Sunday, July 8, 2007

Morning Drive and Walk with Twin "B"

This morning, Mommy and Twin "B" drove to the new City Hall in my city. We did not have to drive since we are only 15 minutes from the downtown area, but it was beginnng to get hot around 11 and I knew by the time we got home, we would both be hot and sticky.

So, I drove to City Hall, parked the SUV, got Twin "B" out and we walked all over the grounds.

It was very nice. Twin "B" was a bit scared of the water fountain because the water coming down made lots of noise. Instead of going up to the water fountain, we walked to some of the steps and grass area while she held the car keys with Binky in mouth for security.

We stay for no more than an hour walking and running and just playing on the city hall grounds. It looks like lots of work still needs to be done. There are missing stone pieces and some dry concret where the marble should be in the backside of the columns.

After the hour, Twin "B" and I got into the SUV to go home when Daddy called say he was feeding Twin "A" and he had got some lunch for us.

On our next outing, I will take Twin "A" to city hall as well. I think she will like it too.

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