Saturday, June 23, 2007

When Twins Take A Nap

So when Daddy and Mommy, that is my hubby and me, put our babies down for a nap, they talk, talk, talk to each other at least 20-25 minutes before finally sleeping.

They are doing their best to use sentences and it is so sweet.

When I went out with my Sister in Law on Thursday, I said to her that I will not encourage my girls to speak in sentences anytime soon. I like hearing their baby talk.

But she said you will like it when they begin using sentences because then they can tell you what is the matter with them. Even so, I am in no rush to hear contant talking via sentences yet.

They are just fine the way they are right now and I want to let them stay baby/toddlers until they themselves are ready to advance in their language skills.

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