Friday, October 31, 2008

TwiceToddlers on Halloween

So, back in August when my twins and I were visiting Nana, Papa and my whole family in SoCal, I found these cute Kitty Kat Halloween outfits at Old Navy. Well, I just had to buy them. Even back in August when it was still very much warm, or shall I say HOT.
Anywho, here are the little stickers in their Kitty Kat outfits and boy did they love wearing them too.

Friday, October 17, 2008

TwiceBabies, now TwiceToddlers, are talking so much more

Wow, it is amazing how much my twins are growing, right before my eyes. Not only are the growing in height, they are growing in language skills and knowledge. I do have to give some credit to the educational shows they watch and of course, Daddy and Mommy.

Today, they are at daycare with their friends and they love going too. Although, they do fret about going, then, once they are there, they have a blast.

My twins still have their own unique Twin Talk as well. They can rattle on about something for minutes at a time and I have no idea what they are talking about. It is the cutest thing as this is one of their twin bonding things.

God Bless my healthy twins girls. Or, as they say, Two Baby Goils!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

TwiceBabies, Daddy and Mommy at DellOsso Farms

This afternoon, we all went to DellOsso Farms in Lathrop so the girls could see the farm animals in the petting zoo, take a pony ride, our twins got two pony rides, we also went on a train ride through the hay bale maze, which is what DellOsso is famous for, and in the end we got a photograph taken of the four of us.

But darn it, I forget my camera! So, we might go back next Saturday as they are open until Halloween. I really wanted to take photos of them on the pony's, on the train ride and petting the farm animals. There were several sheep(white and black), goats, pigs, and Emu, horses, ponies, burrows too.

Oh, and I saw another Mom with probably four month old boy/girl twins and she asked if it gets better, I simply said, "No, it does not."

Here is the one photo we took at the Farm and the DellOsso Farm Website:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wearing Trendy Maternity Clothes

When I was pregnant with my twins in 2005, I had the hardest time finding Trendy Maternity Clothes. There is this one department store in my city, which goes back 100 years, and their maternity department was just horrible. For one, I thought the clothes would be more stylish and low in price. Well, was I wrong. I was so frustrated, I emailed the company and they emailed me back saying they were sorry. With that sorry, they sent me out an outfit to wear, which was not really that trendy at all.

If only I had known about cool websites that sold maternity clothes. Because I decided to wear maternity clothes from stores in my mall really had no alternative. Well, I did wear clothes my sister gave me and they were cool.

When it came to wearing jeans though, I wish I could have had more options. True, my pregnancy only lasted seven months, but I still would have liked to look nice in a pair of jeans, jeans like the Paige Maternity Jeans or the Juicy Maternity Jeans.

Being pregnant was wonderful and it would have been even more of a delight if I had known about all the trendy maternity clothes outside my cities store.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

TwiceBabies say, "Happy 1st Birthday Cousin Joshua!"

Today is my littlest nephew's 1st birthday. Oh, he is such a sweet baby boy. I wish I could have gone to his birthday party, but I live 5 hours away and it just made no sense to drive that far. I hope he likes the clothes I, his Mommy (my sister), got him.

I want to see photos of him too!!

God Bless!