who is twelve or thirteen weeks pregnant, if I am not mistaken.

Then, in the evening, I will be taking my twins to our churches VBS. It has been running all week in the evening. There is a preschool section for my girls so they will hopefully like it. Anytime I can get them out of the house and with other toddlers their age is a good day.

Yeah, tomorrow should be fun and a way for my girls to get all their built up energy out. The more time they have to play, the more exhausted they get and are ready for nap time or bedtime.

TwiceBabies: Buy Some More

Whenever our home is running low on a food product or baby product, I always say, "We need to buy some more." Now, my twins say the same thing. It is so funny. They say it with such sincerity in their voices and their faces. Oh, and they voices are just too sweet to hear.

Whenever my twins are not screaming or yelling at each other, that is a good minute to behold.

So, my response to my twins is, "Yes, Mommy will go buy some more_ _ _ _ tonight or tomorrow."

Silly babies....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TwiceBabies and the Letter "W"

Whenever my twins are in the kitchen with me, they are either grabbing onto my legs, running, fussing or playing with their Leap Frog Refrigerator Toys. The one they like the most is the Alphabet Magnet Toy. This toy, thanks to them, now only has 25 letters, as the letter "P" is missing.

So, when they play with this toy, they love the letter "W" and say it with such zeal. In fact, if we are reading books, they search each page for the letter "W". They know what it looks like and really like this letter. They used to like the letters "D" and "T".

You see, in my city, it gets real cold. Especially for me. That means, Mommy and TwiceBabies stay indoors a lot. This gives us ample time to learn their letters, numbers, colors, opposites and so much more. I mean, honestly, why go outdoors in the frigid weather in the Winter months when we can play, and learn, indoors.

TwiceBabies and the Color Blue

Recently, my twins have gravitated towards the color Blue. Yes, at 2.8 years of age, they know many colors and the one they like the best is Blue. Nana's favorite color is Blue, along with her eyes. Daddy also has blue eyes. That alone could be a reason for them liking Blue so much.

Right now, they get the colors Pink, Red and Orange mixed up. But with all the books and Com cast Cable shows we read/watch about colors, they are sure to learn the basic colors by age 3.

By the time they were 11 months old, they already knew which blanket was theirs. Twin "A" has the Green blanket and Twin "B" has the pink blanket. It is also rumored that babies know their own scent on any article of clothing or blanket. So, this too could be why they always wanted a particular blanket.

See, babies are smart. Our 'professional' society, do not give infants and babies enough credit.

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TwiceBabies and Mommy Might to the Park

If the weather is nice tomorrow, not too windy, I will take them to the park. I have to get them out of the house. They, along with Mommy, go crazy. My twins personalities clash, like the Titans, all the time. Rarely, or few and far between, do they get along. Do you think this is a trend or will they grow out of this selfishness?

Oh goodness, it is a good thing my husband layed the sod last weekend after the cement block was removed from the center of our backyard. Now, once the grass begins to root itself in the ground, we can purchase the swing set for our twins, Mommy and all their friends.

Once the cold weather lurks into our city, our twins, and their friends, can play in our backyard instead of going to a park. This is a cool swing set we are getting them too. Lots of fun stuff for them to do in and on it. I like it for the play house on top and below. There is also a basketball hoop for them to shoot hoops with Mommy and Daddy.

Good thing toy companies make swing sets for backyard homes.

TwiceBabies: Nana, Papa and the 5.4 Earthquake

This morning, I was reading some headlines on Yahoo! and realized there was a 5.4 magnitute earthquake in Chino Hills. Wow, my parents felt it from Anaheim to West Covina. My Dad was working in Anaslim, while my Mom was just at home.

My parents home did not have that much damage to it. Some glass items around the home fell and broke. But no windows or gas mains were broken. My Dad and Mom were a bit 'shook up', but not stirred.

I guess the quake ran from Los Angeles, San Diego and to Nevada. The USGS says the official magnitute of the quake was 5.8, but that varies. After the major quake, Caltech says they recorded by 12:30 some 27 aftershocks. Wow, 27 aftershocks is amazing and untl 4:30, Caltech has registered 50 altogether.

Macy's closed down due to flooding on three floors and the West Covina Postal Office closed to determine how much structional damage there was.

Along with these building issues, two LA schools were shut damaged.

Wow, what a day in Los Angeles, San Berdoo and Orange County.

TwiceBabies and Mommy Stay Home

When I woke up this morning, I had intended to take my girls to the park. Now, I wish I had because they were so, very, fussy today. After our nap, they woke up even more fussy than they were in the morning.

The wind was raging outside so my plan to go walking with them was also 86'ed.

So, the rest of the day, they fought with each other over the same toys and were just being so annoying. Because they still have not mastered the English language yet, they still raise their voices to each other and Mommy. This is me putting it lightly.

Anyway, they are asleep now and hopefully they will stay asleep until the morning.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Articles from Ravi's Blog

Recently, I found this blog and thought it was interesting enough to talk about. Ravi likes to blog about everything. So, here are some snippets of what Ravi likes to chit chat about. As of today, Ravi was talking about how to read a book while laying down. Ravi tells readers about how laying down and reading with a book in your hands is not a good idea, along with sitting in a couch. Sitting in a couch could hurt your neck. Ravi suggests you sit on your bottom, at a desk with a table lamp on.

Ravi has a suggestion about shopping online as well. Ravi suggests shopping online is safer and I tend to agree with Ravi. With websites having security certificates, this alone should make shopping online more secure. Shopping online is cheaper, sometimes. The one thing an online store does not have to worry about is 'window dressing' or in store displays. Without this added expense, online shopping does, in the long run, save a customer, time and money.

Ravi has many more articles that will be of interest to you.

Check them out.

TwiceBabies and Mommy with the CafeMom Mommy and Me Group at the Park

Over the past several weeks, the Mom's and myself, from the Tri Valley Moms Group on CafeMom have been doing our best to get together. Well, today, we all met at or around 10:45 at a local park.
We were talking, of course, about our kids, what their ages were what schools they were attending in our city.
One of the Mom's is going to have a Mommy Makeover next month. I think I might go. I would not mind a makeover.

Here are some photos of our day.

I, and my twins, had a very nice time. I can't wait to have another Mommy and Me Play Day.

God Bless Mommy and Me Groups...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

TwiceBabies Playdate at Park

Tomorrow morning, my twins and Mommy will be meeting some other Mommy's and their twins at a local park. The Moms I will be meeting all met through an online Mommy website. Inside the website, we all met in a particular group about twins.

This should be fun tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be in the mid 80's, hopefully with a cool breeze. I will have to dress my twins in one of their many cute matching outfits. Oh, and I can not forget my camera and lunch.

Mommy, that is me, is looking forward to our play date.

God Bless Mommy and Me with twins (or not) play dates.

TwiceBabies went to bed early tonight

This evening, my twins, Twin "A" specifically, went to bed early tonight. It was around 7:30PM (PST) and Twin "A" was just beside herself. She was crying and would not share the little pony's with here sister. That is the reason for her being beside herself. Twin "A" wanted to hoard all the pony's for herself.

I really have no idea why. Right now, my twins have no idea how to play with these toys. All they know how to do is fight and bicker and cause Mommy undue stress.

So, Daddy had enough and told Twin "A" if she did not stop crying and acting out, it was bedtime for her. Well, Twin "A" would not stop crying so off to bed she and her sister went.

They have both been sleeping nicely since 7:45.

Because our twins went to bed so early, the time feels like 1ish instead of 11:16PM (PST).

God Bless Early Sleeping Babies!!

TwiceBabies, Mommy and Daddy go to Church

This morning, we all went to church. I worked in the nursey and my twins were next door to me, like always. Except this morning, my twins did not cry or scream as Daddy and Mommy left.

And many some people do not believe in miracles. Well, I just witnessed my third miracle.

This truly was a miracle. All our twins wanted were 'group hugs' as they call them. So, before Daddy and Mommy left, we both gave our twins their much needed 'group hugs'. Then, I went next door and waited for some infants and one year olds to come in.

When I took a bathroom break, I peeked into the window where my twins were learning about Jesus. They were so precious. They were actually sitting in little people chairs, next to each other, and listening to my friend teach them how to do something. Well, there were not really learning, but putting a hat together.

My twins looked so adorable in there. I loved seeing them actually calm and paying attention.

Hopefully, our twins will repeat what they did today, next Sunday.

God willing....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

TwiceBabies, Mommy and Daddy go to Babies R Us and Toys R Us

This afternoon my husband had to go by a home and turn on the sprinkler system for a home that is on the market. Before that had to be done, we all went to Babies R Us to get some more bath soap and shampoo. I love that store. It has everything a Mom to Be or New Mom could ever want. Don't you just love a one-stop-shop? They are the best invention to come along in the past 20 years.

From Babies R Us, we all drove down the street to Toys R Us. We rarely go to a Toys R Us as there is not one really close to us. The closest Toys R Us is the one we drove to today. Once we were all inside the store, my husband and I were looking specifically for a swing set for our twins. The one we wanted was not in the store. So, we will more likely than not have to purchase it online. We were also there to look for any Discovery Kids Hi-5 DVDs. Did they have those? No, of course not, what would they. So, I will have to purchase those from the Discovery Kids website. Well, since we were there, we let our twins pick out some toys to take home. So, they each got a new stuffed animal. They love tigers. When we were about to enter the checkout line, Twin "B" had a stuffed tiger animal in her arms and Daddy asked here where she found it so we could get another one. Once Mommy found the aisle it was in, I looked for another one for Twin "A". At first, Twin "A" wanted a different animal, but I had to remind her that her sister and her would fight over each other's stuffed toy. In the end, Twin "A" was alright with getting the exact same stuffed tiger that her sister had.

Along with the stuffed tiger animals, Twins "A" and "B" got a four pack of tiny Pretty Pony's and an individual Blue Pretty Pony.

Tonight, I will have to look online for the Hi-5 DVDs for our 5-6 hour drive to Nana and Papa's home next month.

God Bless Babies and Toys R Us stores

Friday, July 25, 2008

TwiceBabies: Day Three with Melatonin

Tonight is day, or night, three with Melatonin in their milk. It is unbelievable how only half of a whole pill, in each of their milk sippy cups, allows them to sleep soundly. Honestly, I had no idea Melatonin works like this.

Now, for some people, Melatonin does not work. I do not understand why, but it does not work.

Within 5-15 minutes, my twins are out like a light. That is, until they might need a diaper change or they roll over on each other.

Long live Melatonin!

TwiceBabies and Friends at Mt House Water Park

This Friday morning my twins and Mommy all drove to the Mt. House Water Park. When we got there, several of my church friends and their children were there. The kids where playing in the water and playground.

After a few minutes, the water was shut off! The city was working on a water main or something. That really blew our water day. But, all the kids still played with the surrounding play equipment.
I think we left around 1ish, even though the water was not in operation.
I hope the water feature will be operating next week. I love it more than my twins do. Just knowing there is a city, not mine, that actually has a fun place to play makes me happy.
God Bless Cool Outdoor Places to Play at

Thursday, July 24, 2008

TwiceBaby "B" and her Blankie

Over the past several weeks, Twicebaby "B", when hurt or has an boo boo looks for her blankie. It is the funniest thing because she and her sister have always loved their blankies, but now, when twin "B" or twin "A" get hurt, they cry out, "Blankie!" "Blankie!"

Once her blankie is located, she places it on her wound or where ever she thinks her blankie will make her boo boo feel better.

Still today, at 2.7 months, Twicebaby "B" has to take her blankie with her in the car and on some outings. Not all the time though because Mommy does not want to clean that blankie all the time. As of right now, her blankie, and her sisters, is on its 'last leg' so to speak.

Nana made their blankies when they were still preemies and I wrapped them in the blankies until they could no longer be wrapped in them.

God Bless my TwiceBaby "B" and "A" and their blankies which give them much comfort.

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TwiceBabies and Ma Ti Ma

Today, Ma Ti Ma came over to pick up her Nina's. Before she came over, she had to get her keys out of her car as she locked them in this morning. She was working in a different city so she was a little behind, but she came over as soon as her car was open.

I am not sure where Ma Ti Ma took my twins today, I just said, "Anyplace other than McDonald's will be fine with me."

Once my twins were gone, I went to the UPS store to send a package to my Mom and Dad. My Mom had left some items here from her two week visit and help.

Now, back at home, it is nice to have a little quietness, no fussiness, no fighting over the same toy.

Praise God for Ma Ti Ma!

TwiceBabies and Great Uncle George II

Today, Great Uncle George came back and added some fresh soil to the huge square where the cement used to be. He also placed a piece of sod down so we can see what we need to purchase from Home Depot.

Anyway, my twins loved saying, "Two Uncee George's". That is because Uncle George and his worker freind were completing the job in our backyard.

My twins, once they are on a word or phrase, they will say it for ever and ever and it drives Mommy crazy!!

TwiceBabies and Uncle George I

Yesterday, my husband's uncle came over, with one of his workers, and knocked out this big slab of cement in our backyard. At one time, the previous owner probably had a shed on this slab. This slab is quite dangerous and our twins could hurt themselves on it.

The main reason the cement was being removed is to make room for our twins plastic swing set we will be purchasing, finally, and setting up. The swing set would have to be set over the cement slab and that would injure our twins.

God Bless Great Uncles!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TwiceBabies and GaGa

This morning, I went to a friends "secret baby shower" at my mall. Yes, we had her baby shower at the mall, in the food court. It was pretty nice, there were at least 15-20 of her closest friends there. I made her a diaper cake for her shower gift. My friend and I went in together and purchased some baby items and I made the cake in two days. It could have been done in one day, but I needed to get some more baby items.

Oh. while at the shower, I was sitting next to another friend of mine, these ladies are all friends from my church or used to attend my church. So, while taking to another friend of mine, I suggested we go to Claire's and get s tiara and wand. I told them at one of my three baby shower's I had a tiara placed on my head. So, my girlfriend and I walked to Claire's and purchased a QUEEN tiara, Pink Star Wand and a Sash to put around her growing belly. It was cute and fun to do.

The shower was nice and my friend received lots of gifts. I think she liked mine.

Anyway, while I was as the shower, my Mom in Law came over and watched my girls for me. I was so very thankful. Honestly, I would not have lasted the 1.5 hours I was there if my twins came with me.

God Bless Family!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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