Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello Kitty Has Been Around For Quite A While Now

Over twenty years ago, I remember going to my local mall and purchasing all things Hello Kitty. Back then, Hello Kitty was something new for little girls and even older girls. Today, Hello Kitty is still around and my twins like Hello Kitty as well. That is cool how I liked Hello Kitty twenty years ago and now my twins do as well. This lovable toy (character) seems to find its wat through generation afer generation.

The Hello Kitty toy (character) was created in Japan and did you know she has a twin sister? Yes, that is cool, I mean a stuffed toy who has a twin sister. So, my twins, like Hello Kitty, who also has a twin. And, like my twins, they are best friends too.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Twins Love The Itty Bitty Heartbeats

My twins love the Itty Bitty Heartbeats. The DVDs teach children about certain areas in their lives such as a best friend moving away. In the first DVD series, the Itty Bitty Heart Beats talk about what it feels like to have a friend move away, but the older heart character says, "Even though your friend is moving away, it is not really goodbye." Then the Itty Bitty Heat Beats (shaped like hearts), as cartoons, show what happens when their friends have to leave for a season.

There are three more DVDs from children ages 2-6 which talk about making new friends and feeling special. sleeping over a Grandma's home and being afraid of the dark and the final DVD about sharing with other kids.

These DVDs are excellent for children at these ages and stages in their lives. My twins love the DVDs, Book, Plush Character's and Coloring Book too. A couple of days ago, I was listening to one of my twins singing the theme song to the Itty Bitty Heart Beats and had to make a video of them singing, so here they are, singing and here are some photos too:

Well, I tried to upload the video here, but I would not load, so you can view it on YouTube!

Giveaways are fun and this is a giveaway! Yes, all you have to do is click on the Itty Bitty Heartbeats website, watch the videos, listen to the theme song and "Like" Itty Bitty Heartbeats on Face book . It is that simple and this is a great giveaway too.

This giveaway includes the following:
1 itty bitty Heartbeats DVD

1 plush doll - Cool Heart or Sweet Heart
5 sheets of stickers

Once you watch the video series, online, tell me what you like about it and what your child(ren) like about it and who your favorite character is.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being a Bzz Agent is Fun, Especially When I Can Try Out This Scrubbing Bubbles Product

Okay, I do not know about you, but cleaning the toilet is just disgusting. Do you agree with me? I am sure you do. I bet you avoid cleaning the toilet at all costs. Well now, all you have to do is step on on a petal to clean your toilet.

Yeah, when I was accepted to try out this campaign, I was all for it and excited. I mean, when it comes to cleaning my home, I wait to clean the toilet last. Now, even though this product contains chemicals, this product cleans fast and effectively and all you have to do is step on a petal two times a day.

The toilet looks crisp and white. My toilet has is actually clean and smells clean too.

This is a product I would suggest if you are not a fan of cleaning your toilets with your hands.

TwiceGirlies "A" Has a Loosen Tooth

Last week, TwiceGirlie "A" began losing one of her front baby teeth. Oh she is so excited..and scared at the same time. She has waited long to lose her first tooth. TwiceGirlie "A" was becoming jealous of her sister that she had not lost a tooth yet.

Well now, TwiceGirlie "A" has finally got a loose tooth and is becoming looser as the days go by.

Here is a photo or two of TwiceGirlie showing her loose tooth..

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mommy Gets a Feather in Her Hair at the Dry Bean Festival

Along with my twins having so much fun at the Dry Bean Festival, Mommy went to one of her friends booth's to get a feather attached to her hair. These feather's are very popular and when I saw her and some of my other friends wearing them, I just had to get one myself.

Not only are there feather's, there is bling for the hair too. Yes, my friend, who is a hair stylist, came over to my home to drop off my head wear and I saw this gold in her hair. Well,  I am going to have to get this hair bling in my hair soon. It is just adorable!!

So, if you can see the feather in my hair, that is cool, if not..sorry! I took the pic myself..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zazzle and Their $100,000 Canvas Giveaway

Do you like giveaways? Oh come on, I know you do. I love giveaways and this is one awesome giveaway to enter. If you have a precious photo of your child or children, what a better way to add a photo to your empty wall than with an 8x10 Canvas Photo of your child, children or grandchildren.

With this 8x10 Wrapped Canvas, you can put your moment, your memory and your masterpiece on a canvas that will wow your family and friends who will ask you where you got this awesome canvas.

All  anyeone has to do to enter is "like" Zazzle on facebook and then enter your name and email. Everyone will win some sort of prize; even if it isn’t a free canvas so there is no reason not to enter.

http://www.facebook.com/zazzle?sk=app_266995986661966 so

This is my Buzz Agent Kit for Hanes Seamless Socks

If you love soft socks and really want socks that have no seams at the toes, you are now in luck.
Now, Hanes(R) makes this amazing new Comfort Toe Seamless Socks. They are just amazing and will totally keep your feet warm this coming winter.

In the Buzz Agent Hanes(R) Comfort Toe Seam Socks Kit, I received three types of socks: Ankle (Black and White with Pink and Green Stripes and Crew Socks. These are absolutely the best pair of socks I have ever worn and you will love them too.

Honestly, what is the point in wear socks if they are not warm and have seams at the toes?
Here are some photos of me wearing these socks:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TwiceGirlies Sleeping on Bedroom Floor

My twice girlie's, they are so cute. The way the talk to each other, when they are being nice, and the way they play with each other..again when they are nice.

Well, here they are sleeping on their bedroom floor. When we got our twins their new "big girl" beds, they wanted to sleep on their sleeping bags on their bed. I told them they might fall of because of the slippery material used for the sleeping bags.

So instead of sleeping on their beds with the bags, they put the bags on the carpet floor and slept there for a while. I could hear some fussiness going on and one of my twins was beginning to move under her bed. This is when I went into their room and moved them to their beds.

Here they are, sleeping so peacefully and sweet, on their sleeping bags, on their carpet floor.

TwiceGirlies Painting Clay Hands

When my twins were a little bit smaller, and their hands were too, I purchased some clay casting from a mass retailer. With the clay casting, I placed my twins hands in then and oh goodness, their hands were so tiny. I should have put their hands in clay casting when they were preemies, but I did not even think about it, I look at them now and miss how small they used to be.

Well, last weekend, I took out the clay hands and had my twins sit at our breakfast table and paint them whatever color they wanted. Here are some pictures of my sweeties painting their clay hands. As you can see,my twins had a blast. Whenever they want to paint, or I ask if they want to paint, I always have them wear an old T shirt for their smock.

I certainly hope one or both of my twins will consider being an artist, painting or drawing, when they get older..In fact, if they want, they can begin painting and drawing right now. Art is part of my family history and I still love drawing and painting today. I am planning to do at least two pictures for their bedroom walls. I already have to images I want to paint on canvas, now I just have to drawn them in the canvas and paint them. I know my twins will love the painting because they will match their comforters..

Friday, September 9, 2011

Games For Girls Make For Excellent Birthday Gifts

Keeping my twins occupied means having a lot of games for girls on hand. Right now, my twins have at least three games and with their birthday coming up real soon, it is time for me to look for some new games. If you have more than one girl, I bet they would love some new games. The best thing about games is, there can be more than one player and it is a fun way to learn to take turns and sharing too.

Now, along with keeping my twins occupied with games, my twins also love toys such as dolls like the Groovy Girls Seraphina, Rapunzel Doll with Accessories and they love this Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Dollhouse. Another doll my twins really like is there Barbie-Princess Birthday doll. My twins love birthday's and they think they are princesses. Oh goodness, these toys keep my girls busy when they come home from school and especially on the weekend.
Birthday's are a great time to give your little girl one of their favorite dolls, stuffed toys and accessories. Shopping online saves you time and is so easy to do. Whether you have one or two girls, there are dolls, stuffed toys and accessories that will make your little girl(s) smile and they will play with their new toys all day long and if you give them a baby doll or little girl doll, they will want to sleep with their new doll on their bed and talk to their doll like they are their Mommy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making Chocloate Cupcakes for My TwiceGirlies

When I was in grade school and would come home from school in the Fall and Winter months, my Mom would, the majority of the time, be baking cookies or a cake. Oh, it smelled so nice walking into the house smelling the cookies coming right out of the oven. My Mom would bake cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar cookies for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Oh, even today, I can still see myself, and my sister, walking into our home seeing my Mom either at the front door or walking out of the kitchen with her apron on and carrying a cookie for myself and my sister. Now, I have two girls, twins in fact, and one day my Mom suggested I have something baking and coming out of the oven when my girls come home from school.

So, as the Fall and Winter season, comes upon us, I have begun baking cupcakes and will bake chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies too. I love baking banana and zucchini bread too.

If at all possible, I want to put a smile on my twins face and let them know how much I love them. I have found some organic chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie recipes. So I will have to make and test them out before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

The Hills Science Diet for Senior Cats is Amazing!

Being a BzzAgent allows me to test out a variety of products. When I answer survey questions on their website, and if I quality for the campaign, BzzAgent will send me a BzzKit of that particular campaign. This Hill's Science Diet for Senior Cats, is a campaign I qualified for.

Once I received my BzzKit, I used my Free Coupon to take home the Hill's Science Diet for Senior Cats size bag for my cat, Sunshine, to eat. When I brought the food home, I put the new food aside the current food my cat eats.

Now, my cat is very finicky and has a sour stomach on top of that. Since putting this new cat food in her bowl, she has not had any stomach problems and seems to like this a lot better. Finally, my cat, Sunshine,  is eating a cat food she likes.

I have had Sunshine since 2001. When I was volunteering at my cities animal shelter, I saw her and decided to be a foster (parent) to her temporarily. Then, when I returned her to the animal shelter, I could not bare to leave her there so I adopted her permanently.

When I adopted her, I think she was six months old, but I could be wrong. She is an old cat now and her signs of aging are showing. She is slower and not as playful as she once was. Hopefully the Hill's Science Diet for Senior Cats will give her some more energy.

Going Back to School in Style is Easy

The new school year has begin and you must go back to school in style. Whether you attend an ivy league school, university, state school or junior college, you will want to step into each of your classes in style. I love this website, Shabby Apple, and have been shopping here for quite some time. They make and sell the most beautiful clothing on the Internet and in general, all around.

The new Academia clothing line will wow you and your friends. Any one, two or more of these outfits will be an excellent addition to the dresses, skirts or pants hanging in your closet. Nothing says you are serious about learning than purchasing one, two or more of these dresses, skirts or pants outfits.

The 4.0 dress, also known as, the Bow Skirt Dress is gathered at the waist, has a scoop neck and has fitted short sleeves. The sizes of this 4.0 dress come in XXS to XL.

Some over dress names are the A+, Academia, Extra Credit and many more. This line of clothing is so cool because they are all named of something to do with school. When you talk to friends and professors at school, and they ask about your dress, skirt or pants outfit, you can tell then where you purchased it from and the name of the dress, skirt or pant outfit.

Now, all you have to do is shop at one store online, Shabby Apple,  for the whole school year.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Having the Right Business Signage Makes all the Difference

Whether your business is big or small, having the right sign outside your business makes all the difference. The best way to have any business seen from a freeway or street is to have a sign that can be seen from near or far away.The best way to make sure your client finds your place of business is to have a bronze letter sign made. The bronze letter signs will enhance your place of business, albeit a church, professional building, private business, college or university and many other building structures.

When using bronze, it will give your business the look of being distinctive and regal. A bronze letter sign can be made from polished, brushed, oil-rubbed and patina finishes. Bronze letter signs really make an impact that no other sign company can provide.

Just as amazing as the bronze letter signs are, so too are the commemorative plaque signs. These signs can be used for any situation in life. A commemorative plaque will be that lasting tribute to a family member, friend or event and will be durable. In fact, a commemorative plaque can be used to show the name of a city park, school, college, freeway, roadway and so much more.

These lovely plaques can be made with etching or a cast material. The etching is a more modern feel to it and there are a variety of finishes to look at and choose from. As for the cast, this can be made with bronze or aluminum. The cast plaque can also be made in a variety of background colors, borders and textures.

Whether you need a sign for business or a plaque in remembrance of something or someone, look no further than Impact!

Friday, September 2, 2011

TwiceGirlies Drawing and Coloring on Paper

So my Aunt and I were talking a week or two ago about a lady she either knows or read about who let her kids draw and or paint in a drawing tablet. So today one of my friends and I went our for a while. She wanted to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and I had a coupon for Michael's.

While at Michael's, I purchased two drawing tablets, drawing pencils and some other artistic items for my girlie's. When my girlie's came home from school, I showed them the drawing tablets I purchased them and they began drawing in them.

Since my girlie's love drawing, I thought this was the perfect thing to keep them occupied instead of wasting their braincells on the television so much. My hubby and I already purchased a red child sized easel with chalkboard and wiping board, but I really want to save these drawings or paintings they do, just like the Mom who let her kids draw in the tablet and she put some of the pictures in frames.

This is something I plan to do as well, frame some of their artwork and or give some to Nana..Yeah, Nana would love some of their artwork.

Weighing Your Higher Education Options as a Parent

--Guest Post by Philip J Reed, on behalf of Westwood College

Making the decision to go back to school is a difficult one for anybody to have to make. Now imagine how much more difficult it can be if you are a parent. There’s so much more to consider, and so much more riding on that decision! It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but don’t! With this article we hope to help you make an informed decision. Of course, the decision is ultimately going to be up to you to make, but we hope we can at least help you put it into the proper perspective!

First of all, think about your responsibility to your spouse, and also to your children. How much time will you actually have to attend classes, study, work on projects, and do research? Don’t forget to factor in travel time, library time, study group time, and anything else you may need. Will your spouse be able to handle the family’s responsibilities without you for that time? There’s no definitive answer to this; it’s up to you (and your family) to decide.

Also, what about the expense? College – and we all know this, though it bears repeating – is not known for being cheap. In addition to tuition you will need to factor in the cost of campus fees, lab fees (if necessary), gas money, meals, textbooks, and anything else you’ll have to purchase for the duration of your college career. Is this something your family can afford? If not now, will you be able to afford it later, after some saving? Again, that’s up to you to decide, and it’s nothing anybody else can answer for you. But it’s very important that you do consider it seriously before you make any large decisions.

Additionally, where will you go to school? You’ll probably want to select a college near to you, to avoid undue strain on your family, but will that college offer the degree program you’re looking for? You’ll need to do your research, and decide well ahead of time what your ultimate ambition will be. If you wait decide, or just count on figuring it out “along the way,” be prepared to waste a lot of time and money (and make things far more difficult on your family) than you would if you go in with a clear and precise plan!

One option that is becoming more common in recent years is online college. If you obtain your degree online, you can plan your school work around your family’s schedule, rather than around your professor’s. It is also likely to be far less expensive, as you won’t be paying for college services that you don’t use, and might even be assigned to use digital study materials rather than pricey texts. Location, as well, is no longer of importance if you’re actually just studying from home. Relegating your studies to nighttime hours (or even the time that your children are attending school themselves) can seriously reduce the strain on your family relationships, and they’ll thank you for it.

The only real question that remains if you choose to embrace distance learning is what degrees you’ll be able to obtain. In the past online degrees were fairly limited, but today you can work toward anything from a bachelor’s degree in information security to an MBA degree online, and that really opens up your opportunities.

In short, you (and your family) will need to decide what works for you. But don’t let the perceived difficulty of going back to school stop you; there’s a way to lighten every load, so if you’re looking for a better job (or even just a job to begin with), don’t discount the value of returning to school. It just may be where your future lies after all!