Saturday, July 7, 2007

Twins Out and About Around Town

It was a nice day today. The weather reached 91 today with a breeze.

In the mid morning, because the weather was so nice, we were able to play and have fun in our backyard, under our every expanding tree, instead of being kooped up inside where my twins usually go stir crazy.

Yes, it was so nice under our tee, the branches and leaves kept us away from the sun and anything else that could have harmed us.

When we first went outside, their climbing toy, being plastic, was HOT! I found this out when Twin "A" got fussy. I touched it and said, "Yes, Hot!" and moved it to a shadey spot. But, it was still hot and I decided to get the hose and spray water on it to cool it down. Then I wiped it down with a beach towel. After that, the girls jumped and played on it for a long time.

Once bordem or getting tired began to set in, I asked if they were hungry, which they were, and I fed them chicken nuggets and yogurt.

After that was done, I put them down for a nap, which only lasted 1.5 hours. Not long enough for Mommy.

I could hear some stirring going on, so I went in to get them up, changed their diapers, gave them a sippy cup of pear juice, then we played outside for a while when I suggested we go see Daddy at work. So, I got the truck out of the garage, started it, loaded it with diaper bag and babies.

Then, I drove to Daddy's office, we played there for a while, visited with Daddy, Auntie and Poppa for a while and had fun with a meowing toy kitty kat Auntie got from World Market.
Once the fun was done,we said our goodbyes and drove around town for a while.

Mommy hit all the major streets and ended up downtown. Upon reaching the downtown area, Mommy say the brand new City Hall building, drove up to it, looked and saw one other person checking it out. I left the parking lot where there was no parking spaces, circled around a block and came back to the parking spaces provided. Once in a parking space, I took out the stroller, got the girls out and strolled around the BIG water fountain in front of city hall, saw all the events in stone around the entrance of the building, strolled up a ramp and peeked inside the city council windows, then strolled around the mini amphitheatre and landscaped gardens.

Girls were getting tired so I packed them back into the truck and we went home to play for a while outside before din din time.

We had a fun day. They especially love going to visit Daddy when he works sometimes on the weekend.

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