Monday, July 28, 2008

Articles from Ravi's Blog

Recently, I found this blog and thought it was interesting enough to talk about. Ravi likes to blog about everything. So, here are some snippets of what Ravi likes to chit chat about. As of today, Ravi was talking about how to read a book while laying down. Ravi tells readers about how laying down and reading with a book in your hands is not a good idea, along with sitting in a couch. Sitting in a couch could hurt your neck. Ravi suggests you sit on your bottom, at a desk with a table lamp on.

Ravi has a suggestion about shopping online as well. Ravi suggests shopping online is safer and I tend to agree with Ravi. With websites having security certificates, this alone should make shopping online more secure. Shopping online is cheaper, sometimes. The one thing an online store does not have to worry about is 'window dressing' or in store displays. Without this added expense, online shopping does, in the long run, save a customer, time and money.

Ravi has many more articles that will be of interest to you.

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