Sunday, May 20, 2012

Twins at Golf Clinic

A couple weeks ago my twins, their Pappa, (Daddy's Dad), invited my sweetie pies to a golf clinic. My twins were so excited and they loved it. They brought their own pink golf bag and clubs. Daddy bought two sets of golf clubs when they were three years old, if I recall correctly. We seem to have lost one set of golf clubs a while back so now they have to share.
Daddy has been golfing forever so it was just a given that Daddy would show his precious twins how to golf too. Yes, Daddy has been showing our little darlings how to golf since they were three. It is so cute seeing my twins begin golfing in the proper stance, with club in hand, lifting club up in the air and making contact with the golf ball and seeing it fly in the air to its resting destination.

My twins just might be a natural when it comes to golfing. Well, they love hitting the tiny little ball clear across the green as the club makes contact with it. Since my twins were probably two years old they have been playing basketball in their mini basketball hoop, then Daddy began showing them how to golf when they were four. I enrolled my twins in dance class (ballet/tap combo) when the were four; ballet (five), now jazz (six).

Ever since my twins began crawling, then pulling up, then walking, my twins have never slowed down. Yes, they have been busy, busy, busy ever since then. So being active in any sport is a good thing. I am considering soccer for them in the Fall or Spring, whenever soccer begins.

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