Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TwiceBabiesMom Goes To Lunch

This afternoon, my girlfriend and I were able to go out to lunch. We went to one of our favorite restaurants near the mall. Nana stayed home with her TwiceBaby Granddaughters, played with them, read to them and vacuumed the home with them.

After lunch, my girlfriend went to her son's kindergarten class to help out. Then, I went off to Walgreen's to get something for TwiceBaby "B"'s scar over her eye. Hopefully the one I got her will not scare her as much. There is no color should not scare her and I will let her DO IT herself if need be.

Then, I went to the bank and did what I needed to do there.

Once home, I scanned all my products, but them away, got the mail and listened to Southwest Radio Ministries on the radio. Usually, I listen online when I am unable to listen on the radio.

Anyway, I hear my twins waking up now and Nana probably is too.

God Bless Nana for helping Mommy, Daddy and TwiceBabies out!!

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