Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TwiceBabies: Nana, Papa and the 5.4 Earthquake

This morning, I was reading some headlines on Yahoo! and realized there was a 5.4 magnitute earthquake in Chino Hills. Wow, my parents felt it from Anaheim to West Covina. My Dad was working in Anaslim, while my Mom was just at home.

My parents home did not have that much damage to it. Some glass items around the home fell and broke. But no windows or gas mains were broken. My Dad and Mom were a bit 'shook up', but not stirred.

I guess the quake ran from Los Angeles, San Diego and to Nevada. The USGS says the official magnitute of the quake was 5.8, but that varies. After the major quake, Caltech says they recorded by 12:30 some 27 aftershocks. Wow, 27 aftershocks is amazing and untl 4:30, Caltech has registered 50 altogether.

Macy's closed down due to flooding on three floors and the West Covina Postal Office closed to determine how much structional damage there was.

Along with these building issues, two LA schools were shut damaged.

Wow, what a day in Los Angeles, San Berdoo and Orange County.

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