Saturday, June 30, 2007

Boo Boo's for Twin "A" from new toy

Twin "A" and Twin "B" just love their new climbing toy with a little slide on it.

But then again, why would they not like it.

Twin "A" loves this new toy so much, she has gained two "goose egg" ouies on her forehead.

They will be real shiners tomorrow no doubt.

Oh, but she will, and her sister, will get plenty more I am sure.

This is just what happens when babies, and yes, twins, have fun and love to play.

We were thinking that next year we will get them a swing set where they do not need those all around bucket seats.

Saturday Out with The Twins

Today, we all went out.
First, I exchanged a broken frame at Target for a new one, then, we drove to Stockton, went to a cute, but expensive baby boutique, then walked over to this Bear shop, kinda of like Build-A-Bear, the, we found out where Toy's R Us had moved to and went there to get Twins "A&E" a climbing toy.
I mean, when you have twins who all they want to do is climb, it is in your best interest to just break down and get them a climbing toy. It will last them at least 2-3 years and will be worth it.

When we got home, oh, they were t-i-r-e-d as all get out..

So, we put them down to sleep and I watched a two movies, back and forth, on TV, while my hubby watched the rest of golf.

Then, when the babies got up from their nap, I fed them, while Daddy tried to put their new toy together.

Well, we tried and tried and...hubby went across the street to get help from our neighbor. Our neighbor found that two holes had not been drilled into place as they should have been. He was kind enough to get his hole driller and drill the two missing holes in the plastic toy.

If the holes had been there, we totally could have put this thing together in no time.

I think I am going to email this company and make sure the do their due diligence before getting their products out the door to customers.

This is just typical of us to get a defective product!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Twins Just Want to Have Fun

When my twins learned to crawl, there was no stopping them from cruising anywhere in my home. If they could have climbed before they could crawl, they would have; right onto our pictur window bench.

But, no, they actually learned to crawl, pull up, then walk..

That was good for me and Daddy.

Now that they are walking, there really is nothing stopping them.

You can see why I need a break at least once a week from my girls.

My Mom said I was on the go a lot as a baby too and was surprised my girls were just like me.

Well, yes, all this walking and running means, my twins just want to have fun!

Have you ever tried to keep twins from being on the go? If you have, how did you do it?

When Twins "A&E" were infants, I thought they would be infants forever and would never roll over or crawl, but now that they are walking, since they were 12 and 13 months, respectively, I sometimes wish I could go back to their infanthood for only a moment.

You never really know what you have until it is gone. Right?

Avent vs. Soothie Bottles for Babies

Avent Baby Bottles are supposed to be the best, right?

Well, I am not a fan of them at all.

Ever since my twins were 2 months old, all they did was spill on me.

I would get so frustrated because they would not stay tight.

Was I doing something wrong with them? Were they too tight?

I do not now, but my hubby and I began using Soothie bottles instead and they are the best. Soothie Bottles stay tight when you close them and they are easy to drink from. The only drawback about these bottles is that the nipple could fall into the bottle if baby sucks on it too hard. But this did not happen to me at anytime.

When our twins were in the NICU, they used Soothie Pacifier's to calm them down. So, when my hubby saw the Soothie Bottle's at WalMart, he purchased a 3-pack and they were the best.

So, if you are not happy with the Avent Bottles, try Soothie Bottles instead

Thursday, June 28, 2007

When Mommy Gets a Break

Just recently, like within the past month, Twin "A", more than Twin "B", has become very attached to me when our friend comes over to watch them for two hours, one day a week.

Twin "A" cries and cries and wraps her arms around me and does not want to me leave.

This is so sad and still typical of what happens at this age with toddlers and their Mommy, or Daddy.

So, today, our friend called my cell phone, when I was out and about, and Twin "A" got to talk me Mommy. Well, I did not hear the phone ring, but instead listened to my VM.

My sweetie pie!

She is not like this when I leave her and her sister with Daddy, but then again, they love Daddy and know Daddy who laughs with them and plays with them, just like our friend does.

Oh well, this is something she will have to go through. Everytime our friend comes over, Twin "A" now knows Mommy is leaving for a few hours to recharge!

**Just today, I was talking to my Mom and she said if I were working outside the home or if they were in daycare, they would not be going through this withdrawl of Mommy leaving so much, and yes, I do not know this**

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When the Natives, your Twins, are Restless

When this happens, it is your duty, yes, your duty as Mommy, to do something, anything to keep them occupied.

Play with them on the carpet or whatever floor surface you have, take them to the park (as long as it is big enough for them to roam around in and not get smacked by a passing vehicle), have them play in your backyard (as long as this too is safe for them), let them "help" you with your cleaning chores (my twins love helping me, especially helping me make my bed, they give me the decorative pillows), let them help you load laundry, or clean your kitchen floor.

Do whatever it takes to occupy their time and keep them busy..

This is all age appropriate activities though. My twins are 19 months and have begun to be Mommy's Little Helper's. I and you would not expect your infant twins to do any of the above activities.

God Bless,

With Twins, expect a Cyclone!

Twins are fun I grant you that. Even if you did not pray for twins all you childhood life as I did, they are always a blessing and so much fun. The thing to have to remember is, when they become toddlers, walking and running, they will more likely than not begine to climb on everything!
Aside from that, they also leave a trail of their stuff all over your home.

What I have pictured here is just the tip of the iceburg. This morning, I closed off the great room so they could not climb on the picture window bench.

But did this stop them from climbing? Oh no, there is plenty of furniture in the living room for climbing. Let's see, I moved the ottoman to the wall so they would not use it to climb on the oversized chair, but guess what? They just bring their legs over and up on the big chair without the ottoman!

Now, Twin "A" is pushing her highchair away from the dining table and attempting to climb on that..

Lord have mercy!!

I think it is time for Daddy and I to get a small jungle gym for them to climb on.

Well, it seems I have gotten away from my cyclone issue.

Yes, your home will turn into a cyclone. I do not care how many times you clean your home in the daytime or evening. Your twins will take over....

The best thing to do is take them outside!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sweet Sleeping TwiceBabies

Quiet and cool is their light green and yellow baby room
Fan above turns 'round and 'round, white noise is the sound
The cool breeze makes it way as a car outside goes vroom, vroom!

Twin "A", in her crib, nods off where babies laugh in their dreams
Resting on her side with blanket lightly wrapped over arms
Flowing through 3 inch blinds comes golden sunlight beams

Twin "B", in her crib, goes into her afternoon slumber
Tossing then turning on her back she resides
When all of a sudden, her foot touches her juice tumbler

Quiet, even serene are my Sweet Sleeping TwiceBabies
Who play hard all day, and sleep even harder at night
These sweet angels are even sweeter than chocolate candies

©June 26, 2007

When Mommy is not in Sight

Twins are on a rampage!

That is right, if you think you can trust your twins to listen to what you say, think again.

I can say to my twins, "Don't get on the picture window bench" right in their face, all day long and you know what?


My words go in one ear and out the other...

Better yet, they hear me, and refuse to listen because they are babies and want to do their own thing, like climbing and making lots of noise.

Never think for a minute, when you turn your back, your precious twins will not do the opposite of what you just asked them not to do.

Twins, just like any other baby, are exploring their new world and everything to them is new. They do not understand why something is wrong or bad for them, that is why Mommy and Daddy are here to protect them.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Twins so Tiny

Their moment into the world was right on time
Seven months and out came two itty bitty babies
Their hands were no bigger than a silver dime

Twenty-four to forty-eight hours I had to wait
Time my twins needed to grow and develop
Maybe he forgot I could not keep straight?

My doctor asked, "Natural or C-Section"
With no hesitation and lots of irritation
I said, "C-Section with loads of inflection

Weighing in at a little over 3 lbs each
Breathing from an oxygen machine
These babies were not born breach

In the NICU they ate and grew for fifteen days
With help from their nurses and doctors
Under their own warm incubators letting out rays

Right before Thanksgiving they arrived at home
Prayers were answered that day and long, long ago
Without my precious twins, there would be no poem

©June 26, 2007

Even at 19 months, Daddy and Mommy still watch our baby girls

That is right, even at 19 months, Daddy and Mommy love to watch our sweeties sleep.

Every night, we pray over them and for them as they lay down to sleep.

Praying for our sweeties is always important and never missed or forgotten to do.

Our twins are such a blessing and very welcomed into our lives and this world the Lord created.

Daddy and Mommy love you A and E!!

((hugs and kisses))
((hugs and kisses))

Twin "A" kind of copied my words

Around 7ish tonight, my twins and I were playing and sitting on our chaise lounge on the lawn. Well, Twin A hit her sister and I said, " Twin A, do not hit your sister, " which she them attempted to say, "Not hit", while shaking her head from left to right.

I said, "Yes, you hit your sister." She again shook her head from left to right.

It was so funny and amazing to see her try and put words together.

And trust me, I am not encouraging them to speak English, oh no, I love their baby talk and relish this while it lasts.

I love the finger pointing and the grunting because once they learn to speak in sentences, in English, there is no going back. Just like there is no going back to

Daddy Taking Twins for Walks

After dinner, Daddy took A&E for a walk. They love walking around the neighborhood and talking or baby talking to other neighbors and meeting and greeting the pets, dogs and cats, in the neighborhood.

I wonder if Daddy points the trees, bushes and birdies to them as they walk along their way?

I am sure he does...

My Twins and Old Neighhors

This afternoon, with my twins in tow, I went to deposit a very, very, small check, then since I was around my old neighborhood, I drove over to our sweet neighbors home, knocked on their door and they came out to see A&E.

Oh, they were so happy to see them and see how big they were getting. They too could not belive they were once preemies and are now very healthy baby girls who love to walk, run and talk up a storm!

After we said I goodbyes, I drove over to Daddy's office and A&E got to see their Auntie, Daddy and Poppa for a little bit. They had just missed their cousin.

When that little trip was over, Mommy went to Starbucks and got a frappachino, drove home, put the girls in their their bathing suits and they played in their LiL' Squirts Baby Pool.

So, all in all, we had a good day....

Like I stated before, they love going outside in the warm weather.

My Review of Li'l Squirt Baby Pool

Originally submitted at One Step Ahead

Babies love cooling off in our gentle splash pool, with extra-soft sprayers to play in and explore. Now 40% larger, for even more fun. There's even a pat mat area with floating 3D fish! Vinyl mat features entertaining undersea graphics (tickle a turtle; cover the whale's blow hole!). Attaches to yo...

What a wonderful idea for a baby pool

By momoftwingirls from Tracy, CA on 6/25/2007


4out of 5

Pros: Lots of Fun , Lots of Neat Features, All you need is a hose, Ready to Go

Cons: Wish it drained better, Wish it were bigger, Easily Outgrown

Best Uses: Not for Newborns, Infants, Girls, Toddlers, Boys

Describe Yourself: First Time Parent, Mother of Twin Girls, Parent Of Multiple Children

Last year, I had attempted to purchase this product, but once it has ran out for the season, it was no longer in stock.

So this year, as my twins were 19 months old, I was able to purchase this and they really like it.

Well Twin A prefers it over Twin B, but all in all, they like the water feature.

It would be nice to have something like this, ranging in price from $29.99-$39.99 that is bigger, wider and has more water features for toddlers ages 2-4.

A&E in LiL' Squirt Pool


Tags: Using Product, My twins in the pool


Potty Training Your Twins

When my twins were 18 months old, that was last month, I purchased two singing potty chairs.

Will, at first I only had one, but as you know, babies always fight over the same toy or same shoes or same whatever. So, I had to go get another potty chair that sings.

Well, let's just say they are not ready to use their potty chairs yet and I am not pushing them to do so. I figure once they learn to speak in sentences and speak English, they will be more inclined to learn and understand what it means to sit on the potty and release whatever needs to come out into the potty chair.

I found a helpful article at this website, Multiple Births Families, about potty training your twins. At this time in my twins life, I am correct in waiting to train them to use the potty when they are at least 2 years of age.

With my twins, I have noticed they do the following when they have to go potty:

  • touch their private area
  • quat down
  • circle around for a while
  • look at me and touch their private area again

No, these are all signs they are ready to be potty trained, but you can only lead a horse to know the rest....

So, even if you want them potty trained right this instant, it is not up to you, but when they are ready to release the pee pee into the potty.

Happy potty training to you and your sweet twins....

Loving Sweet Twin Babies

Sure I may sound like a Mother who loves her twins......well, I DO!!

My goodness, they just flock to me everyday.

I mean, they love wrapping their arms around me legs and they hold their arms up and just want to be held. Oh, and they are always pointing to something, wanting to know its name and what it does.

This morning, as I on my hands and knees, cleaning juice off the kithen floor, Twin A was down on the floor helping me as well. She is a big helper.

In fact Twins A&E are both helpers! They really want to be wherever I am, and if I am cleaning:dusting, vaccuming, cleaning stickiness off the floor, there they are, right along with me.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

When you Twins Begin to or want to use Sentences

Three days ago, my hubby asked me a question while chaning Twin B on the changing table.
My response was, "Not Particularily" and Twin B almost said, "Not Particu..."

Amazing, she is doing her best to repeat every word that comes out of my mouth.

This means, she will no doubt begin speaking in English sentences around her 2nd birthday.

Yes, our twins are bright and are surpassing what our peditrician said would take a year to accomplish.

Praise God for Mommy's and Daddy's who praise their babies and work with them to grow and be 'just like normal babies!"

Cherish your Precious Twin Babies

As I look at the videos of my twins when they were infants, sometimes, I forget how tiny they really were.

When they were infants, it seemed like they would be infants forever, not that they are toddlers, walking, running, climbing and now attemtping to talk in sentences, I miss their infanthood days.

My sister thought their infanthood went by really, really slow, but this is because she only had one baby at a time.

For me, if I could go back and have all the help I so desperately needed, only during their infanthood, I would. I would go back in a instant.

Today, I look at these sweet little babies, who can you believe were once preemies, and say, "Praise you Jesus for protecting our precious babies in the NI CU and guiding those doctors and nurses hands and minds everyday."

I love waking up in the moring and seeing those smiling faces and arms reaching out to Mommy and or Daddy. They are my prayer answered and my God is an awesome

Afternoon nap for Twins

When we got back from Costco, Daddy fed our sweet babies, put then down for a power nap and now, they are waking up.

I can hear them chit chatting and screeching in their room. They are so funny!!

They have always used those lungs to express themselves and today is no different.

Well, I better go get them up and let them blow off all that energy they have stored up in their little growing bodies.

Twins on a Costco Run

Today, Daddy and Mommy took Twins A&E on a Costco run..

Those are always fun because we always get lots of looks and for some reason, strangers always assume our girls twins who wear pink, are boys and that they are identical.

Well, I can see how they can look like identical twins, but boys? Come on now, they have female features and sound like baby girls.

Anyway, today, we got some more sippy cups, Snapple iced tea and for me, more Starbucks coffees!!

Our twins love being in public, too bad when they were newborns in the winter time they did not get to see much of the outside world, but they were preemies and it was our decision to keep them inside and healthy.

But I digress...

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

You Know You Are Blessed When...

  • Your twins who were born preemies, and are healthy and were able to go home in two weeks!

  • Your twins who were born preemies, are now, rolling over, sitting up, pushing up, crawling, walking and finally running
  • Your peditrician said it would take a year for your preemie twins to catch up to their counterparts; and she was wrong!
  • Your twins do not need to be fed every 2-3 hours anymore
  • Your twins do not need 10-12 diapers a day anymore
  • Your twins can burp themselves
  • Your twins can bottle feed themselves
  • Your twins run to you and wrap their arms around you and Daddy
  • Your twins say, 'MaMa, MaMa, MaMa'
  • Your twins say, Daddy!, Daddy!, Daddy!
  • Your twins shake their heads left to right memicking Mommy
  • Your twins sleep straight through the night when they are infants(beginning @ 7mo)
  • Your twins like to play together
  • Your twins stop biting each other
  • Your twins begin to share their toys
  • Your twins love to be at your side and are scared when you are not in sight
  • Your twins want you to hold them
  • Your twins want Mommy or Daddy time, alone

When I think of other things to be blessed about, I will let you know

When one twin wants to spend time with Mommy or Daddy

I was taking a nap this afternoon, when I hear Twin B crying and crying in her bedroom. Both my twins are in their cribs, but Twin B is just crying...

So, I get up and I thought she may be having trouble going #2. Usually, when she cries in that manner, she can not go #2.

But, that was not the case, she wanted out of her crib and just wanted to spend some time with me, Mommy.

I was so touched. We sat alone in the computer room and just talked to each other and looked at each other. I also looked to see if she was going #2, but no, she was not. She just did not want to go to sleep and wanted to see Mommy.

My Sweet Twin Babies

Today, Daddy and Mommy took our girls to the park. Daddy found a new, even bigger park in town which he just found a couple weeks ago.

So, today, we took the girls there and they loved it. They went down the slides and we put them in the swings and they ran all over.

I love seeing my babies running and well, walking. It is a good day when your twins can get up in the morning, smile, hold out their arms to be let out of their cribs and hug Mommy and Daddy.

It is also a good day, that I believe we take for granted, when our babies sleep like little angels.

When Twins Take A Nap

So when Daddy and Mommy, that is my hubby and me, put our babies down for a nap, they talk, talk, talk to each other at least 20-25 minutes before finally sleeping.

They are doing their best to use sentences and it is so sweet.

When I went out with my Sister in Law on Thursday, I said to her that I will not encourage my girls to speak in sentences anytime soon. I like hearing their baby talk.

But she said you will like it when they begin using sentences because then they can tell you what is the matter with them. Even so, I am in no rush to hear contant talking via sentences yet.

They are just fine the way they are right now and I want to let them stay baby/toddlers until they themselves are ready to advance in their language skills.

Twin B loves mimicking Mommy

Whenever I blow my nose with tissue paper, Twin B loves to mimick me. So, I give her a piece of tissue paper and she too will rub the tissue paper along the bottom of her nose.

Twin B has been doing this since she was 14 months old.

Whatever Mommy does, Twin B follows.

That is why, oh my goodness, I have to watch my Ps and Qs because these babies are gosh darn bright and will follow Daddy and/or Mommy's lead.

It is pretty easy to mold a new mind and this is why it is up to Daddy and Mommy to set a good example for our sweetie pies.

Twins Babies are built in friends

The good thing about having twin babies and/or toddlers is that they are built in friends.

Even though they fight with each other constantly, they really do love each other.

Let me tell you why, I believe since living in Mommy's womb for 7 months, my twins probably jockied for position into the birth canal. This would be the first place they fought to get their way.

So, why would it be any different outside the womb? Babies, yes, even twins, want what the other one has and will take without remorse.

Why? Because babies, yes, even twins, have to taught to share. Sharing, even with adults is something that has to be taught. But how can adults be taught to share if they were not shown this as a child?

See, when we train up our children in the way they should go, when they get older, they will not depart from it. Yes, the Bible and our Lord had and has it right. This is such a simple rule or follow to. Sharing, even as a baby, takes time and persistence.

Sharing is the best thing anyone can do for another for another human being. Without sharing, our world would be a very sad place indeed.

So, getting back to my twins babies, they are built in friends, even if they do not comprehend this yet. But, when they begin talking in sentences and Mommy is able to talk to them about being in Mommy's belly at the same time, maybe, just maybe, this will encourage them to love each other more, and become best friends.

Even since they were infants, I drilling into their head that they were SISTERS and BEST FRIENDS!! To this day, at 19 months, I still tell them they are sisters and best friends!

Also, having twins is great because one child will not have to worry about being lonely or longing for a playmate.

They are instant friends, even if they do not always play nice.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Twins helping unload dishwasher

My twins are so helpful these days.

They love to be by my side all the time and whatever I am doing, they are right there with me, even if they are hugging my legs.

Anyway, this morning I was unloading my dishwasher and there they are, helping me. Well, actually, they were taking out the empty silverware holder and climbing on the dishwasher door.

Goodness, my girls are just silly and never listen to me..

Friday with my Twin Babies

We had a very nice day.

When I put my girls down for their afternoon nap, they slept until 3PM.

Wow, that is a long time. But, they are growing and their teeth are still coming in which makes them sleepy I am sure.

Then in the evening, Daddy took them for a walk which they love...

My babies are so sweet and just love to be near me and love me. I am very blessed indeed.

Playdate with Grammie

So today, when my twins wake up from their nap, and I have changed their diapers and clothes, and fed them, we will go see Grammie for a while.

My babies love getting out of the home, and hey, I do not blame them....being stuck inside my home is no fun to me..especially when the weather is so nice.

You see, winter, I am not a fan of, especially because I have to stay indoors so often.

But, when summer or even spring arrives, I shed my winter clothing, along with my girls, and wear shorts and tanks..

My babies also love being in clothes for wamer weather. This way, they have more ease in walkin and running.

Oh, and now, my girls know when either Daddy or Mommy is coming up to their nursery room door. They actually know our footsteps....Can you believe that!


Date with Daddy and Mommy

Last night was our weekly date.

Twin A went with Daddy to Costco and the grocery store, while Twin B went with Mommy to Target to get a birthday card and gift card, along with my Starbucks Carmel Macchiato?

Then, I called Daddy on cell and he said we could meet up at the Concert in the Park.

We did that and the girls love it. Although, Twin B always runs away..and her diaper was ringing wet so we had to leave..

But hey! There is next Thurday!

The Sleeping Twins

I have to say that when my twin girl are sleeping, it is divine. Their faces are so precious to look at.

I am sure I spoke of this before, but when my twins were infants, Daddy and I would quietly open their nursery door and slowing, very quietly, walk in and gaze at them.

Wow, they are such blessing and today, you would not know they were once preemies.

Those sweet, little angel faces just make you want to hug them and hold then close all the time.

Well, even today, at 19.5 months, Daddy and I still like to watch them sleep.

Old habits die hard.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

When Twins learn to help each other

This is so cute. After either Daddy or Mommy feed A & E dinner or any other meal, whichever babies comes down from their highchair first, that baby walks over to her sisters highchair and attempts to release her from her highchair as well.

These babies are quick learners!

They see what Dadddy and/or Mommy do everyday and they follow or lead.

It is just amaziing how bright these sweet little girls are.

Every day, Daddy and Mommy praise the Lord for their minds, bodies and spirits.

All this prayer seems to be working because our babies, even though they were born preemies, are advanced in ways the hospital and many peditricians claim preemies will be at least a year behind their counterparts.

I beg to differ here.

Our precious, little babies LOVE TO LEARN!! They love being by Mommy and around Mommy and when I leave the room, they follow me where ever I go.

Oh, Daddy and Me, Mommy, are so very blessed to have these sweet angels in our lives.

Their protection is my number one priority.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Taking twins on a walk

Today was a wonderful day for a walk.

It was 87 degrees in my city and just lovely.

After lunch, which one of my twins threw up her food because she stuffs so much in her mouth at once. She loves having both hands full of food and her eyes are bigger than her stomach.

Mommy gets this way sometimes as well, but I do not throw up.

So, my twin who loves to stuff her face with food began to cry as I was washing a spoon, I went over to her highchair, took her down and as she was crying, I sat her on my leg and placed my hand under to mouth and said, "Spit it out". She did and felt so much better.

Okay, after this mishap, I washed my hands and took here sister out of her highchair and we all went outside and sat on our very soft and lovely park blanket.

Now, I as I have relayed to your several times before, my girls LOVE to be read to. They always have a book in one hand and this was no different.

As soon as I sat down outside, here comes Twin A and Twin B with a book for Mommy to read to them. So, they are are so sweet, they sit down, one on my left leg and one on my right leg.

I begin to read to them and Twin B always looks at Mommy when I read to her. She loves it whenI read and she loves sitting either in front of me, when I am on my stomach, in between my arms, or she loves sitting on one of my legs.

Twin A does not really look at me, but she, like her sister, always points to the object on the book page.

Oh, and it does not matter if you own those hard board books becasuse if your twins are strong like mine are, they will BREAK them everytime.

Just get ready and used to throwing out lots of books..

Okay, so after I read to my girls, I said to them, "Hey, let's go for a walk!" So I took my stroller out of the truck, packed them in the stroller and took them for a nice walk around my block. They love it, they talk to each other and point out all the gfeen objects around them.

Then, there is this lady in our neighborhood who just loves my babies. She is an older lady with no kids so when she sees me coming down her street, she calls me to come over so she can see the babies. She just loves them!

When one of your twins refuses to eat

Yeah, I know it is irretating when one of your twins will not eat. I have been there, and am still there.

It just drives me crazy, especially when she is so cute and turns her head to the left or to the right in protest.

So, finally, I have just fed the majority of the food to her sister and them, sometimes, the twin in protest will come around and want some more food.

This does not always work, but it is always nice when it does! LOL

Twins Babies with Wet and Dirty Diapers

Not sure about you, but when my twins have wet and or dirty diapers, they cry like they are in major pain!

Even today, at 19 months, they still cry this way and hate to be changed into new diapers.

So, be prepared to live through this. Hopefully, your twins will be not as fussy and mine are when it comes to diaper changes.

Sleeping Twin Babies

When Twins A&E were infants, Daddy and I used to go into their room after we knew they are asleep...and just watch them sleep.

Oh, what angels they were and still are today.

But when they were tiny infants, oh, they were just so sweet to watch sleeping.

When our babies learned to "turn over" on their bellies and sleep, that was the sweetest position to see them sleeping in. They have their heads turned, usually to the right, where we could see their faces and pursed lips.

Sometimes, even today, the sleep with their bottoms in the air.

It is so cute to watch.

With your twin baby infants, this is something I would not miss. Cherish these moments with your infants, they will be stories you and Daddy will tell them when they are able to talk and comprehend what you are saying.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Do your Toddler Twins like or love Starbucks?

Within the past month, when I am drinking my Iced Caramel Macchiato in front of my twins, they just have to try it out.

So, I let them sip from the straw and what do you know, they love my iced coffee.

Who would have thought my 19 month twins would like this coffee.

But, I guess the Iced Caramel Macchiato is sweet and on ice which waters down the bitter taste.

Whatever I am drinking or eating, they just have to try it too.

So, I have dubbed them, My Starbucks Babies!

Twins and Hair Growth

My babies were born with hardly any hair, like Daddy and Mommy.

Because of this and because my babies have no earrings, people who see my girls in a shopping mall, even if they are wearing pink and look like girls, always ask if my babies are boys.

I think to myself, how do you see a boy in my babies?

First off, they more likely than not, wear pink or a light or pastel color, second, they look like baby girls. They have soft features.

I am so glad their hair is finally beginning to grow out.

And, when they turn 2 or 3, that is when the will get earrings, if they want them.

Are they identical twins?

I hear this all the time when I go out with my girls

Since you, my readers, have seen them on my blog, can you tell if they are identical or fraternal?

If you were up close to them, what would your question be?

Identical or Fraternal?

Well, no one ever asks me if my twins are fraternal, they always assume they are identical.

This is fine if they think this because I just say, "No, they are fraternal. They were in seperate sacks and had their own placentia. And, this is what my obstrician told me and my husband."

It took me about 6-7 months to really tell them apart. I guess with me being with them all day helps me tell them apart and I love them so much.

They are the Apples of Mommy's Eye.

When Twins Like to Climb and Think it is Funny

Since my twins have learned to walk at 12 and 13 months, they have also learned to climb.

They climb everything from our couches, to ottomans, to picture window bench. They are like little monkey's and do not listen.

If, in your home, you have any of these objects, be forewarned of this activity and if need be, do a time out for a minute or two. I know it is supposed to be a minute of time out per year, but at ome year old, they do not understand time and will only cry in your designated time out area.

My time out area is their cribs. There, I know they will not run away.

Oh yeah, yesterday, Twin B has begun climbing our coffee table, I am sure this too will have to be moved to our garage for saftey reasons alone.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mom of Twins loves Crafts: Floral Writing Pens

Yes, I love particular crafts, those that are easy to make and sell.

Along with making No Sew Baby Blanket's, I make Floral Writing Pens. Floral Writing Pens can be used for Wedding Showers, Weddings, Baby Showers or just around your home. They can also be used in your business.Here are some photos of my Floral Pens I have made thus far.If you are interested, I can make your Floral Pens with any flower you like. One Floral Pen @ $2.00, 5 Pens @ $8.00, 10 Pens @ $16.00.

Thank you and God Bless.

I may be reached at this blog.

Mommy of Twins who loves crafts

If you are looking for someone to make you a no sew baby blanket or some floral writing pens for weddings or baby showers, I make these at home. Everyone loves handmade products, especially mommy's to be, why not get the new baby a soft and tendery made no sew baby blanket. Here is one I made for my cousin's baby boy.If you are looking for a particular theme, I will do my best to find that theme at my local fabric store or WalMart. I can be contacted through this blog.
Thank you and God Bless.

Twins and Dates with Daddy and Mommy

This evening, we all met up at the mall food court.

When A&E got up from their afternoon nap, the three of us drove to Daddy's work to get the Baby Tad out of his car, then we drive to Target and I purchased some new cabinet hooks, which I need to return, my hubby does not like this type, a toilet top holder to keep little hands and stuff out of the toilet and a Starbucks Coffee...

Then, I called Daddy and he had a rendezvous with us at the mall food court.

We had a fun time and A&E love their Daddy!!

Vaccuming with my Twins

This morning, I dusted and vaccumed my home...with my twins in tow.

They love being by the vaccum, unlike my cat who is skiddish and runs like a bat out of you know what to get away from the loud noise she thinks is coming to get her.

So, I began vaccuming in my living room, then the babies room, then my bedroom, hallway, computer room then part of the family room.

They kept trying to unplug the vaccum and walk on the vaccum itself.

I hope they are this emthused about vaccuming when they are a little bit older.

I could certainly use some extra hands, instead of the hands that destroy everything around them.

Today, I had to remove some items from my living room because they constantly climb on it and could break it and I found out today they broke off the back of my favorite frames I got from Pier One as a birthday gift. The thing is, if I could find the backing for my frame, I would try and fix it, but where is the backing? Good question...

Oh, goodness, what am I going to do? I am guessing I will have to remove all my items from my home and just have a bare home, no furniture, not nothing...just walls and carpet.

So, having a singelton is probably just like having twins, except my twins are little destroyers...and I have two of them....

Working at Home Mom of Twins: PART I

Okay, here I am, finally writing about working at home with twins.

When my twins were born, all I could do was sleep or attempt to sleep. When they reached six months, I thought I would use the Internet as my source for at home jobs for moms.

The first thing I looked for were paid surveys. With my twins being six months, I signed up for many, many survey websites. To this day, I have taken many surveys and have earned some money, but have not cashed out yet because I want to reach a higher income so to speak.

Here are the survey companies I take surveys at:
1. InBox Dollars
2. Send Earnings
3. Global Opinion Survey
5. Lightspeed Consumer Panel
6. MindfieldOnline

Along with surveys, I have begin writing articles. The companies I write for are as follows:
1. Associated Content which pays quite well indeed
2. MyLot where you write discussions and comment on other discussions. This website takes a while to reach the payout goal they have.
3. WiseOrb where you can write reviews, articles and essays. I just joined here and have no earnings yet.

When you are a SAHM of twins or singletons babies, being able to work from home is a must in my opinion. If doing data entry work from home was not a scam, where you have to pay to work for them, then I would be doing data entry as well.

Remember, ANY website that asks for your money to work for them is a scam as must be avoided..

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Twins and mimicking each other

It is funny, the older they both get, I see Twin B mimicking her sister, Twin A.

Tonight for instance, Twin A was moving a hair brush, with the flat side on our coffee table, back and forth, back and forth, well, Twin B watched her doing this and had to get the other brush and do the same thing.

As they did this, they laughed and giggled and laughed some more.

They are so cute together when they are not fighting.

Twin A has been hitting her sister, Twin B a lot lately. My hubby says this is just fair play and that what goes around, comes around.

I have given up on reprimanding either of them for hitting because my words fall on deaf ears at this point. Anyway, I am sure they will grow out of it, right?

Sure they will!

They love each other and play together fine, for the most part anyway.

Just think, if you are a mother of twins, what you get to look forward to as well.

The fun is never ending..

TwiceBabies in the sprinklers

After dinner today, I took off A and E's pretty pink stripped dress and let them run through the backyard sprinklers in their bloomers.

Twin A loved the sprinkers and ran through the water several times, while Twin B got scared and began to cry. She was not a happy camper at all.

But, I am sure the older she gets, she will of course love running through the sprinkers.

Father's Day with Twice Babies

Today was Father's Day as we all know. This is Daddy's second Father's Day. We all went to their Auntie's home for a very nice brunch. A &E got Daddy a Tshirt that was too small for him we need to exchange it today. A & E also got Daddy some plastic golf balls to hit in our backyard.

Oh, but they were so sleepy because they were up at 8:30 this morning!

When we got home, they were still fussy and we put them down for a nap.

Whenever they are sleepy, oh goodness do they get fussy and cranky and just need to rest their precious heads and bodies.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Twins love Being in Public

Today, the four of us met my aunt and uncle at this park we like to go to in Pleasanton. It is very big and has lots of space for the babies to run around in. There are also slides and swings and those two seater bouncy rides. They just love those.

Anyway, you would think that it almost being summer the weather would have been nice, but no, it was windy/breezy, even in the sun. We moved around twice to get a good spot to relax in.

My uncle brought his guitar and A and E loved it. They were like his own little groupies, dancing and clapping their hands.

We bring their soccer balls for them to run and kick the balls with. I believe they have been kicking and throwing balls since they were 10 or 11 months old.

After the park, met up at this downtown local pizza parlor. When we got there, the waitress asked us our drink order, then brought then to our table and when she did, a glass or red wine fell onto our table and got all over my right side. My new yellow Tshirt had red spots all up and down it. I loved that shirt. My Aunt took it home with her to see if she can get the stains out. But then, my Uncle, spilled his glass or red wine too and it got on "E"s pink skirt and polka dotted shirt my Mom got her and here sister to match. I am now trying to get those stains out myself.

What a day......It is a good thing my Aunt brought me a Mickey Mouse Tshirt to change into. She said something about God knowing this would happen and this is why she brought me the Tshirt.

Oh yeah, and my twins love being in public and seeing people and looking at anything and pointing. I think that is cute.

So, that was out Saturday.

Twin Babies love Babies

It is the cutest thing, older babies just love younger babies. When my girlfriend brings her baby over, my twins go crazy. They get real close to her, say, "Baby" and touch her softly. Like they are petting her.

It is so cute and then my babies love screaming and yelling to the top of their lungs and when they do this near their new baby friend, it startles her and she begins to cry.

Oh, what fun it is having babies who love to scream.

Anyway, when my twins have friends over, they are in heaven. They get to play with someone other than each other!

My Twins learning to share

Today, my girlfriend and her daughter came over in the afternoon for a nice time in my baby pool. They had also come over Wednesday. I love having friends over, especially when our babies are the around the same age.

Well my babies are still learning the art of sharing. At 19 months old, they live together and still have not mastered the art of sharing. But when a new baby enters the picture, I make sure they understand what it means to be nice and share your toys.

So, even though they do not share with each other, they are beginning, I think, to understand what it means to let other babies borrow their toys.

Hey, even adults have a hard time sharing at times. Do you think this sharing thing begjns when babies, at home? Yeah, I do!

Twins and Growing Pains

Lately, Twin "B" has been crying and real fussy. Daddy and I were not sure if it is teething since she still has her molars to come in.

Then today, Daddy thought it could be growing pains which is a good observation.

If Twin "B" does not have a dirty diaper, teeth coming in or a fever, I guess it could be growing pains.

We know she gets up everynight to be held and played with by herself for a little while before she finally falls asleep for the evening.

I am guessing babies are never really satisfied because they are going through so many physical changes they or we do not know about.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Potty Training and Twins

In April of this year, when my twins were 17 months old, I decided to begin or attempt to potty train them. The weather was going to get warmer pretty soon so it would be fun for them to be in our backyard, in their birthday suits, going pee.

This did not last too long, so I got them their own potty chairs which plays music when baby goes #1 or #2.

Today, at 19 months, they love their potty chairs, but not for going potty, they stand in the base where the music is played and they laugh as the music comes on.

At this point, I am not even close to getting them to use the potty in the proper way.

I am sure they will not be ready to be potty trained until they are at least 2 years old.

Dates with Mommy and Daddy

Today, we had dates with Mommy and Daddy.

Twin A went with me the mall where it was cool. I got them Disney Princess sandels with velcro on them of course. Who ever thought putting velcro on a toddlers shows was a brilliant idea, was very wrong. Maybe they do not have babies who take off their shoes , but mine do.

I believe it reached 100 today and so we stayed indoors all day and had to turn on our A/C of course.

Twin B went with Daddy to the grocery store, went to see papa and grandma and then to our local park.

Our twins love being by themselves, spending time alone with Daddy or Mommy. They are like a totally different baby. No fighting, no fussing, no hitting or biting.

We love having dates with Mommy or Daddy. It is the perfect time for them to be by themselves and get to know Mommy or Daddy on their own without any competition from sister.

Stacking toys and my twins

For my twins first birthday, my Mom and Dad got them this stacker toy that light up and plays music. Well, just within the last two months had they actually had any interest in playing with it.

When I sit down with them and show them how it works, then they will follow my lead and do it themselves. I have to tell them, "Use both your hands if you need to." When they are unable to stack the stars, that is the shape they are placing on the stacker pole, they get mad and throw the stars.

But, everyday, we play with this toy and they love the music it plays.

Right now, they do not always place the size of the starsin order, but at the rate they are learning how to stack these stars, they will learn pretty quickly.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Twins Stepping in Mommy or Daddy's Shoes

I know yesterday I talked about my twins playing with our shoes, but for the last two days, Twin B especially, has be doing her best to walk in my flip flops.

She just loves taking Mommy's shoes and walking around the house or backyard with at least one of my shoes on.

I love it! It is just too cute.

Twin A likes to hold our shoes, but does not care to walk in our shoes, yet.

Twins and Books

Since my twins were 10 months old, they have loved to be read to. Well actually, my husband and I have read to our twins since they were infants. In fact, I read to them when they were in my womb.

Maybe this is why they love to be read to everyday.

Twin B, she is so cute, she just sits on the floor, hard or carpeted, and opens a book, looks at the photos while pointing at the pictures.

Twin A, she does the same thing, except she points out loud to each item pictured.

Oh, and they love sitting somewhere on my lap. They usually fight for a place to sit on my legs. Or, one will sit in between my legs and the other on one of my legs.

When I read to them, they are so precious because they look at me and smile, especially Twin B. She just loves for me to read to her and she loves when I get animated in my voice and physical animations.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Twins as Individuals

Twins are indeed seperate little persons. Infact, they are seperate human beings. Mine are just that, seperate little persons.

Sometimes, I catch myself treating them as if they are one.

I say this because when it is naptime, feeding time, playtime, or bathtime, I do it all at the same time with them, together.

Do you think they know they are seperate from each other?

You bet I do. I can tell you this because if they were one, they would not be fighting with each other. They would instead love each other.

I have to tell them to love each other.

This is why I Daddy and I have special times with our girls, one on one. This, I created on my own and believe it helps them with they self esteem and knowing Daddy and Mommy love them, seperately.

Twins in matching outfits

You may be asking me, "Do you dress your twins, although they are fraternal, in the same outfits?" To that I say, "Yes."

Since I am the Mom, and I do have twins, I decided to dress them alike. Now, I have vowed that when they are able to speak to me in sentences and tell me, "No more Mommy", I will stop the dressing alike.

For now though, it is fun and I love seeing them dressed alike. Not only me, but strangers look at me and say, "Oh, twins!" or "Ah, how cute they are."

True, I do love having strangers look at my babies, well they are toddlers now, but they are still my babies.

When one Twin wakes up

Usually, one of my twins will wake up for various reasons. When one my twins wakes up, the other one wakes up as well, without fail.

One twin will wake up more likely because she is wet, her teeth hurt, or she is having a bad dream.

If our home had more rooms, maybe each twin could have their own, but even if we did have more rooms, I bet our twins would still want to be in the same room together.

I don't know, all we do is go into their room, pick them up, change their diapers and love them.

My Twins and shoes

Over the past week, A and E have found an facination with Daddy and Mommy's shoes.
They walk around with them, they hold them up to me to put on, they try and put my shoes on my feet because they see me putting my shoes on.

Now, Twin B tries to walk around with my shoes,on her feet. Although her feet are too small and the shoes fall off.

My twins are just too funny.

When the twins are out and about

My twins love being outside, well, when I am around them that is.

They love running. I think they learned to run as soon as they could walk. It was so funny watching them run because I thought walking would have been something hard for them to grasp.

But no, they pretty much said, "Forget walking, I want to run!"

And, running they do, with smiles gleeming on their faces as they run away from Mommy, looking back and I am sure say, "Catch me if you can."

Because my twins were preemies, i did not even show them how to roll over until they were six months old. So, because of me, they were off to a slow start.

Looking back though, it had no effect on them whatsoever. You would never know they were preemis looking at them today.

Walking and running is what they love and do it with smiles up and down their faces.

When Mommy wants to clean the house

It is a rarity these days when I clean my home, but when I do, my twins love to be right there, with me, helping me. I usually get on my hands and knees to clean my sticky, juice ridden, kitchen floors. And with me are my twins, on their knees, wanting to help me too.

They are so cute when they want to be next to me all the time, even though I wish they would play together, without Mommy near by.

I am just glad they do have each other to play with. They are their own best friends even though they are not aware of it yet.

When they reach the ages of 2 and 3, they will become more aware if it and hopefully grow out of their kicking, hitting, biting and pushing each other.

When Mommy wants to take a shower

Last week, Twin A and B were outside the bathroom when I was taking a shower....crying...and crying.....and crying...

Then, Twin B turned the knob and opened the door. I could tell they were inside when I heard their voices getting closer to me.

Oh my goodness, my twins love to be around me, at all times. For some reason, they like to play, but only when I or Daddy are around.

I have to keep telling them to go outside and play...can't Mommy take a shower without in the bathroom? Can Mommy have some time to herself?

Do you think this is still a form or attachment?

Yes, I do. When my sister said her youngest had attachment to her, I thought it was cute, but now that I have babies, it is not so fun.

I was a social science major in college and took 9 units in child development and learned about attachement theory from John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. Reading about attachment theory and actually going through it are two seperate things. Readind about and studying it is one thing, but to go through it with your child or children is another.

I love my twins and love them wanting to be near me. It gives me comfort knowing they love and feel secure around me, but it is also nice to have them not haning around me.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Twins Fighting over Plastic Pitchers

Twins, and I am sure most babies, love anything that is not defined as a real 'toy'.
Thank being said, my twins love this plastic pitcher I use to add water to my water fountain hanging on my patio wall.

They fight over it. They run around the house or patio hitting each other and fighting over it.

Goodness, so, get another plastic pitcher I have and give it to the twin who is fighting over her sister's pitcher.

Guess what, she still wants the pitcher her sister has. What is up with this? I do not understand why one baby can not be satisfied with something I give her that is almost like the pitcher her sister has.

Fighting over the same toy or plastic pitcher just does not make sense to me. I am finding that redirection works best as a distraction.

Technorati Baby!

Technorati Profile

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mommy's Day Out/Twins Stay Home

Today, I used my Mother's Dady gift from my hubby and went to the spa downtown.

All I have to say is, every mother should do this. It is so refreshing.

Let's see, I got a facial, Swedish massage from head to toe, pedicure, haircut and highlights.

As of today, I am a new woman! And, my twins will have a better looking Mommy who feels better on the outside which I know will extend to my insides.

Also today, Daddy spent all day with the twins. They played outside,went for a drive and just had fun like they always do.

Oh, and there was not biting today, just the regular hitting, kicking and pushing.

Biting, again! When Twins Bite

Yesterday, Twin "A" bit Twin "B". I thought this phase was over, but, yet again, they make me out to be a liar.

I wonder how long this sibling rivarly will take place. Hopefully not all their lives. I just can not believe it is stating this early.

I was not there to witness this bite which did not left marks, but it left marks on Twin "B"'s arm, with no blood thank goodness.

My Mom says my twins are taking after me and that this is what every parent dreads.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Twins and eating out/Big Day!

Today, A&E went to the park with our once a week babysitter.

They walked to the park, well, strolled, and played on the grass, then had some ice cream.

Later that evening, the whole family went to a steak restaurant in town for a birthday party. In the restaurant, A&E were so very good. Not once did they get fussy or cranky. They were just good babies!

I was so proud of them.

Then, after dinner, we went to our families home for some birthday pie. Three in fact and ice cream. A&E were again, fun and loving little girls. We took photos and just had a good time.

I love my twins!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Yeah! I fogot to mention that.

Yes, they are 19 months and growing like crazy. They hardly even sit down. Let I stated one time before, when they learned to roll over, crawl and pull up, there was no stopping them from being active little babies.

That I why, I love at least one nap time. To confine them to a single location and rest or sleep.

And, give Mommy and break...

Language of Twins is changing

Sometimes, I think they are actually saying a small sentence. It sounds like it to me. At this time, I can not really give any examples, but my ears hear them trying to put at least two words together.

It is pretty cool seeing as they are 19 months today...

Now, I am in no rush to hear them speak in sentences either because once they start talking, there will be no stopping them...

Windy today, so twins stay indoors

Looks like A&E will be staying indoors today.

What happened to Summer? This feels more like Fall.

See, I was beginning to have fun taking the girls out and about around town.

Esecially to the park to let them run around a bit and get tired enough to take an hour or two nap. Plus, the more active they stay, the better off they are. For one thing, they have no need to hit each other and fight with each other when they can run all over and just have some fun...

Target run with twins

So yesterday, I went to Target to get another frame that has 9 places for photos. My aunt already gave me one for Christmas last year and I wanted to get another one that matches. I found the one I was looking for. Thank goodness.

Anyway, as I was putting the twins in the stroller and strolling up to the store, I see above me, three jets and they are spraying what looks like chemicals, all through the sky. There were two little jets and one big one. The big one left what I call chemtrails really big and very noticable in the sky. But I saw no one looking up! Then, I see what looked like a making of a rainbow. I mean, all the colors were there, but no rain and no full rainbow. It was weird.

Now today, the wind is whipping up real good and there are rain clouds and it is cold.

Today, I had to wear jeans and put the girls in one of their pant outfits to keep them warm.

Back to Target, when I got to the checkout , I forgot my purse...I thought I had forgotten it at home, but no, it was under the babies diaper bag..good thing too because I did not want to drive all the way home to get it..

Park and Shopping with the Twins

Sunday mid morning, Daddy took Abby shopping and to the office while Mommy took Emma on a walk and to the park. It was fun. They love getting out of the house and spending special time with Mommy or Daddy alone.

But, when they each get home and see sister, they go crazy...

So I think it is even true with twins and babies, absense makes the heart grow founder..

Friday, June 1, 2007

Special time with Twins

Monday, Memorial Day, Daddy too Twin A and I took Twin B for some special time.

Daddy took Twin A to the store and I took Twin B to the park. The park was not that busy so we walked there and played in the far end of the park so if she walked or ran away it would be easy to catch her.

Around 2ish, I called Daddy and asked him to meet us in the park. So, Daddy and Sister came and met us for a while. We had fun for a little bit then had to leave to go home and make ice cream form Memorial Day at one of their Auntie's homes.

The park is fun, I am learning on my own, but like I said have to be careful for all the freaks and shady characters ready to do you harm. And first and foremost, seeing both your twins going in opposite directions!!

Hey, I just started taking them to the park on my own just recently. So I am far from being an expert at having fun with twins in the park!

Twins Pulling Off Shirts

So two days ago, May 30, A&E began, on their own, pulling off their shirts.

I was very impressed and amazed the could do it.

At 18 going on 19 months I was not even expecting them to learn about taking clothes off because I did not really show them. Except for me taking off and putting on their clothes everyday.

When twins, or singletons for that matter, want to learn and do something, they will!

Twins in the Pool

So last summer, my parents bought a baby pool for ourt twins.

At that time, they were only 7-8 months old and all they could do was sit up between my legs and splash water around.

But two on Wednesday, when I put the pool up and put them in their princess disney bathing suits, they had a ball. They were jumping in the pool, splashing water like in the tub, playing with their soccer balls from Old Navy and plastic blue drinking cups.

To make the water a bit warmer for them, I added three buckets of hot water to make the water warmer for them to play in.

They just love splashing in water and really like the baby pool.

I am thinking maybe next year getting swim lessons for them. We shall see.