Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking for Dell Laptop Parts is Easy today

Finding Dell laptop parts can be found through a variety of places today. Dell clients can look online or a Dell free standing, brick and mortar, store.  For Dell clients who prefer to shop online, this is probably the best place to search for laptop parts. When searching for laptop parts, it is easier to compare and contrast prices from more than one seller. These days there is no need to go with just one laptop parts seller. In fact, sometimes a buyer might want to tell a potential seller where they saw a particular part(s) they need cheaper through another seller.

Some of the most replaced laptop parts are batteries and monitors. For obvious reasons, these would be the most replaced parts because the battery is constantly being charged and the monitor is always being opened and closed. This alone would tire out the monitor and give it a major thrashing as well. Yes, our laptops go through a lot of stress and need to be taken care of. Replacing laptop parts is just part of owning any laptop. Many laptop owners would like to think they will never need to replace certain laptop parts, but this is not so. Be prepared to replace such parts as the battery and monitor, maybe even the motherboard or CD player.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top country clubs in Boca Raton for families

Everybody wants to be part of something. Being part of something makes people feel special and wanted. This goes for being part of a country club. When a family is part of a country club, families are able to do so many fun things together. Some of the fun things families can do together might be, but not limited to:

  • Golf
  • Tennis/Racquet
  • Social Events
  • Fine Dining

Families, especially children, will enjoy being part of any of the top country clubs in Boca Raton, Florida. These are the top country clubs in Boca Raton, Florida which families can look into and decide which one best suits their families needs.

  • The Club at Boca Pointe
  • Boca Raton Resort and Club
  • Boca Woods Country Club
  • St. Andrews Country Club
  • Country Club Classified
The best thing about being part of a country club is, it is all inclusive. Families can enjoy spending time together in a place that offers delicious dining, indoor and outdoor activities year round. Children, young and teenagers, will begin to call a country club their second home. In fact, individuals and families, can contact a realtor in Boca Raton and purchase a condominium, town home or single-family detached  home.

The city of Boca Raton is surrounded by gorgeous beaches, a fun nightlife and all the shopping anyone can fit into one day. This is fun for anyone living in, or visiting, the Boca Raton area. Now, when it comes to deciding what membership to sign up for, there are several memberships to look into such as the annual, seasonal, residential, non-residential and tenant/equity memberships. 
If one is living in Boca Raton, the best thing to do is join a country club. The country club life will add to the enjoyment one expects while living in Boca Raton and the state of Florida. The country club life begins at a Boca Raton Country Club.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Have You Ever Wanted To Know How Probate Works?

A probate, for anyone who does not understand, is a legal process that helps clients either pay off debts or divide assets and property when a family member, or individual, has passed away.  The majority of probates will have a will drawn up, also known as a Last Will and Testament. These types of wills come with a lot of requirements and possible conditions from either the heirs and or creditors. Once the will and testament is drawn up, the attorney and probate clients have to go to probate court where the assets, from the passed away individual, including taxes and any other expenses, will be divided among the listed heirs.

Now, it is not always necessary to go to court, but if there are issues that come up with the heirs of a probate, a court hearing will be necessary.This is also called probate litigation. A probate litigation will include, but not limited to, certain laws, statues and codes which are necessary for a particular clients will, trust, or testament. Also depending on the size of an estate attorney's, such as probate attorney John Farina, will be prepared for a clients probate litigation court hearing when the court date arrives.

There are several types of probate wills for clients to consider when hiring a probate attorney. The probate attorney will either suggest the right will for their client to use, or the client will choose for the attorney. It is usually better for the attorney to decide when it comes to drawing up any probate will. These are the various probate wills for clients to consider:

  • Mistake in Exececution
  • Mental Capacity (or lack thereof)
  • Undue Influence
 Finally, a probate attorney wants the whole process to go as smoothly as possible. Probate attorneys do not look forward to seeing their clients unhappy and will do all they can to please their clients and possible heirs of the drawn up probate.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PB + J, International is a blessing to those with SAM

SAM, also being a person's name, is also a known for as Severe Acute Malnutrition. This happens to be the number one killer of children under five years of age. There are nearly 20 million children around the world who suffer from SAM. Sadly, more than 3.5 million children every year die from SAM. Being malnourished does not have to happen though. There is a proper treatment available to the majority of children who are currently living with SAM. In fact, right now there are companies addressing SAM by producing Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic-Foods (RUTF). 

One such fortified food is peanut butter. A five-person, non-profit organization based in Laguna Niguel, Calif., saved the lives of 1,200 children suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition in Malawi, Africa … in just 17 months. This is true, and still happening today. Within a five years time, and working with a number of global humanitarian organizations in Malawi, Africa, a Laguna Niguel, California resident Stan Smith realized that Malawi’s nutritional issues still remained despite the many water wells, building schools and developing livestock programs.

This is when Stan Smith witnessed the horrible effects of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and decided he had to do something about this devastating epidemic. So, in March 2012, Stan Smith recruited his friends Brian Hunsaker, Haley Hunsaker, Donna Wertz and Heather Premac in the creation of  PB+J Foods, Inc. PB + J Foods, Inc. is a non-profit organization designed specifically to wipe out Severe Acute Malnutrition in underdeveloped nations, like Malawi.

The peanut butter paste made through the PB + J Foods, Inc. is being sold to hospitals and world relief agencies like World Vision and UNCEF. PB+J Foods, Inc.does more than make the peanut butter paste, they help create sustainability through a Co-op Farmer Program. This program usually  has between 800 to 1000 farmers enrolled. This program, for the most part, trains single mothers, which often produce the best long term results. The Co-op Farmer Program help the farmers buy seeds for their peanut crops and teachers farmers how to grow their peanut crops. Showing farmers how to grow their own peanut crops enables the farmers to create their own cash crop for locals in the project area.

Just one jar of peanut butter paste is a therapeutic food treatment that provides all the nutritional requirements for one child a day. This is amazing what this peanut butter paste does for the malnourished bodies of children in Malawi, Africa. There are over 16,000 pounds of peanut butter paste jars distributed from PB + J Foods, Inc and this is enough to save over 1,200 children. This is one amazing company that wants to see all children in Malawi, Africa healthy on a daily basis.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

There is no need to stress out about Dell computer parts

Every computer, at one time or another will need to have some parts repaired. Even the best laptop computer will need to be upgraded with current parts available by the laptop company. The best way for a laptop to increase its speed is by updating, installing, new parts. In fact, the best way for any laptop to last more than a year is by installing new parts. For those with a lot of laptop parts knowledge, they can either install parts themselves, or send the laptop to a company that installs Dells computer parts. For those wanting parts installation done right the first time, it is best to go through a Dell computer repair company the first time around.

One laptop part that might be overlooked, at times, for needing a new part is the motherboard. This is practically the heart of the laptop, or desktop, computer. Now, because there are more than one type of Dell laptop, desktop, computer, there will be more than one motherboard. It is important to look for, and purchase the one made for your laptop, desktop, computer. The last thing anyone wants is to look at, and purchase, the wrong motherboard. Right now, Dell has over fifteen makes and models of motherboards.

These are the current Dell computer motherboards to look at and purchase:

  • Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop Motherboard (System Mainboard) with Integrated Intel Graphics - UMA - HNGW4  
  • Dell Inspiron 15R (N5010) Motherboard System Board with Discrete ATI Graphics - 6V89F
  •  Dell Alienware M17xR3 Laptop Motherboard (System Mainboard) - GFWM3 
  •  Dell Precision M4400 Laptop Motherboard (System Mainboard) with Nvidia Quadro 1700M Graphics - K390N 
  • Dell Adamo 13 Motherboard with Intel SU9400 Core 2 Duo 1.4Ghz / 2GB Memory - 9VK9Y


Being a Dell computer customer is great because they have excellent customer service and when it comes to needing a new part, specifically motherboards, Dell offers all the motherboards needed by customers for their particular repair. The last thing computer customers want is to waste time fixing their computer. This is why it is best to have a computer repaired right the first time around. This, indeed, will lower anyone's stress level.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Twice Girlies Have School Photos Today

Alright, this is the end of the second week of the 2013/2014 school year. So far my twins have not had a lot of homework. This week they did two math pages, read all week long with Mommy from the McGuffey's Reader. This book has good stories in it and prayers to. My twins also studied for their spelling test and put together an "All About Me"/Show and Tell" brown bag for class. Their second week of school has been pretty slow and easy. I am hoping they receive more school work soon and I receive their teacher's email address to.

Oh, my twins also plan to purchase some books from Scholastic in their library either today or some time next week. I think my twins like to look through the book catalog and buy the books, instead of reading the books they buy. I don't know, maybe it is just me, but this is what I see. Mommy will have them loving to read by the end of the year though. My twins know Mommy loves reading. I can read 2-3 books at a time on my Kindle Fire.

Oh but I digress.....

So today is their 2013/2014 school photo session. I had them wear the outfit they wore on the first day of school last year. I love this outfit and with all the awesome clothes they have to wear everyday, I had planned on them wearing this totally cool dress Auntie Amy got them, but then I was looking through their closet and found these cute tops/shirts sets Nana got them last year for the first day of school.

Well, I changed my mind at the last moment, last night as they were going to bed. So, this is what they are wearing and I hope their photos turn out good..Last years photo was alright, but I would like this years to turn out better...

Here is for hoping and praying....

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are You Familiar with Nail Art?


Just in case you are not familiar with nail art, this is a type of painting the fingernails with with all sorts of bright colors and designs. The designs can be of anything an individual might like. Some designs might include the sun, moon, starts, sprinkles, a gradient look, the written word and so much more. Nail art might be considered the smaller version of body art. Well today there are a lot of ladies having their nails painted with all the nail art designs available.

In fact, Red Carpet Manicure is the only company to buy nail art design kits from when deciding to have your fingernails stand out wherever you go. Fingernails are seen everyday, by family, friends and acquaintances alike. It is always nice when shaking someones hand that fingernails look presentable, and even have people asking such questions as, "Where did you get your fingernails done?"

Now, if you have never heard of Red Carpet Manicure before, they are the number one manicure at home company being used by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Rhianna. When deciding to have your fingernails done by Red Carpet Manicure, you can choose from sophisticated designs to now, their most popular LED gel nail polish that lasts weeks.

There are several manicure kits to look at and try at home, along with nail applique's and nail art tutorials to see how to easily paint your nails at home like the nail salons do. Right now Red Carpet Manicure is having a sweepstakes which is taking place on the Red Carpet Manicure Facebook Page.

It is time to have fun with nail polish, especially when you can do it at home with a variety of Red Carpet Manicure kits to look at and choose from.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Twins Begin School This Week

My twins began school this week. Even though their summer was short, we did a lot to keep them busy and just have a fun time. We went to see my parents, sister (and her boys-my nephews-my twins cousins), and  my Gramma and one of my Aunt's. We stayed at my parents home for two weeks. Those two weeks went by way to fast, in my opinion, but my twins had a great time at the beach, 2x, park, going to get a pedi and manicure, going to movies and shopping.

Then, the weekend before school began, we went to a campsite near a Northern California beach. It was cold....and we might not go to that campsite again. But my goodness, we should have known it would be cold. The Northern California beaches are usually always colder than in Southern California. Well, on our last day of camping, we drove down 17 Mile Drive, hoping to see some Deer. We saw no Deer, but we stopped at each cove and got out of our car to play in the water. 

My twins, they love the ocean water, warm or cold. This day was no different. They put on their swim suits and played in the water. BRRR, no thank you! I passed on playing in the water. While playing in the water, we did play in the  Tide Pools. My twins, silly girls, would call the Tide Pools, 'tight pools' or something like this.

All in all, we had a great summer. It is a shame school has to begin when it is still hot outside. I miss the days when starting school after Labor Day was the norm. I do not understand why the schools, public I suppose, have to start school in August.

Anyway, this was the first week of school. My twins are in the 3rd grade now and they love their teacher! They have a lot of their friends from last year in their class this year. Some of their close friends though, are not attending their school this year and my twins are sad. So is Mommy. We pray though that my  twins close friend will be able to attend my twins school like she did in 1st grade.

 This year, in my twins classroom, all the students have their own desks, facing the blackboard and the classroom is small, but there are still the same amount of students as last year. Just like 1st and 2nd grade, my twins are not sitting next to each other. This is a plus for me, my twins and the teacher.

Now, unlike last year, my twins will have to complete a homework assignment everyday to be handed in everyday. This should be easy for my twins though and it allows my twins to not be lazy. Yesterday was Open House, I think it is called Open House, to meet the teacher. She is adorable and has such a good attitude. I like how her class is structured and all the rules for the class she passed out to the parents.

Yeah, this will be a good school year, indeed!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Maclaren Duo Baby Strollers

When I had my twins, I really needed a duo baby stroller. A lot of parents with more than one child the around the same age will have a duo baby stroller though, not just Mums of twins. When I went looking for duo strollers though, I found there were a lot to look at and choose from. There are two styles of duo strollers to look at by various stroller companies. Some stroller companies sell tandem and side by side strollers. I actually liked both styles, but when I went looking for side by side twin strollers, I went looking with the company Maclaren. This company is out of the United Kingdom.

The twin strollers for Mums of twins to look at come in four models. These models are the Twin Triumph, Denim Twin Triumph, Sun & Fun Denim Twin Triumph StyleSet and the Twin Techno. The twin stroller I decided to purchase was the Twin Triumph. This stroller is recommended for babies six months and up, it only weighs 10.5kg/23.1lbs, of course it seats twin babies and allows for babies who with, combined I am sure, 30kg/110lbs. This was the perfect stroller for me and my twins, because it was easy to move around and get in and out of my truck. The size of this stroller also made it easy to get in and out of doors.

Now, just as the above features are important, so to was the comfort for my twins. I really did not want then sitting in a stroller that was going to be uncomfortable. This stroller has a 5 point harness, a rain cover, water resistant hoods, reclining seats (how cool is that), and  a foot break for comfort, safety and durability. When purchasing this stroller, the fact that it was light weight was my first priority. I wanted to make sure the stroller was not heavier than what my twins already weighed, plus, I wanted them to be just a comfortable a Mum while walking to and fro.

It was a Hot 4th of July

Oh wow, it certainly was a hot 4th of July this year. Well, who am I kidding, it is always hot on the 4th of July. This year, like the year before, I invited my Aunt and Uncle over from San Jose. They arrived at our home around 3ish and we had a blast, literally, a blast with the fireworks I told my Uncle to purchase from my churches fireworks booth. It was so much fun seeing him light the fireworks for my girls, and everyone, to see, and hear. Wow, some of the fireworks were ear piercing, indeed, but my twins loved them regardless. Well, of course they would have liked the fireworks, my twins are just as loud as the fireworks themselves.. deep calls to deep.. (LOL).

We do not have an in ground pool, but a blow up pool. We get at least two each summer. We are now on our second blow up pool. Well my Aunt and Uncle brought over their swim suits and got in the pool with the twins, I would not. I just know my twins will splash me like crazy. Even though it was in the 100s, I really did not want to get splashed with that cold water. Oh, we did have warm water balloons though and that was fun. I threw some balloons at my twins, Aunt and Uncle. Daddy was sitting by the BBQ and just looking on as we were having fun.

It really was a fun day, especially with all the delicious hamburgers, hot dogs and tri tip. Oh, and we have three bowls of chips, a very hot, and yummy, salsa, three cheeses with crackers and delicious beverages for all.

Having the 4th of July at my home is the best because we get a front row seat to the fireworks show at the high school. I invited my Aunt and Uncle to our home for the 4th of July years ago and they have come ever since. I mean, why drive or walk to see the fireworks when you can sit in my front yard and see the amazing fireworks, especially the finale... My city has the best finale around. IMHO.. :-)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When purchasing flooring, it is always best to buy wholesale

Buying new flooring just makes a new, or not new, home look and fell better. It is always nice being able to update, or upgrade, something old. The best thing about owning a home is the ability to decorate in the way a homeowner wants to. An individuals home reflects who they are and what they prefer in home decor. It is true, our homes are our castles and they should be treated as such. Homes are just as important on the inside, as they are on the outside. Now, since family, friends and guests are more likely than not to visit in the home, and not outside, having beautiful flooring is a must.

With this said, buying flooring wholesale is the only way to buy. Saving on flooring is always the better way to go and should be an automatic decision from the beginning. As prices continue to rise on a lot of important products used everyday, one product to save on is flooring. It really is not necessary to pay full price for anything today, especially if a homeowner is a smart shopper. In fact, with the Internet, doing research on who, what and where to purchase wholesale flooring could not be any easier. These are just some ways to save on flooring for one or more rooms and feel good about being a wise consumer.

  1.  Flooring Name Brands: One good thing about shopping wholesale is the ability to find name brands in one store, or warehouse, where homeowners can talk to professionals who lay flooring for a living. Some of the popular name brands would be Mohawk to Armstrong. There is no need to pay full price for these name brands when a homeowner knows how and where to get a deal on one or more rooms.
  2.  Wholesale Memberships: More likely than not, if buying wholesale, that wholesale company will require homeowners, designers, home building companies, to become a member. This is no different than big box companies that allow their members to save once they sign up to be a member.
  3. Better Selections at Showrooms: For homeowners, designers and home builders alike, it would make no sense to visit a local flooring company because they will not have enough samples on hand to show potential clients. More likley than not, local flooring companies will not have professional floor layers on hand. This alone is the main reason to shop wholesale.
 In the end, it will not matter how big a home is, how many rooms are going to get new flooring, being able to be a smart shopper and buy wholesale flooring is the best thing anyone can do.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

TwiceGirlies Were So Excited To See Nana,Papa and Cousins..

So my parents (Nana and Papa) and cousins arrived at my home 2 minutes before my twins met me at the backdoor of my office/backyard. It was awesome...Nana said surprise! and my twins were very excited. They were thinking their surprise would one two of their friends coming over to play with them.

Boy did they have a surprise..

Oh, we had a wonderful weekend. It was definitely short, but worth it. My parents were so sweet to drive up here from SoCal. It was a long drive and construction on the 5 freeway, through the Grapevine no doubt, was not any better.

Anyway, my parents and nephews arrived at my home and we had pizza and sodas in my backyard. The weather was perfect all weekend. My parents (Nana and Papa) and nephews were staying at a hotel with a pool and my twins were able to swim for a while. They had a blast, of course. 

My Mom and I went shopping since I rarely get out of my home. 

My parents hotel room was called a "suite" but it was not the suite one expects to stay in for any expected time, even 2 nights with four people. Well, even though the surprise weekend was short, my twins and I will be in SoCal for summer vacation and we will have plenty of time to have more fun.

Ciao for now!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Twins Have a Weekend Surprise!

This weekend my twins are going to be so surprised! Their Nana, Papa and cousins are coming up to see them. Oh my goodness, they will be so surprised to see not only their Nana and Papa, but their cousins who they love so much. My parents will be staying at a hotel this time and the hotel has a pool. My twins will love playing in the pool with their cousins. It will be a short weekend, but at least Nana and Papa get to see their precious TwiceBabies.

Nana could not stand it any longer, she has to see her precious twinies...they are growing up so fast and the next time Nana and Papa will see them is this summer, but still, Nana could not wait any longer. It has been since Christmas since Nana saw her TwiceBabies. There really is not much to do in one full day in our city. The boys, if they bring their skate boards, can go to the skate park and girls can bring their razors. It would be nice to just not spend any money at all.

There is no need to always spend money to have fun, right? Now, I have to think of something else to do that does not cost money...

Oh yeah, I am so excited for my twins because they will jump into Nana and Papa's arms like they do me everyday they get home from school.


Monday, April 15, 2013

The White Cloud Paper Brands Are Becoming More Popular

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever wondered where to purchase products that are made from recylced paper? Have you ever wondered what happens to recycled paper? There is no need to ask anymore because one company, White Cloud Pinterest page is actually making products with recycled paper in ways that should not surprise the everyday buyer of paper products. Even though living the green life is talked about, the question a lot of consumers have is, where do we find these recycled paper products? If you are a fan of Pinterest, you can learn more about them at the White Cloud “Living the Green” Pinterest board. In fact, consumers can also go the White Cloud GreenEarth products page. On this website page, you can also see where these paper product brands are carried, like exclusively at Walmart stores. Find a Store Near You!

I do like to recycle, especially my vegetables, fuits and some paper products. If you are wondering when I went green, here you go.

Well, I did not actually go green, I just thought it was a good idea to at least compost my veggies, fruits and paper instead of filling landfills. Along with composting, I do make sure lights are not on in my home when not in a room. For some reason lights on just bother me if anything, I am always asking my girls to throw vegetable and fruit scraps into my compost can so I can eventually use this for my vegetable garden in a couple months.

So, what do you do to recycle and not fill the landfills?

Right now, White Cloud is having a NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 4/30/13. Click here for Official Rules. Living The Green Pintrest Sweepstakes. If you are a fan at Pinterest, this will be fun, especially if you like sweepstakes.  Here are the Sweepstakes Rules and Regulations

Along with going to Pinterest, you can Like White Cloud on Facebook and Follow White Cloud on Twitter.

 photo 283e915c-4aee-424c-8205-4c00b06f0e8b_zps9583c3d0.jpg

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It sounds like my twins are sleeping

Hmm, that is certainly funny, sounds like my twins are sleeping. They do not snore, but I do not hear them talking. If my twins are not talking, they are more likely than not, sleeping. Plus, Daddy just came home. When Daddy comes home, they always run to see him. This is a good indication they are sleeping.

I think the walk to and from the park today wore them out. Oh, this is a good thing. Oh, it brings me back to the days when they were babies and toddlers and would sleep for at least 2 hours. I never, ever, get them sleeping anymore. It is so rare they fall asleep on their own.

After my twins did some reading and math, they sat down to watch some television, which I did stop them from doing during the school week, but they are on Easter vacation, so I had to allow them to watch television this week only.

Well, we had a good day, let's see if we have a good evening.

Busy Month of March

Oh, March was a busy month. As you can see, I was only able to write one blog post. Let's see, in the month of March, we have 5 birthday's. That is a lot of birthday's in one month. So, we were just busy making homemade cards, which I should have taken photos of to put on my other blog but I did not.

Now, in the month of April, this month should be a bit calmer. Today, my twins and I walked to our local park where they played on the park equipment and I sat on a blanket and listened to music, while drinking my coffee.

While at the park, I brought some samples of Teeccino herbal coffee. I passed out all I had one hand. I thought, "Hey, this is a good idea." If I am not always able to have a show, at least I can pass out some of the samples I have and see if people will like it. I mean, I had attached a Teeccino herbal coffee sample with information on the herbal coffee, with a coupon for the herbal coffee.

I think I will do this next time I go to the park.

This weekend, I will be going to a women's retreat with my church friends and I will bring samples there to. A lot of my friends have not tried Teeccino herbal coffee yet, so I will pass out samples and hope they will like it.

So, today was a good day. When we got home from the park, I had my twins read a short story, with a comprehension test to complete after the story. I began doing this yesterday for my girls and will do this until Thursday. Oh, I also have them doing some math problems they do in class, just to make sure they remember what they have learned this year so far.

I think tomorrow I will have them read another story, do math and we will read two pages of learning about mythology. Yeah, this should be interesting. I do not recall learning about mythology until I was in 6th grade, but I want to give them some culture right now.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Twins and Talking about Dinosaurs in Class

When my twins go home from school today, they always tell me how their day went. I love hearing what happened in school today and what they learned. Today when they got home we were talking about the new "story" they are reading titled "Why Did The Dinosaurs Disappear?" Well, during class when they were discussing and reading about this story, my precious and well equipped twins, told their table partners dinosaurs did not die from a volcano and meteorite. Instead they told their table partners they died for the flood.

Oh Mommy was so proud of them. It is so good to see they are listening to me when I read to them, or they read to me from these books I purchased for them:

Anyway, while my  twins were in class learning about Why Did the Dinosaurs Disappear, they told their friends Dinosaurs, AKA, Leviathan and Behemoth (names from the Bible), died from the flood. I love it and I am doing all I can to instill in them the truth from the Word of God (Absolute Authority) about how and why the Dinosaurs (Leviathan and Behemoth) died.

This CD is fun and talks about God and His Word being the Absolute Authority. My twins did this VBS either last year or the year before. I loved it and so did they. The music is awesome!

I think my twins even told their teach Dinosaurs died on the flood.

I hugged and kissed my twins and told them how proud I was of them and to never be ashamed to tell the truth about the Dinosaurs. They told me a lot of their classmates do not even go to church and if they do, they do not know about how the Dinosaurs really died.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Twins and Their Collections

Do your twins, around the ages of 5 to 7, collect things? If so, you are not alone. Even if you have one twin who likes to collect things this is normal around theses ages. The first time twin "A" began collecting things was at age 5. I knew this was going to happen because I used to collect things and I am not a twin. At age 5, Twin "A" was collecting different sticks in her room. She would put them in one of her baby beds. These sticks would stay in her room for a long time, until she eventually threw them out. Oh, Twin "A" would talk about them all the time and how one stick was for this doll and them she would make a bed out of the sticks for her barbie dolls and stuffed animals.

At age 6 both Twins "A" and "B" were collecting things in out front and back yard. Last year Twin "A" was collecting all sizes of leaves and bringing them in her bedroom, again, for her dolls and stuffed animals. She just loves collecting anything she can bring into her bedroom.These collections do not last that long though because eventually they go into the trash outside or back in the yard.

Right now, Twin "A" collecting flowers that are in the corner of my front yard. There are three colors that have begun to bloom. All three of these colors, Twin "A", has began picking from the bushes. Now, she is making a collection of the flowers in a book. The book is made up of construction paper where Twin "A" tapes each flower on their individual page and them on the next page, she draws a picture of the flowers she has just taped to one page.

This is a collection I can see going on for a while. She said this flower collection will be a birthday gift for Mommy.

I love when she begins collecting simple things like this. When she, and her sister, do this, I know they are exercising their brains and it shows their creative side.

Twins and Playing in Sprinklers

The weather was somewhat nice today, but it was not nice enough to run through the backyard and front yard their tankini's. Daddy said if the temp got to 75 degrees, they could run in the sprinklers.

I think Daddy said this around 3ish. It seemed every minute my twins were asking what the temp was and when could they run in the sprinklers. Oh goodness, it became very annoying. Twin "A" kept coming into the home to see what the temp was. I had to tell her the temp inside really had nothing to do with the temp outside right now. It could be 75 inside and 70 outside. In fact,this is what it was like yesterday.

Then, Twin "B" was sitting on top the swings and over and over again asking what the temp was. When Daddy finally it will not get to 70 degrees today, she came in the house and crawled under her bed..Yeah, under her bed as if this was going to make the temp go higher or I could change the temp some how. When Twin "B" went under her bed, Twin "A" put on her Winter jacket, gloves and scarf. Yeah, they were not happy campers..

I had to tell both Twins "A" and "B" that I do not control the weather and it is in God's hands, as far as I know. Then I looked on my Kindle Fire on the app for the 10 day forecast. Well, it is only going to get to 70 degrees, at most, this weekend to. My twins are so ready for Spring and Summer. Well, they are not alone as I am so tired of this cold weather.

The sun is wonderful I tell my twins, but just because the sun is out does not mean it is warm outside.
If it were up to my twins, they would be in Summer clothes year round.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Twins and Dinosaurs

Well, I knew this would eventually happen, my twins are "reading"/"learning" about dinosaurs at school. They began learning about dinosaurs in kindergarten, but now they are getting more into what dinosaurs are, what they eat and of course, when they "lived". Oh yeah, this is not something I was really looking forward to, although I knew it was inevitable with them being in the government school system. The contrast between what the government schools are teaching versus what is in my bible are so different it is scary. When Christian parents, such as myself, see their kids coming home with school books on dinosaurs and I know the truth about dinosaurs, this is when it is paramount for mom's like me to be armed with the word of God. Ephesians 6:11

My twins came home with a book that began their journey on reading about dinosaurs and I knew then they were going to be reading about dinosaurs from the worldly school systems 'untruths'. That same day, I began looking for Christian books on dinosaurs and I found several. Well, of course I knew I would find them, I was just hoping they came to me before my twins were done reading this anthology on dinosaurs. The first book I purchased arrived yesterday and this is everything I grew up learning, in my Christian schools, not public schools, and now it is my responsibility to teach my twins the truth of the Holy Bible as well. Dinosaurs in the Bible

This above underlined sentence is just something I found so you could see how Dinosaurs (Behemoth-on land) and Levitation (in water), were walking with man and were herbivores before men began disobeying God. Of course the government schools will not tell you this as they teach on the 'theory of evilution' and all things that are made up and presented to our kids as true. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. This, of course, has never been easy, but I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

This is a movie I own from Pastor Billy Crone. I was looking for part two and found it online, but will show you part 1 right here. This is Pastor Billy Crone talking about non other than the Dinosaurs in the Bible. Pastor Billy explains so vividly about the dinosaurs and when and how long they have walked with man. I have always known the dinosaurs walked with man, but I love pastor Billy's enthusiam and knowledge he shares with not only his church, but the world who is willing to listen.I suggest you buy this movie if you are not a fan of reading books to kids. Although, the DVDs and movies will compliment each other.

These are the books I purchased about dinosuars, of course they were not called dinosaurs in the bible. Sir Richard Owen named the Behemoth and Leviation Dinosaurs.

These books are good for Christian parents who want to have a head start on the untruths their children will have to learn in the government schools. When our children know the truth from the bible, they will be able to talk about the dinosaurs from the bible with authority and will not be ashamed..this is what I want my girls to be, not ashamed to share the truths and love of Jesus at school.

Oh! I forgot to add this video I took of my twins digging for dinos in our backyard:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Creating Family Memories Are Fun

Ever since my twins were born, well at about age twins, I have been creating memories using these products from Once Upon A Family. Ever since my twins were two years old, this is when I began buying products from this company, I began with their hands and feet. There is this book, Tiny
Prints that I have been using, with paint, on my twins hands and feet. I even put paint on my hands, not feet, and add to their books. Yes, I buy two of everything and love it. These memories are as much for me as they will be for my twins.

Along with using the Tiny Prints, I began putting together a scrapbook for my twins on their birthday. The scrapbook is called "Growing into Mommy's Gown", wedding gown. Every year on their birthday, on their birthday month, I take photos of them in my wedding gown or Nana's wedding gown or at the same time. This is my twins in Mommy's wedding gown on their 1st Birthday.

Right here is a movable growth chart. I like this because if you happen to move, your kids growth marks will go with you. Yes, I purchased two because I have my twins and they like when I have one of each...that is just  how they, and Mommy, roll..

Right here are two baby treasure chests.As you can see, I have filled them to the top with all things that happened with my twins in their first year of life. Also, as you can see, they were born preemies. Today, you would never think they were once preemies. Praise the Lord for my healthy TwiceBabies.
Right here is one of my time capsule. I do have two of these and want to get one more. I have one in
my home and one in the garage. As you can see, this one is full of baby toys and stuff like that.

This is my Family Box. In it are all sorts of things I may need to keep in one location so I am not looking well, all over the place for certain items. This is a great box to have. I just love boxes like these in fact, I need another one soon.

This box right here is called Words of Wisdom and is awesome. I have sent the envelopes and blank paper to both my grandmas, my Mom and my husbands Mom so they can write Words of Wisdom to my sweetie pies.

Right here is something I have been using quiet a lot lately. It is the Tooth Fairy Pillow. My sweetie pies think there is a Tooth Fairy so when they lose a tooth, I put their tooth in this gold pillow and sprinkle "pixie dust" on their bed, pillow, head and stuffed animals. It is a really cute idea.

 Do you like playing games or other fun stuff with my kids? If so, you will love this adorable idea. This is the Family Fun Box. At the end of every week, we write down on the paper in this box, something we want to do and whatever paper in drawn out, that is what we will permitting of course.

Oh, if you love anything to do with your family tree, this is an excellent product. I love it and just sent some more leaves to my Mom to give to my cousin and sister to fill out and send back to me. I even took one of the leaves off recently. I like this family tree because you can hang it on a wall, place against a wall or have it sit on a portrait easel. It is very nice to look at and will not really clash with anything in your home.

I have this Letters to My Dear Child box where
I have written letters to my girls since they were 1 year old.
 I LOVE this letter box because:

  • Letter writing is a lost art
  • This box (even though it is plastic, looks like wood) takes you back 50 years
  • Seeing you own handwriting is more personal than emails
  • Your child will love seeing their Mommy and/or Daddy handwriting
  • These letters will be treasured for ever

Here I am wearing this adorable apron, not sure if this is being sold at Once Upon a Family, but I wear this everyday and my twins love it and I use this folder almost every day for checking things I might be doing during the day like:
  • Washing Laundry
  • Picking up twins toys
  • Watering my veggie garden (Mondays)
  • I have a list of things I do during the week

Now, whether you are newly married, or have been married over 10 years, you and your spouse will love using this adorable Red Love Pillow with notes in it. It is perfect for Valentines Day and everyday:

Finally, I do use all of these products and love them. They have become part of my everyday, especially the Tooth Fairy Pillow, Family Tree Poster, Family Fun Box and well all of it...

Have fun with these and many other product from Once Upon a Family and create memories like I am.