Monday, May 21, 2012

Twins at AWANA awards night

Last Wednesday was my twins last night of AWANA. It was their awards night. A lot of kids received awards for certain levels they had reached in the club during the year. A lot of kids have been attending AWANA since they were in kinergarten. My twins were invited by one of their friends in mid March. My twins are in the K to 2nd grade progam called Sparks.

S.P.A.R.K.S stands for:

A.ccording to the Scriptures 
R.aised (Rose Again)

The season ends in mid May and starts up again in September.

Every Wednesday night as AWANA begins, all the kids sing the Pledge of Allegiance and AWANA song with their right hand over their heart. It is just awesome seeing kids still singing the the Pledge of Allegiance. Kids  not only learn bible verses, they learn bible songs, watch some movies and they play games and win AWANA Bucks for learning their bible verses before next Wednesday. Every verse they memorize gets them closer to a vest, Hanglider book, patches, wings and more.

Here are my twins at award night and they were proud of receiving their Participation Award this year:

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