Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do your twins understand and listen to you?

Starting at 18 months, my twins began to understand what I was talking about.

It was around this age they would look at my lips and actually try and understand what I was saying and asking them to do.

This is so cool. I mean, when you see you child or twins, actually doing their best to comprehend what Mommy or Daddy is saying or relaying to one of them it just melts your heart.

My twins now are 20 months but will be 21 months in a couple of days.

Today for instance, we were all three in our backyard and I saw one of their binkies next to our sliding glass door. I thought Twin "B" wanted it and I told her where she could find her BLUE BINKI at the PATIO DOOR. I also pointed to where it was.

Amazed by Twin "B", she walked over to the patio door, found and picked up her blue binkie and brought it to me.

Wow! I mean WOW!

To many who read this you may think this is no big deal, but it is because this means she is comprehending my words and meaning and she is learning...

Learning is the most important thing here...

Praise the Lord!

Double the Food and Double the Naps

At almost 21 months, my twins are again, taking two naps a day and now eating more.

Yes, my twins are growing and needing to sleep more now as well.

Do you think maybe they are growing and needing more to eat?

Yes...I am being silly here..

Of course they are eating more now and growing.

But, my twins are still, at almost 21 months, eating jarred food. They refuse to eat table food.

Well, sometimes, they eat mashed potatoes and chicken, but, they are so very picky.
Both my girls turn their heads in protest and refuse to eat what Daddy and Mommy eat.

If you have any suggestions...

Have a blessed day!!

Downtown Disney and the Twins

When my twins, myself, Papa and Nana went to Downtown Disney, they had so much fun. They loved the crowds, the lights and the music being played by street musicians. They also loved the Wetzel Pretzel big time and my lemonade.
Now, when Papa let the twins walk, or run, around, Papa had to run after them. It is a good thing Downtown Disney is not too big to loose a baby or babies.
Next year, I will be sure to bring their puppy dog and teddy bear leashes to try and keep them under control.
Last year when we went to Downtown Disney, they were only 7 months old and were still in their stroller because they were not walking....yet...
My twins are a joy indeed.....I love seeing them grow and develop. They are trying so hard right not to make sentences....the day they learn to speak English and use sentences will be my day of ....fill in the blank for me.....
Have a blessed day!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Twins and Driving to HB

I am not sure how your twins are when it comes to driving, but my twins hate being confinded to any space for too long.

Take for instance our drive to Huntington Beach for the day, the crying started at my parents home and ended once we stopped on the parking lot. Once we got to the beach, they liked it, I smothered them with oodles of sunscreen and put hats on them.

We also brought toys for them to play with in the sand, which they were not a fan of. They mainly stayed on the blanket or towel.

Then, on the way home, my twins repeated the same crying game...

I am so looking forward to the day when they no longer cry and scream, but instead just go along for the ride.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mommy's Day Out-Twins Rest

Today was a nice day, yes, can you believe that!

We stayed home today, played in the backyard on the BIG climber for about an hour until the sun got hotter, then we moved indoors and played with our toys on the carpet.
I also read to my sweeties and just had fun with them indoors.
Nana went to the grocery store, Papa on his motorcycle, went to Home Depot and TJ's. When they got back, "A&E" helped Nana and Mommy put the groceries away and around 3:45, my sweeties went down for a rest, not really nap, I hear them talking right now.
With Nana and Papa home, I took their SUV for a drive to Home Goods and did a little shopping. I love my parents SUV. I told them in about 5 years, my hubby and I can take it off their hands.
Well, that is how our morning and afternoon went, if I have time, I will write some more for your reading pleasure.
Have a Blessed Day Everyone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Campers My Twins Were Not


We drove to my sister's home where I had hoped to have a nice time walking downtown to the Farmer's Market.

But, my twins would not have it.

Oh no, I sat them in a jogging stroller and all they could and would do is cry. They would not shut up. My Dad had to stay back with them and he put them in the upstairs crib, which made them cry even more.

While downtown, I bought them a onesie and T with the cities name on it, one for my hubby and one for me.

The Farmer's Market was wonderful with lots of vendors and street performers and bouncy slides for the children.

Too bad my girls were so fussy. I know it is in part due to their teething.
Twin "A" is very sensative right now and has been for at least 4 months. My girls are getting in their molars and incisers? You know, they canine(sharp) teeth.

I am sure having those teeth would not make you a happy camper either.

Oh well, I hope tomorrow is better.

They had driving in the car and can not stand being in strollers.

Let's see what tomorrow will hold.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Driving Around Town with the Twins

This afternoon, after my sweeties got up from their two hour nap, Nana, Mommy, A&E went driving around town and shopping.

Our first stop, HomeGoods where Mommy bought a cute box that reads, Live, Laugh, Love, a cutting board and two plastic tumbler cups, then, I went to Starbucks and purchased some of their cool straws and finally, off to Kohl's where I got my sweeties an outfit and a LeapFrog fridge toy.

While at Kohl's and trying toddler shoes on them, Twin B went ballistic because I took a shoe back from her. Oh goodness, this rarely happens to me, one or both my twins acting this way.

But, I guess it is bound to happen. This usually happens when they are tired or sleepy though.

Okay, so I will probably talk to you again tomorrow.

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Twins Love Nana and Papa

Oh yes, when one of our twins get frusrated or just mad, do they go to Daddy or Mommy? Oh no, they are going to Nana and Papa!

Oh well, I guess this is how it is with babies and their grandparents.

Yesterday, my whole family went to this very nice and big park in the city my sister lives in to take family photos with my sister's very nice digital camera I would like to have. It is a Nikon and oh so powerful.

Well, let's just say my twins were none to happy. First of all, I had no idea what time it was in the day, it was in fact 4ish, and they were getting hungry, second, one of my twins had a dirty diaper.

Note to self: next time we are to do a big event or take more family photos, feed the twins first and double check their diapers too!

Goodness gracious! When we drove back to my sister's home,we changed their diapers and fed them, which kinda calmed them down.

Then, they began playing with their cousins toys on wheels and they made them more happy and smiles all around again.

Will wonders ever cease!

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Over the Freeway and Through the Smog...

To Grandma's house we go...

Yeah, my twins and Mommy, that is me, are visiting for a little bit. Grandma has not seen her sweet twin granddaughters since March and boy have they grown.

Sure, I send Grandpa and Grandma video and photos of their little sweeties, but since when have photos replaced the real thing?

You got it Toyota! Never...

So, off we go to see all my family for a bit and just have some fun!

Yeah for Grandpa's and Grandma's!

Sweet Babies helped Mommy Pack

We are going on a trip and I had to begin packing out clothes, toilettes, books, toys and other items we may use.

So, this afternoon, my little darlings helped me put our shoes in one bag and their toys in another.

They are such good helpers and, they love to help. I am sure this will fade the older they get.

What do you think?

Hey, have you seen my poll yet? If not, scroll down my page and take it.

Chop Chop, times a wasting!

Have an awesome weekend my fellow bloggers!

Moms and Parents..against Mercury Part II

Did you know that mercury is in all flu shots?

I recall being in my obstetrician office and on one of the cabinet was a sign asking patients to take their flu shots.

No way I said, I will not take a flu shot because every time I have taken a flu shot...you guessed it, I got the flu.

At the time I saw that sign, I had no idea mercury was in a flu shot though. I just knew I was not taking a flu shot..period.

Fast forward 2006-2007, I found out in fact flu shots contain mercury. Although, you doctor will be clueless because they are not schooled on this fact or play dumb. You see, they are doing their best to sell these flu shots to infants and seniors! The two most vulnerable groups in our society today. In fact, it is a scare tactic they is used by the CDC, WHO and your neighborhood doctor.

When have we had a flu epidemic? And, even so, it should be up to you, not indoctrination, to take a mercury laden vaccine which will weaken your immune system.

Here, read more about mercury at Moms Against Mercury.

Got Mercury...Poisoning? Part I

I found this website through the Fitzgerald Report called Got Mercury?

This information may scare you and may even open your eyes to many truths that are intended to be hidden from our eyes and ears.. on purpose.

I would suggest you do the mercury calculation in this website to see how much mercury you ingest and may not know it...especiall if you eat any of these type of fishes.

Got Mercury?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Autisim and Chemicals in our Food Supply

It seems that chemicals, yes, chemicals in our food can cause a predisosition for autism.

This conclusion comes from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences from a team at Vanderbuilt University.

Now, the gene does not actually cause autism, so they say, but it raises the risk of autism after being "expressed" by contact with some things in our environment. Okay, I have no idea what this means. It sounds to me like double speak. This sounds to me like our science labs are doing their best to confuse the American population at large and make us zombies all in the name of the all mighty dollar.

For the dollar is what they serve, IMO.

Read further at The Fitzgerald Report.

Can You Spell RED TAPE?

There is red tape up the you know what.

This is one reason why I have such disdain for the medical community. They have given me even more of a reason to have a bad taste in my mouth due to their uncaring ways.

Let me tell you why I have come to this conclusion:

Recall my blog from yesterday, when I had to go to my GP so he could send a referral letter via fax to my neurologist. Well, I did go see my GP, I paid $20.00, sat with my girls for 40 minutes, to see him for 5 minutes, and after my appt., the nurse faxed over my GP's referral letter so I would be able to get another refill for my daily injection for the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms I have.

This afternoon, not this morning when I should have received a call, but this afternoon, my specialty pharmacy called me to say she had bad news and that I will not get my prescription of injections until Friday.

Friday, when I leave for vacation. Friday, which is what I told my pharmacy on Monday when I placed my order, I will be on vacation for two weeks! Then, Tuesday, I talked to neurologist office and they said I need do see my GP, which I did, just to get my refill! You would have though that yesterday, when I talked to my neurologist office they would have told me the authorization person was on vacation and would not be back until FRIDAY!

So, I left a voice mail with the lady I spoke with at this pharmacy, gave her my parents address where to send the refill I need. I may have been a bit sarcastic about me missing two weeks worth of my injections because of this, but hey, this whole medical establishment has it coming. They are uncaring and on top of it, are doing nothing to prolong our lives. I get the feeling they are doing their best to reduce the worlds population. If you do not believe me, do some research on population control. It will open your eyes.

Like I said, "Can you SPELL RED TAPE?"

Wal Mart Outing with Twins

This morning, we got up around 8:30ish, my twins played outside while I fixed their cereal, oatmeal with pears and Daddy took a shower.

Since yesterday, I have been feeding my babies their breakfast in the backyard and they sit on their little patio chairs. It is so cute. Sometimes, Twin "A" will fall over, but that is because she is moving around so much. It is a good thing the chair is close to the grass.

So, my twins sit in their chair and I, Mommy, sit at the end of the chaise lounge chair, feeding them like little birdies, their morning oatmeal cereal.

They are just so sweet.

After breakfast, Mommy took a shower, with the girls sitting on the bathroom floor as they always do. They are not big fans of being far away from Mommy.

Once my shower was done, I got dressed, brushed my teeth and hair and my sweetie pies helped me make the bed by giving me the decorative pillows.

When that was done, off to Wal Mart we went to get some travel size toiletries. I like those because they are small and nice to keep in the SUV for anything, Mommy also got the girls this bead toy where they move the beads around the wire. It was small and bulky at all, so I got two, I also got two window covers for the truck so no sun would get in while driving far distances with my girls in the back. They have Pooh on them and will make it easier for them to sleep. Oh, I also got them a cute pink dress with attached bloomers and two hair accessories for myself.

When we got home, Mommy got their lunch ready and they played on the porch with their new toy. Then, Daddy came home for lunch.

After the girls lunch, they went down for their nap and it sounds like they are waking up right now.

Gotta Go~

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Unexpected Outing with my Twins

I received a call today from my pharmacy in So Cal which handles my Multiple Sclerosis injections saying they needed a new referral from my GP in order for me to get a refill. Oh goodness, I am not fan of doctors so this made me none to happy having to call my GP, speak to his nurse and see if I had to go see him. Since my last appt with him was a year ago, yes, I had to go see him. I was going to wait 40 minutes and pay $20.00 to see him for five minutes. All this red tape in killing us you know that? Do you think this big pharmacy and HMO business is just a conspiracy to see how many they can kill off? Makes you wonder does it not.

I asked if I could make an appt. today, she said yes, so I did. I took the truck out of the garage and woke up my twins. Off to the doctor we went, where they sat in their Duo Glider Stroller for 40 minutes. For the most part they did really well. I was impressed. They were laughing and talking (baby talk) with the older ladies across the way from us.

One by one, people would be called up to see our doctor as we still sitting, waited for our turn.

I had an Epiphany as I was in my doctor's office today. Actually, now I understand why women and men do not communicate well.

Case #1: The woman across from me asked about the difference in my twins, I thought she was talking about their personalities, when she was actually talking about their physical features. You see, she has twin granddaughter's and she was saying how they are so different physically, one has blond hair, the other has brown, one is tall, the other is short... But leave it to me to not follow the conversation and not pay attention. I felt so pathetic for not LISTENING!!

Case #2: A man at the front desk asked me about having twins. Well, thought he was talking about genetics, like running in the family, so I talked about my Gramma having twins 50 years about, but no, he was talking about the chance of me having twins again...oh goodness, twice in the same day and the same office!! What a lame brain I was... I told him, after I understood his question that there was an 80% chance of me having twins again. He agreed with me that those odds were high.

Goodness gracious...I never felt so stupid in my life.

When my hubby came home from work, I told him what I had to do today and told him about the above conversations and how now I understand why men and women do not get along and communicate well.

My hubby said, "So you agree with me on communication?" and I said, "Yes, I do now."

If you agree with me that I was a lame brain, thank you and if you agree with me on men and women communication differences, even better!

Have a blessed day/evening.

Overcast Skies and TwiceBabies Love It!

Oh, today, well this morning, we all woke up to overcast skies.

The sun makes an appearance every now and then, but the weather in my city is actually tolerable today.

It is as if we have beach weather here. I like it and so do my girls.

They like it because they can still play outside without wearing long pants of some sort.

We actually get a reprieve in the hottest city in Nor Cal.

This morning, we played outside for a while, but I had to do some errands around the house. This meant my twins following me and practically on my heels seeing what I am doing. They helped me but dishes away and helped me make my bed.

Around 11ish, Nana called and we talked to her for a while. Then, Twin "B" bit her sister Twin "A" on the back. Let's see, that would make it 3x Twin "B" had bit her sister this week. Yes, the biting began on Sunday morning, the Monday afternoon and then this morning.

Yes, I already know she does this out of frustration and because "she is still teething". But! This is no excuse for her getting mad or being mean to her sister.

Well, I put her in time out for 5 minutes......

When my sweeties get up from their nap, we will go outside they can play on their climbing toy and maybe I can read one of my many, many magazines I have.

Have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Avent vs. Soothie Bottles

For my baby showers, yes I had three baby showers, I received Avent Bottles as gifts. Everyone says they love them and they work like a charm.

Well, that venting system did not sit well with me. Now, I am not sure if the nipple top was put on too tight or what, but even in the first two months of using those darn bottles they leaked on me! I was not a happy camper...

It did not matter if I put the top on loose or tight, it still leaked.

After 4-5 months of my twins birth, Daddy went to Wal Mart and found the Soothie bottles like the Soothie Binky's our babies sucked on in the NI CU.

If you had preemies, then the Soothie is the pacifier they sucked on. If you did not have preemies, then this will not apply to you.

Anyway, one Daddy brought home the Soothie bottles, we used those all the time and guess what, they made me happy camper. And you know why? BINGO! They did not leak like a sieve!

Oh yeah, Avent says their bottles are clinically proven to reduce colic and gas, but in my twins because they were preemies and they bellies were still developing, these bottles were of no help to them.

My sweet babies tummy's were always in knots and hard too. They could not handle that Similar NeoSure Formula the hospital had them live on for the first 9 months of their life. But get this, their pediatrician, which I changed from, wanted our twins to drink that Very Expensive NeoSure for 12 months! Twelve Months! He must think money grows on trees!

But I digress.....

In the end, it is up to you which bottle you will use. This is only one suggestion and opinion.

Here is the Avent and Soothie websites for your convenience.

Johnson's No More Rash Cream

When my twins were infants, they sometimes had diaper rashes that were not pleasant.
We first used Aquifer and Desitin.

  • Desitin was not a good brand at all because it did more harm than good to their bottoms and front side.
  • Aquifer was a good brand and highly recommended, but cost too much.

So one day, Daddy was at Wal Mart in the baby section and found this Johnson's No More Rash on the top shelf. I would have to say this was the ticket, or rash cream, we were looking for. It worked like a dream/cream because it only took 2-3 days for a rash to disappear compared to 4-5 days with other rash ointments or creams.

This is a 3-in-1 formula which heals, soothes and protects baby against diaper rash. The main ingredients are zino oxide, lanolin, petrolatum, Vitamins E and B5. This product is also hypoallergenic and fragrance free for baby.

Johnson's No More Rash works well if you take care of your babies bottoms by changing their diapers when your baby is fussy and crys.

Yes, I highly recommend this product for your twins or baby.

Daddy Time with Twin "A"

This morning, Daddy took Twin "A" on some errands around town.

  • First Stop: Go to office and look for a key for someone, could be find it so went to tenents home to get another copy.
  • Second Stop: Went to a friends home to give him the key to do repairs at this home.
  • Third Stop: Went to Mom and Dad's home to get the paper.
  • Fourth and Final Stop: To get Daddy and Mommy lunch.

After all this, they came home and Daddy fed Twin "A" her lunch.

Twin "A" has been real fussy lately since she is waiting for her molars to come in. It must not be a pleasant feeling having four BIG teeth cut through her gums. Plus, she has bad rashes and other stuff that babies get sometimes; something adults get a touch of sometimes let me just put it that way.

So, Daddy and Twin "A" too had a nice morning.

Morning Drive and Walk with Twin "B"

This morning, Mommy and Twin "B" drove to the new City Hall in my city. We did not have to drive since we are only 15 minutes from the downtown area, but it was beginnng to get hot around 11 and I knew by the time we got home, we would both be hot and sticky.

So, I drove to City Hall, parked the SUV, got Twin "B" out and we walked all over the grounds.

It was very nice. Twin "B" was a bit scared of the water fountain because the water coming down made lots of noise. Instead of going up to the water fountain, we walked to some of the steps and grass area while she held the car keys with Binky in mouth for security.

We stay for no more than an hour walking and running and just playing on the city hall grounds. It looks like lots of work still needs to be done. There are missing stone pieces and some dry concret where the marble should be in the backside of the columns.

After the hour, Twin "B" and I got into the SUV to go home when Daddy called say he was feeding Twin "A" and he had got some lunch for us.

On our next outing, I will take Twin "A" to city hall as well. I think she will like it too.

Your Twin Toddlers Will Fight

Ever since my twins learned to crawl and walk, they learned to fight, hit and especially bite each other.

Now, if your twins do not do this, good for you...

But, if your twins are doing this, have no fear, I am told, it will get better.

Well, at 20 months, I am still wondering when it will get better. I am hoping and guessing this will stop once they can speak English and use actual words instead of pointing to objects and having to"take" toys or anything from each other.

Do you think once my twins learn to speak with words they will stop or lessen their need to fight with each other? If so, send me a comment.

Infant Twins Sleeping Together

You may be asking yourself, "Should my twins sleep together and if so, how long"?

Well, my twins were born preemies, they were in separate incubators the first week of their life, then moved into one incubator the second week.

Once my twins came home, until they were 5 months, they slept in the same crib. The only reason my hubby and I purchased a new crib was because they were getting bigger and needed more space to move around.

Plus, in my opinion, at this age and stage, twins do not know they are twins, much less know the other one exists; yet.

Now, if you think your twins can handle sleeping in the same crib until you decide to get beds for them, then by all means, do it. Sure, having one crib will cut down on another piece of furniture and costs in the nursery, but I am sure your twins would be happier in their own crib.

From experience, I see my twins, through their nap and bedtime sleep, they move all over the place.

Hope this advice helps you!

The Diaper Champ

Having twins takes using at least 12 diapers per day with each baby.

If you are pregnant with twins or already have infant twins, I would suggest this Diaper Champ by Baby Trend.

When I was pregnant with my twins, my Mom and Sister suggested I register for the Diaper Champ instead of the brand my sister has where you have to get a specific replacement bag for the inside of the diaper disposable unit.

With the Diaper Champ, which can be purchased at Babies R Us online or at the store, there is no need to purchase a specific replacement bag. All you need to use is any plastic groceru store bag or any of your favorite shopping stores bags.

Even with the Diaper Champ, you will still need to dump it out everyday until you no longer use 12-14 diapers per day; just a reminder!

I love mine and am still using it, well at least until my twins are potty trained.

So, if you are going to register for a diaper disposable item, I am suggesting this one.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Twins Out and About Around Town

It was a nice day today. The weather reached 91 today with a breeze.

In the mid morning, because the weather was so nice, we were able to play and have fun in our backyard, under our every expanding tree, instead of being kooped up inside where my twins usually go stir crazy.

Yes, it was so nice under our tee, the branches and leaves kept us away from the sun and anything else that could have harmed us.

When we first went outside, their climbing toy, being plastic, was HOT! I found this out when Twin "A" got fussy. I touched it and said, "Yes, Hot!" and moved it to a shadey spot. But, it was still hot and I decided to get the hose and spray water on it to cool it down. Then I wiped it down with a beach towel. After that, the girls jumped and played on it for a long time.

Once bordem or getting tired began to set in, I asked if they were hungry, which they were, and I fed them chicken nuggets and yogurt.

After that was done, I put them down for a nap, which only lasted 1.5 hours. Not long enough for Mommy.

I could hear some stirring going on, so I went in to get them up, changed their diapers, gave them a sippy cup of pear juice, then we played outside for a while when I suggested we go see Daddy at work. So, I got the truck out of the garage, started it, loaded it with diaper bag and babies.

Then, I drove to Daddy's office, we played there for a while, visited with Daddy, Auntie and Poppa for a while and had fun with a meowing toy kitty kat Auntie got from World Market.
Once the fun was done,we said our goodbyes and drove around town for a while.

Mommy hit all the major streets and ended up downtown. Upon reaching the downtown area, Mommy say the brand new City Hall building, drove up to it, looked and saw one other person checking it out. I left the parking lot where there was no parking spaces, circled around a block and came back to the parking spaces provided. Once in a parking space, I took out the stroller, got the girls out and strolled around the BIG water fountain in front of city hall, saw all the events in stone around the entrance of the building, strolled up a ramp and peeked inside the city council windows, then strolled around the mini amphitheatre and landscaped gardens.

Girls were getting tired so I packed them back into the truck and we went home to play for a while outside before din din time.

We had a fun day. They especially love going to visit Daddy when he works sometimes on the weekend.

Twins and Being in Slow Motion

I recall very vividly what it felt like when my twins were still preemies and going through infanthood because as they were going through these stages, Daddy and Mommy (me), were going through SLOW MOTION.

Seriously, things around me seemed to move in slow motion, watching 10 minutes of a TV show felt like the show was in slow motion, as if it would never end.

People I would look at and things I would hear, were all in SLOW MOTION.

For a while, time stood still and me with it.

I am guessing this happens for a reason and it happens not just to Parents of Twins, but to whomever has an infant. The reason I have come to believe is that we, the parent or parents, will dedicate all out time to this new little life before us. Otherwise, we would go through this present life as if nothing had changed. As if, there was not a sweet little baby totally dependent on us for everything.

Yes, we, parents of twins, are not alone in this new chapter in our lives, no we are not part of an elite group of parents who love their babies and want the best for them; at all costs and all the time.

So, if you have not felt as if you were going through SLOW MOTION with your infant twins, what is wrong with you? LOL

Have blessed day everyone!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Twins Turn 20 Months!

Today "A&E" turned 20 Months! July 5, 2007

Can you believe that!!

They are already 20 months!

My, how the time goes by so fast. You blink, and they are no longer infants, you blink twice, and they are going on 2 years old pretty soon.

That alwasys seems to happen when you are not paying attention. They grow right before your eyes.

Enjoy and cherish your little ones now, even though they are going through infanthood, you will miss it once it is gone.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Twins in the San Joaquin Herald

This morning, around 8:30, one of my Mom of Twins friends calls me to tell me my girls were in the San Joaquin Herald newspaper this morning.

She assumed I already knew since their names were in the paper and I said, thank you for calling and I said yes, the photograher came right up to us and took a photo.

Then, my sister in law called me to tell me the same thing, about "A&E"'s photo, a 5x7 photo too, on the front page of the Valley Section.

By the end of the day, that being today, Daddy and Mommy purchased 8 copies of the San Joaquin Herald so I can give one to my Dad and Mom and "A&E"'s GG. And of course to keep one for each baby and Mommy and Daddy.

How fun is it when your babies are photographed and put in your local paper...IT IS FUN!!

I tried to find their photo online, but this newspaper does not have a dedicated website.

Anyway, the photos I have showing below are almost like the one the photographer took.

Two Hour Thursday's By Myself

Since today, we all woke up at 7:30ish, "A&E" did not go down for a nap unitl 12PM.

That is right, I had them stay up until 12 Noon so they would only take one nap today.

That one nap worked out wonderfully because when my two hour sitter came at 2PM, "A&E" were still sleeping. This meant that Twin "A" did not have to see Mommy leaving and Mommy hear and see her water works flow from her eyes and broken heart.

When I got home at 4ish, all three were playing in the family room and Twins "A"&E were so happy to see Mommy and no tears.

I like this schedule now as you can see for this very reason.

No tears, no broken hearts, no worries.

Mommy gets some rest, some peace and a little break from my sweeties.

Twin Mommy's, take note, even you need a break to keep your sanity in check.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More 4th of July with Twins

In the evening, around 5ish, Daddy, Mommy and our sweet girls, went over to Daddy's parent's home for hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, green salad and watermelon.

It was HOT, HOT, HOT today. But then again, it is always HOT on the 4th of July in my city.

It reached 100 today. But with the humidity, it felt hotter.

The girls played in the backyard with their Auntie's and ran all over while talking (baby talk), laughing, smiling and just having so much fun!

As long as these little sweeties are moving or in motion, they are happy babies. It does not matter to them what day of the week it is or if it is a National Holiday.

Walk to the Park with Twins 4th of July 2007

This morning, Daddy, Mommy, Twins "A&E" walked to our park where all the big city events take place. Today, being the 4th of July or Indepenence Day, would be no different.

Even before we got to the park the heat came on strong. We knew as soon as we got home the A/C would be coming on.

Once at the park, we saw lots of venders on one side, next to the street, and on the other side, near the homes, were food and drink vendors, not to mention a sitting place for beer drinkers.

Walking around the park, with Twins "A&E" in their pink Jeep strollers, were many people playing with water guns, frisbee's there were people singing on stage.

Then, Daddy ran into an old high school friend who was passing out his church frisbee's and we got to talking for a while.

A photographer from a local newspaper too photos of my babies because they looked so cute and were wearing these cute red starred headbands Mommy got them from the Target dollar bins.

The photographer said their photo might show up in the paper and to that I said, "Alright".

After talking to Daddy's friend and pastor, we headed home. The heat was getting stronger and our sweeties had no SPF lotion on.

It was a nice morning, we did miss the parade, but next year we will go when they are older, can talk and understand a little bit more what a parade is all about.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Moms of Twins who work at home

Since giving birth to my twins, I have been searching and searching for some sort of work to do at home.

If I could do some sort of lending industry work at home without leaving my home, I would. I even applied for a SAH job on Craigslist. Did I ever get a response? Of course not, that would have been too easy. I even gave the company my resume for reference.

Even before I became pregnant though, I used to do online surveys for extra money, but I got tired of doing them and stopped altogether.

Well, that all changed when I became a Mommy and wanted to stay home with my sweeties.

Now, all I do are online surveys which I have listed under my favorite websites. I also do this blog and some of my surveys allow me to test products at home which is pretty nice.

I am hoping to join this one survey company where I can get paid at home for letting them know what groceries I purchase weekly.

What would be real nice is doing a data entry job at home, that is actually legitimate. By this I mean where you, the wanna be data entry person does not have to pay out monies to do any type of data entry work.

When was the last time you paid your employer to work for them? Ah, never I hope!

And, as you see from my blog, I also do many crafts which I am hoping to sell to my readers.

If you know of any other legitimate at-home businesses I can do, no ML M's please, let me know.

Have a Blessed Day!

Mommy outing with Twin "A"-Starbucks, Downtown and Grocery Store Run

Twin "A" spent time with Mommy this evening.

Yes, our first stop was for Mommy to get a Starbucks Coffee. The one I always get, an Iced Carmel Macchiato. Oh, those truly are my favorite iced coffee's.

Once I got my coffee from drive thru, I stopped in the parking lot for a while and gave Twin "A" some of my coffee she likes so much. She is so cute, like her sister, Twin "B", she has begun saying, "Nummy, Nummy". It is just so cute!!

Well, from the Starbucks parking lot, I headed out for the park, but there was no where to park due to tomorrow being the 4th and all the street and parking lot parking will be closed off to everyone and people will have to park elsewhere as usual.

From the park we could not park in front of, I drove downtown to see if anything was open. Nothing was open! It was only 6:30 and nothing was open. My hubby assumed it was due to the 4th. When I was downtown still, Daddy called me and asked if I could pick up some tortilla chips because he could find none at Costco.

So, Twin "A" and Mommy went to the grocery store and picked up two types of tortilla chips, five types of baby fruits, #3, from Gerber and four Godiva Coffees for me. If you have not tried these yet...why not? They are delicious!

Once I got all this stuff, we went home and saw Daddy and sister in the backyard, chillin'. We joined in on their chillin'.

Daddy outing with Twin "B"-Costco Run-

Today, Daddy and Twin "B" went on a Costo run for chips, salsa, more SoBe waters and more meats for our meals.

Twin "B" just loves being out with her Daddy. It does not matter where they go, just as long as they are together.

This evening, a woman in Costco thought Twin "B" was so cute and touched the bottom of her foot. At first, Twin "B" thought nothing of it, then Daddy said, all of a sudden she began to cry and get fussy.

Sometimes, this happens, especially when so many people look at her and think she is so cute.

While at Costco, Daddy called Mommy to get something he could not find at Costco. So, Mommy with Twin "A" went to the grocery store and got that and a little bit more.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Have a safe and delightful Independence Day with your family and friends.

Where ever you go!

Twins and Drinking Milk in the Evening

At almost two, and ready to begin potty training, this is probably the right time to reduce their milk intake in the evenings.

By the ages 17-20 months, babies, not just twins, should be able to "hold" their pee pee all night. That is, their bladder muscles are becoming stronger and able to go all night without as much as a drop of pee in their diapers.

If your twins wake in the morning and you change their diapers only to find out they are dry, thi is your indication they are getting ready use night diapers.

But, like I stated in a previous post, I would wait to fully potty train them when they can speak our lanuage and or communicate their rediness.

Today, in the backyard, after lunch, I was changing their diapers when I just thought to myself, "Self, let them just run around in the backyard bare bottom." So, they did and when they began to pee, as I was hoping they would, they began to cry and get fussy.

But hey, that is why I let them run around bare bottomed.

Also, Twin "A" has a nasty rash in her pee pee area because she is teething still and those molars are no fun I can guarantee you that much!

Anway!! Back to the milk. Just remember that when they reach the ages of 17-20 months, this is probably a good time to limit their milk intake at night. Otherwise, how will you know if their bladder muscles are getting stronger?

When Your Twins Are Helpful Around the Home


Today, we were all up at 8ish, Mommy took a shower, they girls were fed, Daddy took a shower and off to work!

Then, Mommy, with help from Twins "A&E", loaded the washer with soap, softener and dark clothes. After that, they played around me with the dining room chairs, moving them around, taking Daddy's bills off the dining room table, and chewing on the bills.

I left the bills on the floor so Daddy could see his sweeties handiwork so to speak! LOL

This morning, I did all this before noon! How amazing your day can be when getting up at the crack of dawn, or close to it, one is able to actually get housework done!

What a concept! Who thought of this idea?

So this morning, I was able to wash darks, lights and our bed sheets. Along with folding them too.

Our home was already 80 degrees by 11:30 so I had to turn the A/C on.

Unbelievable!! I bet it will reach the century mark today in my city.

How about your city?

As the morning turned into the afternoon, Twins "A&E" began getting fussy.

So, I asked, "Twin "A", are you sleepy?" I was holding her and she had her juice cup and blankie, with corner in her right eye saying nothing. With that I assumed she was sleepy and put her in her crib. I also picked up Twin "B" and asked her the same thing. She was just fussy and I too assumed she was tired and put her in her crib as well.

I was hoping to have them stay up until 12 or 1, but no, again, they made a liar out of Mommy and Daddy.

Just when you think their schedule will not change.......IT DOES!!!

So Mommies of Twins, be prepared and forwarned....

You pretty much are a slave to your sweet twins until they can talk and do more things on their own.

But indeed you are blessed.

Have a Blessed Day!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Monday Memories with My Twins

Today, we actually all got up early, like normal people, fed the twins, I took a shower while Daddy fed the twins. Then, Twins "A&E" and I played outside a bit, came in, got them dresses, Daddy took a shower, then went to work.

Then, I put them in their crib for probably 20 minutes because the fussies were coming out. That gave me time to relax on my chaise lounge and get a bit of sun and pray to my Jesus.

Once I heard the girls getting up, I started the truck, brought it out to the driveway, went to the girls room and got them out of their cribs and allowed themselves to hop into the truck as the love to do. Once they are inside, I snap their seatbelts around them, get myself snapped into and off we went to the grocery store so I could get cash for all the coins that had accumulated over the years.

Well, usually, I take all the silver coins and put them in my car. But we had so many pennies!
I got $38. and change. Not too bad...

While at the grocery store, I ran into one of my Mom of Twins friends who was counting cigarettes with a scanner. She works for this company where she goes from one particular grocery store to another and counts what is left in that particular product.

I need to ask her if there are any openings left.

Right now, I am hoping to get a homescan from a certain company where I can scan products from my home on purchases I make.

Well, from the grocery store, we went to the mall to look for a white button down shirt for Daddy to wear when we take photographs this mont in HB.

After that, we came home, Daddy was home for lunch, and fed the girls, but then down for a nap, still napping, and I went to the bank, came home, and paid some bills.

Oh, I also completed some online surveys.

Today,the gardeners should be here too.

It is nice actually getting up at a normal time like regular people do.

That always works when you go to bed at a normal time too!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

When the Twins are seperated


Daddy and Mommy took a baby out and about town, separately.

I took Twin "B" to World Market, Tar'get and Walmart. She was talking up a storm, well, baby talk, and smiling like crazy. Everywere we went, she got a smile from someone and we ran into a friend on mine when we worked together at HRBMC in Pleasanton. She has a sweet little girl who will be 22 months this month.

I suggested we have a playdate, I can come to her home if she wants me to.

Then, we went home and Twin "B" ate lunch, played on the Kangaroo Climber for a while then went down for a nap with sister.

Daddy, took Twin "A" to the grocery store to get more pear juice, lettuce and meats for us for our dinners. Oh, Daddy also got more fruits for our sweetie pies.

When Daddy got home, he fed Twin "A" and called me on cell to see if we were close to home so Twin "B" could eat some yummies.

Daddy and Mommy love taking our sweeties out seperately because they need it. They need to know they are not connected at the hip and can have fun with Daddy or Mommy on their own with no competition.

And no, I did not hear about doing this from anyone or any website, this was my decision to do this because I could see one day, Twin "B" felt she was not getting enough attention from Mommy.