Sunday, June 24, 2007

Twins on a Costco Run

Today, Daddy and Mommy took Twins A&E on a Costco run..

Those are always fun because we always get lots of looks and for some reason, strangers always assume our girls twins who wear pink, are boys and that they are identical.

Well, I can see how they can look like identical twins, but boys? Come on now, they have female features and sound like baby girls.

Anyway, today, we got some more sippy cups, Snapple iced tea and for me, more Starbucks coffees!!

Our twins love being in public, too bad when they were newborns in the winter time they did not get to see much of the outside world, but they were preemies and it was our decision to keep them inside and healthy.

But I digress...

Have a blessed day!

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