Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Campers My Twins Were Not


We drove to my sister's home where I had hoped to have a nice time walking downtown to the Farmer's Market.

But, my twins would not have it.

Oh no, I sat them in a jogging stroller and all they could and would do is cry. They would not shut up. My Dad had to stay back with them and he put them in the upstairs crib, which made them cry even more.

While downtown, I bought them a onesie and T with the cities name on it, one for my hubby and one for me.

The Farmer's Market was wonderful with lots of vendors and street performers and bouncy slides for the children.

Too bad my girls were so fussy. I know it is in part due to their teething.
Twin "A" is very sensative right now and has been for at least 4 months. My girls are getting in their molars and incisers? You know, they canine(sharp) teeth.

I am sure having those teeth would not make you a happy camper either.

Oh well, I hope tomorrow is better.

They had driving in the car and can not stand being in strollers.

Let's see what tomorrow will hold.

Have a blessed day!

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