Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) Wearing Pink Flower Headband Mommy Made

This is my twins on Valentine's Day, wearing the Pink Flower Headband I made them. It's it just adorable! I know you like it, and probably want one to..right! I can make one or two or three for you. I love making these and they are so easy. I love that my twins love wearing head accessories.

My twins are wearing the outfit from my Mom, Nana, they received for Valentine's Day. Oh, I love my twins wearing these headbands, just a much as I love seeing them wear their beanie hats too.

Here are my precious TwiceBabies wearing their homemade Pink Flower Headbands from Mommy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) Wearing Pink Headbands I Made For Valentine's Day

Along with the Black Beanie Hat I made for my twins, I also made them a Pink Flower Headband. They love their new headband just as well. The Pink Headband was also a homemade gift from Mommy for them. Oh, these were so easy to make, just like the Black Beanie Hats.

So, I asked my twins if they wanted another headband or beanie and of course they said, "YES"!! I asked them what colors they wanted and these are the colors they choose: RED, PURPLE and BLUE. These are perfect colors since they have very cute purple outfit from Nana, many Blue outfits and I think one Red outfit.

Now, I am not sure if I want to make them more headbands or beanie hats from these colors. Anyway, here are my twins in the Pink Flower Headbands.

TwiceToddlers (No More) Wearing Black Beanie Hats I Made For Valentines Day

Today, Valentine's Day, my twin girls opened their gifts from Mommy and Daddy. For their Valentine's Day, I purchased gifts for them and homemade them gifts as well. The homemade gifts I made them were black beanie hats.

Well, the beanie itself is black and the flower is blue. I love them, they are so cute and my twins love them too. Right now, they are wearing their "princess" costumes though. So, when you see my twins, they are wearing their black beanie hats with their "princess" costumes.

Once their Valentine's Day outfit from Nana dries, I will have them wear their other homemade hair accessory with that outfit as it is pink. Oh, my twins loved opening their gifts, especially when they saw Mommy had made them these hats and headbands. They love when Mommy makes them anything from home.

Here are my twins wearing their black beanie hats.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Black Beanie Hat with Flower for my Twins

For my twins Valentine's gifts this year, I made them some homemade beanie hats. I found this amazing website where I can purchase the beanie hats, flowers and gemstones for a very, very good price. In fact, making them at home is what I prefer doing anyway.

As much as I love helping out other online hat companies, by purchasing their products, if I can make them myself, I am all for it. In fact, since I prefer making all things homemade, this is right up my ally.

When I found this website which sells their beanie hats, flowers and other products at a very reasonable price, I purchased two black beanie hats, two blue flowers, two pink flowers, two pink and two white headbands. These hats were so easy to make it was shocking.

I have photos below of how I made them and me wearing one of the beanie hats. If you want a beanie hat for your little girl(s), I can make them in an array of colors too. Once my twins put the beanie hats on, I will take photos of them and write a new article and add the photos as well.

**This is taken from my blog, AllThingsHomemade.**

My Pink Headband with Flower for My Twins

Another gift for my twins this Valentine's are Pink Headbands with a Flower on it. These, just like the black beanie hats with a flower, were easy to make. It took me a month to finally get around to making the headbands and beanies. I looked at then in the bag I had them it, several times, them but the bag back down.

Finally, when Daddy took the twins out one night, I finally decided to make these headbands, and beanies. I knew how to make them, just was not sure how long it would take. Well, well, well, it look me less than twenty minutes to make two headbands and two beanies. It was so easy, I am wondering now, why it took me so long to finally get off my behind and make them.

I can tell you why...it was something new I had never done before, that is why. This is something I can do in my sleep now. I can also make a headband for your little girl(s) too. These headbands also come in a variety of colors.

Here are photos of me making the headbands and me wearing one of them. Once I give my twins their Valentine's gifts and they put the headbands on, I will take photos of them wearing them and post an article here, with the photos too.

**I took this article from my other blog, AllThingsHomemade**.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Ballet Class

My twins began their combination ballet/tap dance class last week. Oh they love dance class and I love watching them learn to dance. The best thing about their dance class, is their dance instructor. She is amazing with the kids in the class my twins attend. My twins dance class is in the evening, once a week and they have two friends in this class. Both of their friends are from Sunday School and one of these friends also attends school with my twins. Before my twins and their friends begin their dance class, they have to stretch out their legs and feet. This is important so they will not get hurt.

My twins still do not understand this, but they will. I love how my twins dance instructor goes over every dance step with them to. She uses a "Princess" analogy with them. The Princess analogy would be when they have to walk with a "pretend" crown on their head as they walk across the room, in their tippi toes, when they have to jump over three "pretend" frogs (blue X's), slide under the bridge (doing leg splits) and so much more. The Princess theme is used, I am sure, because all the girls (my twins included) love being Princesses). Here are my precious twins dancing and loving it. I love seeing my twins dancing and loving it too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) in Old Sacramento with Mommy and Daddy

Last Saturday we went to Old Sacramento and had a great time. Even though the weather had much to be desired, the twins, Daddy and Mommy had a nice time. We got into Old Sacramento around 11ish which was a good thing. This time, we actually found parking in Old Sacramento, instead of parking in the parking structure adjacent to Joe's Crab Shack.

Speaking f Joe's Crab Shack, we ate there for lunch and it was great, as always. We made reservations and were seated in 15 minutes. That is what happens when you get to Old Sacramento early. While we eating, that is when Joe's began filling up. If you have ever been to Joe's, then you know the waiter's dance for their customers every hour. Last Summer my twins danced with our waiter, same as this time. It was so adorable. My twins are really not shy, at all. So, being Mommy, I took photos and a movie of them too. For dinner, I had a Shrimp Trio, Daddy had a plain burger and twins had cheese pizza.

Once out of our car, Daddy fed the meter and we went walking around the street we parked on. I really wanted to take some new Old Fashioned photos of the twins, like did when they were a year old. The photos I took of them were in our local mall though, not in Old Sacramento. The photo packages at the two Old Fashioned stores were too much for me and I was looking for an 11x10 and 8x10 of my twins and individual 8x10's of my twins. Neither Old Fashioned Photo stores offered what I wanted.

Oh well, while walking and looking downtown, we came upon an antique store in a hallway. I love antique shops and wish my city had even one. Daddy went inside first, while the twins ate a BIG colorful lollipop. Before going to the antique shop, we took the girls to a candy store and this is where we got them this BIG lollipop. Daddy found nothing and said it was too small inside. So I went in next and found a lot of cool stuff. I saw an amazing picture frame (too much), some of washers (again too much) and I came upon two old carrying luggage (1 too much and the other, I purchased.) The one I purchased, Daddy said was too much, but it was the perfect price for me. Now if only I could find a Steamer Trunk (at a very reasonable price).

All in all, we had a great day. We love going to Old Sacramento and will go again, once the weather is warmer, no chill and the trains are running.