Monday, September 28, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Their New Musical Instruments

So, Daddy goes to Costco one day and sees this cute Instrument Set. He purchases it, brings it home and the set sits in our utility room for a week. We had not given it to our twins yet. This is because we already know they would fight over it. They fight over everything.

Alright, so now we are in the new week, beginning at Sunday. After church, Daddy took Twin "B" to Costco to get us some AAA batteries and happened to stop by the toy aisle. While in the toy aisle, Daddy picked up another Instrument Set. Daddy said because they were a good price, we could afford to have two sets.

While Daddy and Twin "B" were at Costco, Twin "A" and Mommy went to get some lunch at Wendy's. That is all we did, nothing real special, just pick up lunch for the twins.

When Daddy and Twin "B" arrived back at home, Twin "B" was holding the new Instrument Set so I went to the garage and retrieved the other New Instrument Set, never opened.

After their nap, or rest, Mommy and Daddy opened the Instrument Sets and ever since then, they have been going crazy with the drum, maracas and other instruments I can not name right now.

I do like these toys 1) because they are real instruments and 2) hopefully it will take them away from the TV.

God Bless instruments for children...

Monday, September 21, 2009

There is no need for Babies to be Colicky anymore

Natural remedies are always the best way to ease a baby, especially a newborns under developed stomach. With many babies, those born early or not, their little stomachs might not be ready to digest milk, from Mommy or formula. This is when baby bloating becomes a problem and why all Mothers should have on hand, Colic Calm Gripe Water. This gripe water naturally reduces gas and reflux. The Gripe Water from the Colic Calm company is homeopathic, which means it is all natural, and will ease any discomfort for any babies little, developing stomachs.

Along with gas which gives any baby reason to be fussy, is reflux. It is true, reflux in babies happens just like in adults. The reflux baby feels, also known as, GERD, is when contents from a babies stomach comes back up into their esophagus where babies will spit up and cough. Some, but not all babies around the ages of 1 to 4 months might experience GERD. As babies grow, around the ages of 6 to 12 months, the GERD they experience will subside.

As uncomfortable as baby gas and GERD is, this is temporary and will correct itself a babies stomach begins to grow and develop with age. Once a babies stomach muscles begin to develop, the pain of gas and GERD will lessen. It is always nice though, to have Colic Gripe Water on hand. It is must for any Mom to keep with her in the car, diaper bag and baby nursery.

TwiceToddlers at Micke Grove Park

**Forgive me for not writing on my blog lately, I have been busy on other assignments.**

Yesterday, Daddy, Mommy and our twins went to Micke Grove Park. We had intended to go to Pixie Woods but they were closed for the Winter Season. Well, if yesterday was an indication of the winter weather, they should have been open. Pixie Woods would have made lots of money indeed with the very nice weather.

So, instead of going to Pixie Woods, we drove to Lodi and went to Micke Grove instead. At the Micke Grove Park, instead of going to the zoo, we played at that amusement park for kids. Our twins had so much fun. They went on the mini train ride, mingo-round I(merry go round), a cool roller coaster for small children and other small rides for kids.

I think we stayed there for two or three hours.

So, just in case you live in our near Stockton, do not waste your time driving to Pixie Woods ,they are closed for the WINTER season. Micke Grove Park, on the other hand is open year round.


Now, after our Micke Grove outing, we went to Trader Joe's. Mommy had to get some more food stuffs. The only thing I forgot, which I really needed was the small waters!! I get the ones which come in a large pack surrounded my plastic. They cost $7.99 and are usually at the front of the store. Oh, I will see if my Aunt can purchase two for me and I will pay her for them. Anyway, I got some more wheat thins, (TJ style), fruit, drinks, soaps, JoJos cookies and other yummy stuff. While at TJ's, the girls were asked to look for JoJo, the TJs mascot. Well, TwiceToddler "B" found JoJo, up on top of the egg cooler. So, for their reward, both my twins got a balloon and lopipop. Oh, TwiceToddler "B" was so proud of herself and so was TwiceToddler "A"when she found JoJo too.

Well, have a blessed day everyone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TwiceToddlers and the CHP

Today, my twins and their preschool class were able to see and hear a saftey talk from one of our local CHP officers. They got a sticker, Yo-Yo and fan. Too bad my twins could not see Papa in his CHP uniform before Papa retired..a day before they were born.

My twins love preschool now. They had a crush on one of their classmates, Dillon. They talk about him all the time. It is so cute. When my twins like or dislike something or someone, they are fixated on him/her or an object for a long time.

Silly TwiceToddlers...