Monday, May 21, 2012

Emma Lost 3rd Tooth

Yeah! Last week Emma lost her 3rd tooth. Well she had some help from Daddy. Daddy was playing with Emma when moved his hand over her mouth and her tooth just fell out! Yeah, it was about time. Her bottom tooth had been hurtring her for a while now. She was complaining and it was such a shocker to her when the tooth fell out and blood was pouring out. She kinda freaked out at first, but I have her a napkin and the blood began to slow down.

Emma's front, bottom adult tooth, is already showing, as they always do. Go figure. When I was a kid, my adult tooth never came up right away. It took at least three to four weeks for my new tooth to show.

Anyway, here is my precious Emma with hole in mouth and tooth in hand.

Yeah Emma!!

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