Thursday, May 31, 2012

Twins Painting on Patio

Last weekend  I went to a craft store in town to purchase a birthday gift for one of my twins friends. I only wanted to buy one gift, but I got more than one and something for my twins. My twins are very crafty and creative, so I bought them a birdhouse to paint. We started outside, on the patio, painting their birdhouses. The weather was pretty nice, at first, then the wind began to pick up and everything on the table began flying away.

So we had to move indoors where they completed their painting. Along with painting the birdhouses, they began painting pictures on white paper. My twins are so precious, they love making and giving. The birdhouses were supposed to be for my twins, but with their sweet hearts, they wanted to give the birdhouses to their friend. I told them sure, why not. I guess I could buy them another birdhouse to paint at a later date. One of the birdhouses looks like a .....well here are photos of my twins painting the birdhouses.

Twins Playing in Slip N Slide

My twins, they love playing outside. In fact, they would rather be outside than inside. As soon as the weather turns from cold to warm they are outdoors in an instant. I do not blame them, after being indoors for over 4 months, warmer weather becomes a much welcomed friend. The funny thing about my cities weather is we go from cold, chilly weather to warm, hot weather in an instant. In fact, my state really only has two seasons, Winter and Summer. I think my state is very unique this way because, as far as I know, East Coast states go through all four seasons. I am so used to really having only two seasons, it would be strange to live with four seasons.

Anyway, here are my twins running and semi sliding on our Slip N Slide in our front yard. Look at their faces. They are smiling and laughing with glee. They are in their glory playing outside where they can yell, scream and just have a blast. The only thing Mommy does not like about them ever playing together is their fighting. They even fight over who will run down the slide first. Geezzz

Monday, May 28, 2012

Nothing Could Be Easier to Use than Expedia Coupon Codes

Summer is just around the corner and this means warmer weather is too. When warmer weather arrives, people will want to go on vacation. Usually vacations are in the mountains,  beach, other states or countries.  Flights and hotels for such destinations can be expensive. This is especially true if a family of four+ are going on vacation. In the past, when families planned their vacations, they had to pay full price because there was no such thing as coupons. There is no need to pay full price for flights and hotels anymore, especially with the advent of the Internet.

Today with all the online flight and hotel companies, families can sign up to receive coupons and use those coupons to go anywhere that coupon will take them. This is why families need to sign up for their Geek Alert coupons. Right now, the Geek Alert coupons codes are available for flights to Los Angeles, Maui, beaches you wish to visit, and a lot more.

When looking for an amazing place to surf, swim, sunbathe or sail, the only place to go is San Diego. The only way to stay in San Diego is to purchase a hotel room for 30% . The only place to find such deals is with Deals2 . Everyone needs to go on a vacation to relax and take a break from the everyday. There is no better place to go than the beach, especially where there are things for families to do all over the city. Amusement parks are the best place to take families and the beach, well the beach is always fun and will create good memories.

Finding coupon codes for any vacation, planned or not, is easy to find today. There is no need to pay full price for anything today. In fact, it would be crazy to pay full price on such products like, baby and kids clothing, book and magazines, DVDs, music, food, wines, jewelery, toys, travel, etc. Now, anyone, anywhere, can go to Expedia coupon code 2012 to save like never before. It always feels good to save where one can save, especially high priced items. Saving money with coupon codes is the only thing to use or savings galore.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Custom Pillows Make For Great Gifts

Don't you just love personalized things like clothes, blanket's, handbags, luggage, hats, portraits and now pillows? For some reason, owning something personalized, or custom, makes that product more special to you or a loved one. Children love seeing their name or photo on anything, so being able to sleep on a personalized pillow will just add to owning something made just for you.

The company, American Mojo now allows customers to create and purchase custom pillows. American Mojo products are produced by sustainable, employed single moms in the United States of America. The goal of American Mojo Moms is to break the cycle of poverty for single moms and their children. For every custom pillow purchased, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase provides a better than minimum wage salary, a chance at a new career path, and freedom from the prohibitive daycare costs that keep many single mothers from re-entering the work force.
If creating a custom pillow is not your cup of tea, then there are thousands that have been designed by one of American Mojo's 700,000+ worldwide designers. That is a lot of designs to look at and purchase either for yourself, family or friend.

This is the personalized photo pillow I made and I love it. I have the square pillow  this is not only filled with stuffing, but the photo of my twins looks just amazing. I am very satisfied with the way to turned out and would totally purchase others.

Look at my precious TwiceGirlies..I made the headband and hat they are wearing to match their dresses.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Designing a Comfortable Backyard

Designing the outdoors is something that is both enjoyable and will provide you with additional living space that is certainly going to be welcome. Of course, there are various options that are available, depending upon your own personal tastes and the type of area that you have available for the design. For example, larger yards would certainly be able to accommodate larger features, and you may also want to add additional items, especially if you have children that are in the area. Trampolines are an obvious feature that is going to be enjoyed by both children and adults, just make sure that you have safety in mind when purchasing one of these items.

Something else that should be considered when designing the outdoors is the type of outdoor seating that is available. Comfort is going to be key in this area, as you may be spending a considerable amount of time in the seat once it is in place. Some people enjoy outdoor deep seating which allows them to really get comfortable, while others enjoy something that is a bit more firm and easy to get in and out of. The weather may also play a role in the type of furniture that you choose. Teak furniture is a popular choice because of its ability to stand up to weather extremes nicely. It also provides you with a beautiful option, especially when you purchase furniture that is upgraded. Of course, the furniture is really only part of the overall theme of the backyard, but it is something that can make a difference in how it looks and how it is used.

It's a Ribbon Retreat at your Fingertips

Crafts are so much fun. They range from paper crafts, decorative crafts, knitting crafts, weaving crafts, quilting crafts, T-shirt art crafts and of course textile/fashion crafts. With these craft ideas, there is bound to be one or two that anyone will enjoy doing. Some crafts turn into a home career and can be sold at various crafty websites. Nothing could give a crafter more joy than creating something from scratch and seeing the fruits of their labor. People began making crafts in the 19th century. There are community centers in almost every city with a craft night.  

Community craft nights might include knitting, painting, quilting and sewing. Sewing will never go out of style because people like seeing themselves in clothing they made from scratch. Ladies are still making their own dresses, skirts, pants, shorts and shirts. Accessories such as purses, bags and headbands are also a great sewing/craft idea.  

Women and girls love wearing circle skirts. They are so cute, especially when they are full. My twins call them 'round and round' skirts because when they turn around in circles, the skirt turns with them, with or without tulling. Whenever I go out looking for a 'round and round' skirt for my twins, I am looking for a circle skirt.  

For anyone wanting to make their own circle skirt at home, they can now create their own circle skirt pattern. The circle skirt pattern is easy to make and will give the person making the pattern a sense of pride. If making a personalized circle skirt pattern at home sounds difficult, anyone can make their own by looking at the new circle skirt tutorial online. The Internet is simply amazing because there is no need to leave your home anymore to sit in craft classes to learn how to create a circle skirt pattern at home. 

It is amazing how much one can do with the right fabric. This is why The Ribbon Retreat sells fabric for all sorts of sewing projects. The Ribbon Treat sells fabrics my Michael Miller, Moda, Robert Kaufman and some others. Having a wide selection of fabric makes The Ribbon Retreat an easy shopping choice for all sewing needs. 

The Ribbon Retreat is also known for their ribbons. Styles of ribbon offered are grosgrain, solid or satin, vintage ribbon, dotted ribbon and many more. When looking for a one stop shop for all things ribbon, fabric, hats, headbands, flowers, etc. this is the place to go. I just purchased some cream grosgrain ribbons when I took old fashioned photos of my twins. I needed the ribbon for their ponytails.  

For hats and headbands crafters, again this is the best place to go. The Ribbon Retreat sells hats, headbands and flowers too. All of these items are excellent for making and selling hats and headbands with your own flair. Hats and headbands are very cute on infants, babies, toddlers and little girls today. 

The Ribbon Retreat will have you coming back for more craft ideas and products over and over again.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Twins at AWANA awards night

Last Wednesday was my twins last night of AWANA. It was their awards night. A lot of kids received awards for certain levels they had reached in the club during the year. A lot of kids have been attending AWANA since they were in kinergarten. My twins were invited by one of their friends in mid March. My twins are in the K to 2nd grade progam called Sparks.

S.P.A.R.K.S stands for:

A.ccording to the Scriptures 
R.aised (Rose Again)

The season ends in mid May and starts up again in September.

Every Wednesday night as AWANA begins, all the kids sing the Pledge of Allegiance and AWANA song with their right hand over their heart. It is just awesome seeing kids still singing the the Pledge of Allegiance. Kids  not only learn bible verses, they learn bible songs, watch some movies and they play games and win AWANA Bucks for learning their bible verses before next Wednesday. Every verse they memorize gets them closer to a vest, Hanglider book, patches, wings and more.

Here are my twins at award night and they were proud of receiving their Participation Award this year:

Emma Lost 3rd Tooth

Yeah! Last week Emma lost her 3rd tooth. Well she had some help from Daddy. Daddy was playing with Emma when moved his hand over her mouth and her tooth just fell out! Yeah, it was about time. Her bottom tooth had been hurtring her for a while now. She was complaining and it was such a shocker to her when the tooth fell out and blood was pouring out. She kinda freaked out at first, but I have her a napkin and the blood began to slow down.

Emma's front, bottom adult tooth, is already showing, as they always do. Go figure. When I was a kid, my adult tooth never came up right away. It took at least three to four weeks for my new tooth to show.

Anyway, here is my precious Emma with hole in mouth and tooth in hand.

Yeah Emma!!

TwiceGirlies Jumping in Sprinklers

Oh my twins, they are little tomboy's like Auntie Amy was. My precious twins are fearless and really do not mind getting dirty, as long as they are having fun, fun fun. Daddy was watering the backyard so the grass would not turn brown. Every time Daddy turns on the sprinkler, he asks if the twins want to jump in the them. Well of course! Their faces light up and they begin jumping up and down as if this is the coolest thing to ever do. It does not take a lot to keep them occupied and/or busy.

With the weather getting warmer, even though right now it is windy and 65 degrees, I would rather my TwiceGirlies be outside having fun. I mean they have been indoors for what, five or six months now. Now that my TwiceGirlies are riding their bikes, they like to do that every now and then, or ride their scooters. But when Daddy turns the sprinklers on, they are jumping in them and mud. Yes, they love the mud, even if they slip in it. My TwiceGirlies run in the mud too. They are just so precious and have Mommy laughing..

Mommy Loves Her TwiceGirlies

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Twins at Golf Clinic

A couple weeks ago my twins, their Pappa, (Daddy's Dad), invited my sweetie pies to a golf clinic. My twins were so excited and they loved it. They brought their own pink golf bag and clubs. Daddy bought two sets of golf clubs when they were three years old, if I recall correctly. We seem to have lost one set of golf clubs a while back so now they have to share.
Daddy has been golfing forever so it was just a given that Daddy would show his precious twins how to golf too. Yes, Daddy has been showing our little darlings how to golf since they were three. It is so cute seeing my twins begin golfing in the proper stance, with club in hand, lifting club up in the air and making contact with the golf ball and seeing it fly in the air to its resting destination.

My twins just might be a natural when it comes to golfing. Well, they love hitting the tiny little ball clear across the green as the club makes contact with it. Since my twins were probably two years old they have been playing basketball in their mini basketball hoop, then Daddy began showing them how to golf when they were four. I enrolled my twins in dance class (ballet/tap combo) when the were four; ballet (five), now jazz (six).

Ever since my twins began crawling, then pulling up, then walking, my twins have never slowed down. Yes, they have been busy, busy, busy ever since then. So being active in any sport is a good thing. I am considering soccer for them in the Fall or Spring, whenever soccer begins.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Printluna For All Your Printing Needs

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PrintLuna for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have a lot of photos you would like to see in a book, or a reading book you want to make? Well look no further than Printluna.  Printluna launched their busines in 2010 for the specific reason of helping people create photo and reading books from the comfort of their own home. Printluna makes it easy for people to share their photo and reading books on a variety of social media websites and sell them too.

Photo Books

Books, everyone loves them and owns them. Books are meant to be looked at or read over and over again. Books allow for great gifts for family and friends. Making photo books and reading books will be a treasure for anyone who makes or sells them. Especially if a book is made from someone you know.

The Printluna printing team cares deeply about the values of books, and they continue to innovate their process to improve their customer's experience. This is why Printluna works with the company Paro Printig who produces short black and white books and personalized full colored photobooks. These books can be purchased through the Printluna website using its range HP Indigo Technology, which includes and HP Indigo W700 Digital Press, three HP Indigo 7000 Digital Presses and HP Indigo Press 5500.

Finally, there are a lot of printing optoions people can perform at Printluna:

*  Design and Publish your book online
*  No downloads needed
*  No minimum amount of books to print
*  Sell your book at no additional cost
*  Get your book delivered to your home
*  Make your book a gift to friends and family
* Get promotions for special occastions
* New deas and offers available every day
* Share and promte you book
Wow, this is one amazing print company to create a photo book or reading book with. It really is nice to use an all inclusive printing company.
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What Managers and Moms Have in Common

Mothers are called a lot of things: nurturers, disciplinarians, rememberers of lost things, nurses, and comforters, among a host of other things.  One thing most mothers are not called, however, is “manager.”

Of course, when you think of managers, you think of businesses, employees, budgets, and so forth.  Not exactly the kind of associations you necessarily want to attach to the strong woman who raised you and kept the family together. 
But mothers and managers are more alike than we would admit on the surface — especially the good ones.  Take a moment to think of the characteristics a good mother and a good manager share:

A good manager should be more than a link in the chain of command.  A good manager will identify weak points in employees and try to make them stronger by offering encouragement or new responsibilities. 
A good mother, it goes without saying, also acts as a mentor for her children.  As they grow and learn, a mother will continue to teach her children new lessons about the world, and will give them more responsibility as she sees fit.  Of course, mothers can’t promote their children when they’ve done something well, but they can perpetually raise them up and offer support or guidance where necessary.

When great employees are asked from where they get their inspiration, often times the answer is either a manager or a mother (sometimes both).  Why is this?  Because managers and mothers are both inspirational figures who impress and amaze their employees and children by their tireless feats of wisdom, strength, and boldness.  Maybe mothers do this a little more often than managers, but the truth is that great managers should be examples to their employees, and the same is true of mothers.  Study after study proves that the best way to teach is by example, and mothers and managers should both be examples of greatness.

Another characteristic of good managers is that they reproach their employees when necessary, and do so in a constructive way.  Managers can’t let harmful behavior continue, but they also have to negotiate the best way to stop it from happening.  Often they do this by praising the employee for her good qualities while also giving feedback about the negative in a way that is helpful but stern.  Similarly, mothers have to discipline their children when they are misbehaving, but in a way that communicates love.  Being too negative or overly harsh only makes children (and employees) resentful, so mothers (and managers) have to walk a thin line between discipline and devastation. 

Of course, probably the most obvious feature that they share is the management of their respective realms.  Fathers are typically considered the bread-winners and heads of the household, but everyone knows that mothers are really the ones who are in control, and who are keeping things running smoothly.  So give your mothers a hug, and give your managers a handshake, and thank them for being such a positive influence on your life — just make sure you don’t confuse them.

This is a guest post by Kristie Lewis from construction management degree. You can reach her at: Kristie.Lewis81 @ gmail. Com. 

Big Beautiful Flowers and Veggies Begin with Whitney Farms Soil

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are a flower or vegetable gardener, you should begin using Whitney Farms® organic soil. With the soil erosion becoming more aparent today, the only way to see flower and vegatable gardens grow as you wish, is by using an organic plant food designed for growing big and beautiful flowers and veggies. Naturally growing flowers and veggies is the only way to go.

The Whitney Farms© company as been in business for over 25 years making products that allow for:

* low or no dust

*  no manure smell

*  very easy to apply

*  contains beneficial microbes

*  Specifically designed protein based blends provide your plants with macro./micro nutrients plants need to thrive.

109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

This is the best organic soil to use, in fact I have already begun using it for my flowers and veggies. I planted some lillies and this soil has made them grow so fast, now I am waiting for the lilly to show up. For my veggies, they have begun sprouting and are still growing. This is a good sign this organic soil is working. I am a fan of anything orgainc or really 'natural', not GMO allowed in my veggie garden. In the past I have used coventional plant food and it took my plants a lot longer to grow and show their faces. This is the number one and only reason I began using organic soil for Whitney Farms©  and you can begin using this organic soil with a $3 coupon by clicking on one of the links in this article

Organic Plant Food

DSC02075 1

Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

4 Cheap Crafts for Girls

Kids, especially girls, love to do crafts. Crafts don’t have to cost a bundle and they don’t have to make a mess. Here are four easy, cheap crafts that girls, and their moms, will love.
1.      Name Bracelets – Little girls love to make bracelets for themselves and their friends. The more you personalize it, the better. Well, what can be more personal than your own name? All this easy craft requires is some clear elastic string and some of those white letter beads. The girls will have a blast spelling out individual names and can even make ‘best friend’ bracelets with both their names together.

2.      Toilet Paper Princess – Have the girls design their own princess or wedding dresses out of toilet paper. A staple at wedding showers, this game slash craft is fun for little kids too, and a breeze to clean up. Just shred and toss when they are done. Have the girls put on a fashion show and take lots of cute pictures!

Lunch Bag Puppets –Making a puppet has never been easier. Lunch sacks are the perfect size and can be easily decorated with markers, crayon, glitter, sticker, and googly eyes. Have the girls create a puppet show and name their new friends. They can be used over and over again, and there is endless variation. You can even make hair and clothes out of construction paper, felt and yarn.

4.      Make Your Own Storybook – If you want to incorporate some education into your crafting, have your girls create their own fairy tales. All this takes is a stack of construction paper, a hole-punch, and some yarn. Get a few sheets of construction paper gathered together, punch two holes in one side, and bind with yarn. Voila, instant book. Then have the girls write and illustrate their own stories. They can read them aloud and share with their friends. 

These crafts are easy, fun, and don’t make a big mess. Best of all, your girls will love to do them. Try one of these on a rainy day to keep the kids entertained. They are sure to be a hit.

Author Bio:
Kate Croston is a freelance writer, holds a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She writes guest posts for different sites and loves contributing   internet service related topics. Questions or comments can be sent to:  katecroston.croston09 @

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TwiceGirlies and Flattened Hair

If you have ever seen my twins, then you know how curly and long their hair is. I love their long curly hair, even though it is not so easy to take care of. Take for instance tonight at AWANA, Abby was standing behind me and her hair got tangled in my backpack. I began walking forward and heard her almost screaming because her hair was stuck in the zipper on my backpack. I had to have one of the Mom's behind me hold my backpack while I released Abby's lovely hair from the zipper.

With that said, a couple weeks ago I was flattening my hair when my twins come running down the hallway to see me. As always they jump on me with hugs, kisses and smiles all around. After putting down my twins I continued flattening my bangs and medium length hair. When I had finished flattening my hair I asked Emma, "Emma do you want me to flatten your hair"? She said yes so  began flattening her hair too. Then Abby came into the bathroom and saw how flat her sister's hair was. So I asked Abby if she wanted her hair flattened to and she said yes as well.

I love flattening their hair, it is fun to do but my goodness their looks really change. I mean they look so grown up and this saddens me. So I have decided to flatten their hair every once in a while.

Okay so if you have seen my twins before, do you like their hair better curly, straight or both? 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Giveaways Are Fun, Especially When It Is For Business Cards

Have you been looking for a company that prints business cards for your business or personal use? The old fashioned way of printing business cards or anything else for that matter is just that, old fashioned. Since the advent of the internet, people have been able to use online printing services. There is no need to go to a brick and mortar store and pay a lot of money for a product that can be set up the way you want online and shipped to your business or home in 3 business days. The only company to provide such a service is PrintRunner. PrintRuner was established with little more than a small press and a dream. Ten years later PrintRunner became one of the foremost quality printers in Southern California.

Their commitment is to provide the best value and high quality full color printing at affordable prices. Online business cards printing are finally affordable. With affordable business card printing, PrintRunner has seen their company grow.  PrintRunner not only prints business cards, they sell postcards, banners, signs, calendars and so much more. This is why they are called the full service high quality printing company and they are located in Chatsworth, California.

PrintRunner sells business card that are 2x3.5, a standard card size, receive 250 business cards, come in  4/4 Color Both Sides, are printed on 14 pt. paper with a UV coating on front and a 14 pt. UV coating on both sides. There is no proof provided to clients and the corners are not rounded either. Once business cards are ordered, they are shipped out in 3 days with standard free shipping.

If you are on Twitter you can follow PrintRunner and if you are on Facebook, please Like them too and follow my blog. In order for me to contact the winner, I will need your name and email address. Your name and email address can be sent to my Facebook page in a private message.

This giveaway will end on May 29th and prize will be awarded on May 31st. Please tell me why you want business cards for your business. Maybe you are starting your own business and would business cards on hand or maybe you are looking for a company who sells business cards at a price you can afford.

*This giveaway is open to US Residents only and avaiable to persons 18 years old or above.*

Thank you PrintRunner for providing this giveaway. I will also receive a set of business cards for hosting this giveaway.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Trip Tips for Parents

The success of a family trip often depends on how content and satisfied your kids are as you travel. On the one hand, kids enjoy going on family vacations. On the other hand, they don’t always behave as well as we’d like when they’re away from home, particularly in the car and on planes. In order to make the trip less stressful for you, there are some things you can do to keep your children’s behavior and moods under control. Here are some helpful tips you might want to consider:

Make sure the kids know the rules – The kids know the rules at your house at school, but they may feel as though the rules differ when they’re on family vacation. Before you depart for the trip, make sure you give your kids a rundown of what kind of behavior you expect. Starting the trip off with some stern reminders will help motivate your kids to act appropriately throughout the trip.

Don’t forget to bring some toys along – This is especially important if you’re taking a road trip, but it’s also important if you’re taking a trip via plane or jet. Kids don’t necessarily enjoy sitting in the car or sitting on the plane for hours on end with nothing to do. So, bring some small toys with you on the trip, and consider bringing things like a handheld gaming console and a tablet computer. Kids can stay occupied for hours and hours with the right toys and technology.

Let the kids help you plan your travel agenda – If the bulk of the trip is spent doing things the adults want to do, the kids won’t be very happy, and they’ll be a lot more likely to act up. So, as you’re planning what you’re going to do each day, make sure you let the kids pick a few things they want to do. This will help keep the trip fun for them and allow them to feel included.

So, lay down some ground rules, bring plenty of toys, and make sure you visit some kid-friendly attractions on the trip. Keeping your kids satisfied and well behaved as you travel can actually be a lot easier than you might imagine!

Author’s Bio: Logan is a guest blogger on the subjects of family trips, global cuisine, and the perks of traveling on private jet charters

Friday, May 4, 2012

TwiceGirlies and My Twins First Birthday

When  my twins were still babies I purchased a lot of  kids books about twins. These books were written for little minds and I still read them to my twins today. I love any book with twins as the main theme. In fact I have written some books for my twins, about them, but I have not completed them yet.

A while back I asked to review and read these three books written by a little girl, Paris, in the Bay Area, who has twin sisters. These three books are called My Twins First Birthday, Paris Goes To Lake Tahoe and Paris Goes To San Francisco. In the book My Twins First Birthday, Paris writes about her twin sisters 1st birthday and how she was feeling left out. That was until she began planning the party with her Dad and Mom. With Dad she went to order the cake and went with Mom to the toy shop. Paris writes about how most of her twin sisters friends are twins too. The Paris writes about passing gifts out to her twin sisters and how messy they got when eating their birthday cakes.

In the book Paris Goes To Lake Tahoe, Paris writes about how she loves to go toTahoe with her family, even though it is three hours away from her home. She writes about who can spot the Olympic Rings first, racing down the slopes with friends and how her twin sister's like making a snowman. Paris writes about going to Tahoe in the summertime and loves being pulled in a raft on the lake and how Lake Tahoe is one of her favorite places to go with her family.

In the book Paris Goes To San Francisco, Paris writes about how lucky she is to live so close to San Francisco and is able to ride of the cable cars. Paris says if you ask the driver nicely, they will ring the bell for you. Paris writes about how she loves going to see the Coit Tower and that this tower was dedicated to the firefighters in S.F., she writes about going to Alcatraz and how scary that it is to visit. Paris also writes about how her Great Grandfather helped build the Golden Gate Bridge and how everyone today uses it for driving over, walking over and riding bikes over.

These books are a real joy to read and there are more books like these for any child who knows how to read. To learn more about these books check out MyFriendParis and see all the books she has already written. Every book Paris has written will make you and your child smile, twins or not.