Friday, May 18, 2012

Big Beautiful Flowers and Veggies Begin with Whitney Farms Soil

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If you are a flower or vegetable gardener, you should begin using Whitney Farms® organic soil. With the soil erosion becoming more aparent today, the only way to see flower and vegatable gardens grow as you wish, is by using an organic plant food designed for growing big and beautiful flowers and veggies. Naturally growing flowers and veggies is the only way to go.

The Whitney Farms© company as been in business for over 25 years making products that allow for:

* low or no dust

*  no manure smell

*  very easy to apply

*  contains beneficial microbes

*  Specifically designed protein based blends provide your plants with macro./micro nutrients plants need to thrive.

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This is the best organic soil to use, in fact I have already begun using it for my flowers and veggies. I planted some lillies and this soil has made them grow so fast, now I am waiting for the lilly to show up. For my veggies, they have begun sprouting and are still growing. This is a good sign this organic soil is working. I am a fan of anything orgainc or really 'natural', not GMO allowed in my veggie garden. In the past I have used coventional plant food and it took my plants a lot longer to grow and show their faces. This is the number one and only reason I began using organic soil for Whitney Farms©  and you can begin using this organic soil with a $3 coupon by clicking on one of the links in this article

Organic Plant Food

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