Sunday, November 30, 2008

TwiceToddlers Spending Time with NanaPapa

NanaPapa spent several days at our home and my twins, my parents granddaughters, had a blast with them. We all played in our backyard on our twins swing set and played indoors when the weather was cool.

Papa was very sweet to help Daddy secure the rope ladder to the fort and attach the basketball hoop to the other end of the fort.
Along with playing in the backyard, NanaPapa also took our their twin granddaughters to our mall and they rode the Carousel, played in the arcade and rode a train going around the mall.

Nana was singing to her twin daughters that she is so proud of and love to hug and kiss. It really breaks their hearts when they have to leave them. I am sure Nana gets all teary eyed as I do when I leave their home (my childhood home).

Let's see, we will see NanaPapa again next month for Christmas and that will be nice. My twins are beginning to eat a little bit better and we changed the type of milk they drink. This alone has already calmed them down and allowed them to sleep more soundly.
Mommy, that is me, began to puree' veggies and fruits to add to my girls meals. I am using a cookbook my Jessica Seinfeld. There are only a very limited amount of recipes my twins will eat, so I will look online for more "toddler" friendly meals I can incorporate these veggie and fruit puree's to.
Here are photos and videos of my twins with NanaPapa from their Thanksgiving Trip:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TwiceToddlers Nana and Papa are Here!!

Yeah, this late afternoon, my parents and my twins Nana and Papa arrived after their 5 hour drive from SoCal. Nana and Papa will be here for Thanksgiving, of course, and a couple days after.

Oh, my twins, Twin "B" more specifically, just loved seeing Nana and Papa's SUV park behind Mommy's SUV. As soon as Nana got out of the SUV, I opened our door and she ran out of our home like a bat out of h_ll, running, to hug Nana and Papa. It was awesome seeing one of my twins running to hug and kiss my Mom. My other twin was in the bathroom and came running outside as soon as she was done..

Papa and Nana held both their twin granddaughters and gave them so many kisses. It makes me so happy to see my twins growing and being able to recognize their Nana and Papa. Well,they should recognize them as I have Nana and Papa on my computer slide show all the time. My twins also talk to Nana, sometimes Papa, on the phone.

Here is a cute video of my twins with my parents and some photos too.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

TwiceToddler "B" and the Rutan Table

Oh my sweet Twin "B", she just has a thing for tables. It does not matter if she jumps from them or runs into them. Last night, as she and her sister were going to bed, Twin "B" ran towards me, sitting on the recliner, trying to kiss me goodnight.

Well, it did not turn out that way. Oh now, she tripped, as she always does when running, and her chin fell into the straight edge of the Rutan table. My goodness, the screaming and pain was just too much.

I picked her up, held her as she cried and cried and blood from the inside on her lip/teeth stained my shirt. Oh sweet Twin "B", it was so sad to see and hear her, in so much pain.

We got up off the floor and I went to get a piece of ice wrapped in a paper towel to ease the pain where her teeth and inside lip met.

Twin "B" continued to cry and whine for the next twenty minutes. It will take time for the inside of her lip to heal, but this what happens when you have to RUN to everything and are not paying attention.

Lord Jesus, please heal Twin "B"s wound and make her fell better soon. Thank you.

Friday, November 21, 2008

TwiceToddlers Mommy and Daddy have Date Night

It has been a while, but this week, my DH asked out babysitter to watch our girls while we went on a dinner date. Wow, it was nice. We went to Famous Dave's BBQ. It was my first time being there and we shared a BBQ Rib platter. Amazing,we never, ever share anything when we go out to eat.

The restaurant was pretty much full and for all the people in the restaurant, it was not loud at all. Famous Dave's has almost the same decor as Applebee's , Chili's and Chevy's do. This restaurant, I believe, is based in Texas.

Anyway, after dinner, we went to JC Penney's so my DH could get a new Nike sweatshirt, work pants and I found some more embellished jeans for our twins.

Then, we went to Best Buy. I wanted my DH to look at some digital camera's for his birthday/Christmas gift. After this trip, we finally went to Wal Mart and purchased some more Pull-Ups for our twins, then drove home.

It was nice being able to go out on a date. Before we left though, our twins cried and cried and cried. They were carrying on like the usually do when either Daddy or Mommy leaves. But, our babysitter said as soon as we left, our twins all but forgot we had left.

Same of story.....

God Bless!!

TwiceToddlers Napping Soundly

It is another day and my twins are again, napping without Mommy and will not be sleeping with Daddy tonight either.

My twins, they love, and are obsessed with stuff animals. They have so many in their room. They transport them from their room to their fort outside, in the hallway, in Daddy shower, in the living room and finally, in the family room.

Right now, my Twin "A" loves Tigers and Twin "B" loves Pandas. When my twins go to daycare, they just have to take them along with them. This is fine with me because their stuffed animals keep them calm and this is a good thing.

I kinda got off track there, sorry!

Anywho, my twins have been napping since 2:30. Wow, I am impressed. But, it looks like I will wake them up, otherwise, they will be awak until 11:00PM. I think my DH and I will be putting them down for the night at 9 or 9:3o. Then they should be really ready to hit the sheets.

God Bless!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

TwiceToddlers Grossed Mommy Out!

Okay, so, finally, Daddy and Mommy are getting our toddler twins to sleep without us. My two sweet friends from Bible Study could not believe we still had to sleep with our girls. They said, and this is true, "Our girls have us wrapped around our fingers and who is the parent, them or you?"

Well, my girlfriends told me this before, but my DH was not ready to let our girls sleep by themselves. Anyway, I was going to Walmart after Bible Study to look for a airbag to lay on and this is why my sweet friends WOKE ME UP!!!

I came back from Walmart and told my DH why I did not purchase the airbag and they our girls do have us wrapped around their fingers.

So, today is the first day my twins are napping without me. I have to keep coming into their room to quite them down and get them on their beds. Well, on my third trip into their room, I see both my twins sitting on a blanket, on the carpet, Twin "B" with diaper off and both my twins playing with POOP!!!

Oh, it was so gross, I totally freaked out!! Oh my goodness, I picked the diaper and the poop up, and totally washed their hands. Twin "B" was going to put her fingers in her mouth. I asked them both, "Did you eat any POOP?"

My goodness, I guess this is normal for toddlers to be curious about their bowel functions, but GROSS!!! All I could see is both my twins eating their POOP and getting really sick.

If this happens to your twins or has happened to you and your twins, I am sorry!!!

Curiosity Killed The Cat......

Saturday, November 15, 2008

TwiceBabies, now Twice Toddlers and their new saying...

Over the past several months, my twins have begun saying the curtest new thing. I have no idea where they came up with this word. Maybe they heard Mommy or Daddy say it or, they just came up with it on their own.

However they came up with this word, Daddy and Mommy, say it all the time now, just to hear both our twins repeat us.

Do you want to know the word the say? Are you at the edge of your seat? If so, scroll down the page and see the cute word they use, almost all the time.....

Twice Babies A and E say:

"How Do That?"

Yeah, they say, "How Do That", for almost anything and everything..It is as if they are asking a question. Daddy and Mommy get the biggest kick out of it that we laugh and make them say it over and over again until they stay "No, How Do That?"

Goodness, what precious babies girls, well toddlers girls, we have. Just sweet gifts from God and growing so fast. It is unbelievable how much they already know and continue to learn each day.

God Bless Everyone who reads my blog.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday A&E!!

Today,my twins turn three years old!

Wow, can you believe that! Time certainly does fly by fast. I still wish I could relive their preemie hood and infant hood. I was not feeling too well, in fact I was diagnosed with a disease that did not really allow me to spend quality time and cherish my twins when they were precious babies.
A week ago, I found myself purchasing two preemie outfits, one light and one dark pink, for them to see how itty bitty they were when they were born. For some reason, only Babies R Us sold preemie wear,which was expensive. So, when I was a Wal Mart, I found on a table, preemie wear. Well, I just had to purchase them! You see, I am very sentimental, not a hoarder, but sentimental. It is important to me that my girls see how very tiny they were at 7 months gestation.
But I digress...
Today, they are three years old and these are the toys they received from all their family. They also got plenty of clothes, which I am happy about. They always need clothes as they are growing like, you guessed it, weeds.
My twins got the one toy, with a candle that sits on a table, and Twin B likes to say, "Happy Birthday Mommy and Kitty". Well, she actually sings the song a little bit.
This birthday, with their friends and then with the family, I did a Hello Kitty Themed Birthday. That is the cake you kind of see in the photo.
Anyway, here is the video of all the toys they got and some photos too.


Monday, November 3, 2008

TwiceToddler "B" and the Boxspring

So this morning, my twins were playing around me in the computer room, when all of a sudden the boxspring that my twins used to sleep on, with the mattress of course, came tumbling down on my head!

You see, I was turning Twin "A" around on my new computer chair, just as I did with Twin "B". Earlier this morning, both my twins were playing in between the mattress and boxspring. That was fine, until I pushed both pieces together and BAM!, the boxspring came tumbling down on my head. Which in turn hit my nose and made my nose bleed. It was not a lot of blood, but every piece of tissue paper I used had blood on it.

So, I emailed hubby and told him what happened and to please, remove the mattress and boxspring when he gets home for lunch. He did remove both pieces and told Twin "B" to say, "Sorry Mommy", which she did.

I was not really mad at Twin "B", just not feeling too well and it was unexpected.

God Bless all those who did not get injured today!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

TwiceToddlers are Sleeping Like Angels

When my twins were infants, up to a year ago, my husband and I would peek in on them sleeping. Oh, how I loved doing that. Of course, they were still in their cribs from infant hood to twenty-three months.

Tonight, my husband and I again, peeked in on our twins, sleeping. Imagine that! They were, and are, actually sleeping in their new beds. They truly look like sweet Angels, sleeping on their sides with their covers over their legs. Daddy still had to sleep with our girls tonight, on the floor. Just until they fell asleep, which was not long.

If I am able to, I will take a photo of them sleeping in their beds at nap time tomorrow. You see, I need them to still take a nap for 1) My sanity and 2) Their sanity.

Yeah, too bad we did not purchase these beds, and bedding, for them a year ago, when they were two years old! 20/20 certainly is hindsight.

God Bless and Happy Parenting!!

TwiceToddler A and B's New Beds and Bedding

About two weeks ago, Daddy, along with Mommy, purchased two white toddlers beds for our twins and two sets of bedding as well. Today, Daddy put the beds together and I washed the bedding and put it on their crib mattresses.
Here is what Twin A and B's Bed and Bedding look like in their room. I only wish they would sleep on them now. It will take an Act of God to actually get them to sleep on them, without Daddy and Mommy.
Twin A's Bed Twin B's Bed
Twin A and B's Bed and Bedding Together