Friday, June 1, 2007

Special time with Twins

Monday, Memorial Day, Daddy too Twin A and I took Twin B for some special time.

Daddy took Twin A to the store and I took Twin B to the park. The park was not that busy so we walked there and played in the far end of the park so if she walked or ran away it would be easy to catch her.

Around 2ish, I called Daddy and asked him to meet us in the park. So, Daddy and Sister came and met us for a while. We had fun for a little bit then had to leave to go home and make ice cream form Memorial Day at one of their Auntie's homes.

The park is fun, I am learning on my own, but like I said have to be careful for all the freaks and shady characters ready to do you harm. And first and foremost, seeing both your twins going in opposite directions!!

Hey, I just started taking them to the park on my own just recently. So I am far from being an expert at having fun with twins in the park!

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