Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Taking twins on a walk

Today was a wonderful day for a walk.

It was 87 degrees in my city and just lovely.

After lunch, which one of my twins threw up her food because she stuffs so much in her mouth at once. She loves having both hands full of food and her eyes are bigger than her stomach.

Mommy gets this way sometimes as well, but I do not throw up.

So, my twin who loves to stuff her face with food began to cry as I was washing a spoon, I went over to her highchair, took her down and as she was crying, I sat her on my leg and placed my hand under to mouth and said, "Spit it out". She did and felt so much better.

Okay, after this mishap, I washed my hands and took here sister out of her highchair and we all went outside and sat on our very soft and lovely park blanket.

Now, I as I have relayed to your several times before, my girls LOVE to be read to. They always have a book in one hand and this was no different.

As soon as I sat down outside, here comes Twin A and Twin B with a book for Mommy to read to them. So, they are are so sweet, they sit down, one on my left leg and one on my right leg.

I begin to read to them and Twin B always looks at Mommy when I read to her. She loves it whenI read and she loves sitting either in front of me, when I am on my stomach, in between my arms, or she loves sitting on one of my legs.

Twin A does not really look at me, but she, like her sister, always points to the object on the book page.

Oh, and it does not matter if you own those hard board books becasuse if your twins are strong like mine are, they will BREAK them everytime.

Just get ready and used to throwing out lots of books..

Okay, so after I read to my girls, I said to them, "Hey, let's go for a walk!" So I took my stroller out of the truck, packed them in the stroller and took them for a nice walk around my block. They love it, they talk to each other and point out all the gfeen objects around them.

Then, there is this lady in our neighborhood who just loves my babies. She is an older lady with no kids so when she sees me coming down her street, she calls me to come over so she can see the babies. She just loves them!

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