Friday, June 22, 2007

Playdate with Grammie

So today, when my twins wake up from their nap, and I have changed their diapers and clothes, and fed them, we will go see Grammie for a while.

My babies love getting out of the home, and hey, I do not blame them....being stuck inside my home is no fun to me..especially when the weather is so nice.

You see, winter, I am not a fan of, especially because I have to stay indoors so often.

But, when summer or even spring arrives, I shed my winter clothing, along with my girls, and wear shorts and tanks..

My babies also love being in clothes for wamer weather. This way, they have more ease in walkin and running.

Oh, and now, my girls know when either Daddy or Mommy is coming up to their nursery room door. They actually know our footsteps....Can you believe that!


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