Thursday, May 31, 2012

Twins Playing in Slip N Slide

My twins, they love playing outside. In fact, they would rather be outside than inside. As soon as the weather turns from cold to warm they are outdoors in an instant. I do not blame them, after being indoors for over 4 months, warmer weather becomes a much welcomed friend. The funny thing about my cities weather is we go from cold, chilly weather to warm, hot weather in an instant. In fact, my state really only has two seasons, Winter and Summer. I think my state is very unique this way because, as far as I know, East Coast states go through all four seasons. I am so used to really having only two seasons, it would be strange to live with four seasons.

Anyway, here are my twins running and semi sliding on our Slip N Slide in our front yard. Look at their faces. They are smiling and laughing with glee. They are in their glory playing outside where they can yell, scream and just have a blast. The only thing Mommy does not like about them ever playing together is their fighting. They even fight over who will run down the slide first. Geezzz

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