Thursday, July 5, 2007

Two Hour Thursday's By Myself

Since today, we all woke up at 7:30ish, "A&E" did not go down for a nap unitl 12PM.

That is right, I had them stay up until 12 Noon so they would only take one nap today.

That one nap worked out wonderfully because when my two hour sitter came at 2PM, "A&E" were still sleeping. This meant that Twin "A" did not have to see Mommy leaving and Mommy hear and see her water works flow from her eyes and broken heart.

When I got home at 4ish, all three were playing in the family room and Twins "A"&E were so happy to see Mommy and no tears.

I like this schedule now as you can see for this very reason.

No tears, no broken hearts, no worries.

Mommy gets some rest, some peace and a little break from my sweeties.

Twin Mommy's, take note, even you need a break to keep your sanity in check.

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