Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Unexpected Outing with my Twins

I received a call today from my pharmacy in So Cal which handles my Multiple Sclerosis injections saying they needed a new referral from my GP in order for me to get a refill. Oh goodness, I am not fan of doctors so this made me none to happy having to call my GP, speak to his nurse and see if I had to go see him. Since my last appt with him was a year ago, yes, I had to go see him. I was going to wait 40 minutes and pay $20.00 to see him for five minutes. All this red tape in killing us you know that? Do you think this big pharmacy and HMO business is just a conspiracy to see how many they can kill off? Makes you wonder does it not.

I asked if I could make an appt. today, she said yes, so I did. I took the truck out of the garage and woke up my twins. Off to the doctor we went, where they sat in their Duo Glider Stroller for 40 minutes. For the most part they did really well. I was impressed. They were laughing and talking (baby talk) with the older ladies across the way from us.

One by one, people would be called up to see our doctor as we still sitting, waited for our turn.

I had an Epiphany as I was in my doctor's office today. Actually, now I understand why women and men do not communicate well.

Case #1: The woman across from me asked about the difference in my twins, I thought she was talking about their personalities, when she was actually talking about their physical features. You see, she has twin granddaughter's and she was saying how they are so different physically, one has blond hair, the other has brown, one is tall, the other is short... But leave it to me to not follow the conversation and not pay attention. I felt so pathetic for not LISTENING!!

Case #2: A man at the front desk asked me about having twins. Well, thought he was talking about genetics, like running in the family, so I talked about my Gramma having twins 50 years about, but no, he was talking about the chance of me having twins again...oh goodness, twice in the same day and the same office!! What a lame brain I was... I told him, after I understood his question that there was an 80% chance of me having twins again. He agreed with me that those odds were high.

Goodness gracious...I never felt so stupid in my life.

When my hubby came home from work, I told him what I had to do today and told him about the above conversations and how now I understand why men and women do not get along and communicate well.

My hubby said, "So you agree with me on communication?" and I said, "Yes, I do now."

If you agree with me that I was a lame brain, thank you and if you agree with me on men and women communication differences, even better!

Have a blessed day/evening.

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