Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TwiceBabies, Nana and Mommy Stay Home

Today, even though the weather was a balmy 87 degrees, we stayed home. Well, Nana we shopping and my TwiceBabies and Mommy took a long nap.

After we got up, we played outside and my twins, well they love all the photos of themselves on my computer. I have a whole lot of photos in a slide show which they love to look at.

Oh, before this, in the morning all of us were in our backyard, playing and I took down the baby pool, Lil Squirt, and they played in that. After a while, my twins got bored so I turned off the hose and we went indoors, took a bath and got ready for lunch, them their afternoon nap.

My twins always go down for a nap in the late afternoon so I can listen to my favorite Christian talk radio show at a specific time. The show is only thirty minutes, but I want to make sure I heard the whole show.

Later in the evening, Nana wanted to go for a walk, but last night, I stubbed my toe on our ottoman. OUCH!! does not even begin to tell you how if still feels and looks. But, my toe is getting better. Hopefully the weather will be as good tomorrow as it was today for a nice walk or for some play time in the park.

God Bless Sleeping Babies!!

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