Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Ballet Class

My twins began their combination ballet/tap dance class last week. Oh they love dance class and I love watching them learn to dance. The best thing about their dance class, is their dance instructor. She is amazing with the kids in the class my twins attend. My twins dance class is in the evening, once a week and they have two friends in this class. Both of their friends are from Sunday School and one of these friends also attends school with my twins. Before my twins and their friends begin their dance class, they have to stretch out their legs and feet. This is important so they will not get hurt.

My twins still do not understand this, but they will. I love how my twins dance instructor goes over every dance step with them to. She uses a "Princess" analogy with them. The Princess analogy would be when they have to walk with a "pretend" crown on their head as they walk across the room, in their tippi toes, when they have to jump over three "pretend" frogs (blue X's), slide under the bridge (doing leg splits) and so much more. The Princess theme is used, I am sure, because all the girls (my twins included) love being Princesses). Here are my precious twins dancing and loving it. I love seeing my twins dancing and loving it too.

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  1. How sweet! my girls just started ballet/tap class too! I absolutely love watching them, and how the teacher interacts with them.