Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sweet Sleeping TwiceBabies

Quiet and cool is their light green and yellow baby room
Fan above turns 'round and 'round, white noise is the sound
The cool breeze makes it way as a car outside goes vroom, vroom!

Twin "A", in her crib, nods off where babies laugh in their dreams
Resting on her side with blanket lightly wrapped over arms
Flowing through 3 inch blinds comes golden sunlight beams

Twin "B", in her crib, goes into her afternoon slumber
Tossing then turning on her back she resides
When all of a sudden, her foot touches her juice tumbler

Quiet, even serene are my Sweet Sleeping TwiceBabies
Who play hard all day, and sleep even harder at night
These sweet angels are even sweeter than chocolate candies

©June 26, 2007

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