Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mommy outing with Twin "A"-Starbucks, Downtown and Grocery Store Run

Twin "A" spent time with Mommy this evening.

Yes, our first stop was for Mommy to get a Starbucks Coffee. The one I always get, an Iced Carmel Macchiato. Oh, those truly are my favorite iced coffee's.

Once I got my coffee from drive thru, I stopped in the parking lot for a while and gave Twin "A" some of my coffee she likes so much. She is so cute, like her sister, Twin "B", she has begun saying, "Nummy, Nummy". It is just so cute!!

Well, from the Starbucks parking lot, I headed out for the park, but there was no where to park due to tomorrow being the 4th and all the street and parking lot parking will be closed off to everyone and people will have to park elsewhere as usual.

From the park we could not park in front of, I drove downtown to see if anything was open. Nothing was open! It was only 6:30 and nothing was open. My hubby assumed it was due to the 4th. When I was downtown still, Daddy called me and asked if I could pick up some tortilla chips because he could find none at Costco.

So, Twin "A" and Mommy went to the grocery store and picked up two types of tortilla chips, five types of baby fruits, #3, from Gerber and four Godiva Coffees for me. If you have not tried these yet...why not? They are delicious!

Once I got all this stuff, we went home and saw Daddy and sister in the backyard, chillin'. We joined in on their chillin'.

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