Saturday, May 31, 2008

TwiceBabies Sleeping Good Tonight

It took a while for our TwiceBabies to actually sleep tonight. They wanted more Hug, Kiss from Mommy and would not lay down until they got their Hug, Kiss Mommy fix.

But now, at 11:56, they are still sleeping and that is a miracle. When twins are able to sleep, our twins in particular, it is a blessing. If they could, they would be up all day long.

We took a late nap today, at 2:30, after I listened to Dr. Noah Hutchings on I had to hear what he was talking about. During the week, he has a web broadcast on Wednesdays and I can not hear the web cast at the time it is online. So, I like to hear the rebroadcast on Saturdays.

Anyway, after the show was over, I rounded up my twins and we took our much needed afternoon nap. I just wish they would wake up in a happy mood.

God Bless Sleeping Babies!!

TwiceBabies With Attitude

It seems my twins have attitude.

And, it looks like that attitude has come from guess who?

That's right, Mommy.

My goodness, shame on Mommy. Having patience has never been one of my strong suits. But, it looks like a lot of prayer and patience is something I will have to begin doing/using.

Recently, TwiceBaby "B" has begun to act like Mommy. She loves to say NO a lot. I think No has become her favorite word. Along with the word No, she likes to run away and run around the inside of our home. She will run from the living room to the small hallway, to the computer room and back to the living room.

TwiceBaby "A" on the other hand likes to listen to Mommy and mimic each word I say. If I am scolding her sister, she repeats every word I say. TwiceBaby "A" acts like she too is the Mommy. I have to remind her that I am Mommy, not her. I have to tell her to go to the Family Room and wait until I finish talking to her sister.

Silly girls, they are growing up so fast and really developing their own personalities right before our eyes.

God Bless Growing TwiceBabies!!

TwiceBabies and Photos

When my twins were infants, I would take photos of them each month on the date of their birth. After my twins turned One, my hubby asked me to stop taking so many photos of them.
Well, our twins are now two and a half and I still take photos of them, just not as much.
Twin "A" does not mind Mommy taking photos of her. In fact, she loves when I ask her to pose
for Mommy.
Twin "B" on the other hand, puts her hand over her eyes or face, blocking Mommy from taking photos of her.
It is hard for Mommy, that is me, to stop taking photos of my twins. I mean, if I do not take photos of them, who will? I take awesome photos and they always come out just lovely. It is cheaper for me to take photos of my twins than take them to a portrait studio.

The last time my hubby and I took our twins to a portrait studio was at Christmas 2007. That year, I also took the most precious photos of them in front of our fireplace. They actually came out much better than the portrait studio photos.

Silly twins, they are a hoot!!

God Bless!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

TwiceBabies Loving Go Bananas

Well, when Daddy came home from work tonight, we all got ready and went to Go Bananas, without telling them where we were going.

They had a blast. The place was not busy at all. There was one family there when we arrived and she had three girls and she was with her friend who had a baby girl.

Well, all three of the girls just loved A&E! They played with them and helped our twins get into one of the jumper/climbers and get over the 'rock wall'. It was just so sweet. Two of the girls were calm,while the other little girl was high strung and just wanted to have loads of fun!

One of the little girls, she was nine I think, loved Twin "E". She wanted to hold her and carry her to each jumper. Twin "E" seemed to like it, as long as she could see Mommy and Daddy. Twin "A" on the other hand wanted no part of having someone, other than Mommy or Daddy, hold her or help her climb a jumper.

We left around 8:45 because the place was closing and we went to get our twins a "milksake" as they call it. This is always something, we can say or do to get our twins to not throw a fit.

God Bless Go Bananas!!

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TwiceBabies are Rolling onto each Other

Right now, any probably all day long, my twins roll onto each other. I can hear them whining. This is so funny as we are not sure what they are doing for them to whine like this.

But, we have to assume they are rolling over onto each other since they are using the same bed. One twin lays next to the wall and the other twin lays next to the end of the bed.

This means, one twin will always kick the wall, while the other twin might fall off the bed. To a soft landing might I add.

God Bless Sleeping Babies!

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TwiceBabies and a Possible Go Bananas Day

When Daddy gets home from work, we may go to Go Banana's tomorrow, that is Friday, night. My twins love it there. The only thing I am not a fan of is our leaving the place. Last time we were leaving, Twin B would not sit in her car seat. I mean,she was going ballistic and foaming at the mouth. She was so livid for leaving. We tried everything to calm her down. We suggested pizza, fries a name it, we tried it.

Oh, she also acted this way because NanaPapa were not in the same car with her.

Oh dear...temper tantrums are never any fun..

God Bless...!!

TwiceBabies and a Possible PlayDate

Well, we were supposed to go to a play date tomorrow, that is Friday, but it seems one of the toddlers is not feeling well. Yeah, it would be pretty bad if all the play date friends got sick. It is always nice when the Mommy hosting the play date lets everyone know her little one is not feeling well.

Oh well, we may just meet at another play dates home. I think I have her address. I will as her for specific directions tomorrow morning.

My twins are not real fans of play dates, they like to play, and fight, all by themselves.

I say, "Too bad! You need friends other than yourselves."

Silly babies...

God Bless!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

TwiceBabies: "Hug, Kiss"

Recently, my Twicebabies have been just loving hugs and kisses. They love them so much that when Mommy, or Daddy, give them hugs and kisses, after each hug and kiss, they each do this sweet, little sigh.

It is so cute. I wish I could let you hear what is sounds like. It is just a sweet, little sigh, as if, "Oh Mommy, I love you and love giving, and getting, hugs and kisses."

They faces are just so sweet when they are getting their hugs and kisses too. Just like when I read to them and they repeat ever, single, word I say and they smile at me.

My silly girls.....I LOVE THEM!!!

God Bless Precious Baby Girls....

TwiceBabies Love Their Ma Ti Ma!

Today, Ma Ti Ma came a little bit late as she was returning a rented car. Her Son was in town visiting from Washington. When she arrived at our home, oh, my Twicebabies went crazy! They sometimes have fear, but today, they had no fear and ran up to her.

When she got to our home, she placed our car seats in her huge truck and took my twins to the park, I think. Then, they went to Carl's Jr for something to eat.

While they were out, I did some stuff online, surveys and other stuff. Then, I went to my outlet mall. A Tuesday Morning is in the process of being filled up in a storefront. I just received a coupon in the mail yesterday. They should be open pretty soon!! Yeah, I looked inside and they sell lots of cool stuff!

Because they were not open yet, I went to the Bass Outlet and purchased some new shorts, a sleeveless pink blouse, a green tank with buttons down the center and glitter like things down the center as well. I also purchased a bracelet, necklace and earrings. I got all this under $60.00 as they were having a HUGE sale!!

God Bless my TwiceBabies, Ma Ti Ma and HUGE SALES!!

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Twicebabies and "No Hair"

My twins love bathes, again, but they still do not like getting their hair wet. Well, that is unless Daddy uses a cup now and has their head in his hand. Their heads can not be straight up or water and soap will get in their eyes.

My Aunt Barb made them these cute towels for Christmas last year and they love them. For one, because it is new and two it has a hoodie on it. My twins love hoodies...

Oh, my Aunt Barb also gave my twins these plastic books that can be read in the bathtub. One is a Winne the Pooh and the other a Brainy Baby book.

Eventually, my twins won't mind getting their heads wet, but for now, this is one of their many fears.

Silly TwiceBabies....

God Bless and Love Them!!

TwiceBabies and Their KeeKee

A few months back, I was purchasing groceries and in the baby food aisle, there were these stuffed animals on several shelves. Well, when I looked on the shelves, I saw some Kee Kee's. There were some black Kee Kee's and some, what looked like Siamese, Kee Kee's.

Now, when my twins were infants still, our real Siamese cat, Sassy, left us. I think with all the family over helping us and hearing babies cry, she did not know how to adjust to the "new" humans in the home. So, she left one rainy night in March.

Anyway, those are the Kee Kee's I purchased for my twins. The ones that look like Sassy.

With these Kee Kee's, my twins have begun rolling them in their flannel blankets Nana made them. So now, their Kee Kee's have to be in a blanket to stay warm.

It is just so cute and something they did all on their own.

Silly babies!!

God Bless Inventive Babies!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TwiceBabies and Dressing

Lately, my twins have begun to do their best at dressing themselves. This is a good thing. As much as I liked doing everything for them when they were preemies and infants, it is time for them to now, begin to dress themselves.

Just so you know, I have never told them to begin dressing themselves. Oh no, they see Mommy and Daddy dressing themselves and they take their cue from us. As they do for almost everything they see us do...and say....

Praise the Lord for babies who want are self starters!!

TwiceBabies Love Reading

Well, not really. When I sit down and read with them, as of late, I sit in between both of them. Then, I begin reading to them and as I read, TwiceBaby "A" copies every word that comes out of my mouth. It is just so sweet. I have to look over at her to see her lips moving. She is so eager to learn and copy what Momm does.

TwiceBaby "B", like TwiceBaby "A", does the same thing, only not as loud.

When I look at TwiceBaby "A", she smiles at me with that most precious face of hers. I just giggle with her as she wants so bad to read, right now...

TwiceBaby "B" loves to be read to and she is on her way to reading before she is 3 years old.

My twins have always loved me reading to them. For about a month or two, our reading had stopped and now, like a ligthning bolt, we have begun reading again.

Like I say, begin reading to your baby when, she or he, is still in your womb. If you do, you will have a reader from the get go.

God Bless Babies Who LOVE To Learn!!

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TwiceBabies and Mommy Stayed in All Day

I do not know, it was a strange day. The weather was funky outside as it was very gloomy and overcasty. It did not rain, but the skies were not something to sing about either.

So, we stayed indoors all day, IN OUT PJ's!!!

That is right, we were in our PJs all day. We went to bed, last night in them, woke up in them, took our nap in them and then Mommy, that is me, but my twins in their room while I took a "Sower". You see, if my twins are not in their room, they will climb on anything and everything, especially our big TV. This, they have done before and it is not funny...

You would think my twins were boys, but NO!! They are precious, baby girls who get bored easily.

Anyway, hopefully the weather will get better soon as we just had Memorial Day. Usually after Memorial Day, the weather is 'supposed' to get warmer. We shall see....

God Bless!

TwiceBaby "B" Eats PB&Js Now

That is right, TwiceBaby "B" has decided to begin eating PB&J's now. Well, I have never really given my twins PB, but instead Sunflower Butter. Sunflower butter is much better for you and can be purchased at your local Trader Joe's.

There is something in PB that is not good for people, like me, with an autoimmune disease. So, I when I looked at a list, very long list mind you, of products that are bad for me, PB was on that list. But, on the same list, it showed me to replace PB with Sunflower Butter.

My twins, and myself, can not tell the difference.

Anyway, now my twins are both eating PB&J's and that is a relief to me. One less food I have to feed them or struggle with them to eat.

God Bless!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

TwiceBabies Eating CupCakes Auntie Leenie Brought

These photos say it all...

My Sweets, eating sweets!!

TwiceBaby "A" went PeePee in Potty!

Yeah, yesterday, TwiceBaby "A" went pee pee in the Big Potty.

I could hear her making some noise in the potty and clapped my hands and said, "Yeah!! You just went pee pee in the potty!"

She smiled and clapped with me. Right now, she just does not want to hear or see the other thing we do when we go potty. So, I do not use that word around her or when she wants to use the potty.

Silly baby!!

God Bless Little Ones who Try and use the Potty!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

TwiceBabies...Always Leaving a Party Early

Oh yes, we never seem to be able to stay at a party for long. There is usually one or both twins becoming fussy. Oh, I was sad, I did not want to leave early. We did not even get to sing Happy Birthday with Cheryl or taste any of that lovely looking cake.
Auntie Cheryl thought Twins A and E were doing fine, but Daddy thought they were tired and wanted to climb up her stairs and do this and do that....

So, we left..

Before we left, I had taken some photos they are!
God Bless Everyone!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

TwiceBabies "B"...and the MeltDown

When my TwiceBabies came in from their outside fun, TwiceBaby "B" felt the need for a meltdown. I guess this is the new term used by "child experts". What a joke, who really, is an expert on a child? Much less toddlers? If I really find a "child expert", I will need to shake their hand and give them a Hi-5!.

Right, there are no 'experts'. Especially those who study child development and pyschology, WHO NEVER HAD THEIR OWN KIDS!!

You know, I studied child development and psychology in college and I am still learning about my twins. Everyday, your child will throw you for a loop. Nothing is ever the same. What is that saying my Mom always uses, "A child will make you out to be a liar." One day they are good to go, and they next day, BAM!! A total, how you say, meltdown.

Babies and Toddlers are unpredictable and if an 'expert' tries to put a child in a box, they are wasting their time. The most we, as Mommy's and Daddy's can do is calm them down and gently place them in their room for a little bit. If a child, my twins included, have their meltdowns, my husband and I either point to their room or we take them there, gently. Once the crying stops, they can open their door and come out.

Sometimes, we parents have to look like we are in control of the situation, otherwise, we will be bulldozed over, again and again and on yes, again.

God Bless Time Outs and Parents Who Love Their Babies, Toddlers and Children. Forget the 'experts'.

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TwiceBabies are saying, "Poor Mommy!"

When my Mom and Dad were visiting in April, my Mom had my twins saying, "Poor Mommy". It was the cutest thing. Now, just recently, they have begun saying this, on their own.

I have no idea how they even recalled Nana saying this when NanaPapa were at our home, but sure enough, they are now saying, "Poor Mommy". My twins began saying it last Wednesday when I was doing some laundry. I thought it was the cutest thing to hear them say.

Now, I have them saying, "Poor Mommy, Poor Daddy."

When they say this, they shake their head from side to side and it is just adorable.

Silly girls...

God Bless!

TwiceBabies are Running Around Outside

Right now, my twins are in the garage and running around outside. The wind is blowing and they are releasing lots of energy. I can hear them running, yes hear them running, and yelling, having a ball on our driveway. We have a very long driveway and at the bottom of the driveway we have a plastic white picket fence. This keeps them in and safe. That is until they learn to climb over this fence, then, we will be in for it.

Goodness, there is nothing to stop my girls. They are always on the go and it makes this Mommy tired. Oh, then there is there constant badgering each other. One always wants what the other one wants and this goes on all---day---long---.

Geez, can a Mama get a break!??

God Bless!!

TwiceBabies Dressed for Auntie Cheryl's 50th Birthday

Today the my husband's family is celebrating Cheryl's 50th birthday. Her birthday is actually May 27th, but we are celebrating today. We were hoping it would have been a nice day. As it turns out, the sky is very grey and it is cold outside. YUCK!!

There are supposed to be at least 60 people at Cheryl's home today. It looks like it will very crowded indoors and we will need more seats. The weather reminds me of the beach and last November for my twins birthday.

This is so not our typical May weather. I do not like it. Where is the warm weather???

God Bless!!

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Another store I shopped at was Toys R Us. My city again, does not have a Toys R Us, so it was easier for me to get what I needed, online. Plus, using the Black-Friday coupons saved me big time.

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Trust me, saving money and stress has never looked so good.

Twicebabies say, "Happy Birthday Auntie Amy!"

Yes, today is my sister's birthday. I hope she received my gift!! She lives in SoCal and I in NorCal, so ever since I moved up to NorCal, I have not been able to celebrate her birthday anymore. Well, hers, my Dad's, my Mom's and whole SoCal families birthdays for that matter.

Anyway, hope she has a nice day. It looks like it might rain here tomorrow. It rained in SoCal yesterday my Mom said, so I am sure the rain will find its way up here by Sunday.

Oh joy!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO YOU...................

AND MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY MORE..........................

Love, S/M/A&E

God Bless Sweet Families!!

Twicebabies and the Horsey Ride

As soon as Daddy comes home from his long day, I mean, even before Daddy comes in the door, my twins hear Daddy's car coming into the driveway. When they hear Daddy's car, it does not matter where they are in the house, they run like lightening to the backdoor and wait for Daddy to open the door. When Daddy is inside, they say, together, "Horsey, Horsey, Horsey".

Daddy loves to give them horsey rides and they LOVE IT!! Having horsey rides is now, I think one of their favorite things to do with Daddy. Well, along with Daddy singing to and with them and taking them to the park.

Silly babies and silly Daddy!!

God Bless Daddy's and our TwiceBabies!!

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Twicebabies, ABC's and 123's

My twins are just adorable! Seriously, they love learning and they do not know, of course, at age 2.5, that they are learning. They think they are playing and having fun.

When we watch the On Demand shows like Mozart and Friends, Hi-5 and of course our Praise Baby Collection DVD's, my twins are learning their ABC's and 123's.

They are so funny though because Twin A will say, "1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9" and Twin B always starts with "2, 4, 7".

With Twin B, everything is a 2 or 4, but like a good Mommy, I kindly correct her. That is, of course, if she is holding two objects in her hand or three objects in her hand. If she has three items in her hand and she says "4", I will kindly say, "You have 3, not 4."

When it comes to the alphabet, they are learning them through the ABC song on their 1st Birthday CD mostly.

If my girls are not learning something, they are bored to tears. They just love learning!

God Bless for sweet, little learners!!

Twicebabies are so Sweet

Today, because it was again windy, we stayed indoors.

Let's see, today, the three of us, Twin A, Twin B and Mommy, danced in our living room to their 1st Birthday CD. We danced to "Head and Shoulder's...." and just danced in a circle around their xylophone's. That is before I moved them out of the way. The xylophone's were in front of out fireplace, which has brick.

Anyway, after our dancing, we went into our family room and watched, you guessed it, their Hi-5 shows in On Demand. We watched those shows for a while, then I began doing some laundry while they followed me around the house, as per usual.

When it came time for bed, they went down pretty well. No fuss, no buss and sound asleep they went.

Love it!

God Bless!

Friday, May 23, 2008

TwiceBabies Fell Asleep Nicely Tonight

It amazes me how not a single day with my twins can be the same as the day before.

Have you ever heard that catch phrase from Rolling Rock beer, "Same as it ever was"?

Well, this phrase would not apply to my twins!! ROFL!!

Oh yes, night, my twins barely ate anything, but, they did get a good bath. This good bath seemed to contribute to their early and easy bedtime routine.

You see, this afternoon, my TwiceBabies did not take a nap. For some reason, them not having a nap (today only mind you), allowed for them to go to bed without incident.

There was no fussy, no busing, no this and no that. They just asked for a kiss and hug and they went to sleep, as always, with Daddy, with no problem.

Thank God for small miracles.

God Bless!!

TwiceBabies and Ma Ti Ma

Today, my TwiceBabies were with Ma Ti Ma for about three hours!! Yeah, I was able to do a shop today and my girls were able to have fun with Ma Ti Ma.

She usually takes them to McD's to play in the outside play place and then, just recently, she began taking them to her home instead of bringing them back home. They seem to like her home and play with all her 'stuff''.

Honestly, I have no idea where Ma Ti Ma gets her energy!! She has two grown children, one in the army and one in college, and she still has energy for my twins. Go figure!

Anyway, Ma Ti Ma is a lifesaver and if my girls love her, so do I.

God Bless!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TwiceBabies are finally calm and sleeping

It sounds like my twins are finally calm and sleeping. Yeah!

I love when they are sleeping. They look so precious and they are not fighting, pulling hair and taking toys away from each other.

Lately, I have had to remove a lot of toys from their possession because they always fight, over a piece of a toy. They have these cute puzzles with barn animals and another one with house pets. They always fight over one or two pieces of the puzzle. It drives Mommy crazy.

So, I have to put the piece away, usually way up high, out of their reach for an amount of time I deem acceptable to calm them down.

Yeah, kind of like tonight. This fussiness they go through is enough to drive any sane person, know....

God Bless TwiceBabies who sleep!!

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Twicebabies come home not Happy Campers

When our Twicebabies came home from PapaGaGa's they were not happy campers.

First, I unlocked TwiceBaby A from her car seat and she wanted to get in the front seat. I was doing my best to pull her out of the truck and she refused, kicking and screaming!!!

TwiceBaby B was watching the whole thing. Daddy had to come pull TwiceBaby A out, put her in the house and then Daddy took TwiceBaby B out. She was not as bad as her sister.

Once they were both indoors, they had a total meltdown and Mommy marched them to their room and closed the door. Daddy made their milk sippy cups and laid down with them.

Did they like that? NO!! They were screaming and going ballistic.

Welcome to toddler hood and having two year old, right!

Finally, our TwiceBabies called for Mommy to come in and 'kiss, hug' them. So, I went in and gave them what they wanted.

My goodness, usually, they get to watch some of their favorite On Demand shows, but tonight, that was scratched. All they got was their milk and baby music.

God Bless little ones who turn on a dime!!!

Twicebabies and our Front Door

Well,it looks like Daddy will need to find some other way of keeping our twins indoors. Yup! Twicebaby "A" has learned to unlock our front door. This is scary because if I am not in the room with her and her sister, they can possibly open the door and get outside.

I have been talking to my hubby about this for over six months, I am sure. We will either have to replace the door or find some way to add another lock higher up on the door. We have several doors in our home that have these locks and we will have to change them or look for other ways to secure our babies from getting outside.

God Bless!!

Twicebabies go see PapaGaGa

Daddy took our twins over to see PapaGaGa tonight. This is a good thing because it gives me time to be by myself. I was able to clean up the family room, put clothes away and clean the kitchen up a bit.

I bet they are in the backyard, playing in the red radio flyer PaPaGaGa got them a couple weeks ago. But, seeing as how windy it is right now, they are probably indoors doing something to keep these little dingalings busy, busy, busy!!

God Bless!

Twicebabies and Chocolate Milk

Tonight, our Twicebabies, for the first time, had some chocolate milk.

Did they like it? What do you think!

They loved it and wanted more. I said, "No, tomorrow, maybe".

So now, my Twicebabies love regular 2% milk at $4.69 a gallon, and chocolate milk.

For some reason, my twins no longer like apple juice. I guess this is because they have been drinking it since they were nine months old.

Oh well, they will eventually go back to drinking apple juice. They are so wishy washy as all toddlers are, right?

God Bless!!

Balloons and Blimps for Advertising, what a concept!

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So, when your company is in need of more business, think about how valuable a helium, advertising or big balloon can be. Oh, and don't forget the advertising blimps!

Twicebabies and Doing Anything with Them

It has come to my attention that in order for my husband and I do to do ANYTHING with our twins, we have to NOT tell them anything BEFORE hand. If we do, there will be hell to pay. That is right, if we tell them were are going somewhere or seeing someone BEFORE the event, we will hear about it until that event takes place.

Do you know how annoying it is to hear them repeat the same thing, over and over and over and over again? It is as if they are a broken record. For those of you who grew up with Cd's, a record is a black vinyl round object used to listen to music. A record came in three sizes, 33", 45" and 78", as far as I know.

Anyway, my twins are broken records when it comes to saying anything in advance.

So, I just now reminded hubby to NOT say anything beforehand, otherwise, not only him, but I will have to suffer their wrath.

God Bless!!!

Twicebabies and the Crazy Wind

My goodness, the wind in my city has been crazy! It has been so crazy I will not let my twins outside. It is dangerous, even in my backyard it is bad because I have a huge tree where branches fall off. When my twins see these branch's, they play with them and I have to take them away. My goodness,they could poke out an eye or do something worse.

The only thing good about this wind is our nap time. I open their bed room window, ever so slightly, and we hear the wind whipping into our room and the plants outside our room brush against the window, scratching the window, if you will.

This is the only good thing about this wind, that for the life I me, I can not understand where it is coming from. Well, I have a theory as to where this wind is coming from, but no one will believe me.

God Bless everyone and stay safe!!!

Twicebabies and their First Birthday CD

When my twins eat, they love listening to the 1st Birthday CD I purchased for them at the Paper Factory store. This is a store at our outlet mall. This store actually has lots of cool products, not just paper and they CDs are only $9.99.

On this CD, they love the ABC song, Wheels on the Bus and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Usually, my twins are dancing to this CD, but lately, they have been requesting to listen to it when they eat, with their spoon and bowl.

It is so cute seeing them eat and sing because they do all the hand and arm motions Mommy does to the Wheels of the Bus song.

God Bless sweet Twicebabies who love to be very active!!!

Twicebabies: Squash and Green Beans

My twins will only eat pureed squash or green beans. They have been eating this since they were infants and will not eat anything else. Well, I did find this new pureed food, it is natural and it has chicken and pasta stars in it. Twin B seems to like it, sometimes I have to beg Twin A to eat it.

Yeah, yeah, they should be eating more table food by now, but at least they are eating something.

About three months ago, I purchased this book my Jessica Seinfeld called Deliciously Deception and I have yet to use it. It seems real easy to do, I just purchase organic veggies, boil them, pureed them in my blender and freeze them.

So, why have I not done this yet? That is the Zillion Dollar question.

On my next grocery run, I will purchase some veggies and do this myself. Then, I can see what I am making for my sweetie pies...

God Bless!!

Twicebabies are Right Handed Eaters

It's a funny thing, but I just realized when my twins eat their food, they are eating with their right hand. I have never made them eat this way either, maybe they see how Mommy and Daddy eat so they follow our lead.

Or, maybe this is just the easiest way for them to eat.


I know there has been, over the years, many debates on right or left handed eaters. I think a hand eating preference just comes natural, it is not forced. A child or adult with use whatever hand they feel more comfortable using.

God Bless!

Monday, May 19, 2008

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If you are more comfortable with a side by side or standard stroller, there are several styles to look at for you, your twins or young children's needs.

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Twicebabies and Milk

Did or do your toddlers just love milk? Well, mine do. They used to love apple juice, but lately, as all babies do, they have changed their minds and now, now they just want milk.

Now, if milk was still priced in the $2.00 range, sure, I would give them milk until it was coming out of their ears. When milk reaches and goes over $4.00 a gallon, milk, just like bread, is not something to give our liberally.

Lately, milk, bread and rice, have become gold not only in my home, but other homes as well I can assure you.

So, to allow my twins to drink milk all day, everyday, I only pour milk to halfway in their sippy cups. That way, when they drop their sippy cups, as they do often, and not go back to retrieve their sippy cups, a whole sippy cup of milk will not be wasted.

I can recall when my twins were preemies and infants, they drank Neosure for their meal staple. This Neosure, in canisters, cost $13.95!!!! Can you believe that!! Sure, this is a lot more that %2 milk, but for almost a year, well nine months, my twins drank this Neosure. We had to purchase probably 5-7 canisters a week...

Yeah, it was an expensive diet to say the least. But just wait, milk will eventually catch up to this Neosure formula, I guarantee it!

God Bless!!

Twicebabies and the Outdoors

My twins love being outdoors, even in the heat. They do not care how hot it is, but Mommy does. For one, they can get heat stroke or a heat rash. Many babies, or toddlers, get heat rash so easily.

It does not matter, I think, if their skin is light or dark, babies, and toddlers, still have very sensitive skin.

Yesterday, my Mom in Law came over and we were talking about the rashes on my twins bottoms, she thought it could have been from the grass. Well, I did not think so as they do not sit on the grass, naked.

Then today at church, the one Mom I was working with in our nursery said her daughter and nephews also had rashes all over their arms, legs and face. She thinks it is from the sun. This sounded more plausible to me as I only put sunscreen on my twins arms, legs, knees, face, elbows and shoulders, not bottom.

Even under a shade tree, my babies can get a rash. So, to remedy this rash, I have begun putting Triple Paste on their bottoms. It seems to be working and it should for the price I paid for this large tube. I think it was $32.00,but I have also had it for a year.

God Bless!!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Twicebaby "A" and the Potty

Ever since Twicebaby "B" first used the potty for it's intended purpose, Twicebaby "A" wants to step up to the potty, put the toddler cushion on the potty and just sit there. I say to Twicebaby "A", "Are you going to do something? This is not a toy. Either do something or get off, you could fall and hurt yourself."

The thing that bothers me when they tell me they have to go potty is, they will climb on their step, sit on the potty, for a while, with their dollie or KeeKee and when I leave the room, they get up off the potty and go looking for Mommy or Sister.

This is real obnoxious!!!

Okay, I have never pushed them to even use the potty, so, when they keep stepping up, then stepping down, up, down, up, down, it is too much for Mommy. I just tell them, "Okay, I am putting your diaper on. Enough with this."

Twicebaby "B" and "A" do the same thing with their musical potty's.

Oh well, I guess I just wait and wait, and wait, until they are fulling potty trained.

God Bless!!

Twicebabies and Daddy at the Park

Today, Mommy went to church while Daddy and our Twicebabies went to our local park. This weekend, the ladies of our church, minus myself and some friends, went to a retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains. So, I worked in the nursery with another Mommy who is new to our church. She was in the nursery with me, her toddler daughter and sweet baby boy.

Daddy and our Twicebabies strolled to the park, stayed for a while, because it was getting real hot and they played in our backyard, in the baby pool that has built in sprinklers.

After church, I drove to my girlfriends home and dropped off her son's birthday gift and card. Well, he and his brother and sister, loved the gift. My hubby picked it out at Wal Mart Friday night. It is a Disney Cars Magnadoodle toy and everyone loved it.

Once I gave my girlfriends son the gift, we talked for a while then I left to go home and relieve Daddy. Plus, it was nap time for our twins and Mommy!!

God Bless!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Twicebabies and our Farmer's Market

This morning, my twicebabies and I went to our downtown Farmer's Market where Mommy purchased some cherries, oranges and cookies. These cherries are so sweet, oranges are very big and the cookies are really BIG.

When I took my twicebabies out of our SUV, the sun seemed to be getting hotter, so I rubbed some water babies sunscreen on their nose, face, shoulders, arms and legs. I used some myself on my shoulders.

After I purchased some fruit and cookies, I strolled to one of our downtown coffee shops. For one, to get out of the sun and two, get me a coffee.

Once home, I fed my sweetie pies and we took a nap until 2:30. When we woke up, we were supposed to go to my girlfriends son's 2nd birthday. But, it was still very hot outside. So, I called her and asked if the party was in or outside with all this heat. She said the party was moved inside. So, I said I would bring her son's birthday gift to her tomorrow. I did not want to drive to her home, with lots of people indoors now and with temps rising.

As our afternoon, progressed, I went to Target and our grocery store to get stuff we were low on. When I got home, our twins were out of control. They fussing from Twin B, in particular, was crazy. She was just whining and would not stop. We had our A/C on and our home was cool, so I had no idea why she was all fussy. I can take a guess though, she loves and always wants to be held.

They refused to be fed and once they were seated outside, under our shade tree, Daddy was going to feed them. Then, Twin A wanted Mommy to feed her. When I went outside, she wanted Daddy to feed her. Oh goodness, the drama in my home could fill the silver screen!!

Then, later on that evening, GaGa and Papa came over for a while and played with our twicebabies in the backyard. Gaga was pushing both babies in their red wagons around the backyard and having fun. Our twicebabies love GaGa and Papa.

Yup, this is not something new with my twins, their highs and lows, but when it all comes at once, that is when all they really need to do is go back to sleep.

God Bless!!

Twicebabies, Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Mel and Mommy and Friends at Wine & Cheese Stroll

Friday night, my girlfriends and I went to our cities Wine & Cheese Stroll. It was very crowded and fun. It was also very hot. That is until the sun began to set. Then, some wind began to pick up and the breeze was a relief.

This was the 2nd Annual Spring Wine & Cheese Stroll. My city also has a Fall Wine & Cheese Stroll which I think has been around for ten years.

Anyway, while Mommy and friends were downtown having a good time, my twicebabies were at home with Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Mel. They played together and my twicebabies were dancing all around as they watched, you guessed it, their favorite DVDs and Hi-5 episodes.

While Mommy and friends were at the Wine Stroll, Daddy went shopping at Costco and Walmart. That was Daddy's time alone from Mommy and our twicebabies.

Auntie Cheryl had given our twicebabies a bath and when I got home, they were in bed and sleeping. That is a miracle in and of itself.

God Bless!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Twicebabies, Bacon and Baby Einstein

When my twins wake up, usually Daddy gives them a sippy cup of milk and something to eat. Sometimes, we put them back in their room until it is time for Daddy and Mommy to get up.

After Mommy gets up, I broil our twins bacon and heat up a waffle for them. With their bacon and waffle, they love to sit down and watch Baby Einstein. They like the one called Galileo.

I like this DVD because it teaches our twins about the stars, moon, galaxies and most of all, it keeps them quiet and still.

God Bless!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

TwiceBaby "B" Reached a Major Milestone Today

Yeah TwiceBaby "B"!! Hooray!! She did something we do everyday and do not think about. I will not go into detail, as I am sure you know what I am talking about.

First, TwiceBaby "B" did the easy one in the BIG P and Second, she did the not so easy two in her little P.

Yeah TwiceBaby "B"! She has been wanting to for several weeks, but Daddy or Mommy have not pushed her. Now, if only she will do this everyday and night. So, we now have to get some pull-up diapers for her.

About five months ago, we tried using the pull ups with both twins, but they were so not ready yet and they got really bad rashes from the diapers.

It will be a sweet day when they are no longer in diapers....

God Bless!!

Twicebabies in our Backyard, in their Baby Pool

Here are my twins, playing in the water, loving their pool. Even at 2.5 years old, they still love this pool. I like it because there is no way they can drown in it. They like to sit in the water and place their plastic chairs on the pool so they do not have to get wet if the do not want to.
But, of course, I am always watching them in the pool. For one, it is slippy and two, they can never, ever sit still!! I have to be with them to kiss boo boos and or whatever else they do while runny to and from their pool.

God Bless!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Millie's Learning Loft

If you are a teacher in a traditional, charter or private school, even home schooling Mom, you must visit Miss Millie's Learning Loft in Downtown Tracy.

The Learning Loft opened in 2002 and has an array of product for your classroom to inspire creativity and make learning fun! The Learning Loft carries educational toys, Children's Puppets, CD's, tapes, workbooks, flashcards, games, classroom d├ęcor, certificates and of course what every educational supply store should have, Thomas the Tank and Friends.

Millie says she is so glad to have her store in downtown Tracy and loves her customers. She even has next day delivery to which ever school orders products from her store.

Miss Millie’s Learning Loft is located at 809 Central Avenue, Tracy, CA 95376 and Millie can be reached at (209) 833-9096.

Twicebabies Watching Hi-5 in Bathing Suits

Two days ago, I went to Target and purchased two matching swim suits for my twins. They love them. Here they are sitting in front of the TV watching Hi-5. In the afternoon, we all went outdoors, after our nap, and played in their pool.
God Bless!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wiki What! ShopWiki Silly!

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As you can see, you can not go wrong doing your shop and compare at ShopWiki. All categories are covered. So, what are you waiting for!

Twicebabies Still Destroy Home

That is right, with all the 'baby proofing' I can do, they still find ways to seek and destroy all things at eye or hand level.

In my computer room, we have a sliding glass door. Covering our sliding glass door at night are curtains. These curtains hang from a lovely rod. Well, this rod, along with the curtains, are slowing beginning to fall down.

My twins are so strong!! They are beginning to pull the rod, along with curtains, down!!

So today, Mommy, that is me, decided to stand on my computer chair and lift of each side of curtains over rod. Now, my curtains look swag and will remain up on the rod until my twins no longer feel the need to yank on the curtains, and possibly bring down the rod on them.

Babies and Toddlers, these hands are always on the lookout for something to destroy!!

God Bless and Love Them!!

Twicebabies and Nursery Will Travel II

Today, my Twicebabies brought all their nursery outdoors, like they usually do. But today, Twicebaby B placed all her blankets, pillows, baby doll and stuffed animals on our chaise lounge. While Twicebaby A stuffed all her blankets, pillows, baby doll and stuffed animals in top of slide.

Are or were your children like this? Did they have to bring everything outside or into other rooms of your home? Now that my twins have a plastic red wagon, they can transport all their "stuff" from place to place much faster.
It just amazes me how funny my girls can be. I wonder if I was like this at their age. If so, I probably had my Mom in stitches all the time.

God Bless!!

Twicebabies and Nursery Will Travel I

When I woke up yesterday, Twins A and B had brought all their pillows, blankets, dollies and stuffed toys out to the living room.
That is right, they set up camp in front of the fireplace.
My goodness, they are just too cute. I mean, it does not matter where they go in the house or outdoors, they nursery goes with them.
Silly Twicebabies!!
God Bless!

Twicebabies Sleep Tight with Mommy

Every afternoon now, for their nap time, my twins have begun to squeeze tight into my side. It is so funny because now that it is getting warmer, you would think they want to stay cool. But no, they love being close to Mommy.

The cutest thing is when I know they are asleep, I open my eyes and look at their precious, little angel faces. Their eyes are closed, arms above their head and they are clasping their KeeKee and blankie.

Babies, or toddlers as my babies are called now, are just so precious. It is a shame baby hood goes by too fast. You blink and your baby is graduating from Kindergarten, like one of my nephews.

God Bless Sweet Babies, who grow into toddlers, etc.

The Cat Herder Commercial

Have you ever seen this commercial?
It is hilarious and thought you would get a good laugh out of it.

God Bless!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Twicebabies and "Mommy Two Hairs"

My twins, you gotta love them. When they see me beginning to flatten my hair, I use two hair clips to separate the bottom hair from the top. So, when they see my hair is separated, they look at my hair and say, "Mommy two hairs".

They think I have two hairs on my head because it is now separated.

It is just adorable the way my twins sees things through their sweet and innocent minds. Whatever they actually see in front of them, that is what it really is.

God Bless sweet and innocent minds!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

For Mother's Day, our twicebabies, Daddy and Mommy went over to GaGa's home. Papa was BBQing steaks. We also had a nice salad and garlic bread. It was a lovely dinner. For a dessert, we had angel cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

All the family was there and one of by hubby's sister's, Cheryl, who previously read one of my blogs on Twin A and Twin B loving stickers, bought them stickers. That was very sweet. So, we opened the packaging and stuck some stickers on their dress.

Here are my twins with Daddy and Auntie JuJu, then Daddy and Mommy, then Mommy, then GaGa and finally Auntie Cheryl.

God Bless!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twicebabies go for horsey ride on Daddy's Back

Oh, my twins love a horsey ride. They will take one on Daddy or Mommy's back. After they washed the SUV yesterday, I gave them a bath and they just had to get a horsey ride of Daddy.

Here are some photos of how cute and how much fun they have.

God Bless!

Twicebabies and Daddy Wash SUV

Yesterday, Daddy and our twins decided to wash out truck. They had a good time, but as always, fought over one thing or another. Daddy had to tell them to calm down or go to their room.

They decided to calm down and just dip rag into bucket of suds.

Here is what they were doing and how much fun they had.

God Bless