Monday, March 31, 2008

Twicebabies who wish not to sleep

Ever now and then, my twins decide to bare it all. Ah yes, they usually do this in the evenings, around bedtime. Take for instance tonight. They are in their room, talking and whatnot, when Daddy walks in, sees stuffed toys all over their room and they are naked as a Jay Bird.

Once the room door is open, they come running out, full force, mind you, looking for Mommy.

Oh goodness, I guess I should treasure these moments now. Pretty soon, they will be getting older and they will no longer want to, or be allowed, to run around naked anymore.

God Bless sweet babies!

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"Hug, Kiss" Says TwiceBabies to Mommy and Daddy

Ever since my twins learned to "talk", they have also learned to give and receive affection. They now, love saying, "Hug, Kiss" over and over again so we will not leave their room when it is time for naptime or bedtime.

Well, I sleep with my twins at naptime, so they ask for a "hug, kiss" from Daddy.

I think my twins know what a hug and kiss means...if they ask for them, I am assuming they know what it is.

Anyway, it is so cute seeing and hearing them ask for a "hug, kiss".

God Bless!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

TwiceBaby B and the ER

If you think your child, like me, was invincible, think again. Usually around age two, is when your child will more likely than not hurt themself.

Around this time last night, my husband, TwiceBaby B and myself, had to rush her to the ER, register her and wait, and wait, and wait to see the PA who then looked at her very deep, in my opinion, wound. I almost fainted from seeing the wound at my home and then two more times at the ER.

Seeing any wound like that just makes be ill. But, TwiceBaby B handled it pretty well. That is until she was receiving her stitches. Daddy, a nurse and the PA had to hold her down. Daddy held her body down, a nurse held her head in place and the PA stitched her up.

Being the wuss that I was, I kept getting hot all over and had to put my head down for fear of a fainting spell or worse. Feeling that way reminded me of seeing some photos from the D.A.s office I interned at in West Covina back in 1995. I will not tell you who I saw, but will let you guess. The case was all over the news and the defendant no longer lives in California.

But I digress.

TwiceBaby B, after the stictches were complete, was doing good and we went home. That night I slept wth both my twins until 3AM and went to my bedroom.

Praise God Twin B is doing good today, like nothing happened.

We just clean her bandages and add neosporin to the cut to make it heal faster.

I may add photos later, not of the wound, just of all of us wearing bandages.

Friday, March 28, 2008

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

TwiceBabies and Little Creases

Yesterday, I took my normal nap with my girls and they just looked so sweet, sleeping, with their eyes closed, trying to breathe due to their little cold and their binkies on their chest.

This is when I saw the skin creases in their elbows.

Oh! It was just so adorable to see and look at. These little creases were amazing to see because it shows me they are still just little babies, with baby skin so soft and something to behold.

Just being able to sleep in between my twins and watch them sleep is awesome.

Although, sleeping with them does, in my opinion end soon. When this will end, is a toss up and I think they are not fans of the dark right now.

Anyway, the little creases in their elbows was just so sweet to look at.

When you have lay down with your toddler and their eyes are closed, sleeping hopefully, just look at them. Look at them and smile.

God Bless!!

TwiceBabies and the Dress Take Down

Remind me to never again take a late afternoon nap with my twins, no matter how tired one appears to be. Also, remind me to never give my twins a sugary snack after 5PM because, right now, they are still away!!!

They will not sleep.

Take for instance this little stunt, or two, they pulled tonight.

Daddy goes into their room and sees all their dresses, on hangers, taken down from their closet. Their closet doors are mirrors and therefore we do not really know how to secure these doors from staying closed at this point. This happens a lot mind you, but not to this extend.

The next thing that happened was when I walked in their room, they were naked and smelled like lavender lotion. Some how, they were able to get this tiny bottle of lavender lotion from the top of their tall dresser drawer, without a stool or any step.

Oh, yeah, the joys of Mommy and Daddy hood are at an all time high!!

God Bless!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mommy and TwiceBabies at Naptime

At nap time this afternoon, I had the strangest dream.

Rarely do I recall any dreams I have, but just this week, I have been able to recall my dreams.

First, it was the Brad Pitt dream and now, now this strange dream about bugs.

Oh yes, bugs. These bugs were different. In my home, there were these clear/white, rather medium sized bugs with ridges on their back and long feelers coming from their head. The other bug with this bug was dark brown and small in size.

I found these bugs at the foot of my coffee table and then again at the light switch in my girls room. These bugs, the clear white ones were trying to enter my ears. That is gross. I kept trying to tell someone, anyone to help me and asked them what these bugs were. But, I had no idea who I was talking to.

I was just afraid of these bugs and I am not a fan of bugs, period.

Then, my twins woke up and the dream ended.

If anyone knows what to make of this dream, I am open to your interpretation.

God Bless.

Mommy of TwiceBabies Woke Up Dreaming Of The Weirdest Celebrity

This morning, my sister interrupted my slumber, at almost 9AM, by calling me.

Yes, I know I over slept this morning. My twins are usually my alarm clock, but this morning they were not causing a fuss to get out of their room.

Or, I just did not hear them.

Anyway, I say my sister interrupted my slumber because I was in rim sleep and guess who I was dreaming about?

It was a celebrity. I saw a glimpse of him last night in Entertainment Tonight when he was a young actor. He had a role in Thelma and Louise.

Can you guess who he is now?

That is right, none other than Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt of all celebrities or people were in my dream.

Go figure.

The dream was weird. We were discussing my feet and how worn out the looked from all the walking I guess I had been doing. He suggested I rub some healing lotion on my feet to remove the soreness.

Funny, huh?

God Bless

The Bimmer with the Best Grille Wins!

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My TwiceBabies and Driving, Anywhere

Getting into my car with my twins is not always a fun experience.

Take for instance going to the next city from my home this weekend. Did my twins play with each other or their toys or just watch their DVD?

No. No, they did not. They had to be the little two year olds they are and fuss and whine almost the whole time we are driving.

Is this the norm for twins, let alone two year olds?

If I have that answer, I would today, be a billionaire.

Unfortunately, I have no idea why babies do not like sitting in a car. I can understand their plight if the drive is over three hours, but barely 25 minutes or an hour and a half, is enough to make you want to stay home all the time and never let your twins or two year olds see the light of day. That is until they can be calm in a car and just go with the flow of things.

But alas, this is only a dream of a Mommy hoping her twins will grow out of this stage and just
C H I L L O U T!

God Bless!

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My TwiceBabies and Good Weather

Whenever the weather is good, my twins love being outdoors. I mean, who could blame them. I knew when they were able to walk and run on their own, the first winter with them being two years old would not be a cake walk.

In fact, this winter, where I live, is not fun. My winters are very cold and sometimes the rain never stops. Although, this winter, the weather did not dip below 40 at night and reached between 50-60 in the daytime.

Still, having two rambuncious twins in your home for three months, in the winter, is enough to drive you crazy and want to pull your hair out.

That is why I am so glad Spring is here. With the new sandbox in our backyard. A gift from PapaNana for Eater, they have been enjoying it very much. They will bring their little chairs in the sandbox and sometimes sit in the sand with their sand toys.

Anyway, having good weather, with twins is just as much a blessing as my twins are to everyone who knows and loves them.

God Bless!

TwiceBabies and Diaper Changes

At two years old, did or do your twins still like a diaper change late at night? I mean, after they have gone down for the night?

If so, how do they let you know they need a fresh diaper?

Twin "A", who lays next to a wall, kicks it and cries.

If for instance we do not change a diaper, both our girls will wake up with ringing wet diapers and need a bath in a big way.

Daddy and Mommy do their best not to take them out of their sleep once they are down for the evening. It just disrupts their sleeping pattern.

God Bless!

Monday, March 24, 2008

My TwiceBabies Are Growing Up So Fast

Everyday I look at them, they are changing. Their faces are getting longer, as their bodies begin to grow in length as well. Twin A's hair is getting longer and her curly cues are straightening out. Twin B's hair remains the same, and still lots of curly locks.

My TwiceBabies language skills are ever expanding as they not only repeat everything Daddy and Mommy say, but use big words too.

Like I stated in my previous post, they can say "Quesadilla" with such clarity along with "Biscuits" and "Chocolate".

This summer, Daddy and I intend to get our twins a slide/swing combo, hopefully as they are growing out of their Step 2 slide we purchased last summer. I will probably give this Step 2 to my sister's youngest baby when he is old enough to use it.

Oh yes, my TwiceBabies are growing in all things. It is kind of sad to see them coming up with their own opinions on, well, anything.

God Bless!

Easter Sunday 2008

This Easter, we went to church. I was in the nursery and our twins were next door with the two year olds.. Daddy sat in on the service watching this production by a man doing his interpretation of the four things that caused Jesus' death.
In the afternoon, we went to the foothills for the annual Easter Gathering with my hubby's extended family.
When we got home, our girls played in their sandbox and did their first Easter Egg Hunt in our backyard.
Here are photos I took of our Easter Sunday.
God Bless!
God Bless!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Effective Communication with Two Year Olds, Twins Included


For my birthday two years ago, my sister gave me this book called Making the Terrible Twos Terrific. Here are the 3 C's of Effective Communication with a Two Year Old:

Let's say you are in a supermarket or a mass retailer store you like to shop at. While in that store, you tell your child, "Please be a good girl or boy while in the store". Those are a lot of words entering a two year old little ears.

Ever since my twins turned two, all I have been hearing from my family and my close friend is, "They are only two years old." What does that mean? Really, what does that mean, they do not need discipline or boundaries? No, it just means they have a short attention span and you, the Mommy or Daddy, need to speak in simple terms and words.

So, if you are in a store with your two year old, simply say, "Stay close to me" or, "Stay in your stroller", or "Stop touching that" and finally, "Be quiet".

Do you find yourself using the word "Don't" alot with your two year old? At times, I have to admit, that word slips from my lips. Did you know a two year old does not comprehend the word "don't"? Well, they do not understand its meaning.

That being said, let's get to number 2 for effective communication:

If you find yourself saying, "Don't", it is time to change strategies. A two year will not understand what you are saying. In fact, they may look at you funny. So, to make your point simple and to the point, tell your child "No", when the climb on your table, otherwise, all they will hear is "Gibberish, climb on the table." Oh yeah, and you can say "No" with a kind voice, yelling is useless. If saying "No" is not effective, how about saying, "Get down." This is a phrase my twins know very well. (LOL).

Remember, you are not carrying on a conversation with a 5-25 year old. It is best to keep your communication concise, otherwise, your toddler will only hear, "Gibberish table, gibberish fall, more gibberish doctor, blah, blah, Mommy hurt." Wow, that is a lot of gibberish as you can see.
So, how about keeping it simple and concise with simply saying, "Get down."

Finally, let's look at how you should speak with authority.

To be in command of a two year old is a feat in and of itself. Believe me, I am a work in progress as learning how to command my twins with clarity, being concise and command in my voice.

So, with that said, being a wishy-washy parent is not a good thing. If you are wishy-washy, your child will see right through you and wear you down, big time. Did you know that toddlers want structure, discipline and boundaries? It makes them feel safe and secure.

If you are wishy-washy, you may use these tactics to get your toddler, two year old, to do what you want them to do. These tactics include pleading, bargaining, bribery and threatening.

To get your two year old to obey you, how about saying, "I want..." or "You must"... or "It's time for you.." or something similar to these sentence starters.

Let's say your two year old, or toddler, want you to read to them. Well, you are more than happy to read to them but only if they clean up their toys first. If they will not clean up their toys, let time pass until their toys are cleaned up. Otherwise, you will not read to them.

This is just an example, of course, and you will probably change the discipline depending on the situation.

So, there you have it, the 3 C's of Effective Communication with a two year old.

Now go out there and practice it!

God Bless!

Making "Terrible" Twos Terrific

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Sleeping TwiceBabies, The Sound of Heaven

Getting my twins, well, Twin A, to sleep at night has been a challenge to say the least. Since January, my hubby and I have been laying down with our girls at nap time and bedtime.

Because my hubby has been coming home later for lunch do to a heavier workload, real estate, I feed our twins and take a nap with them as well. Sometimes, our naps last for 2-3 hours.

So, in the evenings, my hubby has been laying down with our girls. But, over the past month, he has stopped staying in the room with them until they fall asleep. This is because as soon as he gets up, Twin A feels Daddy getting up and she goes ballistic. They crying starts and she just loses it.

Within the past week, we have just been saying goodnight to them. Twin B will fall asleep, no problem, but Twin A still has a meltdown. Is this the correct verbiage to use here?

After a while, Daddy walks down the hallway to their room and Daddy lays down the law with Twin A and she gets back on her bed and finally falls asleep.

I do not mind, really, laying down with them a nap time, but forget bedtime, I sometimes fall asleep with them and this is the time I do most of my writing or online school work.

Sleeping with my girls is something I will always remember and I like it. But not all-night-long.

God Bless!

Terra Mia, My Aunt, Uncle, Daddy and TwiceBabies

Oh goodness, where shall I begin?

The drive to this restaurant, which was just "over the hill" from my home, was an adventure. Seriously, you would think we were going on a very long drive. Also, on the way to this awesome Italian restaurant, all my twins kept saying was, "Mike, Leenie, Mike, Leenie..."

Then, they began fussing and fussing and was enough to drive both Daddy and Mommy crazy.

Tell me, who here has a two, almost two and a half, year old? Is this what they are like?

I mean, they certainly do not hold back on anything.

Anyway, while at the restaurant, they kept getting out of their chairs and wanting is sit in mine or Daddy's lap. Then, once Mike and Leenie finally got to the restaurant, my girls wanted nothing to do with them.

Okay, so after a while, say 5-10 minutes, my twins began to warm up to the idea of seeing Mike and Leenie. This is when Twin A and Twin B got down from their chairs and walked over to Leenie, but not Mike.

Go figure!

Goodness, if my Aunt and Uncle lived closer, we would have no reason to meet in a city semi close to both of us. They see no problem with my twins acting like two year olds and they say we should not be embarrassed by their behavior.

What do you think?

Well, as the dinner progressed, the girls just would not sit still and they kept wanting Leenie to hold them on her lap and that is when Leenie gave them their Easter gifts. An Old Navy outfit a piece, matching of course, for that is what I like. Always matching clothes...until my twins say, "No More Mommy!" and a little car with a bunny and duck, respectively, in them that revve up.

The outfits are adorable. The T says, "You wish you were me" and they got a denim pleated Skort and a pink sweater with hoodie with hearts on it.

I can't wait for them to wear those...

So, yeah, this is why I do not take them out a lot, on my own.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

TwiceBabies in SandBox

For Easter, my Mom and Dad, sent a sand box for my girls to play in. We were all thinking about a sand and water table, but I decided to go with a sand box instead.
It arrived last Saturday, but yesterday, my hubby went and purchased four, five pound bags, of sand box sand. Today, I placed the sand box, on a bare patch or dirt where grass used to grow, and my hubby opened the heavy sand bags and we filled the sand box up.
At first, my girls were afraid to step into the sand box. Oh goodness, they freaked out. I just told them to get in, sit down and have fun.

Well, after a bit of coaxing, they finally got in. The sand box is shaped like a frog and has two semi seats for them to sit on and their feet just sit in the sand. They played with some of the sand toys my Mom and Dad gave them last summer and this Easter, my hubby's parents will probably get them some more sand toys.

Here are some photos of them playing in the sandbox.

God Bless!!

"Quesadilla", says TwiceBabies

This afternoon, for my always late lunch, I made myself a quesadilla. Because I had it cut into four pieces, my twicebabies thought it was pizza. I said, "No, this is a quesadilla, not pizza."

Upon Mommy, that is me, saying quesadilla, they with such clarity, said back to me, "Quesadilla".

I said, "Wow girls, that is four syllables!. Not too bad."

When I told my hubby, he said, "Spanish is usually easier to pronounce and say than English."

Which, I would have to agree with him.

Silly girls!

Do Your Twins Constantly Argue and Fight?

If so, what do you do about it? What have you done about it when your twins were toddlers?

Do you just let them fight and ignore them? Sometimes, I do. I have to otherwise I would be putting them in a time out ever second of the day.

Did or do your twins fight over the same toy? Is this their main reason for fighting because I swear, this is the main reason my twins fight, alone with vying for my full attention.

Anyway, I hope my twins will grow out of this phase.

This is a phase, right?

God Bless!

Easy For My TwiceBabies To Learn

Do you have digital cable in your area? I mean, where you live?

Well, I do and we utilize it all the time. Especially their baby section on the digital cable I use.

They have this one section called Baby Boost and in this section are several baby learning videos we get to see for free.

There is this one video I show my twins where it exercises their Left Brain and Right Brain. Lately, I have been showing them the Left Brain baby videos and at the end of one of the videos, it has the baby repeat numbers 1-10. Well, when my twins sit with Daddy and Mommy, they actually, out loud, repeat what the lady in the video say, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten.

It is just so cool hearing them learning. And seeing them enjoy learning too.

God Bless and Happy Easter!

"Daddy's Shower, Mommy's Shower", says TwiceBabies A and E

In my home, we have two showers. One in our utility room and one in our hallway.

Every since my hubby and I moved into our home in 2003, he has used the utility room bathroom because the shower is small and he does not have to step into it to take a shower.
My shower, is in the hallway bathroom near our bedrooms and I do have to step into the shower/bath.

Anyway, being so observant, my twins always tell and show Mommy and Daddy where our showers are and who takes a shower where.

Not only that, they know where we sleep and what clothes we wear to bed. I have two sets of bedtime clothing. One with moons and stars and one with kitty kats. Every time I wear my kitty kat jammies, my twins hug the pants and kiss the kitties on my top.

It is just too cute and I am so impressed with their ability to remember what Daddy and Mommy wear, let alone where we take our showers.

God Bless!

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This Coming Weekend With My TwiceBabies

With the weather beginning to turn to a balmy 73-75 degrees in my city and surrounding cities, this Saturday, we will be meeting my aunt and uncle at a nice Italian restaurant in a neighboring city, in their downtown area.

From the photos I found online, it looks pretty nice. In fact, I am sure I have driven past it a time or two when I used to work in said city. The best thing about this restaurant is, it is toddler friendly! Yeah, that my Twin A and Twin B can make all the noise they want without worrying about bothering anyone.

Then , this Easter Sunday, if the weather remains a nice 73-75 degrees, we will be heading on up to the foothills for a Easter Egg Hunt, hopefully, and a just have a mini family reunion for Easter Sunday.

Hope your Easter Sunday is excellent too.

God Bless!

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TwiceBabies at the Park

Today, my babysitter came and, like every time she comes to give me a break, she takes the girls to the park. My twins love the park. They love to play on the swings, run in the grass, climb up to the top of this one climbing toy and touch the 'ball' at the top.

Also today, I had an eye appointment to go to downtown. It was my annual eye appointment. My vision is the same. Yeah! I was thinking it would have gotten worse, but alas, it remains the same as it was last year, all the way to 2004.

Now, because I am unable to drive right now, because of my relapse, since March 7 my friends or my husband have been taking me places. Today, my girlfriend picked me up and took me to my appointment downtown. Then, I called my hubby and he picked me up, My girlfriend works from home every now and then and today she had a conference call and was not able to stay with me the whole time.

This girlfriend of mine I am talking about is a friend I met in church. She is one of my crutches I was talking about in a previous post. I praise God for her. She is a blessing and I hope she knows it. Oh, I am sure she does. LOL

Well, that is what my Thursday was all about.

God Bless!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

TwiceBabies Love To Say, "Mommies Baba, Daddies Baba"

My girls, they are so funny and love to let you know they see what you are doing and drinking. Each morning and evening, I drink this juice called Mona Vie along with this drinking another rice soluble drink.

And, each morning or anytime I drink anything at all, my twins see I am drinking out of Mommies Baba, a glass or cup, kinda of like their sippy cup.

Well, they associate my glass or cup to their sippy cup that is.

Yep, nothing gets past my girls and they have been very observant about what Mommy and Daddy do since they began to speak in longer sentences and be able to tell us what we are doing.

You got to love it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Have You Been Looking For a Clock For Your Home?

Do you have a firplace, with a mantel? Well, I do have both and when you have a fireplace with mantel, what is one thing that is usually a standard item sitting on a fireplace mantel?

That is right, a clock.

Well, as I was searching online, I found this beautiful Howard Miller Adelaide Mantel Clock . Don't you just love the detail on the sides? It reminds me of one of those ornate gates found entering a very expensive mansion.

If you do not have a mantel, but instead a large wall, just begging to be decorated with a grandfather clock, you have to look at these lovely grandfather clocks to add a bit if regal to your home. If I had a big enough home, a grandfather clock would be a welcome additon, once my twins were out of toddler hood that is.

When decorating you home, having a clock is usually an essential part of your decorations. Addding a clok, such as wall clocks or an atomic clock, is something your family and friends will ask you about and probably tell you have lovely your clock is and where you purchased it.

A clock, especially one by Frank Lloyd Wright? If you were never one of the lucky ones to own one of his homes, now you have a chance to own a clock designed in the fashion of Frank Llyod Wright.

Having a clock in your home or office will definetly get your family or friends talking. In fact, they may want a clock just like yours or something to fit the style of their home. If that is the case, then they will have to check out all the clcoks at grandfather clock, to add an extra awe factor to your home, Howard Miller is the only place, online, you need to check out, ever.

Happy Clock Shopping!

Howard Miller clocks

TwiceBaby B, The Comforter

When our twins go down for the night, bedtime that is, TwiceBaby A always begs or asks either Daddy or Mommy to lay down with her. Twin B does not really ask that much. For some reason, she has no big fear of sleeping alone.

But sweet Twin A, she will scream and cry. Once Daddy thinks Twin A is asleep, he gets up as quietly and slowly as possible to not wake her up. It never works, she knows when Daddy is leaving and she has a total meltdown, kicking and screaming and just going ballistic.

Anyway, once that drama cools down and she goes back to her bed, she shares Mommy and Daddy's old queen bed with her sister, Twin B, being ever so sweet and comforting, slides over to Twin A's side and lays next to her to calm her down.

Now, is that sweet or what? How do I know this you may ask? Because several times after all the drama has cooled down, myself or Daddy go into their room to see how they are doing and we find Twin B snuggled close to her sister, Twin A.

Now that is just precious and darling. That is what sisters do for each other. I am glad to see Twin B being a comforter to her sister.

My TwiceBabies In A Box

My Twicebabies just love boxes. Even at two years old, they love playing with things that are not conventional toys.

Take for instance a diaper and butt wipe box. One day last week, my girls were in our utility room messing with these two boxes. They pushed them towards the door and climbed into them.
Once in the boxes, they were playing with several toys they had brought into the utility room with them.
Here are some photos I took of them.

So, What Do You Think About The Mortage Rates Lately?

Did you know mortage brokers are urging buyers to snap a fixed rate as soon as possible because the fixed rates will be expirinig in 2008?

Did you also know that 20 people who are on fixed rate deals say the say they do not know how they are going to meet their prepayments once the current deal expires? This news was relayed by a survey from the Mortgage Monitor.

It is such a shame to see how so many, many people were, in my opinion, tricked, into purchasing a ARM home. Now, their mortgage brokers and the buyers are suffering. Fiver percent of homeowners are physically becoming ill about their possible home loss.

Because of this devestation to many homeowners, mortgage lenders are now being told to show their customers different products and competitive deals which could be pulled at short notice.

If you are one who was blessed enough to not be taught in this mortgage disaster, good for you. Now, it time for the mortgage industry to regroup and sell an honest loan to their clients so this mortgage meltdown will not occur again.


Monday, March 17, 2008

TwiceBabies in the Mud

Oh yeah, today with the weather being so nice, they played outside on our backyard.
In our backyard, there is this little area beneath our water spicket that turns into a pool of muddy water. This is where my twins are always drawn to. They love this muddy, messy area and it does not matter how many times I tell them to stay away from this area, they, are still drawn to this pool of mud.

Here is what they looked like today, playing in the mud, before I had to give them a bath.

God Bless!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Four, Five, Six, Says Twicebaby B

My Twicebaby "B", for the past two to three months, has been saying her numbers out loud. She loves telling and showing me or Daddy how many items she has in her hands or arms.

The funny thing is, she does not begin at the number one, but number four instead. It is a hoot. I have show her, "One, Two, Three, then Four, Five, Six, ..."

Sometimes, we will watch these Comcast Cable free infant/toddler videos from Brainy Baby, Baby Genius and Baby Bumblebee. These videos show and teach our twins colors, numbers, letters, right and left brain objects.

Today, Twin A and Twin B, while watching this one Brainy Baby video, while standing up at the TV, said out loud,their numbers One-Ten. It was so awesome!

I love hearing them learn and they think it is fun. I only hope when they get a little older, they will still think learning is fun.

God Bless Everyone!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Some People Say Churches Are A Crutch

Well, I would have to agree with 'these people'. Why is having a crutch a bad thing? Who decided, in their demented mind, a crutch was really a bad thing?

Those who say a crutch is a bad thing have obviously never been injured and needed a crutch for support. When I was younger, like in grade school, I used to play on my schools monkey bars at recess. During these recess breaks, I would sometimes fall to the ground and fracture my leg or arm. Sure it hurt, but in order for me to walk, guess what I needed to stand with: A CRUTCH!

That is right, a crutch can be used for injuries, physical or emotional.

When you are in need of help, of any kind, and you are not a follower of Christ, I just wonder, who do you turn to in time of need? Even if you have a loving family who, if they lived close to you, would help and support you in anyway, don't you think they are a crutch in your time of need? I mean, you are leaning on them, right?

Okay, okay, so now, let's say you have no family at all, who do you turn to for help and support? You mean you have no one to give you love and support? Why? Could it be because you are the open minded kind who believe a church is a 'crutch'?

Last time I checked, and it was today, my church, is my crutch. I stand strong on my church, my friends and pastor in my church. With my family not living close to me, my church is the only family I have to stand on.

As of right now, I needed help from my church again, like I did when my twins were five months old and I was incapacitated. All I have to do is ask for help, of any kind and they are there for me. You see, before I left the workforce, where I had a regular paycheck, I was able to help my friends in my church when they needed, whatever, emotional or financial help. I was their crutch and I never gave it a second thought. Now, all my love and support is coming back to me, full circle. That is a blessing and only something God can do. No man can outdo God.

Giving is the most important thing any human being can do. And it is best done without wanting acknowledgment, from anyone.

In conclusion, maybe it is time to rethink this "crutch" thing because last time I checked, a crutch is a pretty darn good thing to stand on for support.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just Like The State of California

Oh yeah, it certainly is good to live in the Golden (Tarnished) State.

You see, some school districts, Elk Grove out of Sacarmento, is planning on cutting their budget by $25 million! This means, they will have to lay off credentialed teachers and personnel workers.

Now, on the flipside, our oh so lovely state, plans to force parents to be credentialed to teach their children at home. Oh yeah, this is really going to sit well with parents who have homeschooled their children for years.

This argument only comes up because, supposedly, a father was abusing his son at home. Well, for one thing, how the heach did anyone ever find this out? Is this just hearsay or speculation? Oh no, the CPS, we have to thank them for coming into our homes and destroying loving families, right? Oh yeah, the all powerful and mighty CPS now come into homes, talk to children and some how, some how, get them to tell lies or snitch on their parents to break up families.

You see, the evil of government do not want happy, healthy families living together. They must be broken up. The nuclear family shall be no more in the eyes of the local, state and national governments.

Yes, times are changing, and all we can do is pray. The Lord will protect us, loving families that is, and the Christian family based law firms in California, will more likely than not, be protecting families in California who love to homeschool and teach their children about God, morals and respect. Everything our local schools will not teach or want to teach.

Homeschoolers against NEA philosophy-Petition-

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TwiceBabies are Two Years, Four Months Today

Wow, they are growing and learning so much, all day, everyday!

Today, we went to one of my girlfriends homes and I helped her put some gifts together for our churches potluck this Saturday. While at her home, my girls played with her children's toys, ran around the home, watched some Little Bill and just had a good time.

My friend works from home twice a week while her children are in school or being babysat. Today was one of her work at home days. On her lunchtime, we put some gifts together and it was fun.

After our time with my friend, my twicebabies and I went to Walgreen's to get some more chip clips and I got them two stuffed toys a piece for Easter.

Then, we went home, took off their shoes and we took a long nap.

We had a good day, all in all. Amazing!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Coffee Date with a Friend of Mine and My TwiceBabies

Today, my twicebabies and I got up like normal, I took a shower, them got them dressed up. Every time I get them dressed up, they assume we are going "out". And, more likely than not, we are going out. Today, we met a new friend of mine from my cities local Multiple Sclerosis Society Chapter. This group is small, for now. Unfortunately, it may grow over time and when others are willing to look for some sort of support. Denial is a powerful thing.

Anyway, one we were all dressed, we got in our car and drove over to my local Starbucks. My friend was already sitting inside, drinking coffee and reading a magazine.

Oh, my girls did so well. I was amazed. Although, Twins "A and B" kept standing on their chairs and I had to tell them, repeatedly to sit down. What is with toddlers always 'standing'?

Well, after our coffee date, Mommy and my twicebabies drove to JC Penneys and I got them some new Spring shoes with a gift card one of my seven Aunties gave me for their Christmas gift in 2007.

The shoes are white, open toed and have two pink butterflies on them. There is another pair I wanted to get them that were light pink with four pink flowers on them. But, they were $19.99, originally $26.00. Yeah, the price adds up quickly when I buy for two.

After our outing,we went home, Daddy fed them lunch and we, Mommy and my twicebabies, took a nap.

We had a good day all in all.

I know, I know, I need to get my girls out of the house more often. But, it is no always a bowl full of cherries when they do not stick close to me or want to leave when I want to.

God Bless!