Thursday, June 21, 2007

When Twins learn to help each other

This is so cute. After either Daddy or Mommy feed A & E dinner or any other meal, whichever babies comes down from their highchair first, that baby walks over to her sisters highchair and attempts to release her from her highchair as well.

These babies are quick learners!

They see what Dadddy and/or Mommy do everyday and they follow or lead.

It is just amaziing how bright these sweet little girls are.

Every day, Daddy and Mommy praise the Lord for their minds, bodies and spirits.

All this prayer seems to be working because our babies, even though they were born preemies, are advanced in ways the hospital and many peditricians claim preemies will be at least a year behind their counterparts.

I beg to differ here.

Our precious, little babies LOVE TO LEARN!! They love being by Mommy and around Mommy and when I leave the room, they follow me where ever I go.

Oh, Daddy and Me, Mommy, are so very blessed to have these sweet angels in our lives.

Their protection is my number one priority.

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