Saturday, July 7, 2007

Twins and Being in Slow Motion

I recall very vividly what it felt like when my twins were still preemies and going through infanthood because as they were going through these stages, Daddy and Mommy (me), were going through SLOW MOTION.

Seriously, things around me seemed to move in slow motion, watching 10 minutes of a TV show felt like the show was in slow motion, as if it would never end.

People I would look at and things I would hear, were all in SLOW MOTION.

For a while, time stood still and me with it.

I am guessing this happens for a reason and it happens not just to Parents of Twins, but to whomever has an infant. The reason I have come to believe is that we, the parent or parents, will dedicate all out time to this new little life before us. Otherwise, we would go through this present life as if nothing had changed. As if, there was not a sweet little baby totally dependent on us for everything.

Yes, we, parents of twins, are not alone in this new chapter in our lives, no we are not part of an elite group of parents who love their babies and want the best for them; at all costs and all the time.

So, if you have not felt as if you were going through SLOW MOTION with your infant twins, what is wrong with you? LOL

Have blessed day everyone!

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