Tuesday, July 3, 2007

When Your Twins Are Helpful Around the Home


Today, we were all up at 8ish, Mommy took a shower, they girls were fed, Daddy took a shower and off to work!

Then, Mommy, with help from Twins "A&E", loaded the washer with soap, softener and dark clothes. After that, they played around me with the dining room chairs, moving them around, taking Daddy's bills off the dining room table, and chewing on the bills.

I left the bills on the floor so Daddy could see his sweeties handiwork so to speak! LOL

This morning, I did all this before noon! How amazing your day can be when getting up at the crack of dawn, or close to it, one is able to actually get housework done!

What a concept! Who thought of this idea?

So this morning, I was able to wash darks, lights and our bed sheets. Along with folding them too.

Our home was already 80 degrees by 11:30 so I had to turn the A/C on.

Unbelievable!! I bet it will reach the century mark today in my city.

How about your city?

As the morning turned into the afternoon, Twins "A&E" began getting fussy.

So, I asked, "Twin "A", are you sleepy?" I was holding her and she had her juice cup and blankie, with corner in her right eye saying nothing. With that I assumed she was sleepy and put her in her crib. I also picked up Twin "B" and asked her the same thing. She was just fussy and I too assumed she was tired and put her in her crib as well.

I was hoping to have them stay up until 12 or 1, but no, again, they made a liar out of Mommy and Daddy.

Just when you think their schedule will not change.......IT DOES!!!

So Mommies of Twins, be prepared and forwarned....

You pretty much are a slave to your sweet twins until they can talk and do more things on their own.

But indeed you are blessed.

Have a Blessed Day!!

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