Sunday, July 8, 2007

Infant Twins Sleeping Together

You may be asking yourself, "Should my twins sleep together and if so, how long"?

Well, my twins were born preemies, they were in separate incubators the first week of their life, then moved into one incubator the second week.

Once my twins came home, until they were 5 months, they slept in the same crib. The only reason my hubby and I purchased a new crib was because they were getting bigger and needed more space to move around.

Plus, in my opinion, at this age and stage, twins do not know they are twins, much less know the other one exists; yet.

Now, if you think your twins can handle sleeping in the same crib until you decide to get beds for them, then by all means, do it. Sure, having one crib will cut down on another piece of furniture and costs in the nursery, but I am sure your twins would be happier in their own crib.

From experience, I see my twins, through their nap and bedtime sleep, they move all over the place.

Hope this advice helps you!

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